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Sentury chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
if you'll allow me...fuckkkkkk, Manna. You say Kender pulls the tragedy card, but this is awful.

There were a lot of moments of confusion for me reading this. It came mostly where you talked about everyone's reactions and I think that was because you didn't comment on some of their fates prior to that part so it was it was confusing when you spoke of their reactions inbetween what they were doing.

PArticularly this line: [If Florina had not already been in the grave four years, she would have been devastated to learn of this. She had left before a bad winter storm—a terrible one, hail and ice, definitely not something a pegasus could fly in. The impact had probably killed her, but at least, they both hoped, it had been fast.]

It was my assumption here that Farina was the one who's death you were talking about because that seems a way she would have died flying around delivering letters, but it also appears as though you could be speaking of Florina...but then later you mention Lilana talking about the painting and how it isn't one of her mom, so I sort of figure that Florina is the mother in this story? And if that's the case what was she doing flying around?

Sorry, just a few thoughts, hopefully that wasn't too critical.

a Lot more I loved here. I really like how Farina's death continues to bring a lot of the characters together. Like Erk writing to Pricilla and so on. I thought that was amazing because really, its like she said, everyone wanted to hear from the person they had known so many years ago, and somehow her death continued to do that.

And I LOVE everyone's reaction. Wallace is the best.

[Wallace laughed at her comment, but said nothing, as he'd lost too much in his life to cry over the death of someone reliable that he hadn't known well, but a few months later, when Vaida stopped by his farm again, she noticed behind the evergreens at the edge of the property, there was a second cross in the ground.] I think some people might take this as cruel, but I consider it just as beautiful a response as anyone else's. Farina didn't really mean anything to him, like he says, but he still erects the cross to honor her, if nothing else. It shows a deeper layer of affections than his words first put off.

I didn't explain that well, but I really, really liked that part.

Fiora's irony was really sad.

I think that's all really. Great job. Glad I popped in for this one.
eolianstar chapter 1 . 2/11/2013

I'm really impressed at how moving this piece is... the characterization was so subtle, and for such a short story, I was surprised at how I felt by the end. The end was sort of shocking, but in such a sadly quiet way...

To be honest, Farina was one of the characters in FE7 I paid the least attention to. But I really love discovering stories that make me reconsider and acknowledge how presumptuous I'd been. It's like assuming there is nothing interesting about a person, only to later realize how alone that person was, and I was only contributing to their pain... I make that mistake too often with real people. Am I going too far with this? Haha But nevertheless I sort of feel that way :) After all, good fiction points out both the flaws and beauty of humans and the spaces between them, I think!

I really enjoyed seeing all the other character interactions, and their reactions to this event. I like to think that they are all in the same circle of friends after the war, so the correspondences between them are really meaningful for me to read. Lucius' perspective on everything was an especially precise hit. I feel like the scene with Lilina and Hector was a little strange, in some ways it took away from the gravity of the overall story... but I can see how you wanted to show the temporal effects of Farina's death.

Well anyways! I'm glad this was written :] I enjoyed it a lot!
Flying Banana Dinosaur chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
This was... beautiful. And sad. Very sad, but enjoyable all the same. You have the best take on Farina's character that I've ever had the pleasure of reading (time and time again, even!).
Queen Lua chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
Wow. I really quite liked this.

The construction was really interesting & innovative—the chain of letters spiraling out after her death, and ending up back on her dying alone in the snow—conceptually it seems like an odd and risky way to build a story, but it's so effective here.

And the bit with Lucius ("Farina was one of the most misunderstood, frightened people he had met, and she had often given him money for food for the children"). Ouch. I loved that hidden kindness on Farina's part; I loved that perceptiveness of Lucius's. Fitting for them both.

And the opening, too—drunk in a snowbank and deciding she needs a change, and Hector laughing at her idea before agreeing—was really nice and striking and fitting, I think.

I'd agree that the portrait scene sticks out from the overall piece—I was expecting more letters there, I think, and not such a large passage of time—but besides that I really liked this. Thank you thank you for sharing.
Mark of the Asphodel chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
Aw. I like how, despite the way so many of Farina's friends get a kind of closure, the 'fic circles back to her own lack of it, her fear and isolation. So very Farina. :(

The individual pieces of this were lovely, but I thought the flow was a little erratic, almost like some of the parts might have worked better in a different order. On a second read, I think that was most obvious in the scene with the portrait- a very nice scene, but it doesn't seem to fit IMO.

It was nice reading something by you again. :)
RawkHawk2.0 chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
A touching, if heartbreaking, look at Farina. It captured her well, along with how others might think of her and react to her passing.

I particularly liked Fiora's comment about Farina's illiteracy. It was a small detail, but it was quite powerful.

Best Regards,

TrevorX chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
Wow. Poignant depth there. And full of so much irony at the end. And I feel so, so sorry for her. And all the rest that she kept in touch with.
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
[Her body was found, along with the broken remains of her pegasus, Murphy, in a Pheraen peasant's field.] What. WHAT. NO. STOP THAT. YOU BLINDSIDED ME. IT ISN'T FAIR.

[and she had often given him money for food for the children] Aww, Farina. MANNA I AM GOING TO CRY STOPPIT

["What!" he said, giving her a disbelieving look, "You assume I will die before you!"] Wallace xD. He's so great.

[as if that action alone could protect her from everything.] Sain is so romantic. There needs to be more Sain in general.

[he should have offered her a position as a governess or something.] Hector you are so dumb xD. I think Farina would be a terrible governess. She'd probably hate to be inside babysitting all day erryday.

[His name is Dorcas] I love this so much. I just grinned so wide.

That ending was ridiculously sad. WHY IS THIS SO SAD. You warned me but still. Holy crap. I can't even tell you how much I like this because I'm so sad. (But really, it was a fantastic portrayal of her.)