Reviews for Pro-Human Leanings
controlled climb chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
Oh this is nice! And you already know how much I adore your creative blasphemies! ;D I absolutely adore this look on the Final Battle and adfkldfjf. I don't know why I love your centaur stories so much but they're quickly becoming a favourite of mine! I think I just love all of them together. I don't know how I could ever choose a solid pairing for these because lakdflkdf you write them all so well! I just loved this, mew. Wonderful. :3
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
Uh, the talk of the centaur race being as old as the human race made me wonder how long individual centaur's lifespans are...which doesn't really have anything to do with this fic, but yeah.

WOW, I love Bane so far in this! I mean, he was kinda an ass in your other fics and was definitely an ass in the books, but the way he admits to his wrongdoings is really nice. You were able to keep him in character and yet make him grow as a character, which is no surprise because it's you but still! Some implied Bane/Firenze there, too, which is nice ;D

Gah, I like how Bane is the first one (beside from Firenze) who decides he wishes to fight. And how you showed that the conflict brought the old Bane back after having been affected by Firenze's departure. It was an interesting thing to see Magorian admit his reasons behind not wanting to resolve the wizard's conflict.

Hmm, Bane's so stubborn and, though I like FirenzeBane, I also like how Magorian works with him. Magorian seems more willingly to give in to Bane than Firenze was, but still rather stubborn himself. I was happy to see Bane was able to talk him into fighting in the war, though, and how Magorian still took control even if it was Bane who wanted to fight, if that makes sense.

"Every time he spotted Bane, it gave him a moment's comfort, after which he could continue the fight."

Awwwwww :')

Gah and how Bane trusted Ronan to take care of Firenze because his heart moved on. IT'S SO WEIRD TO SHIP CENTAURS BECAUSE THEY'RE HUMANISH BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME! I feel torn but at the same time really like the centaur ships! It's WEIRD! XD

But yes, I think that after reading all the ones you've written, I prefer BaneMagorian with previous BaneFirenze! It was really interesting to see the battle through the centaurs' pov and how they realized after all those years that Firenze had been right about Harry.

You definitely have me thinking about the centaurs now! XD

autumn midnights chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
This was a really interesting look at the Final Battle! I've never read about it from a centaur point of view before, and it was really interesting to see a fic about why they returned to fight - I did wonder a little bit about that, since they didn't like to meddle in human affairs and yet some showed up to fight against the DEs. I like how Magorian saw his younger self in Bane, as well, and I did like the little mentions of FirenzeBane and RonanMagorian, also. Things definitely changed at the end, huh, with Bane choosing to stay with Magorian instead of going to check on Firenze - I figured Bane would rush off to see Firenze, but after all that happened in this fic I can see why he chose Magorian. I like the mention of Firenze being right to save Harry Potter, because of what he went on to do, defeating Voldemort. And I just liked the way Magorian referred to the DEs as 'black-robed ones' - I can definitely imagine the centaurs not knowing/not caring what Voldemort's followers were called. I love the last line so much, too, because a lot definitely has changed at this point and that was a lovely reference to that. Great work!