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Server lock chapter 34 . 9h
Shirou takes the glory that beutiful son of a 8itch.
Mingyu chapter 34 . 16h
Awesome climax to that fight! Really, enough said.

The way Shirou is scoring points with the ladies makes me think that Yosuke will build up resentment a bit...

And I loved the Gurren Lagaan reference in there! Thanks for the chapter!
piddle chapter 34 . 12/5
good chapter
L33t Horo chapter 34 . 12/7
please update soon... I would like to think a new chapter as an early xmas gift
youngmark chapter 34 . 12/6
This story is absolutely amazing. You made so many variations to what is already there, I'm awe-struck. :O
demedichi chapter 34 . 12/6
I saw that Gurren Lagann reference you threw in there. You didn't think anyone would notice did you.
It was another fun chapter to read as we close up this arc but this reminds me of one of the things that I really hope you touch on... Shadow Shirou. I understand if we go do the Holy Grail War Archer is basically the same thing, maybe he could take place as the actual Shadow Shirou but he's not the blank self insert protagonist that we play in these games. He does have his inner turmoil and issues that can and should be exploited by the shadows like how Shadow Rise poked at it (Survivors Guilt, the truth about Kiristugu Emiya). Not to mention it would be a great way to have the other characters discover his true past. Maybe your waiting for for the entire cast to come together first but I feel that the story really does need this to feel complete in the end. As always I loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next one.
Adser chapter 34 . 12/6
Great chapter, with a great shadow Rise (not that surprising by now). The really surprising part was the massive character development (or at least character development confirmation, as the actions that brought up this growth were done before) of Shirou. Him admitting that he WANTS to live is an impressive step forward in his journey to become a well adjusted human being (hell, I think it is a bigger step that the ones he takes in all Fate routes put together). Rise shadow detecting his survivor's guilt is also a really good thing, since the others probably heard that (or at least RIse will be able to deduce it herself) and so they will be able to help him deal with that.

His first steps at using his new magic circuits as a magus and not as an idiot were also impressive, that unlimited persona works is shaping to become even more broken than the wild card or unlimited blade works already are. Talking about magic circuits, him getting a plume of dusk is a really big deal. Was it completely used when it forced open Shirou circuits or is it still inside him? On one side, having a plume of dusk inside him has many, many scary ramifications, but on the other side given what have we seen a plume of dusk do, having it consume itself completely while "just" opening his circuits seems too little.

I'm quite curious about how are you planning to introduce Teddy shadow, as throwing him at the party right now would be just evil and Teddy has better self esteem thanks to Shirou.

Last detail, you may want to have another check on the chapter, I detected some grammar mistakes here and there, nothing serious but it can be annoying sometimes.
Sorakage Sama chapter 34 . 12/6
This was an amazing chapter. You really managed to expand what was already a quality game/ anime into something (arguably) even better. There were One scene I'd like to touch on: Shadow Rise's little button push of Shiro's. "Consider that nerve touched!" Indeed. That was a great reference.

Overall, This chapter gets a 10/10. I will be adding this to my kindle's fanfic library someday once this gets finished.

Ja ne

Sorakage Sama
ArcherShirou chapter 34 . 12/6
Yosuke will probably have to face his shadow again if he does not open with Shirou over his jealousy.

Shirou just created something incredible in this chapter.
Gur40goku chapter 34 . 12/6
This chapter had the one thing to Persona anime lacked tension. You cut between Rise and the IT and as the team kept arguing ove weather leave or stay to Rise slowly going to say the words and the number 1 thing was oh shit this is the nasu-verse good developed characters die like flies. I felt fear for Rise also nice use of Shirou anger, little bit of Avenger getting through? and Yosuke's jealousy back full force oh man im so giddy CAN wait for more if it's longer then 4 weeks have a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Crazy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year :)
Guardoflight chapter 34 . 12/5
An unexpected end to an enjoyable chapter. I look forward to seeing what happens next and how things turn out.
GGFBank chapter 34 . 12/5
Yeah! Even only partially Shirou got to use his projection in a cool way for real
Quathis chapter 34 . 12/5
Great fight, very epic, with the necessary reversals that make it so interesting. Shirou pulling more out of the Tracing bag was a good treat, especially once the rest of them start quizzing him on how he did that. Until next time.
salomjesus3 chapter 34 . 12/5
OMG, OMG! This chapter epic lvl is over 9000!

really the epic lvl of this chapter is in TTGL lvl

Thanks for the update btw, see ya later!
Roxas902 chapter 34 . 12/5
The legend is back! Praise go unto thee, valiant warrior of the pen!
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