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Nini chapter 2 . 7/11/2013
*baggy pants and stomsch shirts
*pale almost grey skin
Starlet-Scarlet chapter 1 . 7/11/2013
Name: Piper Mertuil
Guy or Girl: Girl
Age: 17
Cyborg, Human, Vampire, Werewolf: Vampire
Outward appearence:
Very long straight ginger hair. Strikingly vibrant other worldly blue eyes. Pale almost very skin. about 5'6. Full lips that's always painted on red or black. Usually wears baggy jeans and stomach loaded silver bullet guns in pants pockets. Gold ring on pinky finger. Red or black nail polish on always.
Team Name: Whichever you pick.
Weapons: Guns of all sizes and shapes in her pants. A necklace that has athem knife on it. Poisen locked into her ring.
Good or Evil: Evil. Really is Ty's bad muse but she does have a conscious...just not daily.
Protector of: Ty
Tactical position on team: Logical fighter. Super fast. Always quick to pull out a gun.
Additional notes: She's a flirt and a seducer. She likes to play innocent butwheb the times right kill the weakling. She has a country accent but she's a New York girl at heart. She's a hustler. She would never betray Ty. She just thinks its lust but she really lives Ty.
Kathy1993 chapter 1 . 4/4/2013
name: aiyana mcjames
guy/ girl: girl
outward appearance: long blonde hair, pale skin, hazel eyes, '5'5, wears a red tank top and white mini skirt and high heels, always cheerful
awesomus124230 chapter 1 . 3/24/2013
Why don't you add these characters?

Ray- cyborg - boy
Venus- cyborg - girl
Katelyn- cyborg - girl
Riley- cyborg - boy
MysteryWriter12345 chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
Name: Joseph auditore

Guy or Girl: Guy

Age: approx. 15 years

Cyborg, Human, Vampire, Werewolf: Werewolf

Outward appearance: Dirty blond brown hair, Caucasian skin, Grey bluish eyes, about 5'8 and wears jeans, a flannel and white shirt and sunglasses has a wing angle neckless and a and a wolf ring and the mark of a werewolf on his upper right arm which is a wolf paw combined with a human hand with long sharp claws and a red moon on the palm of it

Weapons: 2 desert egals and his claws

Good or Evil: Good, but sometimes he can't control his animal side and goes rouge

Protector of: Rocky or Cece and I was thinking that he only chooses rocky to piss bill off because they're enemies

Tactical Position on Team: Leader

Additional notes:
Guest chapter 2 . 1/26/2013
Oh and for Trisha Robins thing,
Bibily is pronounced Bib-bill-lee. Bibily
Guest chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
Name: Trisha Robins

Guy or Girl: Girl

Age: 16ish

Cyborg, Human, Vampire, Werewolf: Cyborg

Outward appearance: wavey brown hair, slighly tan skin, hazel eyes, about 5' 6", wears a blue jean jacket, black and white horazontal stiped tanktop, jeans, combat boots. Usually has a knowing or cocky smirk on her face. Looks like Lulu Antariksa.

Team name (just Cyborgs): ex member of Team Echo. Now she works solo or with other evil Cyborgs.

Weapons (Cyborgs): Machetes, knifes, stars, magnum, electric whip (a whip filled with electriciry) and the ability to analyze any mechanical machine with her eyes (you said all Cyborgs have this ability)

Good or Evil: Evil, but accasionally good.

Protector of: herself

Tactical Position on Team: close combat

Additional notes: Knows Bill from the team and always teases him and calls him Billy or Bibily. They used to be friends before she went rouge.

Personality: She's a tease. Loves messing with people and playing with their heads. She's pretty good at it too. She is very manipulative and she became evil because she was manipulated withought realizing it. So she may eventually turn good. Who knows. Well, you do if you're writting this. Please Update too.
Lys Dis chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17/2013
Name: Willow Martin, but sometimes called Lil' Red or Red Riding Hood.
Guy or Girl: Girl
Age: 15
Cyborg, Human, Vampire, Werewolf: Human but has spy-like qualities.
Outward appeatance: Brown hair dyed red, pale skin (she was a sickly child so she didn't get much sun), caramel brown eyes, a bit over 5'6", wears a red tank top with a hood and a black of the sholder shirt over it, black yoga pants, black combat boots and a black choker neclace with rubies on it.
Team name: None
Weapons/Skills: She is very flexible and pretty strong. She is very smart and good at logic and stratagies. She is very sneaky and can easily sneak in and out of a place, even if she's in a conversation with someone. Look away for one moment and she's gone. She also is quite skilled with a bow and arrow.
Good or Evil: It's hard to say. She isn't Evil but she's not what you would consider Good. She's like a Spy. Just doing what she has to to stay alive. She's not heartless though.
Protector of: Ty, but get's annoyed with his constant flirting.
Tactical Position on Team: (she's not on a team but may temperarily make an allience with them) stratigest, infultrater, medic.
Additional notes: She knows lots of medicines and is an excellent stratigest. She hates Werewolfs because they killed her family. Her personallity is hard to describe but it's kind of like Elizabeth Gillies song, "You don't know me" and if you never herd it look it up. Oh, and although she might not show it, she appriciates Ty's company. Him constantly annoying her makes her remember she's still human.
RomanceWriter23 chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
Name: Demitria "Dara" Spain
Guy or Girl: Girl
Age: 17, almost 18
Cyborg, Human, Vampire. Werewolf: Actually, she's a hybrid- half human half vampire.
Outward appearance: Jet black hair that trails to her lower back and thickly curled. Chocolate brown eyes and light brown skin. She's five feet seven inches and normally wears anyhting with spikes.
Team Name: Team Alpha.
Weapons: Knives, spikes, basically anything sharp and pointy and terrifying
Good or Evil: Appears good to the group, but is secretly planning against them
Protector of: Ty
Tactical Position on Team: The brains of every operation, bomber, and spiker
Additional notes: As a half vamp, she drinks human blood and accidently drank off Ty one night while he was sleeping. Since then, they've been secretly mated and can't find the right time to tell Ty about that night and is afraid he'll leave her. As a human, she finds herself daydreaming a lot. She's smarter than anyone in the team.

I hope you like Dara! :)

Guest Domo kun chapter 1 . 1/9/2013
Well I don't have a account but I hope you take this one
Name: Grey Dodd
Girl or boy: Boy
Age: 18
He is a cyborg
Appearance: A grey t shirt black jeans with a metal chain hanging off his left hip a black hoodie always unzipped. grey shoes. jet black hair and grey eyes. has a sickening look in his eye and a smirk on his face
Team name: use to part of team Echo but now works with whoever he has
Weapons: a scythe that is made with a rare metal that is poisonous to anyone or thing that gets cut (there is an antidote though) and a sniper rifle strapped to his back
Good Evil: Evil
Protector: None
Position: Leader
Additional notes: was friends with Bill but betrayed him. Wants to break each of the protectors spirit by killing of each of their humans
Shiba Grande chapter 2 . 1/8/2013
Okay, if you want, Koneko could be a human if you want. And she could be the protecter of either Tinka or Ty.
svpernxtvrxl chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
Name: Andriana (Andy) Biersack

Guy or Girl: Girl

Age: 17

Cyborg, Human, Vampire, or Werewolf: Vampire

Outward Appearance: Pale Skin, Black layered Hair, Bright Blue Eyes, about 5'4", always wears A Band T-Shirt, Skiny Jeans, Knee High Converse, Fingerless Gloves, Band Necklaces and Bracelets, and a Jacket.

Team Name: Team Delta
Weapons: A Metal chain that hags on the side of Her leg, attached to Her jeans when she needs it to be. Ninja Stars that are attached to her Chain, but come off and grow when needed. A Dagger that grows when needed.

Good or Evil: Good, most of the Time

Protector Of: No One. She finds Protecting People a waste of Her Time.

Tactical Position on Team: Leader

Additional Notes: Tends to stay to Herself. But, if she is with anyone, it's her team.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
Name: Raven Phoenix

Guy or Girl: Girl

Age: 16

Cyborg, Human, Vampire, Werewolf: Werewolf

Outward appearance: Straight Black hair (it's cut in the style of Yuna from Final Fantasy X), really light tanned skin, forrest green eyes, stands about 5'3, wears a black leather jacket with rolled up sleeves over a white tank top, has multiple leather baracelets, black leather pants and combat boots also she has a wolf tattoo on the back of her shoulder. (has a badass look to her)

Team name: N/A (she's a lone wolf)

Weapons: a metal chain (which is her favorite) that she usually has wrapped around her torso, a dagger that is pocketed on a leg pouch on her right leg and a katana that's seathed on her back. (She uses this when she can't turn into a wolf.)

Good or Evil: Good.

Protector of: No one. She thinks is too troublesome to put the life of someone else on her shoulders, but rushes in to help anyone she thinks is in trouble. (I would've chosen one but i seriously don't know who to pick...sorry, hope that's ok. She can be like the chick that pops out of nowhere and helps out cause they were in her way, but stays with the group anyways or something lol).

Tactical Position on Team: N/A lone wolf.

Additional notes: she's usually silent when not fighting, tends to crack jokes in the most absurd moments, has ninja-like skills, has the urge to say badass comments when fighting like Alice from resident evil even if the odds are against her. She's australian, so she has an accent. Really enjoys killing enemies (you can see her with a happy smirk when she's at it).
Lollipops24 chapter 1 . 1/7/2013
Name: Lissy Gardea
Guy or Girl: girl
Age: 15
Cyborg Human Vampire Werewolf: Vampire
Outward Appearance: Dirty blonde hair a black bandana used as a headband with purple eyes. About 5'7 wears red tank top with a black leather jacket black skinny jeans and black combat shoes. When outside wears red sunglasses.
Team name: Team Bravo
Weapons: A bow and arrow that was given to her. And a 8 inch silver dagger always strapped to her waist with a black leather hilt.
Good or Evil: Good
Protector of: Deuce Ty or CeCe
Tactical position: normaly leader of the group but sometimes used as a lookout and spy
Additional notes: Tends to be rather cold to outsiders and people she doesn't know. but once known she is very loyal and caring and very quick on her feet.
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