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Secretie chapter 10 . 2/12
These were two whirlwind chapters! So much happened that was not at all expected and it was so much fun to uncover. Deidara’s inner dialogue is always a treat to read. He’s cunning, but we can see the volatile nature shine through when he has doubts. These boys are so frustrating! Ino is obviously right in thinking they should stick together and have a better chance at survival and sanity. And I just LOVED how she broke up their fight. I think the boys underestimate Ino because she flies under the radar most of the time, but she’s highly skilled and has such invasive methods. The comparisons to Sasori are always fun- you’ll never hear me complain about those! Like you’ve written, she could be Sasori’s worst nightmare in their similarities. Deidara can’t seem to get away from the puppet masters.

I think it’s great how you switch perspectives often and we really get inside everyone’s head. They each have a unique outlook and it was especially intriguing to read the moment when everything is laid out on the table and they all got to learn about Kimimaro and Deidara’s past. Because I’ve been so forgetful in this fandom- I forgot Ino’s tragic connection to the Akatsuki. (That’s embarrassing) You can tell that really hurt her- but she’s enough of a survivalist to almost instantly see the need to brush it aside. And Kabuto! Now this is all starting to make way too much sense haha. If anyone can create zombie biomedical warfare and have absolutely no reservations about doing it- it’s him.

Chapter 10 was so intense. I honestly didn’t see the end coming and now I’m super eager to see what’s going to happen next. We know from the series that the signature attack from Kimimaro was his end- but in your story he’s survived it before. Hmm...we’ll just have to wait and see! And you weren’t kidding about Deidara getting some stat updates. It’s refreshing to see him in his element again and at his full power. It was still claustrophobic to read about though- such an incredible battle! But before that, I so enjoyed Deidara and Ino’s conversations. It feels like a verbal game of tug of war. They’re so similar in that they can switch easily from jovial moments, to the real, hostile root of the conversation.

And the glimpses into Kimimaro’s tragic past made this chapter carry so much more weight. Deep down at his core, he is dedicated and noble and it’s heartbreaking to see that taken advantage of and ended in complete betrayal. He had such a loyal constitution and to see that appear so profoundly in his final moments really speaks to his character. His private conversation with Ino in those last few seconds were so touching- really beautifully written. Like I said, I really can’t predict anything about the story line anymore so I’ll be eagerly awaiting what become of the two left now. Possibly head forward to confront Kabuto? I would think some sort of plan going forward is going to be crucial. Please update soon- I’m just dying to know! :)
Art is Bang- 2 chapter 10 . 2/7
Omg this is awesome, i mean... i just read the first chápter and i couldnt stop till i read the last.. i loved it! I hope somdAy you update this Amazing story :( pd: english is not my natal lenguage but reading you Worth it xd
TuraAugura chapter 10 . 2/2
Ohnonono. :
And i was so ready for the fluffy flower search..
DevilishlyBipolar chapter 10 . 2/1
I haven't been on Fanfiction . net for a long time, so I'm surprised at myself for signing in just so that I could favorite/follow this story and leave a comment.

This story is everything I ever would have imagined it would be and that is shocking in itself. I rarely am able to read these types of high-level writing that has a plot/content that suits my interests these days, hence why I have strayed from this site. But this has brought me in again. Thank you for the amazing chapters! They were truly a delight to read and I never regretted a single moment of it.

Part of me is thinking that Kimimaro will survive, because Ino and him have a bond, a chemistry between each other that was not given the chance to develop into its full potential. However, that could just be my mindset of believing in happy endings and possible romances taking effect. If this story is partially a slice-of-life fic, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't end up coming back. I'll continue wishing, though. :)
TuraAugura chapter 7 . 2/1
Is it too early to start shipping them all in one big puppy pile? I mean.. i am asking, but i already decided to do so. ;o)
FreakyKitty13 chapter 10 . 2/1
You wouldn't. Would you?

Oh God.


Well shit. Really well written. I'm so attached. Oh man.
TuraAugura chapter 5 . 1/31
I love the characterizations, there isn't all that much to go off of for Kimi but your interpretations fits so well. Weird, distant, angry, but he commits like nobody's business. The other two are pretty great, too, but Kimi didn't have a distinct voice for me until now, so he really stands out. Neat, neat!
TuraAugura chapter 1 . 1/31
This is really well done! I have never seen Walking Dead, so i'm probably missing out on some references, but i'm still hooked and hyped for the other chapters. Have a nice day! :)
LordMordor chapter 10 . 1/29
Don't mind me, i'll just wait patiently for him to emerge out from one of his bone spires like he did vs Gaara...any second now, come one. God your cliffhangers can be brutal sometimes you know that? lol

So last chapter everything finally comes to a head. Kimi and Dei come to blows and Ino is of course forced in the middle and in the end had to do what she really didn't want and invaded Kimi's mind to pull what they believed was important information. In the end it was somewhat important as they now know that Kabuto might be alive and patient zero for the plague, but in the end it isn't information that changes anything about their situation.

Chapter 10 had some major character moments of course. Kimi once again folding in on himself and accepting the inevitability that his condition presents. It is hard to believe that after all the effort Kabuto would have went through under Orochimaru's order to cure Kimi that the cure could be something as simple as a flower. But now that we know Kabuto was working independently of Oro it could very well be he purposely let Kimi remain sick just to keep Oro vessel-less and weak. Ino for her part however doesn't let Kimi make that call, saying that regardless she would be staying with him, but that she would still try to convince Deidara to stay as well.

Deidara's conversation doesn't go quite as well I don't think, he is still very reluctant to work with Kimi as he believes he has no need for him now that he has access to his clay and flight. But now finding themselves trapped in unstable close quarters, its Kimi who is the one that has to save them, and apparently taking the choice out of Ino's hands by possibly sacrificing himself to save them both. I still think he is going to pop up out of the top of the spire though. This was probably the moment Deidara needed, a situation where he truly would have died if not for Kimi's intervention, something to prove that, yes...they stand better odds of surviving this world together.

I really do love this fic, thank you so much for continuing it.
Now I have to wonder if the three will seek to put an end to Kabuto, and if Sasuke might still be alive as well...he has been mentioned a few times by now. Could it be the cursed seal helps provide immunity?

Can't wait for next update
infinite eternity chapter 10 . 1/29
Magic Shuckle chapter 10 . 1/29
in the anime though, he did do one more attack after the brakken dance.
PureInsanity39 chapter 10 . 1/28
Is kimimaro actually dead or is kabuto going to save him or some crap like that?
M chapter 10 . 1/28
I'm not coherent enough for a proper review, so my rampant feelings of devastation will have to suffice! I'll be rolling my dead body to the next chapter as soon as you post it, that's for sure; you've wrecked me.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/27
This is really good!
miku.loverz chapter 10 . 1/29
Why you make me feel pity, like him, love him, start shipping him and ino (hoping when it's end, ino and him will marry and have lots of baby or have threesome with deidara) and then suddenly you kill him? please let him live...I will do some awesome cartwheels if you do.
But anyway, I'm thankful for you fast update and you reply to my review, I hope you update as soon as you can.
Ps. I was going to say a ' you piece of shit' but I don't want to hurt your feeling but at the same time I want to say it, because you played with my feeling.
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