Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
Sophie chapter 13 . 8/3/2013
Well with the reapings over, my favorite people are Calder, Elmo, alyx, barke, shiloh, Rhaine, Knox, Inez, aeden, and Eris. I like Andras's reason for volunteering but I've never been crazy about careers. Yep. Yay on to the capitol!
Sophie chapter 5 . 8/3/2013
I like shiloh, he reminds me a lot of myself. And I feel so bad for visca. :(
Anime'sPrincess chapter 20 . 7/31/2013
This was a very emotional chapter and it included the povs of some of my favorites so that was great.

I really like what Knox is becoming. He still remains true to his character but the arena and all he has went through have helped move his character along. He is still heavily focused on the loss of Lydia but he hasn't totally went to pieces which reflects his character as he is a rather passive and detached person but he is mourning her in his way which is realistic. I love the choice for this last arena section and there is lots you can do with it.

Noalee's pov was brilliant, especially as it turned out to be her last one. It was very symbolic how the people she dreamed were hurting her are the people she is most close to and how she cares for most as it shows she is reflecting back on her life and the regrets she may have and it was even more clever that it was never Cathodra as that shows that in her subconscious mind, Noalee knows and accepts that none of this is really the fault of Cathodra.

As always, you are doing amazingly with Rhain. I am proud of her (is it weird to feel pride for a tribute?) because she has been through a lot and is missing her child, which must be so hard but she is battling through all of the emotions for her weaker ally, Alyx. Alyx makes Rhain much softer as I think she brings out her maternal instinct which is lovely and I can even see Rhain sacrificing herself for Alyx like she would for hope.

Aedan's section was so well done and very heart-breaking of course. His refusal to believe it and his denial spoke volumes, he just couldn't accept that she had gone and also how he blamed himself for it really reflects his character. Ironically, I think Shiloh is becoming the strong one.

Amazing chapter, Chaos!
Sophie chapter 2 . 7/31/2013
I like district 7 :)
LexisZ-10 chapter 20 . 7/31/2013
Knox has to be the most complex and logical little kid tribute I've came across! He still has youthfulness to him but he's also very level headed and quite philosophical!
I've never read the lord of the flies but I do love the sound of this island and I do hope the fruits are not poisoned as that death would be boring and not do any justice to Knox's character.

I will miss Noalee greatly, she was such a strong female but she has insecurities and many sides to her and she was the glue who held the alliance together. Her death scene was sudden and tragic and the affect on her allies was also devastating.

Rhain and Alyx are also amazing characters with such a bond and they are developing together and separately so rapidly! I cannot believe they are in the forbidden forest!
Thgfan9 chapter 20 . 7/23/2013
Chaos, I am so happy now with my characters final scene :) Of course I'd have liked Noalee to go on and develop but what you did write for her was amazing and true to her and her death gave such a powerful statement and showed the innocence of her and her allies and how unjust this all is so I thank you for handling her death so beautifully and her last scene where she reflected on her home and friends and family was the perfect last pov so I am not upset and I am glad you liked Noa. I am happy I had a character in both your syots! I will read on as I am a reader who is there for the story and the overall plot and the amazing writing, I wonder how Shiloh and Aedan will cope without her.

Sorry this review is all about Noa, I usually don't over focus on my characters but just as it is her death scene and I loved how you wrote her. I am in a rush so this review was awfully short but I look forward to more and once again thanks for bringing Noa to life beautifully.
Even when musics gone chapter 20 . 7/23/2013
I am getting more excited about the arena :) I love Lord of the flies and Knox is the perfect person to be apart of that story!
Also the writing on the outfits to correspond with the story for the area of the arena they are in is amazing! It could be helpful and warn then of dangers to come.
Noalee's death was beautiful and tragic. I'll miss her, she was a favorite:(
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 20 . 7/23/2013

Yes, this chapter killed me :( Noa! She was probably my favorite female and I had hope she would recover but sadly, no. She had to go. The wound was fatal and her death is going to have a big impact on both Aedan and on Shiloh :/ both of their reactions were heartbreaking. Shiloh tried hard to be strong which was just as sad as Aedan's disbelief and break-down.

On an other note, the writing from the stories showing up on the arena outfits is an amazing idea! Very creative. And I was right about the hobbit :D But oh my god... the mutt and trap possibilities here is both terrifying and amazing.

Alyx and Rhain still remain my favorite alliance, their relationship and care for each other is beautiful and the fact they are both so normal but heartfelt and interesting just makes me love them. They are in the forbidden forest now! gbhfjdsk I just can't! And as Jake says... if they run into a Voldemort mutt... Obhjnfedsxz I will just.

I love Knox. I agree with my boy Corence, he is turning into quite the little I loved how he was like well if this kills me that's fine I'd rather die tasting something this good rather than nothing at all but no I don't think this is the end of Knox, his story is only getting started. The island from Lord of the Flies! GREAT CHOICE.

I am going to miss Noa and I loved her final thoughts and her dream and I can tell you did but so much emotion into her death.

Until next time, Chaos :D
Anla'shok chapter 20 . 7/22/2013
This chapter was excellent in terms of interactions. I wouldn't say there's character growth (Knox is turning up to be quite the little philosopher though) but there's character grounding. They're more real and memorable without having needed to do extraordinary stuff or go wild.
MyrtleFalls chapter 20 . 7/21/2013
The Anti-Careers, huh? Is that their official name, now? Cool! I like it. Although it's a little misleading-Anti-Careers sort of makes you think the opposite of Careers, as opposed to a separate band of Careers...but "the second Career group" doesn't sound nearly as cool.

I knew Noalee was going to die...there was no two ways about it. Aedan's reaction was sad, but I loved the way that Shiloh kept his head. He's really quite mature for his age, and I love that about his character.

So, Knox is in Lord of the Flies...which, since it's such a dark story, cannot be good. Hopefully what he ate wasn't poisonous...or maybe it's better if it was, because whatever's waiting on that island cannot be good...

But, then, I'm really confused as to what's happening with Rhain and Alyx. I thought that they were in the Great Hall of Hogwarts? Why're they suddenly in a forest? *befuddled* Are they in the Forbidden Forest now or something? So confused...
JabberjayHeart chapter 20 . 7/21/2013
Knox's paranoia was portrayed perfectly. In the Games, you trust nothing and no-one xD
I doubt the fruit is poisonous. If it is... oops.
The island is super cool! I haven't read the Lord of the Flies, but I basically know everything about it and it'd be awesome to see some stuff happen ;o
What's in tune for Knox? Being on his own is hard, particularly if he's the only one on the island. Could be hard :/
I still love him, always have. A good, non-weak Little who wears glasses and that's adorable :3

I'll combine her and Aedan's POV together. The fact that she still had a little snark was beautiful; even death isn't going to alter Noalee completely. The dream sequence bit was terrifying and it showed a lot about how she felt - she didn't blame Cathodra at all. She saw everyone she cared about slice her, but she never saw the actual culprit and it makes me believe that Noalee doesn't blame Cathodra at all, and rather understands her defensive actions.
STILL. So sad :(
And Aedan is so hopeful. And Shiloh has matured to the point of accepting death and it's all so sad ;_;
When they heard the cannon, I knew it was Noalee. Shiloh mentioned bleeding and the most likely death would be in her sleep or when they weren't looking. It gave a powerful scene for the two boys though. Aedan getting angry but then feeling guilty for possibly upsetting Shi was the most heartbreaking thing he's done so far - it showed that Aedan sees them as friends, not proper allies or competition. They are his friends and that's so awesome ;_;

Rhain and Alyx are slightly tearful. I admit, Rhain has always been a close top fave of mine and Alyx has been okay - and together they've been awesome - but I don't know what you can do besides Rhain possibly babying Alyx is lieu of Hope. The scene was raw and emotional though. Alyx is kinda injured and obviously drugged, but the revealing of her history was slipped in nicely and felt fluent.

Just brilliant, Chaos. I'm actually glad we didn't hear from the Careers nor the Anti-Careers. Too many POVs from them will make them grow tedious quickly, particularly from the Anti-Careers with their two deadweights (Marlee and Kalen).
Though I am looking forward to "Lilith" and her SATAN VOICE. And Sawyer's snark, sarcasm and comments all rolled into one. And I want some more Andras and Phi interactions!

Tear That Cherry Out chapter 20 . 7/21/2013
Poor Noalee ... She was cool and I liked her ... Great chapter though :D
PenMagic chapter 20 . 7/21/2013
Poor Noalee and her alliance. Her death and reactions were perfect, the desperation was really clear here and I adore how honest it all was. Ah, The Hobbit! That was my other guess! I wasn't sure whether the final arena was Lord of the Flies or the island from Swallows and Amazons, the 'Roger' mention made me think of that. Excellent choices and I look forward to the effect this will have.
jakey121 chapter 20 . 7/21/2013
I like spaced out Games so don't worry about shorter chapters or anything like that. Action is great to read but so is all the side stuff going on when there isn't any fighting :D

Knox- So I've never read Lord of the Flies but I know roughly what it's about. This island sounds rather beautiful actually which only means that poor Knox is going to encounter something terrible soon. It's still sad that Lydia is lingering in his mind but it shows that he has some strength to want to go on and do it for her. I hope he does well! Probably not the best thing for him to do, eating the fruit without really thinking about it but the last line really summed up everything. He hasn't had the best food really and if he's going to die let him die with a full stomach on something that tastes nice. Hopefully this fruit doesn't have any side effects, I don't want Knox to go yet xD

Noalee- I like that in her dreams it was never Cathodra hurting her, that was quite strange but dreams are strange so I really did enjoy that little bit. Their alliance is really genuine, they all want to help each other and are really close and it's so sweet to see from each of them their perspective on each of the other alliance members. The pain must be awful, having your guts basically hanging out... ew. But I like that she still wanted to talk to them to try to change the subject away from her pain. These guys I just really love.

Rhain- Probably biased but alongside Noalee/Aedan/Shiloh this is my favourite alliance. I just love the two of them together because they're just two teenage girls who care about each other and have lives back at home they want to get back to. The last lines were so sad, I want Rhain to get back to her child but I want Alyx to get back to her friends and family to talk about her life back in the District. WHAT IS THAT MOVING OUTSIDE IN THE FOREST. IF IT IS VOLDEMORT I WILL DIE. Ugh I cannot wait to see what you have planned for these two! I love both of them so much and to see one of them die or both will be really sad :(

Aedan- I know you say you don't really do emotion but seriously this was so brilliant and so sad and so... just so everything. The moment the cannon goes off I knew who it was but I liked that Aedan didn't think about it being Noalee straight away, it really showed the shock and desperation in him when he realized it was her. This was such a realistic reaction to her death, Aedan who was always full of jokes and smiles is now broken down over Noalee's death but will try to stay strong for Shiloh now :( It's just really sad that this alliance is one member short, I hope Aedan and Shiloh can move past this and stay strong for however long they remain in these Games. Bye Noalee :(

Great chapter! I can't wait for the next :D
LexisZ-10 chapter 19 . 7/21/2013
I am actually so happy about the arena! I've never read a story where the arena was basically lots of stories brought to life with the arena settings and mutts and traps etc, it's amazingly creative!

I love how doubtful and guilty Inez is because that is just her character 100 percent but also she is showing a bit of fight and she does want to survive so I love the development.
The interaction with the Munchkins was great! I found it funny for some reason as there cheeriness and politeness seems so surreal in a place like the Hunger Games. As everyone else said, there is a big chance they are actually evil.

Alyx and Rhain feel the most real to me. They could almost be two modern girls from our society. One is a struggling teenage mother and the other is a privileged teen who has a secret life-style so it is nice to see them in this environment and also I love their relationship. Rhain, is the more stable and the one who keeps them going which is surprising as she is the one who has been through the most but it just shows her strength when it comes to looking out for someone vulnerable.

I can't believe how much Damien has changed since his reaping! He was always quite arrogant and deluded but being with the career group has seemed to intensify those qualities. I cannot wait to see his downfall as I have a feeling his character will follow the route of the classic tragic hero.

I have no idea what else the arena may hold or any plots but that is because your stories are so exciting and unpredictable that anything could happen but I adore the arena so far!

I'm glad you are home and updating and I hope you enjoyed the vacation!
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