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Guest chapter 9 . 8/11
Me: "Umm… Mrs. Kent?" Martha: "Not now, Sweetheart. Clark just got back." Me: "Oh good! Tell him that Scott burnt a hole in the wall by accident."
ShadeDurza chapter 14 . 8/10
I have to ask, what is a "Dutchman Incident"? I tried looking it up and couldn't come up with anything other than The Flying Dutchman, as in the ship. SO what does that expression mean?
Fellow chapter 5 . 7/6
I like Nightcrawler's reaction.
Bobboky chapter 27 . 1/8
Nice work
FinalGuardian chapter 9 . 10/6/2014
Hahaha! Oh god, I just had this image in my head of Kurt or one of the others cat-calling the brotherhood members during one of their fights "come join the light, we have cookies!" right after I read Kitty's reaction to Marthas cookies.
FinalGuardian chapter 4 . 10/6/2014
I love how you take different series and scenarios and just tweak them a bit then maximize them, but keep the writing quality.
Lydia-Hood chapter 25 . 10/5/2014
Alright, this is... shitty... the story began fine, but it turned into some sort of mess, first Kryptonian Tech, somehow one group of bad guys got their hands on it and magically reversed engineered it, which is stupid, the level of technological difference would have made it impossible for the mutant that supposedly reverse engineered it to do so, even if he could 'communicate' with machines, it would have been like a American trying to speak Chinese without ever learning Chinese, impossible, Tekmage would have failed to make use of it for quite some time, then the tech find itself in the hands of SHIELD only for it to be stolen by Trask seemingly without a single effort, wow who did he get to Maria Hill? Because I am damn sure Fury wouldn't have left that tech to be accessed by anybody he did not triple check to make sure they were a spy, what next AIM, Hydra, Doom AND EVERY OTHER BLOODY VILLAIN FACTIONS GETTING IT?!

At what point did the humans turn into mega-geniuses able to reverse engineer and make work technology that is from a civilization that is thousands of years ahead of them in a snap of fingers? I mean sure in the Avengers movie SHIELD was able to create some new weapons from studying the Tesseract but those weapons were nothing compared to what an Asgardian could have done with it and it took a fair amount of time namely going into years to come up with them, so yea some MINOR advances would make sense, but now everybody just make massive technological jumps?! Lex FUCKING Luthor hadn't been able to somehow do it so why does everybody in Marvel Verse seem to do it in a few days? Look given a few years I might have bought it but it wasn't a few years, or even a few months, it had been A FEW DAYS.

Not only that when did Magneto turn into Lex Luthor?! Why did Magneto turn into Lex Luthor?! Look he is a prick sure, but he is going pretty much insane at this point, WHAT THE FUCK? He is supposed to be redeemable at the end of X-Men Evolution series, which he obviously isn't anymore. Now the whole deal about making a clone I can foresee as the prelude to Bizzaro Superman or maybe make a Galatea-like Clone that will turn good, but at this point why should completely different villains seem to try to fill in the gap of those Superman left behind? Its getting ridiculous. Plus the Super Sentinels, no need for Nimrod from the future anymore seem they got some sort of instant super boost already, its so dumb.
Galeiam chapter 19 . 8/28/2014
Sigh...of course kryptonite...
You did such a good job having clark in the story without making it boring but then you bring in kyptonite.
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 14 . 8/16/2014
Okay, so your story is good, but rough and a little rushed. Everything's happening a little too fast. Rogue kissing Clark then deciding he's her brother? Um... Okay. And we've had very little backstory for Clark. What's he been doing all this time? Why is he so willing to immediately relocate the Fortress (an interesting measure, mind you)?

Also, Thor comfortably flies in deep space and throws down with Elder Gods in the heart of the sun. So being outside the atmosphere is small potatoes.
MewLover chapter 4 . 7/26/2014
This was pretty cool, but the trust about Clark's secret and his origins was passed up a little too quickly
Whatever, it's entertaining
MewLover chapter 3 . 7/26/2014
Wow, this one really blew me away.
MewLover chapter 2 . 7/26/2014
Nice stepping stones for a beginning here, both the prologue and this chapter
fellow chapter 11 . 7/16/2014
fellow chapter 10 . 7/16/2014
Chocolate cake beckons.
felow chapter 9 . 7/16/2014
Damn! That was a funny scene, ditching the fight for cookies, I mean.
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