Reviews for The Second Ketchum Brother
vampireharry the 2 chapter 2 . 3/4/2014
This is really interesting! I hope for more!
Eric chapter 2 . 2/5/2013
Gr8 start
Any more suggestions for what Andrew's pokemon should be?
how about adding a Growlithe, a Geodude and have an Oddish who follows them around, but not allow himself to be caught
How many chapters should I do on each season?
Minimum of three maxim of how many you want!
Should the Scoobies or a Pokemon version of the Scoobies appear in this story?
I'd LOVE to see Jessie (who could them tell Jessie that she can't be Jessie because he is!) and I'd be o.k. with One eyed Xander showing up but you can use a poke version of any of the rest!
Esmeraude11 chapter 2 . 2/5/2013
This was nice I can't help but think that you may have chosen his first Pokemon because of me. :) So thanks if it was. If you do bring them in then maybe waayy later when Andrew and Ash have gotten older and wiser. Cause at this point their are ten while the Scoobs are about eighteen maybe nineteen. Since I think they just graduated and were about to do their thing. Plus Warren was still there. They'll also be doing the Indigo and Orange league challenges. Which together should probably add another one or two years.

Maybe you could bring them in (if you have to) around the Sinnoh/Unova time period. By then following normal logic and not cracky TV logic they would be between the ages 15-18. Since it should take up to 2 years maybe one to traverse an entire country even with all the stops. Though I don't know if the Scoobies will care since they never really seemed to interact with him till the Warren incident. Plus this should give you a chance to flesh out your Andy and make him a different person to the original Andrew. It'd be nice if the Scoobies had a bit of culture flash at the new Andrew since this one won't be the same as the old. Given his different upbringing as well as situations plus his brother. Riley and Tara might also appear depending on when you bring in Buffy and co.

As for Pokemon, well Ash catches Caterpie at the Viridian Forest so Andy should be able to get one of the pokemon there. I don't think Ekans are there, but he could catch one. Ash needs to catch a Pidgey since he hasn't got one yet. For some reason I can see them having Nidoran M/F. Nidoran M for Ash and Nidoran F for Andy though I think that that may be because of any brotherly feels I'm getting from them. Maybe later a Growlithe for Ash and I kinda want to see a Vulpix or Ponyta with Andy. Though for another Viridian Forest catch he could get Venonat. Oooh, or an Oddish. I think Andy would be an adorable and loving trainer to it when it evolves into Gloom.

I hope this helps you some. :) Update soon please!
Esmeraude11 chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
This is interesting. Maybe an eevee given his hyper activity and such. Will he remember his old life? Oh! And who's older? Cause for some reason I'm imagining Ash to grow as a more serious and responsible brother. It'd be an interesting change, don't you think? Update soon please.