Reviews for Wish Upon A Star
misherukuro chapter 32 . 11/20
This was a fantastic read thank you for sharing.
sarah.clarence.1 chapter 33 . 10/17
i read this ages ago and found it in my favorite stories. read it again for nostalgia, not disappointed at all. beautiful story
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 30 . 8/28
I am so f'ing pissed that you stuck him with that bitch Ginny. She is like her mother and will turn on you in a heartbeat.
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 27 . 8/28
I hate, hate, hate, Ginny. Please tell me he chooses to save his 70's family and Brooke. Ginny is a money-grubbing whore
Violine chapter 33 . 8/19
This story made me so happy, really angsty too sometimes, but mostly really happy. Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 22 . 7/22
(A.N.) it's gonna be soooooooooo awkward for him. "Hey Gin, I just came back from living at Hogwarts in 1977/8 with my dead parents, who were only one year older than me at the time, then I was best friends with your mum's dead twin cousins who are basically that generation's version of your twin brothers, Fred and George, then I snogged your mum's other dead cousin, who would be thirty-ish now, who also happened to look and act like a cross between you and my dead mum, it was the best snog i ever had. Do you wanna go out with me? Oh, hey Ron. Please don't kill me."
snuffles4ever chapter 1 . 5/17
I really loved this story! I'll keep reading your material. Great job
lojosmom chapter 32 . 5/2
Fantastic! Awesome! and every other great superlative I can think of. I really loved this story and the happy every after.
FabLouis101 chapter 32 . 1/23
So good. Like WOW! Awesome story!
Guest chapter 33 . 1/19
loved this story
Guest chapter 29 . 1/19
I think your portrayal of Snape is right on... while he is a deatheater, he was never one for as much violence, he only wanted to seek more power...
cantstopreadingfanfictions chapter 33 . 10/31/2015
it was really amazing...good plot...quite interesting...I am hoping you have written a sequel...I am gonna check your a/c now...
Ms Foxie chapter 33 . 10/27/2015
This is a brilliant fantastic story!
icecatfire chapter 14 . 9/8/2015
*on the harry confiding in sirius and james* i understand COMPLETELY. cause it's like this: a person's friends are very precious to them but a person's FAMILY is COMPLETELY different, there is a MUCH stronger bond there. it's not that you don't love your friends it's that the bond in your family (adopted or NOT) CAN NOT be replaced. :)
Mrs Jayne Weasley chapter 32 . 8/15/2015
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