Reviews for If a Man's Best Friend is a Dog, What's a Hobbit's?
Obscured Angel chapter 1 . 3/17
Fantastic story!
Thank you for writing and posting, it's appreciated.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/8
Love this story so far Hope you update XD
Tristi Lynne chapter 1 . 1/19
Interesting story though I'm confused as to how Radagast is involved if this is complete. Will it be continued at some point?
byakuren-chan chapter 1 . 11/21/2016
Lov it really cute
LunarCatNinja chapter 1 . 11/2/2016
Ha. This is rather amusing. I love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/24/2016
Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Wolfhyena Eodromaeosaurs
Wolfhyena Eovelociraptor
Wolfhyena Eopyroraptor
Wolfhyena Eoutahraptor
Wolfhyena Eoaustroraptor
Wolfhyena Eovariraptor
Wolfhyena Eoatrociraptor
Wolfhyena Eogojiraraptor
Wolfhyena Eonykoraptor
Wolfhyena Eograciliraptor
Wolfhyena Eobaragonraptor
Wolfhyena Eoatrociraptor
Wolfhyena Eosmiloraptor
Wolfhyena Eoscimitoraptor
Wolfhyena Eodakotaraptor
Wolfhyena Eolycaeraptor
Wolfhyena Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Dholecyon Eodromaeosaurs
Dholecyon Eovelociraptor
Dholecyon Eopyroraptor
Dholecyon Eoutahraptor
Dholecyon Eoaustroraptor
Dholecyon Eovariraptor
Dholecyon Eoatrociraptor
Dholecyon Eogojiraraptor
Dholecyon Eonykoraptor
Dholecyon Eograciliraptor
Dholecyon Eobaragonraptor
Dholecyon Eoatrociraptor
Dholecyon Eosmiloraptor
Dholecyon Eoscimitoraptor
Dholecyon Eodakotaraptor
Dholecyon Eolycaeraptor
Dholecyon Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Coywolf Eodromaeosaurs
Coywolf Eovelociraptor
Coywolf Eopyroraptor
Coywolf Eoutahraptor
Coywolf Eoaustroraptor
Coywolf Eovariraptor
Coywolf Eoatrociraptor
Coywolf Eogojiraraptor
Coywolf Eonykoraptor
Coywolf Eograciliraptor
Coywolf Eobaragonraptor
Coywolf Eoatrociraptor
Coywolf Eosmiloraptor
Coywolf Eoscimitoraptor
Coywolf Eodakotaraptor
Coywolf Eolycaeraptor
Coywolf Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Beocoyote Eodromaeosaurs
Beocoyote Eovelociraptor
Beocoyote Eopyroraptor
Beocoyote Eoutahraptor
Beocoyote Eoaustroraptor
Beocoyote Eovariraptor
Beocoyote Eoatrociraptor
Beocoyote Eogojiraraptor
Beocoyote Eonykoraptor
Beocoyote Eograciliraptor
Beocoyote Eobaragonraptor
Beocoyote Eoatrociraptor
Beocoyote Eosmiloraptor
Beocoyote Eoscimitoraptor
Beocoyote Eodakotaraptor
Beocoyote Eolycaeraptor
Beocoyote Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: African Dingo Eodromaeosaurs
African Dingo Eovelociraptor
African Dingo Eopyroraptor
African Dingo Eoutahraptor
African Dingo Eoaustroraptor
African Dingo Eovariraptor
African Dingo Eoatrociraptor
African Dingo Eogojiraraptor
African Dingo Eonykoraptor
African Dingo Eograciliraptor
African Dingo Eobaragonraptor
African Dingo Eoatrociraptor
African Dingo Eosmiloraptor
African Dingo Eoscimitoraptor
African Dingo Eodakotaraptor
African Dingo Eolycaeraptor
African Dingo Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Fennec Coyote Eodromaeosaurs
Fennec Coyote Eovelociraptor
Fennec Coyote Eopyroraptor
Fennec Coyote Eoutahraptor
Fennec Coyote Eoaustroraptor
Fennec Coyote Eovariraptor
Fennec Coyote Eoatrociraptor
Fennec Coyote Eogojiraraptor
Fennec Coyote Eonykoraptor
Fennec Coyote Eograciliraptor
Fennec Coyote Eobaragonraptor
Fennec Coyote Eoatrociraptor
Fennec Coyote Eosmiloraptor
Fennec Coyote Eoscimitoraptor
Fennec Coyote Eodakotaraptor
Fennec Coyote Eolycaeraptor
Fennec Coyote Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Wolfyote Eodromaeosaurs
Wolfyote Eovelociraptor
Wolfyote Eopyroraptor
Wolfyote Eoutahraptor
Wolfyote Eoaustroraptor
Wolfyote Eovariraptor
Wolfyote Eoatrociraptor
Wolfyote Eogojiraraptor
Wolfyote Eonykoraptor
Wolfyote Eograciliraptor
Wolfyote Eobaragonraptor
Wolfyote Eoatrociraptor
Wolfyote Eosmiloraptor
Wolfyote Eoscimitoraptor
Wolfyote Eodakotaraptor
Wolfyote Eolycaeraptor
Wolfyote Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: New Guinea Dholeyote Eodromaeosaurs
New Guinea Dholeyote Eovelociraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eopyroraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eoutahraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eoaustroraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eovariraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eoatrociraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eogojiraraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eonykoraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eograciliraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eobaragonraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eoatrociraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eosmiloraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eoscimitoraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eodakotaraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eolycaeraptor
New Guinea Dholeyote Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Bush Xenodhole Eodromaeosaurs
Bush Xenodhole Eovelociraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eopyroraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eoutahraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eoaustroraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eovariraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eoatrociraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eogojiraraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eonykoraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eograciliraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eobaragonraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eoatrociraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eosmiloraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eoscimitoraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eodakotaraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eolycaeraptor
Bush Xenodhole Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Wolfdingo Eodromaeosaurs
Wolfdingo Eovelociraptor
Wolfdingo Eopyroraptor
Wolfdingo Eoutahraptor
Wolfdingo Eoaustroraptor
Wolfdingo Eovariraptor
Wolfdingo Eoatrociraptor
Wolfdingo Eogojiraraptor
Wolfdingo Eonykoraptor
Wolfdingo Eograciliraptor
Wolfdingo Eobaragonraptor
Wolfdingo Eoatrociraptor
Wolfdingo Eosmiloraptor
Wolfdingo Eoscimitoraptor
Wolfdingo Eodakotaraptor
Wolfdingo Eolycaeraptor
Wolfdingo Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Coyoteyena Eodromaeosaurs
Coyoteyena Eovelociraptor
Coyoteyena Eopyroraptor
Coyoteyena Eoutahraptor
Coyoteyena Eoaustroraptor
Coyoteyena Eovariraptor
Coyoteyena Eoatrociraptor
Coyoteyena Eogojiraraptor
Coyoteyena Eonykoraptor
Coyoteyena Eograciliraptor
Coyoteyena Eobaragonraptor
Coyoteyena Eoatrociraptor
Coyoteyena Eosmiloraptor
Coyoteyena Eoscimitoraptor
Coyoteyena Eodakotaraptor
Coyoteyena Eolycaeraptor
Coyoteyena Eocamarillaraptor

Hybrid Wild Dog Eodromaeosaurs: Coydog Wolfhyenosaurs
Coydog Eovelociraptor
Coydog Eopyroraptor
Coydog Eoutahraptor
Coydog Eoaustroraptor
Coydog Eovariraptor
Coydog Eoatrociraptor
Coydog Eogojiraraptor
Coydog Eonykoraptor
Coydog Eograciliraptor
Coydog Eobaragonraptor
Coydog Eoatrociraptor
Coydog Eosmiloraptor
Coydog Eoscimitoraptor
Coydog Eodakotaraptor
Coydog Eolycaeraptor
Coydog Eocamarillaraptor
DR.DavidMR-sonofChaos chapter 1 . 7/28/2016
Please continue this story it's absolutely wonderful
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9/2016
This is awesome! You should finish the rest of their journey with lokir
Stormshadow13 chapter 1 . 6/5/2016
Lol, love it.
wolfimus prime chapter 1 . 1/10/2016
Is love this hope ou up date
Hanna Kurosaki-chan chapter 1 . 1/1/2016
I like this story. Please update soon!
Ja ne
Noxy the Proxy chapter 1 . 12/20/2015
Oh wow...this sounds like there's a story behind it...i wo der -goes in search of such a fic.-
readingaccount chapter 1 . 9/23/2015
So cute!
theLadyCheshire chapter 1 . 4/28/2015
this is unexpected, and I totally loved it. I very much wish there was more to it.
ThePhantominthemists chapter 1 . 4/8/2015
really cute! love it!
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