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5074 chapter 49 . 11h
Alright, first of all I’m really enjoying this. Seeing how Shirou interacts with and reacts to the events of P4 is really interesting, and you’ve really gotten me curious about what’s gonna happen next. Everyone seems pretty in-character, at least so much as how far along they are in character development, and one of the aspects I’m most interested in is seeing who Shirou becomes as a result of these experiences.

With that positive stuff out of the way...are you doing okay? You seem like you’ve been really struggling to get chapters out. I noticed you set up a Patreon, and I’d join it if I actually had any money, but anyway, I can tell you don’t want to give up on this, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve been having an easy time of it...have you tried asking for help?
I can’t pretend to know what kind of person you are or what you’re going through, but maybe getting an extra hand or two to help might make your job easier?
A few extra beta readers, a new co-author, just someone to bounce ideas off of, something!

...well, in the end, it’s really none of my business. Like I said, I don’t know you. And I’m sure you of all people know perfectly well what comes next. If you ultimately decide to drop this story, that’s your decision and no one else’s. So I just wanted to say, one way or another, thanks for writing.
superpierce chapter 49 . 6/19
Poor Teddie well he will at least get closure through this.
Tenyo-dono chapter 49 . 6/12
Thanks for the update! I look forward to seeing how the crew face a dead apostle
Tetchycrane chapter 49 . 6/10
Come on dood, this story is too good not to reach it's end. At this rate we'll die of old age before we get there. This story is almost 10 years old.
Kayen1024 chapter 49 . 6/8
Glad you updated and as expected Taiga is pretty badass.
NNathann chapter 49 . 6/7
Great chapter! They were stands all along! I love how Yosuke is in awe watching Fuji-nee give the shadow a run for its money. Poor Teddie, he’s been through the gauntlet. I love your story, and I’m looking forward to more updates!
DaoistAnime chapter 49 . 6/6
thanks for the chapter.
Quathis chapter 49 . 6/6
Fun chapter where Taiga out-crazies a Shadow and Teddie gets to vent some confusion he's been holding in. Until next time.
SkyChaser17 chapter 49 . 6/6
Fu-fuji nee in Jojo pose!? I dismissed this before as it was already over used, but this is definitely the power of her stand!

Also, I missed this so much lah, it's great yo have you back, but waiting for more in the future is always a pain to do.
DBoblivion chapter 49 . 6/5
I'm glad fuji née is as strong as she is, people often underpower her due to comparing her with literal SSERVANTS

Ps. Can you make a nod to shirou doing sumo as a kid(from HF) literally my favorite part of shirou's past
Mikhail Sharon chapter 49 . 6/5
You're back!

Thank you!
Rialga chapter 49 . 6/5
Glad to see you back! And oh boy, loving Taiga showing her stuff - sometimes it can be easy to forget that she's actually a very skilled combatant, it's just that compared to Servants like Saber, she's simply outclassed.
And Teddie's true identity... oh man, looks like we all might be finding out what that may be in the next chapter! Can't wait!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Dragon lord Syed 101 chapter 49 . 6/5
Good chapter the battle against Shadow Teddie continues/starts it's been a while. Also, Taiga makes Jojo's reference and it's amazing.
Saint-Leiker chapter 49 . 6/5
DPSS chapter 49 . 6/5
Holy shit, Fuji-nee is seriously too OP, please nerf!
No seriously, she is starting to become a crutch character.
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