Reviews for Some Twigs Cannot Be Snapped
controlled climb chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
Again with your fancies curses! Awesome. ;D I love all this colony stuff, my goodness. It's brilliant! And I love how you have them speaking alsdjflasjdf I think you captured that speech wonderfully and argh I just love all the emotion in this and the ending was wonderful and all the squeeing in the world couldn't express how fantastic this is wow.
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Oh wow, this is something I've never even thought of before! I don't really think too much about the centaurs, tbh, but I really do love how you've written these two together. I mean, all the centaurs that we know of are male, so there has to be some slash somewhere! I like the discussion about Bane and Firenze, as well, and the idea of them as a couple is also really intriguing considering their disagreements on a lot of things. I love Magorian's line "I could not leave a hoof print here and kill you literally or figuratively. I could not hurt you, Ronan." That was just really sweet, and I think that summed up his feelings for Ronan very well. I like the 'By Chiron' thing, too - I can definitely picture centaurs saying something like that, since they wouldn't use 'Merlin' like witches and wizards. I really love the way that Ronan compared himself and Magorian to Firenze and Bane, also, I thought that was really interesting. Great job!
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Gahh, centaur is so strangely appealing. XD

First off, "By Chiron" made me laugh pretty hard! XD I always love the different curse words you use in yours fics! It does definitely work!

I don't even know where to start really, but I have to say that I ship this! The dialogue in this was just perfect. Centaurs seemed to be much more well spoken in the books than the wizards and you wrote their speech really well, I think. The way it was worded and ugh, I just loved it.

I liked how you showed a lot about Magorian and Ronan's relationship by comparing and contrasting it with BaneFirenze. That way the reader learned not only about Magorian/Ronan, but also about BaneFirenze at the same time.

It's so strange for me to think about how completely kyoot and asdfghjkl I found these two, especially towards the end! I never really cared for the centaurs in the books and never gave them much thought when writing or reading fanfiction, but wow I just loved these two and how you wrote them.

""leave a hoof print here, and kill you literally or figuratively." Magorian shook his head, his hair and tail swishing together. "I could not hurt you, Ronan."'

Gah, the part! It just made me smile so much! Like, only you, mew, could write fluffy centaur love! XD And the sentences following that part were perfect. I would really love to read more for this pairing and I am really excited to read your other centaur fics!