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Guest chapter 44 . 11/27
All i can say is i'm glad ur back and wull bulma and vegeta b in this more i really like them so till u update again
MarronChestnut chapter 44 . 11/27
Happy Black Friday dude I can't believe Marron got raped and really a Concussion what were you doing girl that God that video finally came to her sense and gohan was right there to help her through it so sad how bra heard what goten said I would have been like but you dated me jerk ( would have said some explicit words ) and throw a rock at him can't wait for book 2 and hope you had a nice thanksgiving
Pdp chapter 44 . 11/27
omg Marron was raped !... Ps I have a story with that happening to her.. Anyways wow can't wait to see how she over come this , and. DAMNIT Goten fuck you dude hurt Bras feeling like that , him and Gohan just used her it makes me sick , Gohan loved Videl all this time and Gotens think her cousin is better than her ouch !... Poor Bra wonder what's her story will be , will stay tune for the next story , want to see what happens to Marron and Bra next.
Writer'sFantasy chapter 43 . 10/23
Holy crap.
Poor Marron didn't deserve that I feel awful for her, but honestly...if I was Trunks I'd risk getting vomit on myself it means seeing my S/O. Also, maybe you should put a little warning before the chapter starts, for some of your readers sake it might trigger things for certain people.

But it was a solid chapter, the fear factor could of been cranked a bit more in my taste...but MAYBE that was just cause I already knew the mystery man. However, I'm glad you didn't make Trunks burst in and become a 'knight in shining armor' like how many fanfictions tend to do with their male lead because it is true that unfortunately, rape is a very serious issue that often doesn't have a happy resolve.

Eth really reminds me of me, like honestly, that's something I'd do...not to mention...ahem...Mirai...


Update soon!
Guest chapter 43 . 10/22
Kiryuuin Ragy chapter 43 . 10/21
What is the world? Why the world is clothing! Everything is created to be consumed by the Life Fibers, except...maybe for this. This has a certain beauty about it, something that I just can't describe.

This shall be saved to grace the halls of the Kiryuuin Family manor.
Kiryuuin Satsuki chapter 43 . 10/21
Excellent! Your resolve truly shows through this work! You have ambition, you have drive, you have what it takes to reach your destiny!

You've even managed to beat my Four Devas. For that feat, I am truly impressed
Iori Shir chapter 43 . 10/21
Eh, I thought this chapter If I had to rate it based on fiber content, id give it two stars. It's good, but not good enough to compete with the tier above it.
Inumuta Hka chapter 43 . 10/21
Fascinating. The amount of data that I was able to gather from this was impeccable. I will say, upon analyzing your skills here, I was able to find no faults.

Excellent job
Jakuzure Nonon chapter 43 . 10/21
This chapter was music to my ears! I hope it wasn't bass-d off of a real experience, that would have sucked.

Hope things continue well! Keep on writing, girl!
Gamagori Ira chapter 43 . 10/21
The chapter was great! That weasely little scoundrel that hurt Marron must be DISCIPLINED!

Sad to hear that she was Shackled by him. Hope he gets to feel the sting of her Scourge
Sanageyama Uzu chapter 43 . 10/21
Loved the chapter, and the story is going great so far! Wondering when and where it will end, simply because of the ridiculous amount of chapters that it has.

Looking forward to the next one...and maybe the next 10 at the rate things are going
MarronChestnut chapter 43 . 10/19
My username is Marron so now I feel violated but this is a now joking matter,so I'm guessing Marron was Raped or molested because the way it was laid out was like she was touched and to be honest I completely forget half the characters I remember them now but when I was reading I was like who who wait what and I had to re read it like a hundred times to remember poor Marron listen to daddy wink wink
Guest chapter 42 . 9/8
Where have you been?
twistedlittledoll chapter 7 . 3/17
I always had AU dbz ideas like this, with an oc being gohan and goten's sister
but i'm too scared and shy to write them :/
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