Reviews for Advice would help
Princess Unikitty chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
i liked the dialogue in this story.
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
OMM, Ronan touched the butt! ;P


But I do love playful!Firenze! I liked these two together, but I think BaneFirenze is still slightly better because of their two very headstrong personalities and such. I liked how Ronan was willing to listen and try to understand Firenze's ideas and actions. They would balance each other out nicely as well, the more I think of it.

The thought of everyone admiring Firenze for his looks was nice and I liked how you included both centaurs and centaurides in it. I guess I've never thought of a female centaur...Hmmmm

I also liked how Firenze justified his reasoning for getting involved in human affairs with that they were related to humans. It wouldn't be something most centaurs would want to admit I'm sure and Ronan's reaction to it kind of backed that idea up.

OMM, and when Firenze made Ronan "accidentally" touch his flank XD That made me laugh! I think these two have a lot of potential! I would love to read more for them.


autumn midnights chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Playful!Firenze was really fun to read - it was just really funny how he moved faster so that Ronan would accidentally touch his butt. I really like Ronan here too, how he disagrees with what Firenze did but he doesn't get as angry as Bane does about the encounter. I also like Ronan's statement about how he'll actually listen to what Firenze has to say, where the others will just shoot him down for his brash ideas. 'Centaurides' - did you make that up, or is that actually a word? *is curious* I like the mention of everyone admiring Firenze's appearance, though, because it reminds me of how Lavender and Parvati were swooning over him in OotP and HBP, and I like that you remembered that. Just one little thing - 'chill creep up his spin' should be 'chill creep up his spine'. But really, this was a fantastic fic, and I really loved this look at Firenze because he definitely got playful and flirty at the end. Never thought I'd like centaur!fics this much :O I really enjoyed this, mew!