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Krisarna chapter 28 . 10/15/2015
Found this story recently and have been greatly enjoying it. Hoping it will be continued.
Guest chapter 28 . 4/4/2015
Lol at first I thought Debbis post was 4 real then started reading it
I do hope you update soon
The Gnomist chapter 28 . 4/4/2015
Hope you update this
I really like
Debbie Hicks chapter 28 . 3/8/2015
Chapter 29.-
Bonding Ceremonial rituals
that night Irina was Treated very ceremonial she was very nervous decided to pure herself of the bad systems was Cleansed by looking at the fire was Purged of the marriage jitters took a Bath took as all was a early rising person then was done all by herself made a lot of notes and lists to the guests the Adult way she suddenly got Cold feet was very nervous of her wedding swallowed herpride then place Dirt Whispered Selenity I myself as Acolyte hear me Gods of Mt. Olympus make me ripe and fertile bliss my husband with the kids I want four three boys and a girl make me a mother now and never I beg you O' Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom I am yours to Commend me The both heard across the planet Vulcan herself resumed her holiest wedding prayers and chanting in ancient Gaelic for children and a very longest life span by them arrived he noticed herself was a priestess who wore her robes in holiest priestess's robes wearing her hair down sighted Visitors blissing her for children then granted her a Crown then Sworn her oaths herself wore glued pointed ears with Artistic upswept but more up-loping eyebrows was dressed with a Second with third clasped a necklace of a Vulcan woman Irina I am here yes your hair is longer noticed my curled bangs and sides are swirled Irina you look Stunning you ready I Am prepared here her father took a look he nearly sighted the guests Vulcan both genders hoo boy she looks well-rested ready Screaming lika Le-Matya slicing your skin with venomous teeth and claws they are predators they are your new bride is ready it is very secret lets do it that the young Vulcan woman was ready to act as Speaker That what comes ye from the heavens from the beginning without change this the Vulcan heart this the Vulcan soul and katra this our way KAIL-FARR! Soltek step forth to ye wife he stood in his Wedding robes of purple the shoes he began to walk towards her radiant but treated very ancient way it was a Starman wedding in their home it was raining once Again the Priesthood were witnesses were allowed in of the rain what is about a Alien from his world took a form of Jenny's deceased husband seeking a mate a Human woman yes it is a good idea the both wrre asleep it was private but a movie styled Wedding and a Get away will be next the couple will find a house to start their family onto his world dressed from the movie Dear you up holy Smokes she is prepared wake up quiet I hear a Bonding Starman oh man that movie was a classic science fiction movie it is a great way to send them off then it happened his parents heard the humans Sorry it's Secret that they too witnessed their ceremonial bonding from asleep Niece yes they will be married it is practice pre-wedding yes it Solok you survived good grief your ship was destroyed we are Starfleet but hoo boy whew sorry ahem! Special delivery meet the T'REAH great Goddess of the underworld and Limbo and the inbetween and death but oops made it a whole lot Huger Let me see it's Nebula class came from scrapes of all ships blazed but rebuilt it like a Cyborg I Created a monster starcruiser Your things are delivered from Earth you have kids we bonded to ourselves it's Monstrous oh no What after our goddess of death meet my kitten he is young his meowing Irina you are reading books yes meet my puppy he is very frisky who resting a little girl Your child Rests with Diana she is a very spunky kid Aunt let me see oooooh prettiest who is snoring him Strom! it is your age again from Humans it did made him tired that the each both families welcomed the Kumbra personnel home but it was unveiled brand-new but clean it was bigger but huger it was named afterwards the very as all of both station/ship personnel welcomed him Soltek your records are well with her Indeed you dress very formally he is our son in law for now we adopted you according to Romulan your fourth name with be added after marriage he was pleased but spellbound were his first emotional source it will be support ship us oh no that rain is drizzling downwards oh Tigger meet Gorwon my Saint Barnard puppy he just made me Sneeze ugh both Vulcan named starships yes both are merged Oy with the station it was true they become one Tigger meowed sharply one of the cadets had very bad Cat allergies he took a tissue then sneezed but blew his nose loudly I'm Allergic it's Cats they are Carnivorous animals heir diet is Meat What meat oh no he is hissing like a Cat he is bigger than normal had a Dog Crunch here girl then his scream was heard Puppies my dog is a Momma of thirteen puppies Ka-Boom you are the father then Harrrumph! Strom are you tiny born on Vulcan we posed as animal workers we got kids Poor momma the small child giggled then one of the baby puppies Cried oh Crunch that morning once again the humans snored kept the Vulcans awake I can't rest Sis you holding him yes it is hungry what species is he Mix breed what you name him Zap oh man he is too very so little here Zap here boy he is a newborn Awwwwwww! Zap whimpered Pardon I named the other puppies that is a very good name he yawned that Zap grew stronger then my SOCKS! You Terran puppy he was glaring at her father coldly with ice sir he was named by herself Bark! Bark Bark Bark Bark! Strom it a young puppy of Husky and Great Dane oh man they grew faster are trouble-making puppies well it's the real thing and hold it you are treated here don't let the husband it's unlucky to see you Married I Scarred your hands don't show it to T'Lar she wants a Native American wedding what the theme Father of the Bride meets Starman that is a great but next movie then it had begun then the Wedding party walked Irina survived the heat was elegant in her robes had a thin sheet to cover her Face to mix both as a wedding veil-crown Soltek began to get very nervous my son your hands cut yes Father here she comes I must ring then a Sounding roar he was dressed like a ancient Vulcan Lord-king wearing his both looked majestic but royal the music was from Cannon's Snow White in her finery of a Ancient Vulcan Empress with veil and crown his father For our tomorrows for our days to you my Husband it shall be who am I I shall take my choice you my Lord-King I am your Empress of Vulcan we shall bear royal heirs to the throne his best man both of them She is human yes you will create hybrids Daughter yes Dad here she comes then T'Lar allowed her to be Speaker KROYKAH! Her voice was Sharper but angry T'Kita daughter of your familial can do you take Soltek as your husband to be bound to the Spirits to protect him and fight for life swear ye the name of the Gods of Mt Olympus until you are old and wizen with age I Swear do you Soltek son of your familial clan do you take your mate as wife protect her and bear frult of your own until ancient but wizen with age I Swear herself Took a fallen branch fell last night By the Name of the Spirits of La Push, Washington and our Gods and Goddesses I Declare ye this woman and man Married according to Native American fashion and the way of the tribe I Proclaim you both Husband and WIFE! Suddenly Irina Kissed him harder than forceful but they were Married by Dawn Read Spier her first adept Ascended as Chief High Priestess but decided to guide others that a human/Vulcan recorded marriage was signed as a mated and married couple then the married couple dressed in Terran clothes they were wed for now to start their fruitful but long and joyous lives as a couple there they fled with the people their next theme was the Starman one honeymoon way then it happened to Soltek he Hit Pon'farr the each both granted them each both clothes after they mated in private there in case of a baby crisis a lot of toys for the kids oh man he is breeding like crazy start your baby making phasers and Punch it! then he Bred onto his newest wife only Four times their seeds were roaring then a Scream so loudest but powerful then her twin reported Irina is with four children implant was successly finished with help merged he Sired her only four children were into the womb drink thank you so much she felt her kids who were growing faster than normal needed their father to be was guarding his wife their walk resumed they were a clan of their own it was both for the parents to be I am going to spoil my grandchildren rotten Pardon they are hybrids of both worlds united in peace and hope my son done well he is mated and married you married them she made you with the others leave in peace yes you ok Irina I am fine oh I feel them oh no Dear it's time keep Walking to Raal Stand Together it came from Dinosaur Pretend we are Dinosaurs Roar! your child is signaling others Princess sorry Pu' she is right that they all of them who went their town to reside here then In Due Time her children were Quints were born here crying to the world Irina was a mother blessed four twice again then looked very cute in baby clothes were too highly smarter who aged into Children in the sizes of Seven year old hybrid children were named Sybok Sarek Surak and T'Pol were historic names broken the Federation's record of four kids three boys and a girl looked like their parents they were a family at long last of trying for kids blessed from the Gods of Mt. Olympus but it happened they aged to look their newest best friends's age were teenagers Sybok joined Language Specialist team corps he spoke very fiery but stro
jeanadele chapter 28 . 2/24/2015
This is a great story and I hope you complete it I can't wait
kyoko12989 chapter 28 . 7/3/2014
I am looking forward to the next chapter. The story is great so far. :)
farewelljazzs chapter 13 . 9/13/2013
I'm really enjoying your sweet story so far! I'm just dropping you a review to let you know you used 'btw' instead of by the way twice. I know what it means, it just breaks the flow of the narrative. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Psychobillybutterfly chapter 28 . 9/4/2013
Love! You d ive into vulcan culture and is all very interesting
amariekik chapter 28 . 8/15/2013
Really enjoying the story, the humour and romance is great. :) Are you updating soon?
HumanFemale chapter 28 . 8/1/2013
*glares at Tomalak, Velal, and Martok* How DARE you? All of you! Standing around decided who I'll marry, without even asking my opinion! I am not a prize to be won!
Martok chapter 28 . 7/30/2013
You should write about all of us! And may the best Klingon win the female! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Velal chapter 28 . 7/30/2013
Miss Wildblume, Please, PLEASE do not pair me up with some Klingon cow! *shakes his head, then smiles* No, you're teasing me, aren't you, sly vixen that you are! Alright, I'll admit it, you fooled me for a moment, but only a moment. I know you wouldn't do that to me!
Tomalak chapter 28 . 7/30/2013
Lady Wildblume,

Surely you can see that a Romulan and a Klingon together would be...distasteful. But oh well, it's a better alternative to those weird stories that pair me up with Centurion Bochra!

I meant rather for you to write about me and a HUMAN woman. My first choice would be a brunette, though I confess a certain fascination with those exotic blondes and redheads. Or, I am quite taken with the idea of a story featuring YOU as the leading lady.

Every truly your devoted reader,

Commander Tomalak
Martok chapter 28 . 7/30/2013
No! I don't want a Romulan wench!
Wildblume chapter 28 . 7/30/2013
Dear gentlemen,

your charm makes it hard to decide which one of you I should write about. Maybe I should invent a Klingon-Romulan-hybrid character or a love story involving your two species together.

Now you see how most inspiring your comments are for me, thank you all very much!

Yours sincerly
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