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insertnamehere21 chapter 59 . 4/10/2015
My heart was thumping for the whole of this chapter...

Sometimes painful and dark, sometimes warm and fuzzy, but never a dull moment. That is how I would describe reading this fanfiction. ;-)
insertnamehere21 chapter 32 . 3/26/2015
That elimination made no sense. Tilly could have voted for Charles. Or Zanna. But no, somehow Harvey, your boyfriend, was worth voting for.

To think I was starting to like her

Great story. Im halfway through and have no idea who wins
insertnamehere21 chapter 14 . 2/1/2015
Personally, I think Ub should have been eliminated. His alliance is getting too out of hand, and I was hoping you'd reveal him to be a faux-villain.

Oh well. Ill keep reading anyway
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 62 . 9/29/2014
I thought I would miss the completion. I am a tad bit late, but I'm glad I finally got to witness one of your completions. And expecially Tweenabet, which is, believe it or not, better than your TDL series. At least, in my opinion. And I'm still waiting for the third one, so we'll just have to see if that opinion sticks. But, enough on that, here's what I thought:

Ivy: It bored me. Sure, it was awesome that she is relaxing at home and nice work with Felix, but really, what's the point? I actually might have to agree with the fact that she indeed got old. Other than that, it was ok.

Charles: I actually liked it. It just showed Charles that he doesn't need to constantly panic about everything and that Zanna will always be patient. That scene almost made me cry.

Sampson: This one DID make me cry. Sampson, under Otis and Larry, is my hero. He shows that lazy people can get somewhere in life. But also, that scene showed why he was the way he was. He wasn't lazy just to be lazy, like me. He was lazy because everytime he slept, he dreamt of his mom. That... is... just so... awesome... ugh, ok, enough tears, next!

Penta: I saw no purpose to her scene. It was just there really. Sorry, but I just don't see the point.

Xadrian: It was a nice bonding moment. I would, however, would have liked it better if I knew what they were saying half the time. But, from what I did get, I'm glad his pappy finally told him. It's hard not to grow up with a parent you never knew, and especially if you end up realizing it might have been your fault. But his mom loved him, despite not being able to be with Xadrian as he grew up. I think that should always be in Xadrain's heart. I have grown to like Xadrian, despite his many mistakes. May he forever be well off.

Kelly: It was a sweet scene. In the end, it was her entire family's fault for Kelly doing what she did. However, it was nice to see Kelly take full blame for it. It was reassuring.

Edith: Did I miss a sub-plot or something? Must be like the Donald is Amy's cousin sub-plot. But, anyways, I liked it. Not much else to say.

Larry: If I were a girl, and I'm not gay, I would freaking slap Penta and say, "He's mine!" But, since I am a straight guy, Larry is cool and now his parents are becoming cool as well. Now, while I'm sad he quit trolling, I love the idea of him trying to find all of the people he trolled and apologizing. It'll be like Earl's list in My Name is Earl, only it'll be My Name is Larry and instead of Larry making up for ALL is wrong doings, it'll just be his trolling wrong doings.

Tilly: Unlike Ub's, her punishment was acceptable. I don't approve of physical punishment, no, but at least she got a suitable punishment. While she was bad, I liked that she still got a good ending. I feel a tad bit bad for hating on Tilly, but she is still the lowest on my list of favs (or hates).

Donald: I found that the scene portrayed what brothers do on a daily basis. I should know, since I have quite a few of them. Other than that, it lacked entertainment.

Quadesh: It was cute. Sure, she and Otis didn't hook up. But it still gave her hope. (I ship Otis/Edith, but Otis/Quadesh works better. Just saying.)

Otis: Who would expect my favorite character would win? Not me! I honestly thought he was going to go instead of Sampson. But nope! Otis is awesome, Otis is awesome! And beating Tilly? Otis is awesome, Otis is awesome! And winning? Ok, you get the picture. I'm glad Otis decided to reward everyone. It's not just HIS money, but he won it for the orphange. I'm just so happy for him. Plus, I'm sure his parents are proud. I would be.

And that wraps it up. I look forward to the return of Tween Tour. BvB isn't my favorite, but I can handle one last chapter. Till then, Tweenabet was awesome and you have offically won my eternal respect for having Otis win.
xebla chapter 62 . 9/26/2014
Awesome! The story has ended! This was a fantastic story with fantastic cast, twists and idols! I've definitely enjoyed it! Keep up the great work my friend! :)
StormyNights11 chapter 62 . 9/25/2014

I think I've made my points C:
Fenghuang0296 chapter 62 . 9/24/2014
The Nowhere Islands? That. Sounds. So. EPIC! And combining contestants from Tweenabet and Tween Tour? That'll make interesting dynamics.
Anyway, that was great. Sir Otis, Princess Quadesh and the evil Baron Maclean. XD Interesting end to Tilly, I would like her to return in Nowhere (heh, go to Nowhere) as a white hat. Anyway, good luck, keep writing!
A Shining Yoshi Star chapter 62 . 9/24/2014
I like the fact Felix appeared in Ivy's ending. I think it's sweet how he did. And I like the fact Ivy seems to be settling back into her home life pretty easily. I do know a few more things about Ivy's future, but I won't say them in this comment.

Charles' ending was so sweet. I like how it kind of eludes to the fact Charles might get more confident, and I love the fact Charles' gym coach is getting some kind of punishment. Seriously, harassing a minor just isn't cool at all. All in all, it was a good ending.

Poor Sampson. I would have never guessed he was hiding all that pain in him. I just he really does define "don't judge a book by its cover". Seriously though, I just want to give Sampson a hug and tell him it's alright to feel that way. The last part with Otis' mentioning was funny!

I'm glad Penta's dad is going to be more willing to let Penta live out the life she wants to live from now on. Penta did play a pretty good game for what it was worth, and she went out as a threat. Not to mention, I loved Patricia's cameo. Thank you dude for it.

Xadrian's epilogue hit me in all of my feels. I feel for him with losing his mom. I haven't lost mine, but I can empathize with him too well, especially with the way she went. Man, he's had a hard life, but things are looking up for him now.

Kelly's epilogue also hit me in the feels. I mean, the girl's sisters feel immense guilt over how they told her to play and how they treated her, and she doesn't even let it bother her? She's a lot more emotionally-mature than a kid her age might be. It was very well done.

Edith's ending was hilarious. I know I'm being redundant as all hell here, but I don't care. I like how Edith was the one to embarrass her mom and not the other way around; it was an interesting take on it. Either way, looks like Edith had a good time.

I enjoyed seeing Larry's family actually be a family since that was something that never really happened too much in the past. It was heartwarming to see them talk and work out any last little issues that might be around, like Larry's trolling. Also, CookieFootsies25? I know who that is...

Tilly's punishment also hit me in the feels. Screw it! All of my feels are dead from this epilogue; you hear me?! They all died! Anyway, the fact Tilly's parents acknowledged that they might not have treated Tilly the best, especially compared to her brothers, was powerful.

Donald's ending was probably my least favorite this time, but it was still very good. I like how Mathias came and teased Donald about getting the 'relationship talk' the next day, as well as Donald teasing Mathias over being single while Donald has a girlfriend. Such fun-loving boys.

Quadesh's epilogue was my favorite one as seeing her interact with her daddy always brings a smile to my face. She's just so darn relatable, even when she's going to bed. I also like how she wants to give her family a vacation; that's admirable of her. Then again, Quadesh is just the best.

Otis' ending scene was really nice. (Redundant, I know.) I like how he gave everyone in the orphanage a vacation to Disney Land, not just some people. Speaking of him going to Disney Land, do he and Penta meet up since they're going to the same place? I actually want to know.

Overall, I'm sad to see this story end, but I'm happy I was able to review it this time while it was going on. Seeing how I missed both TDL and TDL2, it's good I got to review this. This story is my favorite Total Drama story right now for how well-done it was. Good job Cragmite, you did amazingly, and I can't wait to see Tween Tour pick back up.
DarkShockBro chapter 62 . 9/24/2014
Thanks for the shoutout, man. It was my pleasure, and perhaps you'll be seeing a new story with Tilly in the future. We'll see. But let's get to the epilogues...

Hey, Ivy and Felix are together! Sweet. Gotta love continuity, crossovers, and all that jazz. And Shiverly is a crazy last name.

Aww, Charles. So determined to get it right with Zanna. I really hope they stay together, truly.

Sampson's epilogue is fantastic. The way it circulates me through lots of emotions very well is just amazing. Well done.

Penta's going to Disney Land! Good for her! She played a great game, and this was a great epilogue.

Xadrian's epilogue was completely made by that last line. Seriously, that's how powerful it was.

Kelly's interactions with her sisters were so cute, I can barely take it. It's just, wow. Awesome.

Edith was a part of that fire, huh? Wow, crazy stuff. Still, great cameo.

Larry's epilogue was just solid all around. Good stuff, man.

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again, Tilly's epilogue was incredible, and she absolutely needed it. It was realistic, it cycled through all of the emotions very well, and it ended on a high note. I couldn't ask for more.

Ah, Donald. Yoko's got you so whipped it's unbelievable. But then again, I'd feel the same way, so I'm hardly one to talk.

Quadesh having a bedtime story read to her. How can you not make that adorable? Seriously?

Otis, dude, that epilogue shows me exactly why you deserved that win. Enjoy spending $475,000 on a well-earned trip to Disney Land for all your brothers and sisters at the orphanage, buddy.

All in all, what an amazing story this was. Amazing job, CB. Now's the time for Tween Tour to continue, and I couldn't be more pumped. Let's rock 'n roll.
BaconBaka chapter 62 . 9/24/2014
WOOO! This story's in the books! Every epilogue was very sweet.

I never knew that about Sampson and Xadrian...

Last minute hook-ups for the win for Ivy? Maybe. :)

Awww, Otis... ;)

Anyways, this story was great, you're great, and everything is awesome!
Asujoll chapter 62 . 9/24/2014
First special thanks, woohoo! XD

Nice epilogues indeed. All of them left me with a nice warm fuzzy feeling. I was actually afraid Tilly's ending would be purely sad, but I was very pleasantly surprised. :)

Quadesh 333333333333

Can't wait for the post-season journal. I'm interested to see what scrapped plots and beta couples you had. :o

Anyway, thanks for such an awesome story and my new favorite TD fic of all time. It was a BLAST to read. (Get it? Because you're CragmiteBlast- ah, screw it. It wasn't funny XP)
TWEEN TOUR chapter 62 . 9/24/2014
Yay work on tween tour now
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 61 . 9/22/2014
I'm probably going to comment on the Post Merge Homecoming, so I better give my comments for these guys.

Walter: If he doesn't show up for the All Stars, I'll be shocked. I hate his guts, but he may be good for comedy relief. He's no Wallace, but he might be a good laugh. Anyway, I think he got a good punishment. It may be as boring as Heaven (Heck ain't boring), but he totally deserves it.

Flynn: Ok, he was funny. His home coming was funny. Everything about that entire scene was totally worth reading.

Veedle/Veedy: Did I see that coming? No. Was it a shock? No. I have always wondered why she waited Veedy so much. It actually all make sense now that I know Veedy is her real name.

Mist: You claim you messed up her character. I'll say it right now. You did. But not in the way you think. What she did to Tilly wasn't bad! I think it just helped her undoing prevail. But now you have her sucking up to Tilly? What the cheese is wrong with you? Mist wasn't the bad guy! I was thoroughly depressed her parents thought it was naughty of her. But aside from that, I think she'll be ripe for an All Stars. You added an extra plot thing we need solved. If she doesn't come back, well, you already destroyed any respect I had for her, so hopefully you can redeem yourself if she does return.

Alfie: You totally crippled me in sadness. Is Alfie full of himself? Yes. Did he deserve freaking crap like that? Heck no! No one deserves that! And who the cheese cares if he's gay? I don't. It just adds to who you are. I can't say I know how he feels, but he totally didn't need that. I'm hoping he'll make it into an All STars, mostly because I want him to be happy.

Joanne: Nothing to say. Except maybe this. If she comes back, she's getting a boyfriend. See somewhere below to see what I mean.

Ned: He better come back. I want to see what Ned is like without being netral. I know what it's like, I tend to be neutral on alot of things. But opinions form us. I want to see how they form Ned.

Ricky: He's coming back. And, like what I've seen of future Jimmy, he'll be in some form of depressed state, only involving love. I want say much more, but see above, and you might see what I'm tihnking.

Betilla: The scene was cute. Nothing note worthy, really. I forgot how bad she was when she was in. But, I tihnk it ended well for her.

Gilda: You didn't mention Harvey in her scene once! They are dating, in case you forgot! That's all I have to say for her really.

Ub: I've been where Ub's been. Not the same, but about the same in badness. And to make things even more relatable, I was about his age. My point here is this: he got off way too easy. I understand his pain, I get all of that. I'm not blind, so I can't account for that. But he got off it with hardly a blow to anything. I find that unrealistic. Maybe you did it purposely, maybe not, but that light of a puunishment isn't at all reasonable. I'm not saying abuse, I'm just saying he should have gotten what he did, plus something like what Walter got, only limited so Ub can do it. Sorry, but his punishment ticked me off.

Yoko: Weird on how I get angry and now so happy. Yoko's topped all of them. It was sweet, romanticle, and just plain adorable. Something sweet to remove the sour.

Harvey: You didn't mention Gilda once! Seriously, it's like you forgot that they are going out! Other than that, it was reasonable.

Zanna: It was alright. Not my altime fav. but it's nice to see she's already missing Charles. It's sweet.

Overall, it wasn't your best. It might just be that some of the characters I just hated beforehand, but since these guys I was sort of neutral on, prepare for something coming on Tilly's homecoming. On that note, I bid farewell.
The Firebending Frog chapter 40 . 9/17/2014
That was an awesome challenge with an awesome payoff. Quadesh won a challenge! Although she wasabi really herself, she was kind of lazy. Oh well let's talk about Charles. He was definitely a good guy, he wasn't my favorite but it was legitamitely sad to see him go especially under such circumstances. Even if Larry hadn't voted for him he still wouldve left but we all know who to blame for his elimination... Edith. Yeah she's acting like Kelly did at first... Interesting. I know you'll be getting this way after the chapter is uploaded but I have to say that the less campers you get the better the chapters are, keep it up. As for te Jury I support it for te exact reasons you stated last chapter. Well nothing else to say but... Go Quadesh!
The Firebending Frog chapter 39 . 9/15/2014
Well this will be fun... To watch. Something tells me more than one person will be upset by the outcome of this challenge, with eleven people left I really wish Sampson would stop taking up that extra slot, I'm still not partial to his laziness but he is supporting charles so I can't complain. Quadesh was acting strange in this chapter but then again I don't really like Tilly so more point to her. Larry is acting way too jealous and Edith is finally becoming a Shepard. Great chapter, can't wait to see how this challenge turns out.
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