Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
felicitea chapter 36 . 4/1/2015
Nakalimutan ko na kung paano magsalita sa wikang Ingles!

Alam mo ba, paborito kong hayop ang tigre? Napakaganda ng tigre, ang ganda ganda ng kanyang kulay! Nakakalungkot na namamatay na ang kanilang lahi dahil sa pangangaso. Huwag kang makipagkantutan sa isang tigre. Delikado ito, at napakakadiri.

Chaos, alam mo ba na wala talaga akong sinasabi tungkol sa iyong kwento? Hindi ko naman talaga siya binasa, eh XD Mga hayop lamang ang pinaguusapan ko rito. Haribon. Palkon. Alimango! Pero, buti na lang, taga estados unidos ka. Puti ka. Hindi mo ako maiintindihan. Sana masigla ka sa itong pangunang araw ng Abril!

Sana mabasa mo ito sa itong pangunang araw ng Abril, kasi baka hindi mo maintindihan na biro-biro lang ito! hehehe joke lang to ha! lokong-lokong abril!
GeorgeMellark6 chapter 18 . 1/30/2014
This was so intense! I think the saddest death was Blake because he never got an explanation. It was so sudden... It was definitely the most shocking!
Guest chapter 5 . 1/25/2014
I love the back stories for all of these tributes! So far really good :)
Anla'shok chapter 36 . 1/13/2014
So, my long delayed reviews on the last three chapters.
Ch34 was exquisitely written. It deals with the common post-games themes but the writing was excellent and you managed to keep Inez at the front of the stage while still making it very emotional.
Ch35 closed the remaining open ends and was made me smile a fair few times, because I remembered details I had forgotten. It was very enjoyable although after the previous chapter it would have taken something extraordinary to stand out.

The epilogue was something different. It was brilliant because she was strong enough to win but not enough to live with it. It seemed it took 13 years because she finally worked up the courage to leave and she realized that even bringing one victor back would not soothe her conscience like she had hoped it would.

Well done, Chaos.
Thomas J. Flynn chapter 36 . 1/11/2014
Yet again another short tragic last chapter, well done.
nb1998 chapter 36 . 1/11/2014
What a great end to a great story. It just seems fitting and I think it is realistic, Inez obviously wouldn't be able to cope well with killing someone but at least she managed to bring another tribute home. I liked how calm the writing was and you're writing has improved throughout the story so it's great now. I liked every part of it including the child's names at the end.

Overall this has been a great story. You had some great characters that made this story so good and you brought out the best in all of them.
PenMagic chapter 36 . 1/11/2014
Wow, what an ending! I am so sad to see this story now finished but every good thing must come to an end. I really like how you did, it was short, sweet and very surprising. I think it is very fitting to Inez, I can imgine that she wouldn't be able to take it but I like that you chose for her to not die, but rather just to disappear. It adds an element of something different and strange to her and how much it affected her.
The Isadora moment was so sweet! I love how she called the boy Knox, a perfect fitting tribute to him.
I hope that you decide to do another SYOT as you are so good at them. But if you don't, let me know what your next THG project is and I will very happily check it out!
All the best and keep writing,
PenMagic x
NightlockLullaby chapter 35 . 12/31/2013
Hi, just going around leaving some reviews for my favourite authors. I guess this story is over now, but it has been one of my favourites to read over the past few moths even not having a tribute in it! I love the tribute you chose as Victor, Inez was a perfect choice and I'm really glad you picked her. From the beginning I don't think I ever would have pegged her as a Victor but as she grew I began to see it. Great job with her and all the other tributes as well!
I'm just going to answer some of the questions you put at the end since I am trying to go into a little review spree to thank all the authors I have been reading over the past year or so. I'm sorry I'm not going to be leaving a longer one but I'm going to do my best to cover all the bases.
I really can't decide which of the obituary things was my favourite, all of them stood out for different reasons and all of them were incredibly sad because they represented characters that have died so young. I loved them all so much, sorry can't choose just one.
My favourite character would have to be Inez actually. Like I said before, she never really seemed like a Victor to me but she was realistic and I found myself drawn to her from the beginning. Her growth was done so well that she started looking like she could win the thing to me and that is when I started really rooting for her. I'm so happy you chose her!
My favourite scene, wow these questions are killer how do I choose just one!? Probably the final fight, because it was not too long ago and it was just so barbaric and instinctual and you could just picture them all being so close to going home that they are just willing to do anything to get there. It was wonderfully written just like the rest of the story, but I think finales are just always that much more exciting.
Aedan, for sure. Like a bunch of other people I thought he was a shoe in for the Victor but alas he was killed. Such a gruesome way to go too... I was never the biggest fan of him but he just seemed like one of those that would make it so far and finally come out on top. Can't say that I am disappointed that you decided to surprise us, though.
Anyway thanks so much for this awesome story and I hope it's okay that I decided to review even though I wasn't really a part of it. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!
Cashmere67 chapter 35 . 12/8/2013
Well, I'll start with the top.

I liked how you did these things through the other POVs, not Inez's.
The things at the beginning were really great. They were emotional, shared a new insight of how Inez is and what her future development holds, and how people are reacting to Inez winning.
Caitlyn's was really nice, since Aedan plays such a role in Inez's life. Inez really does care for her, and truly, she is a decent person. I'm surprised Inez was so open to her, while Caitlyn was a little hesitant. It was nice, on both parts.
Then May, wow. That was just as great. This was emotional, but not the same emotional.. It was a warped type of emotional, one that really wasn't sad but it was reflective enough to make you think and connect to her.
Then Grant. His was great too, and I've been looking forward to reading something from. He's changed so much because of Andras' death, but Inez is still trying. The alcohol was a great thing and it made me really bad for Grant. His last line was spectacular, yep. This POV was amazing.

What obituaries stood out?
Desire, Ainsley, Melody, Sawyer, Elmo, Barke, Aedan, and Kyra's.
All for different reasons, of course.

What character was my favorite?
I know I'm being biased, but definitely Desire.. Sawyer, sort of. I liked Melody, too.

Favorite scene?
Where Melody - Lillith - went crazy.. full out crazy on the Careers.
Desire's death with Sawyer.

Death shocked me the most?
Sophia chapter 35 . 12/1/2013
Which obituary stood out the most to you?- hm i can't decide.

what charachter in SITG was your favorite?- andras and phi. i liked andras from the beginning since i liked his reason for volunteering and he was very original. phi eh i don't know but i thought he was interesting and he had some funny moments.

Favorite scene/moment?- the gollum scene where it ate Aeden. oh that sounds awful, let me rephrase that. i thought it was very eerie and intense, not that i enjoyed that thing attacking aedan, but it did stick with me throughout the book.

which death shocked you the most?- andras! it was so fast and unexpected for me. i really thought he would win and he was so close, i hate to say I'm disappointed with the victor, but i am. at least he and grant ended up together.
PenMagic chapter 35 . 12/1/2013
This was so beautiful! I really like the way you did this and the blanket thing was so cute!
Ooooh, the favourite obituary is very hard. I really like all of them. I thought Marlee and Alyx's ones were really intriguing and what happened was fantastic! I liked the little twists there.
Overall, I think that Knox, Rhian and Inez were always my favourite characters. They were detailed and really interesting developments were made there.
In terms of favourite scenes, I really liked the final showdown and the Dementor moment in the Great Hall were awesome scenes!
I was quite shocked by Alyx's death, I think she was a really interesting character and while it was the right time for her to die, it was very sad.
Sorry for not reviewing the last chapter, I read it and I completely forgot to review! I loved how you did that, I loved how much Inez has changed and it was really reflected well here.
I do hope you do another story but I understand if you don't, You are really talented and I look forward to whatever you write next whether it is another SYOT or just another story.
Happy writing!
jakey121 chapter 35 . 12/1/2013
It's weird to think that if this is the last chapter that the story is over, it's been a big part of my 2013 xD

I think I'll just answer the questions, as that's a lot of POV's to go through if I decided to stick to my usual format.

Which of these obituarial posts stood out the most to you?-

Biased wise, obviously Alyx. I'm touched by the fact her parents took up what Alyx did, and regardless of whether or not they were liked, they still went through with it. It's understandable her street friends felt betrayed, but it's sad nonetheless.

Both of Knox's. Because his GRANDMOTHER DIED :'( And also, the reaction the two families had towards Inez even though she was the cause for their relative's death. I'm glad they took a more mature approach to it, but there was still a little resentment underlying everything.

Grant. Because it's Grant. AND DID YOU KILL HIM? How dare you -.-
Inez visiting him, it's a very Inez thing to do and I'm happy she did that, though I'm also happy that it didn't go to plan. It fits Grant's character to be bitter and sarcastic, and for Inez to grow a bit defensive.
You still killed him though.

Also Glamour's because as sad as the reasoning behind her change of heart, she's still helping other girls get away from volunteering. Desire's death brought around an overall good, so as tragic as it is, her death benefited a lot of people.

Overall, what character in SITG was your favourite and why?-

One favourite. That's hard. Noalee was always up there but she died so early that we never really had a chance to connect with her. Then there's obviously Alyx who's mine and I loved every second she was alive for.
I'll have to go with Rhain. The way she handled everything, her ally and the life back home she needed to return home to. She was strong but slowly breaking, and Alyx's death really showed the vulnerable side to her. Her entire journey was perfect.
Other favourites though are Andras and Aedan.

What was your favourite scene/moment?-
A great thing about this story is that each scene, well nearly all of them, are still so clear in my head. I haven't forgotten anything, it shows how much I've connected with everything that's gone on.
Probably Knox's death. Everything going on around it was so tense and Inez's emotions really fit the scene well, and you can see the conflict about what to do. Then she just did it and her reactions and lasting development really shined through.

Which death shocked you the most?-
Aedan's because it was a horrible way to go and everything Shiloh went through during it really showed the connection the two of them had.
Alyx because I never expected Shiloh of all people to be the person to kill someone, shows how the Arena gets to people's heads.
So yeah those two are the two main ones.

I understand real life getting in the way, only do another SYOT if you have the time to do so. Though obviously I'd love you to do one, so I'll be excited to wait and see what you decide.

If this is the end of this story, can I just this has probably been one of my favourite fanfics I've ever read, seriously, the fact it's ending is really sad as I've always been excited to see an update and now there won't be any ;_;

Great chapter, fantastic story... just everything was brilliant. Go Chaos! ;D
qauihawugawougaw chapter 35 . 12/1/2013
Ah, lets see... I think the post with Knox's grandmother stood out the most because it surprised me how she acted toward Inez. My favorited charecter was Rhain and Shiloh because Rhain was really strong and she tried to keep it together for her daughter. I like Shiloh for no apperant reason... Oh and Ainsley's death shocked me, I thought he was going to make it to "top three". Great story, one of my MOST favorites!
MyrtleFalls chapter 35 . 12/1/2013
These chapters are always so good, although this one was a lot darker than the last...counting, seven tributes had people who were associated with them die and/or were imprisoned because of the effects of the Games.

It's really not that surprising, thinking about it...but dark nonetheless.

I would say that Grant's at the beginning stood out to me the most. It was very melancholy and sort of a worn bronze color-the pub, the emotions, the drink. I knew that Grant would be grieved-but I thought he would recover. Evidently not. Your writing in that scene was absolutely wonderful, it was amazing.

Inez was my favorite character basically from the moment I saw her POV. She just seemed very realistic, but not so realistic as to border on boring. She felt like she had to be perfect but struggled with it, she loved her family but almost felt like she had to earn their love. She was sweet and kind but at the same time she didn't want to be attached to others, because she knew she'd lose them. She was afraid of herself when she killed others, and blustered her way through apologies, meaning them totally but knowing that really nothing could make up for what she'd done. In short, she was human, wonderfully so, and I loved that about her.

I don't really know what my favorite scene was...can I just choose the story? But if I had to choose, I'd say the fight between Rhain and Inez and Shiloh. It was so raw and chaotic and it really just captured everything perfectly.

Keep in mind, though, that's tied with about a million others, AKA basically every scene.

The most shocking death was definitely Aedan. I'd had him pegged as the victor, actually-he seemed like the kind of character you like, he was a fan favorite, the Capitol'd like him, he had allies...but then he was killed and I was absolutely shocked, especially by his gruesome demise. I never saw it coming.
ANGRY chapter 18 . 11/28/2013
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