Reviews for Tears of a Victor
rosie.horgan.7 chapter 56 . 19h ago
Oooooo you had me there
M14R0 chapter 55 . 4/8
The emotion in this is too real...poor Cecelia. I hope Tyga injures Gloss, if not killing him. I shed a little tear when Vice wasn't the best character, but he wasn't the worst either.
I am both scared and excited to see the fight go down between Gloss and Tyga.
rosie.horgan.7 chapter 55 . 4/7
Poor tyga...
Guest chapter 54 . 3/25
I think you're making Connor look too weak, and he's not showing emotion in the right places. I like the story a lot, but Connor doesn't really resemble the other victor's strength and anger. He seems okay with the Quarter Quell
Clove'sAllies chapter 54 . 3/25
THE FEELS, that last exchange is actually amazing. Although I want to see Tyga's games Connors steps during the games with Annalee will truly be something to see, how they and all the victors deal with the rest of their friends dying. Great chapter as always!
Clove'sAllies chapter 53 . 3/24
The end of this chapter was adorable and its so sad to see how they know that Tyga will not be coming back. I'm so excited to read the games and see what happens with Vice.
M14R0 chapter 54 . 3/24
My heart is breaking here...the next few chapters are going to be so upsetting to read. So many tears will be shed...
Roxiblilly chapter 54 . 3/24
Wonderful handling of a difficult part of the story. I especially liked Vice's speech and how you didn't make Connor and Tyga's goodbye drawn out. Good job.
rosie.horgan.7 chapter 54 . 3/24
Clove'sAllies chapter 52 . 3/20
God what a good twist! I never would have seen that coming and I was wondering how you were going to put the Bloodbath part in it with the D5 male but wow. This is so intense, can't wait to finish this story.
M14R0 chapter 53 . 3/17
Decimus :D This both a happy chapter and sad. Its happy because Decimus came back and Tyga got to see Tabs again. But its sad because it will be the last time Tuga sees Tabs.
Clove'sAllies chapter 47 . 3/17
Loved this chapter, love him going through the names because you remember each of the names and the different games each of those people went through. It's amazing that this story has been so long and yet I still remember everything that happened within the different characters games. I can't wait to read more and find out about the Quarter Quell.
rosie.horgan.7 chapter 53 . 3/17
Clove'sAllies chapter 46 . 3/17
I'm so glad that you had Autumn willingly kill herself because I think it makes more sense in the originals that Foxface kills herself and doesn't accidentally swallow the berries. Glad to be reading again!
M14R0 chapter 52 . 3/7
I see Vice in a whole new light now. He is killing himself to try and save the country because without Finnick Katniss would never make it out. I now have changed my feelings towards Vice.
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