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ENDDRAGON369 chapter 38 . 2/6
I hope this will be Yosuke's forever girlfriend.
ENDDRAGON369 chapter 29 . 2/6
Is it Tamamo or something.
Moo chapter 16 . 1/23
Man Would you please clarify the calcs of Persona Stats to Servant style. Because your Persona Izanagi Stats Servant style is vague.
DarkLord98 chapter 38 . 1/16
...Are we sure that Shirou isn't distantly related to Diarmuid? It's like the guy's a super magnet, and women's cooches are made of nickle.

Jokes aside, been loving the story so far, especially the Persona interactions, and yeah, the thought of "Nasuverse crossing with SMT" is a scary one.

And boy howdy I'm rooting for Yosuke...although I can't help but feel worried about this chick. Just saying: Yosuke NEVER has good luck with the ladies...

Also, kinda weirded out, but, just to confirm, this SMT-universe is one where Minako Arisato existed, instead of her blue-haired Emo brother?
javi30 chapter 38 . 1/15
Very good
DracoArtemisLeopin chapter 16 . 1/13
You know, now I'm starting to wonder what Archer and Saber's stats would look like in the persona style as opposed to the Fate style. Maybe even let Rin see it so she can go nuts trying to figure out why Shirou's stat sheet is in a different format from hers...
DracoArtemisLeopin chapter 14 . 1/13
"...people with divine ancestry would often display an inhuman mindset, ingrained knowledge or have a specific talent tied to their divine nature that exceeded human ability."
Cause goodness knows THAT certainly doesn't apply to Shirou Emiya huh...
Popola chapter 38 . 1/6
I'd avoid trying too hard to force Nasu things into the Persona part of the plot. Random magi running around would kill the story, I think.
Archleone chapter 38 . 1/6
I wonder if Yosuke is going to keep up his trend of being a salty and jealous over Shirou's popularity with women. He's also kind of a creep. Was he that bad in P4?

Though, his popularity with the various girls he meets is kind of ridiculous to the point where I almost want him to end up with an actual harem at this point just for the insanity of it. The struggle to make it work might actually lead to him overcoming his obliviousness somewhat. Eh. Well. Maybe.

I've noticed a lot of talk about Sakura on the forums you mentioned before. Do you plan on making her go all Dark Sakura? I ask because you've basically stripped all the positives she had in her life from her for a year. Normally, I wouldn't think this would be enough to significantly change much except make her a little less dependent on Shirou for her stability (like making friends with her club captain who is now teaching her kendo to expand her circle of friends from 1-2 people to 2-3), but people (other fan fic writers that is) seem to really like pushing all of her berserk buttons for the sake of drama.

I think I should feel bad about how uninteresting I find her. Maybe I just dislike her connection to the Grail/Angra Mainyu? I also really dislike Zouken so she's further tarnished by association. Still, she's a cute character who's tries to be kind and caring. She deserves better than to be considered a nuisance, but that's ultimately what I end up feeling about her in most stories.

Was that girl at the end an official character from P4 or Nasuverse? The description seemed vague, but then that might be because I am unfamiliar with the character involved.

Regardless, I've read your post about your uncertainty with what to do with the story as well as your comment at the bottom of this chapter. I think you should just write and have fun. Don't overthink things and try to be "perfect" with it. This story should be fun for the readers the read, and for the writer to write. If you're afraid of over-complicating things, then just don't. At the end of the day, this is a fan fiction and fan fiction mostly exists to entertain fun ideas of "what if?" and in some cases for escapism and power fantasies. It's a hobby. Enjoy yourself.

I've really liked reading this story. I'd like to see it continue. I'm invested in seeing where it ends up and how Shirou's growth from this Persona stuff effects his life going forward as a magus and as a Master in the Grail tournament. Like, what would things be like if a competent Shirou summons Saber and isn't a burden to her? Having activated circuits alone should make a world of difference in terms of Saber's combat ability. Having more support from his friends/S-Links could also change a lot about how he does things, not to mention his battle experience.

Exciting thoughts. I wish you well on actually getting there though. I'm sure it's not going to be easy since this is a rather large story. It's been 300k words in five years, and it feels like things are still in the first or second act. I like long stories though, so the length isn't an issue as a reader, but producing it must take a long time given how much other writing you've mentioned doing.

On that note, I should look up Harem Protagonist again. I'm not a backer, but I've actually been following it intermittently for the past year or so hoping for a release date. That might contribute to my eagerness- that is to say, my acceptance of the idea of Shirou possibly ending up with a harem despite himself. I figure someone who's working on an actual harem story is probably more capable of writing a decent or believable harem scenario (even if Harem Protagonist seems very tongue-in-cheek) than the majority of the rest of the people writing harems. I feel those tend to just be horny teenagers who put more thought into the idea that there will be a lot of oppai instead of actually trying to write a decent romance where everyone is trying to work together for mutual happiness.

Not that all the oppai doesn't help immensely.
Mana's Cinder chapter 37 . 1/6
This was a mistake. I strongly recommend that you never do this again (at least, not in this story). Second Person is rarely used for a reason. It's only really good for, as you mentioned, interactive stuff like a Choose Your Own Adventure type of story or in a video game or something similar. In a narrative like this, it's jarring and awkward. Not to mention that switching perspectives in general is a messy thing to do that should probably be avoided in general. I think the only reason it had worked out prior to this was that you only really switched to First Person when doing those little peeks into what's happening in Fuyuki.

The issue is that Second Person is a lot less palatable than First, more so when thrown into a story that primarily in the Third Person. I understand the need to experiment, but I think that particular kind of practice would be better off in that Harem Protagonist game you're writing for.

You'd be better off starting a new story entirely if you wanted to mess around with more Second Person stuff, so that the people who choose to read it know what they're getting into.

Anyway, that's my feedback.

I'm surprised how well Persona and Type-Moon are mixing together, though I am curious as to how Personas relate to the Throne of Heroes. That is, if they do at all. The Throne has a lot of Gods and legends that are also used in Persona/SMT, so there's some overlap there. I suppose you could argue that the Personas are more reflections of the legends used to personify a specific aspect of a person/their soul/their heart, whereas the Throne of Heroes houses the actual entities.

I know that Gods are not typically meant to be valid summons for the Grail War, but it's implied that many of them are still there regardless. There's Angra Mainyu, for example. There's also other deities like Heracles and Tamamo no Mae (depending on your interpretation?). Persona also uses legends like Cu Chulainn that are also used as Heroic Spirits in Fate.

It could become a mess, but I'm sure you've already thought about it.

On another note, I was curious about Margaret's magecraft training. Is she actually going to help Shirou learn more magecraft than he's capable of in canon? Or is she just accelerating his education on the things he would learn himself over time/during the Grail War/"borrow" from Archer? Stuff like Structural Grasping, Reinforcement, Tracing, and Alteration is usually the limit of what most people give him.

It's rare to see him actually branch out because most people like to adhere to the idea that his Origin and Element limit him to basically what is necessary to use UBW and also shoot swords with a bow. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing- It would be a slippery slope to try giving him too much more- but it's still an interesting thought to see him try and expand his skill set somewhat.

Good luck with the story.
Archleone chapter 24 . 1/5
Apropos of nothing, but it occurs to me that I've never come across a story where Shirou snaps earlier on than he tends to in other stories (see: Heaven's Feel), like say around when he finds out about Shinji being abusive towards Sakura.

Imagine if you will a Kiritsugu that was a little more open with Shirou about his own life and his regrets. How he might tell a young Shirou about Illya and how he wished he could rescue her so they can a family. How Shirou might decide that, as her "brother", it was his duty to protect her against the world, along with his usual "Save the World" thing. Then have him find out that not only is Shinji beating his own sister, but maybe Shinji accidentally admits to doing more and Shirou finds out he rapes her.

When faced with such an "impossibility", such as a brother harming his sister and going so far as to rape her, might just lose his shit enough to pass a certain moral event horizon. One where he decides that simply beating Shinji isn't enough of a punishment, that Shinji is an "Enemy of Justice", and that true justice would only be served by killing him so that he never has the chance to hurt his sister again.

There's other details that come to mind, such as the "more open" Kiritsugu mentioning more of the nastier practices that Magi use, and maybe doing a better job at teaching Shirou about magecraft. Maybe his rage, and decision that someone like Shinji actually deserves death for the greater good, could convince Shirou that Shinji would be acceptable research material (because an enemy of justice no longer deserves to be called human) and actually lead him to using Shinji as materials in his own experiments with at least advancing his reinforcement or messing around with artificial circuits.

I guess the idea from then on would be that Shirou becomes an antihero who kills the "worst" offenders he comes across and uses them in his experiments which in turn advances his magecraft much faster than it does in canon. Then the Grail War happens, and he meets Illya, and eventually hears what her "relatives" had said about him and his father. Then he learns what they did to her.

A competent-ish Shirou with very fucked up morals going after the entire Einzberg family really amuses me for some reason. That said, the Grail War itself might end up having to be one of those situations where he becomes something of a better person and learns restraint, so who knows how that would all turn out in the end.

Anyway, that was all I had to say. Back to reading, I suppose.
Im a guest chapter 38 . 1/3
Oh boy...*clears throat* It's a TRAP
Unlikely Author chapter 38 . 1/1
Wait, is Youske flirting with Marie?! Well, wether or not he is, the poor guy is due a break. Assuming of course said girl doesn't turn out to be evil/crazy.

Keep up the good work! I've been following this story since after the Shadow Chie fight and none of your updates have ever disappointed me. Your characterization of the investigation team and Shirou feel like natural extensions of cannon and I look forward to where this tale will go next.
Im a guest chapter 13 . 1/3
Huh im suprised it's Izanagi.
Guest chapter 38 . 1/1
Maybe it’s just me but that looked like the persona 3 feMC at the end there.
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