Reviews for if the stars are watching
controlled climb chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
Oh angsty! I like it! :D The angst in this is just delicious, my goodness. And the last sentence! That last sentence is just perfect. It's so obvious to see that Bane is still truly and madly for Firenze and he stills worries about him akldjflksjflks all the angst my goodness.
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
I love that you tied this into RonanMagorian with the line 'there's more to Ronan's allegiance to Magorian than those two would ever let on'. It's really cool how in almost all your fics, you manage to slip in a couple other M&MWPs. Oh, the last line is really sad, and I actually feel bad for Bane, who I didn't like a whole lot in canon for beating Firenze up. I really like the way you write Bane here, too, because you give him depth and a personality that I haven't really seen before. I like the line about how Ronan could be everything Firenze wasn't because Ronan was weaker - it's true that two strong personalities like Bane and Firenze would be bound to clash a lot, in my opinion. The title of this is just really pretty, too, kind of poetic and definitely beautiful. I like the mention of Bane looking up at the stars for an answer, because the centaurs definitely do pay a lot of attention to the sky in canon. Great job!
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Dominate centaur slash. What the duck is this and why the duck do I love it? XD I think you could write a romance story between Hedwig and The Whomping Willow and I would still ship it one hundred percent. It's crazy, but I'm not complaining XD

Anyway, I really love the characterization of Bane here. He's aggressive and dominate and not very nice, but he doesn't deny it and I have to respect that. He knows what he's doing to/with Ronan is wrong, but like I see it as a way for him to try and forget Firenze, kinda like with RegBarty I guess, because as it said, Ronan is everything Firenze is not.

The line about how only two animals can show true love really stood out to me. It's an interesting thought and is definitely something I can picture the centaurs believing.

Wow, I actually feel bad for Bane in this. The sentence of how he was wrong to think banishing Firenze was a good thing is just heartbreaking. And the lines following it are as well. I like how this fic, though RanonBane centric, shows how Bane truly did love Firenze even though their relationship (allegiance?) was not a healthy one.

I loved the ending lines. They were perfect and I liked how they brought the stars into the fic. They were a big part in the chapters the centaurs were mentioned in the books so it was nice to see you tied them in with this, too.