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Guest chapter 1 . 6/30/2015
I give their marriage three months, tops! Dom doesn't really love Letty. He just likes having a woman he can order around. And Letty apparently Is ok with that. Sad.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18/2015
I wish you would rewrite this so that it makes any sense! Seriously.

Dom comes across as a domineering and controlling asshole Who hasn't changed at all and who basically bullies letty into taking him back without showing any evidence that he is sorry or that he has changed.

The ending just makes me sad that letty caved and took his sorry ass back. She is setting herself up for a world of hurt.

Ps. After Mia's bullshit talk telling letty to suck it up and take Dom back, I kind of hope that Brian cheats on Mia and breaks her heart. Then maybe Mia would have a clue what letty is feeling and what it feels like to be betrayed by your boyfriend.

It takes more than love to make a relationship ship work. And Dom hasn't shown love or that he can be trusted. Why is everyone so eager for letty to take him back. Do they hate letty? Why else would they want her to stay with a cheating boyfriend?
Guest chapter 1 . 7/6/2014
All I can say is that Letty deserves more from Dom.
Michelle chapter 1 . 7/6/2014
Um. I don't get the beginning part where Dom is trying to play games with Letty. To get control of the relationship. The person who cheats and messes up is the one who is supposed to grovel and seek forgiveness, to give up power. He expects to be forgiven and be in control?! And I guess Leon and Vince don't give a damn about Letty. Thy don't care that Dom cheated on her and broke their relationship huh? I guess unexpected them to have Letty's back a little more. Guess they are all for Dom no matter what he did to her.

Great section:

Mia: "If it felt so right, why didn't you guys get back together? Oh, I'll tell you why! You're scared! You're scared that he'll cheat again, that he'll screw up again, and that you'll 'loose yourself'. Well that's a bunch of shit Letty, cause if you love him, you love him and that's all there is to it. Believe me I learned the hard way." Mia said almost in tears. She hated fighting with her best friend. "Oh please, Brian was a cop and loved you and gave it up for you. What has Dom EVER given up for me? Nothing, not the skanks, not the heists, and definitely not his pride!" Letty started tearing up too, she had never fought with Mia about anything and now in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of the store she was arguing about love with her only ally. "

I have to agree with Letty here. I mean, Dom gets to fuck up and then Mia expects Letty to just accept that and get back together with him and NOT be worried he will cheat again and hurt her again?! Is Mia on crack? I might feel more lenient towards Mia if there was ANY evidence that she ever talked to Dom about his role in cheating and fucking up his and Letty's relationship. Mia has never had anyone cheat on can she imagine what Letty would feel. Love isn't always enough to fix things... Letty may love Dom but if she can't trust him (because of his repeated actions in the past) then they can't actually have a relationship!

Mia basically admits that Dom cheated and Dom screwed up when she says Letty expects him to do it AGAIN. Have we ever heard Dom say that he is sorry for cheating on Letty? Sorry for screwing up?! No- we just hear him say that he wants her. Totally different story. If he doesn't have the insight to know and admit that what he did in the past was wrong and to ask for forgiveness how can Letty believe he has changed. I mean , Dom probably "wanted" Letty back when he was cheating on her. What has changed now...?

I LOVE the past where Letty asks what Dom has ever given up for her! It was perfect!

Mia seems strangely on Dom's side give that she has no evidence that Dom won't go back to his old ways with Letty.

And the whole section where Letty was apologizing to Mia was very one sided:

"I'm sorry too." Letty spoke up. "And I'm sorry for yelling at you Mi. I don't know what I want and until I do, I shouldn't put Dom through so much shit and then expect you to back me up." "I'm sorry too Letty, ok, now we're all sorry and we're all forgiven right?" Mia smiled.

I'm not sure that Letty should just easily forgive Dom and not "put him through anything". The only reason he is going through anything in the first place is because he screwed up, he cheated, etc. Does Dom expect his simple declaration that he wants her to make up for everything in the past? If he really wants Letty he needs to show some patience! By making an ultimatum for her to chose him or nothing (after they slept together in the motel) he pushed too far. They could have talked more and worked at it a bit. Instead he forced her to choose before she was ready to choose him. And she walked away.

Maybe if he hasn't waited until the very end to tell her he loves her, they could have gotten past the bulkshit sooner...? We get a couple "I've changed" from Dom. But has he? Has he really? He still makes sudden decisions on behalf of the whole team (like the decision to participate in the heists even when Letty AND Vince both thought it was a bad idea) and how moving to Miami? And he didn't even consider Letty's opinion before deciding. Doesn't seem like he has changed. Sigh.

As I said, it takes more than love to make a relationship work. Letty remembering them getting together was poignant. She remember him loving her and then a year later he started to cheat in her. So much for "love makes everything perfect"!

Letty is totally right to not be ready to uproot her whole life and move across the country on Dom's whim. They barely got back together and he's expecting her to jump to be with him. To abandon her family and everything else she knows?! She needs to learn that she doesn't need him, that she can be great on her own, so that some time in the future (when he grows up enough to treat her like an equal in their relationship) they may get back together.

Letty needs time to be Letty and not "toretto's girl"!

Dom's kind of an idiot! He *thinks* all sorts of great things about being honest with Letty and telling her how much he feels for her, but he barely ever articulates them. All lett has to work on it is actions and words (of which there are few). Letty says she doesn't want to to to Miami and Dom's up in his room wondering if he should talk to her , beg her to come with him or just let her stay. How about having an actual honest conversation with her? Telling her that you love her and feel torn because you feel you need to help your cousin but that you don't want to loose he little ground you've gained with Letty...? Instead he's like a mute.

Mia is totally right here:

Dom gave her a look and yanked the picture and threw it in the box. "I tried, she doesn't want to go." "I know your definition of trying when it comes to Letty. And it's usually a half-ass, let me do as little as fucking possible, piss-poor job."

Amen, Mia! You tell him. (And PS finally we see Mia holding Dom accountable and not just yelling at Letty for not forgiving Dom's dumb ass!).

And later FINALLY Mia rips Dom a new one for being such an ass to Letty over the years. Too bad no one ever bothered to tell Dom earlier when he could have spared Letty so kick hurt and maybe had made a good relationship with her. Too bad Mia was too much in Doms side to hold him accountable for being a cheating ass to Letty those years ago ... If she had told him all this before, maybe he and Letty would be strong now.

"He bent his head down as she told him what a shit he had been to Letty and if he had ever just treated her with the respect she deserved and committed to her then she would be here now. Adding a cheap shot about never being able to find anyone else like her ever again she stomped off and went inside. "

And again: Dom gives no thought to whether letty is ready to move I with him. And gives her another ultimatum. It's either move away from her home and everything she knows to be with him in Miami or they are done. Really?! Asshole!

Does Dom plan to live in Miami forever? Why couldn't they try moving forward in a long distance way until Letty is ready to trust him? It's like Dom doesn't take her feelings into account at all. Just what he wants and what he is ready for. Sigh.

Ps. If Mia has just finished medical school she would be a medical resident and not able to just move across the country! Even if she was a full doctor she couldn't just pick up and move!

It is very telling that Letty expects Dom to just move on, meet someone new and have kids in Miami without her. Because she doesn't believe he can be true to her.

While I love the idea of Letty proposing in general-after Dom has treated he as he has (including making the decision to leave her when he moves to Miami) - it smacks of desperation on her part. Like she's forcing herself to forgive him because he's going to leave her.

Sigh. Dom was ready to leave her. Walk out of her life to Miami and never look back. That was the pathetic little effort and love he showed Letty and now SHE is proposing to him and SHE is leaving her whole life behind to move to Miami with a man who )as she said before) never gave up anything for her.

He's still the same. Isn't willing to give up anything for her. I guess it's ok though because he has Letty the doormat to be his wife. He doesn't have to change his controlling cheating ways, because she is just going to forgive him and let it go. I mean, here she is, moving on with him when she's clearly not ready to, proposing to him desperate to get him back right after he basically have up on their relationship. (She basically have in to his ultimatum).

He owns her now and he knows it. Kind of a sad ending to their relationship. He will NEVER treat her as an equal after this... Too bad.
mac-reye chapter 1 . 1/13/2014
fantastic! please continue the series!
Shawnied777 chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
OHMYGOD. I just found this story and I'm soooooooo grateful that I did! It was AWESOME! The story, the characters, the conflict, the emotion, EVERYTHING! Great job on this story, it def just became one of my faves!
CharlieSwagron chapter 1 . 12/11/2010
Dude, when all the girls were taking and Dom was eavesdropping on them thinking they were talking about sex, I nearly pissed my pants cuz I was laughing so hard! Way to go, I loved the fic!
degrassijayandalex chapter 1 . 9/24/2009
OK wow! This fan fiction was so good! I loved it a lot. I loved the whole parts with Letty and Dom playing a game with each other. When they both knew that they still loved each other. Oh and I liked it that you brought a lot of drama in with Lance Tran. Also lol at Race Wars when Letty goes into where Dom was staying, and she wanted to talk to him about their relationship. Then the next morning when she wakes up she is thinking how she got no talking done with . Also I really liked it that when that KC guy came into the shop that you said that he was a look-a-like to Heath Ledger! ) He is my second favorite actor. So I got really happy at that .When Dom and Letty got official together near the endish I liked that too. How LEtty just walked into Dom's room to ask him about him sending Kara away, and then as soon as she walks into the room that he hugs her tightly, and then says that he loves it sucks that Vince and Sira weren't going to go to Miami with them, but I liked it that Vince said that they would probably be down there when Sira finished up with her I really liked it at the end. At first I really thought that Letty wasn't going to move to Miami with them. I really really liked the ending paragraph. When Letty is at the garage and she asks Dom if he will marry her, and then Dom is just standing there. Probably not even believing that it was happening. Also lol when Letty is like you don't know a propsoal when you see . I'm glad that Dom and Letty will be getting married, and that Letty is going to go with the,. I really, really liked this fan fiction. I think that you should really make a sequel outta it. Showing evething with Vince and Sira getting married, and then hopefully moving to Miami with the rest of the team. Then show Dom and Letty getting married, and how their lives in Miai are! Well again great, and very long one-shot! )
Running-Wild22 chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
I just found this story I LOVED IT!

Thinking of any more Dotty?

myppe chapter 1 . 2/13/2007 was really good
Nicole2513 chapter 1 . 2/12/2007
OH MY GOD! i've read this before and now i've read it agian and now i know why because this story was fucking awesome ah! i love how she proposed to him i loved it i loved it i'm trying not to cry right now because this story is over but i can't promise anything lol anyways yeah this story ws absolutely awedome and i wish there was more but i really love the ending its fit perfectly and i'm glad you let it like that anyways um... i have to stop before i go crazy...
Kittahh chapter 1 . 10/2/2003
To be brutally honest with you...i got bored with this. my eyes hurt, because there was like 150 lines of writing all strung together. You needed breaks, and more paragraphs. Also i think when the chracters actually speak to each other, you needed to put what they say on a new line. Otherwise, who said what gets well confusing.
catiewatie chapter 1 . 8/11/2003
Sweetest Addiction chapter 1 . 6/25/2003
hey i like this stroy!
beautyintheagron chapter 1 . 5/30/2003
This story has to have been one of the best stories I have ever read. You have to write more stories because you are an amazing writer! The best line in this fic is when Vince says: "I'm just asking Leon if my ass looks bigger in there jeans" and Letty says "It Does." I was rolling on the floor laughing. It was funny seeing how guys think of the girls as immature cauz they were gossiping about that guy. I never thought that Letty would ask Dom to marry her! That was an awesome ending just like the whole story was amazing. If anyone tells you anything bad about this story tell them to kiss your ass cauz this story is excellent and dont let anyone tell you different!

Love always

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