Reviews for Intelligence
Leyna4eva chapter 1 . 8/18
I love this story so much! It was perfect and I loved all of the details and insight into BB! You did an amazing job! :)))
Thisisentertaining chapter 1 . 1/24/2013
Wow, this was completely incredible! I love how you actually used information about his back story in this. It annoys me when people write stuff like this and don't actually know about his past. This was really well done and totally in character for everyone. This might be my favorite Teen Titans fanfiction I've ever read and I really really hope you do more, especially about BB. I've always thought he was smarter than anyone gave him credit for, and I like how you included that everyone kinda uses him to get out their frustrations. It is so true. I love it.
numbuh13m chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
so they R bring this show back, can u tell me when, they said 2013, but it still aint on, I want 2 know exact day an month, do u know that, an also, great story, BB is my fav 2, If he was real, I would so date him, lol, nice story, cause it's all true, this is how I feel BB feel's , so great job
jesdavi chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
a very interesting point of view to put on beast boy's character i can easily see this turning into some story of how maybe the team finds just how intelligent he is and maybe feels like repenting is some way or form or maybe in his same point of view remembers past battles and reworks them in his head to see how or what he would have done if not covered by his facade ,or maybe another scheme of some villain where he must reveal all of what you wrote in front of the other titans and will let them go depending on their reaction to such a drastic change in character and self guilt
IrationalFear chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
A good sentiment, and an excellent display of character depth, you have here.
But guess what? I disagree with you, and it's 12:40 AM, so I have no inclination to do so politely. I will appologize, probably tomorrow morning when I'm less tired.

Why does BB keep up the fascade when no one from his team is around?
Or , even when his team is around, why does he make so many blunders? How often does he transform into a rather large animal, only to be sent careening into a teammate while still conscious, when he could choose not to cause such collateral damage by changing into, say a turtle, before hitting someone? There's several fights where this occurs, and these repeated bad tactics are not the kind of thing to keep up for the sake of team roles and psychological well-being-these bad choices are one of 2 things: inexperience, or incompetence.
If he's so intelligent and his fascade so critical to the team, then what's the deal with "How Long is Forever?"
Since when is Robin dependent on BB, relying on him to take out his frustration? I thought it was pretty obvious he used his own training, or chose to be gratuitously violent against Slades minions; the onl time I saw him take out frustration was in "The Beast Within", which has other reasons for his reaction.

Raven's mental stability depends on many factors, and a constant source of unnecessary emotional input (be it annoyance or smugness or happiness, however you interpret her character) is not a positive influence. Him being a whipping boy does not make her sane or proud, rather it tempts her, tempts her to do things that she should not in order to retain her stability (Screaming and fire and black tentacles are NOT good for her to use, as far as allowing her to have control over her self). BB's pranks and other antics that would be part of this fascade are inconsiderate of Raven's dignity and right to self-determination, something her father and mother and teachers have told her she does not have, and something which an irritating changeling jumping on her last nerve and provoking demonic reaction is denying her the opportunity of.

What I have the biggest problem with, though, is that you're telling me that a Teen Titan, a young superhero and role model to citizens of all ages, is a pathological liar, who deceives his friends and enemies alike for a cause he has invented for himself. Hero's, and characters, must have virues and flaws, less the be unrealistic paragons, or more symbols than people. By changing one of his flaws from being somewhat childlike and less knowledgable to being a liar of this scale, his supposed good intentions do not outweigh the stain upon his character that this quality would give him.

I changed my mind, there is one thing I have a bigger problem with: that this makes BB a self-insertion of ME, into the series. Not you, the author; I mean me, the reviewer. Seeing my flaws and virtues imprinted on a character to this degree only brings to my mind the connotation of my other flaws, my other failings, unrelated to this character but now drawn out through a change in his mentality. Yes, these characters are supposed to be like us, supposed to be HUMAN, so far as vice and virtue is concerned. But with this characterization, all I can see in BB are flaws, smothering over his better, more noble qualities. He deserves better than the impression this gives me.
And you deserve better than me; all I'm doing is tearing apart your thought process, work, and development of a beloved character, and only to expell frustration and make myself feel better, at your expense.
How delightfully ironic.
The-Queen-of-the-Pirates chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
That was amazing... Enough said.
Random Reader chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
I can really see Beast Boy doing this.. degrading himself for the team, it also explain the thing that happened when the Brotherhood of Evil captured the other Titans and BB leading a rag tag team to victory...
crazynerd chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
I got to say this was very insightful. Its shows how much bb actually cares about his team mates and how he wants to help them. He knows hes needed that way so he remains that way. Which is actually very hard to do. But thats why bb is awesome.
I love the last line it brings the whole piece together and further adds to the depth of thr character. Sorry for the review to be so short and choppy but im in hurry. Good job and i hopr to read more from you soon.
clarabel129 chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
i think that you should do another chapter love clara