Reviews for Nihil Verum Nisil Mors
Vladimir the Hamster chapter 2 . 8/22/2015
This is so amazing! And I am like so thrilled you have ancient/old Arabic (and Italian) I find myself so annoyed with all the fic that revive the old assassins and have them speaking modern languages (broken English or otherwise) despite being separated by thousands of years. (like even Icelandic, which is remarkably well preserved in written form has gone through many pronunciation changes over the last thousand years) Hell, even recently, Taiwanese Mandarin has changed so much that someone I know found it difficult to understand the language after returning for the first time in 40 years despite having been born and raised in this country. (of course the reason for the massive change is driven by mass relocation, assimilation and politics and is a bit of anomalous case) Also I really love the camaraderie you feel between Ezio and Altaïr here, and how in character their actions are in accordance with their life and beliefs. Ugh I wish there was more to read here because it is so lovely. It's been years but I'm alerting it anyway just in case xD
Obelisk of Light chapter 2 . 5/20/2014
This story is very well-written and very true to the characters. I love Sofia's wit and Altair and Ezio's brotherly camaraderie. Even though it hasn't been updated in a while, I look forward to its resumption.
MayAnny chapter 2 . 9/2/2013
Oh, I've been looking for this kind of plot. Seriously. If you started having trouble to decide what happens next, I understand. I can't think of anything neither. :/

If you lack time, also understandable. Life tends to be more important right? But I certainly hope you didn't just give up due to laziness, then that's just sad. Not accusing or anything... D:

Anyway, love it! I hope you update one day again. :)
Chu10 chapter 1 . 4/10/2013
Hello to you!

Fakescorpion brought me here, and now, I cannot say how much I love this story. Everything from start to end is so well detailed and vibrant. Everyone is kept in character. And it's amazing how the Apple works, eh? The magic of First Civilisation technology.

Altair is made so much more awesome when he speaks in his native tongue of Arabian. That surprised me, I've never seen an author use ancient Arabian in a story before. It made Altair seem scarier at first you speak Arabian yourself? Myself, not understanding what he speaks at first, is just as surprised and shocked as Ezio himself. He's my favourite character in this chapter! Altair, I mean.

Tell you the truth, I have only watched the highlights from Revelations (never played it, vaguely know the story and characters enough to move on to ACIII). Sofia is smart! Makes sense that a Maestro Assassino would want a lady like that in the first place. I loved the old, wise yet joking attitude of Ezio here too, and how he manages to make Altair glower at him :O

Interesting. I love this story and I''ll be reading!
fakescorpion chapter 1 . 4/4/2013
This story is amazing. The descriptions are detailed and the flow of the story is perfect, your writing skills mesmerizing and I’m captivated by the world you've woven. And I’m shaking in my seats as I read, because it has been difficult to find a writer that can portray AC characters so very well.
Also, I've been looking for ages of a story that’s about a wise Altair with a young physical appearance interacting with Ezio during his later years. Like how it is in the AC: R trailer. I’m so grateful for this piece of fine literature, I cannot express myself properly and definitely cannot thank you enough!

The underlying solemn tone of this story is very befitting, giving the images I pictured in my head a dark hue. But it does not feel threatening, but rather serene. Like how Ezio and Altair were when they stood before the Brotherhood they lead. And this is how I love about them: both Ezio and Altair wore their wisdom like tailored robes, unique to themselves yet sometimes seem similar. And I hereby applaud your ability in portraying its depth with such simple words and sentences.
And of course I won’t forget Sofia! You portrayed her wonderfully and her intelligence really shines in this fic. No wonder Ezio will fall for her. She is such a lovely woman! And I also love the nice nod to Maria from Altair, it’s cute and sweet.

I'm actually very sad when I get to the end of this chapter, knowing that there's only one other. Because I want to keep on reading and reading! This story is just too good to be true and I'm getting emotional. Lots of hearts!
Guest chapter 2 . 3/2/2013
I'm beginning to like where this story is heading. Ezio's death scene was also well done.
Moonlightkittypaw chapter 2 . 1/23/2013
Oh yesss! I've been waiting for a story like this I totally love it! So cool, keep up the good work!
Nikki29 chapter 2 . 1/7/2013
Great story! i really hope you plan to keep writing it cause i LOVE it! i couldn't stop laughing at the part with Altair and the cloth XD I'm going to be checking this story everyday in hopes of it being updated so u
really and i mean REALLY update soon! ciao :)
Random thought chapter 2 . 1/7/2013
I was just wondering-unless you're planning on it all being solved without Desmond appearing- would you be doing a scene where Desmond runs away for the first time (kinda young so he can be naive but know a little about the war, Templars the reason and all that)and he runs into his ancestors has a little convo or argument you decide, before being caught until he escapes again at 16 and follow on from there? But enjoying this you write well can't wait for the rest! Update soon please! ;)