Reviews for Behind Enemy Lines
SmexiMexi chapter 24 . 9/13
This story was such an emotional rollercoaster and I LOVED every second of it. Now please excuse me while I go cry in the corner because this story is over ;-;
hello2708 chapter 24 . 8/24
Gosh, you're just... the best writer I've found on this website, except for my Amberpire. This is the best story I've ever read, tied with Streetlights. Please start writing again! Two stories is not enough! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE
PersonJe chapter 22 . 8/19
until Wanda and Beck entered the picture.
Like goddamn. If I wanted a dialogue poster, now I want a fucking banner with that entire love conversation plastered above my desk or as my wallpaper. That was a brilliant way of cementing what love should be without being lecturing or ranting. It's still a dialogue, an interesting dialogue that was just. Gah, it was perfect in that imperfect way y'know? I don't know if it can really be called conventionally perfect with Jade shouting "Fuck that whore" (excellent touch, I cackled gleefully) but just, thank you for writing that, for making it dynamic and fun but true and touching.

Thank you
PersonJe chapter 21 . 8/19
Oh my god I love you
Thank you so much for ending "the longest and most sexually frustrating foreplay known to mankind" and subsequent fun times with the same insane hilarity that was the show's trademark.
Your writing is a gem and I enjoyed laughing my ass off at the end of this chapter
PersonJe chapter 20 . 8/19
I want a name for Jadelyn's mom 'cause goddamn I want to name a character after her. Fucking applause, man. Fucking applause. She pulled her head out of her ass or wherever the fuck it was and finally did right by her neglected daughter. Goddamn finally. And I loved her the moment she walked in and cockblocked our lovable duo with that amused curl on her lips. Barring the fact that with help from her husband, they fucked Jade over with all their insecurities and fucked-up emotions.
And wow I cursed a lot in this review. At least I wasn't as 'crass' as Tori was ;P

Thanks for writing~
PersonJe chapter 19 . 8/19
-sighs- This is probably one of my favorite lemon scenes - which kinda makes me sound like a pervert, but it's a part of a relationship so shush - because of how, it's a dialogue between Jade and Tori, it's not just two girls having sex, it's Jade and Tori communicating on a different level, but it's still them, y'know? And that's amazing and sweet and of course you ended the chapter on that note.
Ugh, writers are brilliant, evil people.
As my favorite writer has said, "My job is not to make things nice; my job is to mess up your lives." Well, you've succeeded wonderfully, and we are all suffering and flinging flaming feces at you because of it.
Thank you for writing so wonderfully! :D
PersonJe chapter 18 . 8/19
Oh my fucking god, your dialogue is priceless. And Jade's inner commentary and just everything ohmygod.
I would add more, but I'm a) speechless and b) wanting to get to the next chapter already so

Thanks for writing!
PersonJe chapter 16 . 8/19
I just want to put the entire last dialogue on a poster and put it above my desk to remind me of the proper way to do romantic dialogue.
Goddamn, woman, you are an amazing, witty, adorkable writer.
tripleb3 chapter 24 . 8/6
Good job
tripleb3 chapter 16 . 7/28
Kmsl. This is like a professional story. That is so funny how Jade "asked" Tori to be her girlfriend.
Weeping Pegasi chapter 24 . 5/8
AGH My heart! D: I found this story just today and read through all the chapters and I loved it!
karg-18 chapter 24 . 4/12
Wow just Wow... Just finished reading your story and let me tell you that it was great... I believe that you are one talented writer and because of you I am now a fan of Jori... Your story is one of the best Ive ever read in her, so Keep on the good writing :)
ceeramirez14 chapter 24 . 4/8
no my eyeballs aren't sweatinh after that beautiful ending, lmao im not crying
Guest chapter 24 . 3/19
welll, welll, well... dude that was amazing! seriously, the perfect amount of funny, smuttu, fluffy, dramatic, romantic... and I'm so sad u r not writing anything else, nor on this fanfic of other fanfics...absolutely love your work and hope u r doing amazing with ur life... hope u finally got yourself a girl, and that is ehy u don't have time for this anymore... again, sublime mate, good job
snukykid chapter 24 . 3/14
This is one of the best fanatic I've read.
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