Reviews for Return of Winter
Viviana chapter 1 . 7/23
I hope you update soon! This story is great!
Malfoy-Whitlock-21 chapter 13 . 5/31
I' like how you are incorporating all of the Power Rangers in this story like the first one. Can't wait to see how you continue the story. As well as when you get to the part when Shane Dustin and tori go "bad".
sjwht chapter 13 . 3/27
Update soon please
thunderyoshi chapter 13 . 3/3
Awesome chapter, I really loved it again! It was different from what I expected, and it was great! Andy and Hunter are so sweet together too :)

Looking forward to more!
lizziestrong chapter 13 . 2/27
Yay! I love it
ScarletMoonRanger chapter 13 . 2/27
I WANT MORE NOW! love this!
Gwendolyn Yuki chapter 13 . 2/27
Great chapter and the one shots are great too
BigBangVIP chapter 13 . 2/27
I'm so glad you finally updated! :) I know how it is with college and all. This quarter I think all my professors gathered together and said "let's all assign her projects at the same time! Wouldn't that be hilarious?" Lol so much work but it was still a great update! :) Good job.
grapejuice101 chapter 13 . 2/27
omg im so happy u finally updated! its been a while! such a great chap! will we see more past rangers? glad u liked the poster. update asap plz
RHatch89 chapter 13 . 2/27
great update :)
Gwendolyn Yuki chapter 12 . 2/8
love it hope you can get some more up soon.
starpower21 chapter 12 . 2/7
More please
Guest chapter 12 . 6/8/2014
OMG this chapter! Great chapter!
Kenn.Faith.Dawn chapter 12 . 5/28/2014
fantastic chapter
RHatch89 chapter 12 . 5/27/2014
good update :)
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