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misteeirene chapter 33 . 2/18
This was awesome! You deserve way more reviews.
Fantasywings7 chapter 5 . 1/20
Oh, that must have been hard... telling Sirius, but I am glad he did...

Peter seems jealous... of course Harry as James son knows about their animagi forms... I have always found that kind of magic really cool, Sirius is right, had Harry lived with them, they would surely have taught him how to do it... would just love a one-shot James teaching his son ( the epilogue son) the art! :)

Love your portrayal of James and Lily and their relationship... I see on your profile that you have written several more stories on them... so I am off to read those now! :)

Sweet story!
Blackpantherprince chapter 30 . 1/20
Oh, that was intense... have tears in my Eyes... I fully understand James, even if he intellectually knows that it is not Harry... he still misses his 16 year old son, his "Little brother"... ... wonder where he Went? To his original time or to the adult Ginny's time? What happened to him, did he remember anything? That would maybe be material for a side-story/ a one-shot...

Will the soon to be born Harry ever remember his "past life"? Will he ever see the news cuttings that older Harry gave James (that was sooo touching...), if he does, will he know the truth of Believe that it is his dead uncle in the Pictures... and the Photo albums and Pictures from his "former Life", what about them... will the Harry of this time-line ever see them...? Material for a one-shot?
Blackpantherprince chapter 27 . 1/20
"I am so confused"... yeah... I can understand Harry, to see an older version of himself must be very strange... and quite a chock for Lily and James ...and too meet his pregnant wife... LOL time travel is truly paradoxical...

Interesting and ( in a way sad, even if he is now a happy married man) tale, the older Harry tells, that he was taken back to his own time, and did not remember anything, and nothing had changed...

All this makes me wonder if Lily the marauders, and, yeah, everybody also forgot the 16 year old Harry and his visit into the past and all their knowledge of the future? Because, if not, why did Peter still betray them, and/or why did James and Lily still choose him as secret keeper...? If they remembered, could not their knowledge alone have changed the turn of events, without the adult Harry's interference...

Will the baby Harry soon to be born ever remember his alternate self/life?

Really difficult choice, but I understand Harry, I think he did the right choice. He basically gets the chance to save everybody and relive his life, a chance to a happy childhood with his parents, a childhood without the looming threat of Voldemort.
Blackpantherprince chapter 7 . 1/20
Hehe... so now Lily is going on dates with both Potters... on the same day... LOL, good to know that she soon finds out that Harry is her future son... otherwise I would start to wonder which Potter brother she prefers... and to fall in love with Harry romantically, THAT would indeed cause serious trouble... LOL
Blackpantherprince chapter 6 . 1/20
"Baby Potter"... so cute... I wonder what Lily thinks of Harry's Eyes...

I am glad Harry told Sirius, he needs someone to confinde in, Sirius takes it very well.

Loved the flying!
Blackpantherprince chapter 5 . 1/20
That was hilarious! :D Lily must Think Sirius and James are mad... LOL...but maybe that is no surprise... LOL Sirius reaction was hilarious, almost laughed my head off!

It must be a chock for James ( although not totally unexpected), now he has " living proof" that he and Lily will get together... wonder how much Harry's appearance pushed the two of them together faster...? Although I am sure they would have been married either way... but maybe not that soon... what is the chicken and what is the egg? That is the question... LOL
Fantasywings7 chapter 33 . 1/19
Really Beautiful and sweet story, beautifully written! Sooo much emotions... Loved your portrayal of the father-son relationship... very moving story, loved the lyrics at the end, and the happiy ever after... :) Although the many different Harrys at the end of the story left me a bit confused... , I Think you mayhave broken every rule regarding the time-space continuum... LOL, the paradox of time-travel... and maybe the ending felt a bit rushed... and, I wonder, with their knowledge of the future, could not James and Lily ( and Pete, by not betraying them) have changed the history without the adult Harry's help?

Anyway, absoutely amazing, sweet story, beautifully written!:) Keep going! Thanks for a very enjoyable read!:)
Blackpanther chapter 32 . 1/19
P.S: Loved the lyrics at the end! :) Full circle...

Thanks for sharing, kudos to you! :)
Blackpantherprince chapter 32 . 1/19
Again, really, really Beautiful story! So hearwarming...

I am so glad for Harry's happy ending, that everybody lived... that he got his happy childhood with his family, and a baby sister! :) I read somewhere that Rowling said that Lily was pregnat the day she died, so that may well be Canon...

Loved the bond you portrayed between Harry and his parents... will he ever remember his "former Life"? What happened to 16-year old Harry? Did his soul "merge" with baby Harry? Quite mysterious... nevertheless, I absolutely loved this sweet, beautiful story... Really happy for Reg and Pete, and Sirius, the "casanova" finally got settled... hehe...

A few additional minor questions: did James or Lily ever notice 16 year Harry's scar, "I must not tell lies"? Did Harry ever spend any time of the Christmas Holidays with his maternal grandparents ? It does not seem quite fair that he spent the entire time in Potter Manor, If I recall it correctly, Lily said that he should visit them on Boxing day...?
Does Lily and Petunia keep in touch at all?

That said, I must say that I absoutely loved your adorable, Beautiful story! :)
Blackpantherprince chapter 33 . 1/19
That was an amazing story, sooo Beautiful, moving and sweet!:)

So cute and charming, with a lot of humour, but also with a serious undercurrent at the same time. One of the most moving stories I have read in a long time, a emotional roller-coaster... So intense... you really feel with the characters... I have both laughed and cried throughout this journey... you portray emotions very well, and your portrayal of the characters are spot on! I loved your James and Lily! :)

The theme of love penetrating it all... Harry's love for his family and so co...and a parent's love for his/her Child, and also romance, Lily and James is really a perfect match, so romantic... Really sweet and romantic story, even if maybe a bit unrealistic... but in fanfiction it's allowed to make all your Dreams come true, and I am a sucker for happy endings, a heartwarming fairytale, I am so happy that Harry got his happy ending, even if I did not fully understand all the twists in the end... but that is the paradox of timetravel... for example: what happended with the original 16 year old Harry when Ginny took him back to his time and he disappeard... ? Where did he go? What happened to him when your AU Harry was born? And which time did he go back to...? I mean, the Ginny who came to fetch him was pregnant and much older than him, so, did he go back to his time as a 16-year old at Hogwarts, or as Ginny's adult husband? But that Harry was still in the 70:s, planning to finish off Voldemort... who disappeard when he killed Voldemort... did the same happen to the Harry who had gone back? Did he remember anything? So many questions, make my head spin... but that is the paradox with time-travel... And what about the AU Harry, will he ever know/ remember his "past Life", will he remember when he turns 16 ( the age he was shen he arrived in the 70:s), or, will he remember when he comes of ages ) like the adult Harry who showed up did, or will he never remember his other Life? If not, will his parents ever tell him? These questions really buggs me, but I am really happy fpr his happiness, the happy ever after...

Other small things I have been thinking about... it would have been fun if Harry had been revealed as a parsel mouth to his parents sometime... and I would have loved to see James', Sirius' and Regulus' ( loved your inclusion of him, that he was saved) reaction to the revelation that Harry almost was sorted into Slytherin... :)

Another thing that stroke me: was it the possesion of all Three DH that made it possible for the adult Harry to alter time and save everybody , a feat that according to Dumbledore no one hade mangaged to do before ( no one had managed to go so far back in time, and back to the future...,several years into the future...)

As for Snape, you say that nothing changed for him... but I assume that he also lived, and did not get killed by Nagini, since Voldemort died so much earlier... ? And what about his friendship with Lily? I have read somewhere ( I Think it was on Pottermore) that Lily and James had planned to make him godfather to their second Child, and that James and Snape reconciled as adults...

Beautiful story. Thank you! :)
Jim Red Hawk chapter 33 . 1/2
This is a pretty good story. My one problem with it is pairing Harry & Ginny. I have always felt there were three other young ladies that matched him better. Hermione, Daphne, & Susan. I have no preference as to which as they all fit well. Brooke seemed to fit in well & did not show any fan girl tendicys.
Thanks for taking the effort to produce a good story.

misherukuro chapter 32 . 11/20/2016
This was a fantastic read thank you for sharing.
sarah.clarence.1 chapter 33 . 10/17/2016
i read this ages ago and found it in my favorite stories. read it again for nostalgia, not disappointed at all. beautiful story
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 30 . 8/28/2016
I am so f'ing pissed that you stuck him with that bitch Ginny. She is like her mother and will turn on you in a heartbeat.
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