Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 17 . 5/13/2013
This chapter sure did cover a lot and it was really eventful and interesting :)

Andras- I am sad he didn't say shut up :( he has in every other appearance he's made so far and it's his catchphrase okay.
He seemed very powerful here and his hatred for the Capitol kept coming across and his dislike for how fake and judging people can be.
I do like Andras and how he is his own person and decided he didn't have to be with the career alliance and he seems to take pride in the fact that the other careers avoid him.
The interviews shown here were interesting, especially Melody who seems to be either forgetting her plan or just deciedingly lessening it.

Alyx- I liked her a lot more here than in her reaping. She's just a normal girl and she's quite hopeful and nice and her helpful and caring side came across but she does have her secret and her rebellious side and it is interesting to see the two sides of her personality conflict in a way.
I do like how she decided to me normal in the interview and didn't just reveal the other side of her life for attention which she could have easily done. It is more realistic that she would keep up the secret for the sake of her family. I found her slight jealousy for Noalee interesting, that was a good touch because Noa is basically like Alyx except for the secretiveness.

Aedan- Awwww. He's so goofy and adorable as always and you portray him perfectly and I am happy you showed his vulnerable and sensitive side here and hopefully it explained why he is how he is and why he acts in such an exuberent way all of the time.
I loved his thoughts on Shiloh and how he thinks Shiloh is the brave one. That was really in character, I think Aedan would admire someone who is able to be themselves and talk about the negative aspects of their life because he can't do that and while most people would think Aedan was the strong one of those two, he thinks differently and it was just really perfect.
I liked his thoughts on Visca too and how he was quite angry at how she was being treated and I just loved the whole speech about being an ailien LOL that was mad!

Kalen- I have quickly gone off Kalen. I don't like him as a character at all. His anger at everyone, even when they are not doing any wrong feels forced and as if he wants to be angry at the world all of the time.
He is quite self-rigeteous (I can't spell today okay lol) and he believes he has lived his life perfectly and he deserves to win so much and blah. I never remembered him being this arrogant before. The fact his father got to visit him was an interesting part of the pov and I enjoyed the interaction and I can see why Kalen is the way that he is but he just irratates me now.

Sawyer- This made my head spin... so she dressed as a Capitol citizen to go and visit someone for business for her father? It just confused me a lot and I don't really get what the business is... I am blonde okay and can be slow so don't worry, it was probably clear... I'm an idiot at times.
Sawyer has never been a favourite of mine and that hasn't changed but you write her manipulative and strong personality so well. Sawyer looks down on everyone around her and she does not ever doubt herself which comes across clearly and makes sense with this type of character but it's nothing I find likable.

Cathodra- I did like her a bit here and I agree with Jake that she was in the background up until now and I never really gave her much thoughts but I enjoyed her section especially because- NEWT IS HER MENTOR EEEEEEEEK AND SHE LIKES HIM AND HE'S NICE TO HER AND SHE DIDN'T WANT HIM TO LEAVE AND IT WAS SO NICE TO HEAR FROM HIM AND IT WAS CUTEEEEE. LOL I need to stop.
Poor Cathodra doesn't have much of a chance, she's already dreaming about being dead so obviously the fear has set in. I am glad you showed a normal tribute in this chapter with realistic fears because of course she is about to enter the games and most people would be very anxious and a lot of authors forget this.


and now ... QUESTIONS!

Who do you WANT to see dead in the bloodbath? Who do you THINK will die?
I will pick 7 for each question as I am not sure yet how many will die and I think you had 7 last time.

I want it to be: Cathodra, Marlee, Barke, Visca, Damien, Eris and Kyra.
Even though I don't mind Cathodra and Eris, these are the ones I feel should die as I am least interested in them as characters and most of them are either quite weak or bland and are the characters I'd miss least.

I think it will be: Elmo, Marlee, Visca, Knox, Lydia and Kyra and maybe even Desire :( If a career is to die then I feel she may, even though I do like her sort of and she does interest me.

This may seem strange because none of these are favourites of mine but it is because of my mind LOL In my mind these 3 are in a tv show.
Andras is very sassy and his catchphrase and answer to everything is 'shut up!' (I am sad he didn't say it in this chapter :( ), Phi's voice is a cross between that of Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort and all he says is either 'pretty boy' to address Andras and 'I'm hideous.' and then Elmo just sits on the floor applying eyeliner and screeching in a high-pitched tone while throwing things and setting his hair on fire.


Any predictions for the arena?
I think it will be a graveyard/cymetery (however that american version is spelled) or some enclosed underground tomb like place.

jakey121 chapter 17 . 5/13/2013
Yay Chaos glad to have you back. Now I know I haven't reviewed the last chapter and maybe the one before that and I would promise you that I will catch up but that might not happen. See I review everything I read but that updated whilst my laptop was broken and I find it difficult to go back to something and review it after a few days... anyway... xD

Andras- He's one of my favourite characters not just for the fact that he's gay but because he's a different sort of gay character. He's a stereotype breaker which I respect because I'm fed up of how a lot of people believe gay guys are those camp feminine guys. Andras is tough and although hates the careers is very much like them in his own way. I loved his interview however, yes Andras I would have beaten up those ignorant twats in the audience as well xD

Alyx- Yay my Alyx! I've seen her in quite a few POV's but I've been looking forward to her POV. You do her justice which I expected since it's you Chaos and I like that she's got her whole rich girl attitude but isn't snotty or uptight or anything. She cares for others and is thinking about whether or not she should tell people. I'm kinda hoping she does show her rebellious side at some point if she survives the bloodbath.

Aedan- Three A's in a row ;D Aedan is one of my favourite characters but I'm glad that we got a sense of vulnerability from him and a reason as to why he is the way he is. He's not all fun and games, he does have a soft side but I still love him for his immaturity, it's really sweet. His interview was just great and he does have skills so he could do well!

Kalen- I don't like Kalen. He's an interesting character don't get me wrong and I understand the whole I need to do this for me and I will try to push aside all other feelings, but with him it just irritates me. I think he's pretty selfish and the anger he shows to everyone, even those who aren't doing anything wrong, just pushes me the wrong way. But still he adds something to this story so yeah xD

Sawyer- She's the deadliest tribute we have here because she has the looks, the strength, the careers and the sponsors. However this paints the biggest target on her back, and if she can lose her ego to try and act smart about it instead of believing its in the bag already for her, she could get even further. I do like Sawyer, there's always a great backstory to Vix's tributes and I like this one!

Cathodra- She's sort of slipped into the background up until now but I actually really do like her. She's quite down to earth and real about stuff, not sugarcoating anything and not so mature just because she's 18. Her feelings when she was going up the tube were very realistic, and I hope she makes it past the bloodbath because we haven't seen a lot of her and I believe there's a lot you could do with her xD

Who do you WANT to see dead in the bloodbath? Who do you THINK will die?- I don't know how many you kill so I'll give five for each...

WANT- Kyra, Eris, Visca, Kalen and Marlee (not because I don't like her I just don't know the difference between her and Noalee... oops :/).

THINK- Kyra, Eris, Visca, Cathodra and Knox.

Any predictions for the arena?- I have none but I know you Chaos and I'm sure it's just fantastic.

I love so many authors on this site but there is only four or five people I genuinely obsess over and you are one of those people, there's just something so fantastic about your writing!

Amazing chapter, update soon :D
truces chapter 17 . 5/13/2013
Great chapter. Here come the games! ;D
thgReview chapter 17 . 5/12/2013
I predict Sawyer to make it far for sure. Melody as well, except I see her 'secret' coming out quicker than she'd like it to.
Anla'shok chapter 17 . 5/12/2013
The hypocrisy and amount of fake and superficial flattery in these interviews was nauseating. Then there were the outlying tributes talking about home which was sad because it's almost useless anyway. I liked the girl who had panic attack. I feel for Visca. Tributes tend too be too good at interviews (or at least they lie confidently and aren't too nervous).

I'm doubt I'll surprise any who know me when I say I value interactions more than the character themselves. A brilliant character on their own with no plotline is no fun. Average characters who complement each other well are awesome.

So, Andras and Phi work well together, and I want to see them keep going.
I like Kalen and this chapter only added to it, it was a great way to give him depth.

Sawyer is foolish to dismiss avoxes because sign language exists. It' someone I wouldn't mind to see die unless she's bringing something to the plot later on.

I really liked the way Rhain and Alyx made each other stronger last chapter (Rhain by comforting her and Alyx by being vulnerable enough to spark Rhain's emotional side) and I'd like to see more of that.
And I'm not such a fan of Alyx, but as long as the interactions are good, I want to see more of them.

Who do I want to die? Anyone who, if they don't die, will have aimless filler point of views.
Who do I still want to see develop? I like Knox because he's sharp for a young tribute and I think thirteen year olds are downplayed when they can be very able.

So yeah, it's more about the handful I don't want to see die and then it's up to you to interest me.. No pressure xD

Predictions about the arena... They're forced to wear advanced cloaks who make them randomly look like each other so you never know who you're facing. Okay that's not feasible because of height and voice considerations, but it sounded fun xD
I like illusions.
Next stupid idea... Random earthquake/geyser doomsday arena and they almost all die without having to kill each other in a couple of hours. Those who jump the quickest and are lucky end in the last five.
How about a pinata instead of a Cornucopia? They get staves and if they want more they need to burst a huge mutt, together.
An anti-gravity field and they get boots with small engines to move around.

Okay, that's enough trolling for this morning.
nb1998 chapter 16 . 5/5/2013
Completely forgot I hadn't reviewed this. It was a great chapter as always and all of the plots seem really well thought out to set up good plots for the arena. I have no clue who you plan on killing in the bloodbath..

Damien: I no longer like Damien, he was never really one of my favourites anyway but yeah in this pov I saw a side to him I didn't like. He seemed quite cocky and the way he was talking about his district partner showed that. He was just rude when Alyx was trying to be nice and it seems like the games are changing him. At that point I thought he was just being an individual but then he goes and joins the careers.. if they stab him in the back it's his own fault.

Eris: I like Eris, it's nice to have a.. normal tribute with all these crazy nutters around. In fact district 12 as a whole is quite normal and I think it would be cool if he and Kyra were to meet up in the arena and ally since they aren't at the minute. I don't know how he's going to do, he kind of made that trap and he seems to not be making too much of an impression on the other tributes. Hopefully he can get free from the bloodbath but can the same be said for Kyra.

Marlee: I'm sorry to Marlee.. but I can't remember anything about her personality. Everyone seems to have this specific thing about them but for me Marlee doesn't. That isn't your fault as an author she just doesn't.. I'm not really sure what to think of that. Maybe that's the point, she's the one in that alliance to fade into the background... but she seems forced into some type of rebellious behaviour which doesn't match het. I like the alliance but yeah, I'm not dure about her.

Noalee: This might have been my favourite pov of the chapter. This alliance, I just find so good and it opens up a lot of plot holes to develop. Noalee has lots of different dimensions and I enjoyed seeing all the different ways she was shown here. The argument between all of them involved some really intense dialogue and it was probably some of your best writing that I've seen. So will Aeden ever see how serious things really are and how is Shiloh now going to act..

Rhian: I like all of these alliances man.. when Rhian is with Alyx I like it, she almost turns into a different person, almost as if she sees Alyx as an older version of Hope. But why is Alyx giving up.. please don't, you have just as much of a chance as Rhian. And then in the training it was all so dramatic when she saw Alyx's face..

Gamemaker: I found it really interesting you made them score and a nice twist, great idea!

Ainsley: You did well to contain some good thoughts for Ainsley because the scores pov is normally overshadowed by the scores themselves but we saw how logical Ainsley is and a score of 9 will prove to be quite affective, I'm sure. He's probably my favourite career and his last line was just great.

Very good chapter.
Thgfan9 chapter 16 . 5/2/2013
I freaked out over the President Snow scene. it was cool to have a cameo of him, especially showing him in his youth as a game-maker and he was even ruthless and manipulative back then.
That was by far my favorite scene as I am always intrigued to see the behind the scenes processes in the Capitol and it makes a lot of sense that the scores are about alot more than just the sessions, they want the score to say something about that particular tribute and use the number to their advantage so great work!

I was really pleased by Noa's second portrayal and couldn't be happier with her allies. Aedan and Shiloh both serve to bring out and highlight different sides to Noa and they are helping her along nicely in terms of her character development.

Rhain's pov also stood out to me and I can see you are really focusing on developing her as a person and not just as the 'mom' tribute. I liked the emotions in that pov.

I also liked Ainsley thoughts on the scores and Damien's invitation to the careers. Eris didn't stand out to me here.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
LexisZ-10 chapter 16 . 5/1/2013
Seeing as this chapter was all about the scores and private sessions I'll just quickly say what I thought of each score!

Desire: I thought an 8 was fine for her. She is trained but not overly strong and it is quite funny how she reacted to being one of the lower scoring careers.
Ainsley: A 9 is very strong so I think he'll be a good competitor. I could have seen him getting a 10 but 9 is good for him.
Andras: Like with Ainsley I thought he could get a 10 but a 9 is still very high and what I'd expect of him.
Melody: I am surprised with the 9. I knew she was skilled but I thought to go along with her act she'd have tried to score a bit lower to still go unnoticed.
Cathodra: Yes a four seems about right but she is 18 and quite intelligent so I think she could have scored higher but she doesn't seem overly strong and probably did more about traps and survival than weapons.
Phi: I did expect a bit higher so maybe his arrogance is misplaced and he should have taken training more seriously. I know he has killed before and volunteered so I thought he could do much better but a 6 is still quite good.
Sawyer: Yes I did expect her as the leader and most self-assured career to do well.
Calder: I think a 7 is quite good for someone so laid-back. He must have known a bit from the training he did before or maybe just because he is a career the game-makers were biased and scored him quite high.
Marlee: I really think a 6 is quite high for Marlee. I never thought of her of as someone who stood out or strong but maybe she does have some valuable skill.
Elmo: I do like the reasoning for him scoring so highly and I think it'll have the desired effect the game-makers wanted and make him more cocky so he will kill more willingly and also it marks him as a threat and will cause some tension.
Noalee: A 5 seems about right. She is tough and probably has some experience fighting with being friends with the street kids and those in gangs but she is still young and not overly powerful so I couldn't see her doing any better.
Kalen: The one made me laugh and it adds a bit of mystery to him. it probably was for rebellious purposes which suits his character but it could be for who knows what reason.
Barke: I'm not sure. I don't feel I ever knew much about Barke so hadn't predicted a score for him but he is meant to be muscular so is probably strong enough to earn a 6.
Alyx: I agree with a 5 for her like with Noalee she isn't overly weak or especially powerful but she is lively and determined so a 5 fits her.
Visca: I did expect her to be the lowest score ( I hadn't planned on Kalen getting a 1 lol)
Shiloh: Yes a four seems right for him. It's not too low to be unrealistic but low enough to suit his character as he is rather weak and anxious as a person so I didn't see him doing well.
Rhain: Again like with Noalee and Alyx a 5 fits her as she is a determined person and is rather hardened. I'd say she could have done even better due to her outburst in training if she hadn't collapsed into an emotional wreck. ( I really liked that scene though and found it powerful.)
Knox: He is young and small and quite awkward so there is no way I'd have thought he'd score highly but I thought he might have managed a 4.
Aedan: I am shocked he did well, the gamemakers even considered a 7 for him. It seems he has a little bit of skill and some strength but like the gamemakers said he does lack the drive and ambition to do well.
Inez: I agree with a 3 for her :) Inez doesn't posses much outward skill which would inable her to impress the gamemakers so I am not dissappointed with her low score as it very much fits her character.
Damien: An 8 is high for him but it proves he is worthy to be with the careers. That was an other twist I didn't expect with regards to alliances but if I did know they'd recruit an outlying tribute I'd have thought he'd be the best possible choice and I look forward to seeing how this goes.
Lydia: Her and Knox scoring the same is adorable as they seem so close as allies already and I do agree with a 3 for her age and abilities.
Eris: He did better than most of the young kids which shows he must have some potential.
Kyra: I do agree with a 3.

I really liked all of the relationships shown here between alliances and there were some humorous parts of the chapter and some unexpected twists and I love your writting, it flows so well and is engaging.
I agreed with most of the scores but some were a surprised and I liked how you added in a part with the game-makers to show there thoughts on some of the tributes.
Foxface5 chapter 16 . 4/30/2013
I enjoyed this chapter a lot too as others have said due to the heavy focus on character interactions as this really shows us what the tribute's are like as people and how they get on with others and their opinions on other types of people, it helps a lot with character development and also sets up many predictions for how the alliances will work together when in the arena and also for rivalries and conflict.

Damien: I am shocked he is with the careers but it is a good position for him to work out if he will be a hero or villian which is the main thing on his mind.
He finds everything boring and is always looking to make his life more exciting. His reactions to Lydia and Alyx showed a lot about him. He has no time for mindless and conversational chat.

Eris: He seems to have little hope and his fear feels natural and real for a kid of his age. He's average and not too much stands out but his friendship with Kyra is a nice aspect to him and also the fact he is willing to be her friend but not have an ally says a lot about him as a person.

Marlee: I like her prankster streak, she doesn't seem to be too serious and is a little snarky and I really liked her pov as it gave us insight into the dynamic of the Andras and the 'anti-career' alliance.
Andras is the leader and is trying to keep control while Phi is certainly the most threat to the alliance and the most dangerous member who underminds Andras as the leader, Marlee is the most average one who is just taking the alliance as it comes but doesn't seem to have much like or trust for the allies and Kalen is very shifty as Marlee rightly said and I really think he might be quite sneaky when the Games begin and I think there is a lot more to learn about Kalen.

Noalee: She's a great character. She's quite tough but she has her misgivings about herself and is rather self-concious but she is trying to be the together one in the alliance and I really admire her due to her plan to be the one to grab supplies for the alliance, it shows she is quite gutsy and brave.
Her snappish reaction to Aedan shows that she hasn't got much tolerance to people who are not taking things seriously which shows she herself is trying her best to be realistic and do her best. I like her a lot.

Ainsley: He does seem powerful and he's rather sarcastic and serious. He doesn't have time for complaining and ridicolous behavior as shown by his reaction to Desire's hissy fits. He has a good strategic brain as he is not counting anybody out and is marking out the threats alreayd and he knows not to write Kalen off and that his 1 could say a lot more about him than just being weak.

I also like the display of the deliberation between the Game makers.
So overall, great job!

DA Member Hogwarts chapter 16 . 4/30/2013
WOOHOO! Scores!

I always love seeing how the tributes have scored as it gives you a bit of an idea who will be powerful in the arena and who is a threat though it is not always a true indicator of what they can do as it is only a score of what they can do in the training centre, not real life.
I really liked what you did with the Game maker's pov and using President Snow! It was an interesting thing to show as I am always intrigued by the internal workings of the Capitol and their strategies and reasoning for what they do.
I think it makes a lot of sense for them to think about other factors when giving scores as really they just want a memorable Games and at first I thought an 8 was high for Elmo but when I saw the reasoning, it made a lot of sense!

I'm happy Aedan managed to get a 6 :) Aw my baby! He'll maybe feel a little more confident now.
I love their alliance so much! And Noalee's reaction to Shiloh's scars was perfectly in character as was Aedan's and then the arguement between Noalee and Aedan was not expected. Their alliance does have friendship and they are comfortable enough with each other to have disagreements, they seem like real friends. Noalee does have a slight temper problem and maybe she will snap if pushed too far and actually do well int he arena.

I really liked the development shown in Rhain's character too, it felt authentic and did go to show a lot about her as a character with her determination slowly fading away into a breakdown.

Each score seemed well thought out and I am also with everyone else in thinking wtf did Kalen do to get his one! LOL. I can't wait to find out!

I don't really agree with Damien being with the careers... like what? He was invited so abruptly... I do wonder how he'll get on with them? I think they're just using him, obviously but Damien seems very keen to prove himself and he did get an 8 so maybe I am underestimating him.

I love how Andras's catchphrase seems to be, "SHUT UP!" LOLLOLOL you must keep that up! And Andras stripping in the private session LOL
I just love how moody Phi is and how he's so snappy to Andras.

Okay I'm all over the place but this chapter was great! I freaking love these tributes some are crazy, some normal and some just plain mad and I love seeing them interact.
Even when musics gone chapter 16 . 4/30/2013
I was really interested by the scores, some were what I'd have thought and some a real shock! Damien and Elmo, Aedan and even Phi did very well, more than I'd have thought and Kalen's 1 wasn't something I'd have predicted.

I didn't find the chapter slow at all, I loved all of the interactions!

Noalee and Rhain are the tributes who most interested me here, I love their personalities and Damien was a little different than I first thought and I love the Snow Cameo!

I can't wait for interviews and then the games! :-)
Anla'shok chapter 16 . 4/30/2013
Sorry for the short review, but this is my exam week and things are hectic. I had already read this once, so now, after a second quick glance:
Six for Phi, it fits, I suppose he's expecting sponsors.

Damien is bored. How can he be bored? Doesn't anyone actually fear for their lives? I just don't get how people can be so okay with having to soon enter the Games. I'm pretty confident I could kill but I'd still be totally freaked out.

Good move with the Gamemakers' POV. It's always very interesting.

Ainsley's POV was pretty lively for a score announcement but those things aren't ever thrilling. I liked the Gamemaker's part with their "showbiz" reasoning much more.

I liked Rhain's part. How she's conflicted and determined and comforting Alyx. I disagree that Alyx has nothing to live for, but what I really like is how full of feeling Rhain is. She's not being rational but she's being very decent, and at least here, I can feel there is something dramatic going on.

The anti Career's plan is an absence of plan. Run and get weapons. Well duh. Marlee seems trying to hold herself together and she's succeeding pretty well. She's snappish but not too much.
Lupus Overkill chapter 16 . 4/29/2013
Well, I feel the need to repeat that your writing for this story is fantastic; you've set up a lot of subplots and the characters are being developed quite well. But enough about that, I think I'll state my thoughts on what took place during each of the narrations in this chapter...

Damien: Well, Damien's part was one of the highlights of this chapter; there were many occurrences that are worth noting. His interactions with Alyx were fairly nice to read about, although they weren't the most important part of his narration in this chapter; that claim goes to the Careers allowing Damien into their ranks, which opens up several chances for subplots and character development. First of all, I imagine Melody won't like him at all, so that can't be good for anyone in the alliance, especially Damien. It also allows Damien to explore his whole adventure fantasy from another angle, so I wonder how that will develop...

Eris: I'll admit that Eris' part was probably the dullest in this chapter, but there were still some things of note that took place. His interactions with Kyra and the Aedan-Noalee-Shiloh alliance were fairly memorable, as were his thoughts on his chances, but otherwise, his section wasn't of note.

Marlee: Marlee's section was interesting, but it wasn't my favorite part of this chapter. First of all, the rebellion felt a bit forced when she pushed all of the buttons on the elevator. But that wasn't the highlight of her part, which happened to be her thoughts on and interactions with the other anti-Careers. To be honest, despite Andra's supposed reasoning, this alliance seems like it's doomed to fail. Even so, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out, and I look forward to finding out Andras' motivation for picking his allies.

Noalee: Noalee's part stood out to me; she's not necessarily a favorite, but her segments in this story are still quite memorable. Although her training session was actually a bit bland for me, I really enjoyed the interactions within her alliance at the start of the chapter; the revelation of Shiloh's issues really showed a lot about these characters and their alliance. I know I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing them in the arena.

Rhain: Rhain's part in this chapter was actually fairly interesting; even though she's not one of my favorites, you're developing her well. Her conversation with Alyx made for a fairly short but pleasant segment of tribute interaction, and her thoughts during her private session were actually quite memorable. The sudden shift from determination to fight to return to her child to horror at what she was contemplating was interesting. To be honest, I think I'll be looking forward to seeing how she develops.

Crispus: I don't have much to comment on here; the first few scores you gave her were interesting, especially Elmo's. Also, I caught your reference to President Snow, so I congratulate you on slipping in that reference.

Ainsley: Ainsley's part wasn't one of my favorites, but there were definitely some interesting aspects in addition to the scores, which were what I expected, for the most part. Ainsley's thoughts on Desire seem like they could lead to further tension in the alliance; I wonder if he'd actually go through with killing her like he said he would (I'd guess yes...). Not only that, but Ainsley's thoughts and Desire's reactions in this chapter only support my theory that this pack will be less stable than last year's.

Well, I think's that's all I have to say for now; I'll be looking forward to the interviews, where I assume we'll be seeing Andras, Cathodra, Sawyer, Kalen, Alyx, and Aedan. Also, I wish you good luck in deciding the bloodbaths for these games; I anticipate there'll be some difficult choices for you to make.
MyrtleFalls chapter 16 . 4/29/2013



*spazz attack*

That is weird! But it makes sense to make him a Gamemaker...ahhh! I still can't get over it. Old President Snow as a nineteen year old? Is he still currently obsessed with roses? Nah, that came later...but still! Weird.

"He will kill, for certain." Is that foreshadowing? Well, yeah, but I would've guessed that anyway. Elmo's just a TINY bit crazy. Just *this* tiny. *holds out hands to show six miles*

"Our first choice was Seven, but he's not a real fighter." Haha, I was right! The Careers DID want Barke! But he turned them down, which I didn't expect. Damien as a Career, though...I think he'll be stabbed in the back. Probably by Melody, is my guess. The thing is, despite his rough shell, there's something there that makes me think that killing a kid would really hurt him.

Speaking of killing a kid, Rhain had a total breakdown which honestly I didn't expect. Well, sort of. She's really emotionally unstable, but I know that you'll have her stick around because that's what you do with steriotypical or difficult characters: you keep them around to see if you can give them some semblence of depth. You're doing a good job so far, but she'll have to do something epic in the Games. because right now I'm still just seeing the steriotype.

Sawyer is still ticking off Desire...good, good. I'd love to see that catfight just as much as Ainsely. ;) Speaking of Ainsley, that last line was very powerful and was just a tad omnious. He's quiet, sure...but he doesn't plan on going down without a fight. I see an epic ending for him, if he does die.

Ahh, I keep forgetting about the D6 tributes...Kalen, though, a one? I think he was holding back. He has a lot more power in him than people think. He is definitely the "unstable, rebellious ones" that Ainsely was talking about.

Andras certainly has everything planned out, doesn't he? However, running into the bloodbath...that might be a problem for Marlee. But Phi's still scaring me. Speaking of Phi, you say over and over again that he's ugly, but you don't give a description! Details!

And finally, Eris. He's another one that sort of falls flat for me...he's too determined to play the pitying little kid card and too childish to be a determined tribute. He's in the middle, and although that makes him realistic, it also makes him fade away in a sea of vibrant personalities.

Well, I can't wait until the next chapter! You always play up those pre-Games fears so well...last time Blue's revelation with the sink nearly made me cry, it was so sweet! I wonder if Aedan'll find it this time.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 16 . 4/29/2013
I cannot believe there is only one chapter until the Games now! This story hasn't even been out for that long and it's already moving on so fast and such a well developed story rife with possible plot-lines and amazing characters. I'd safely say it is my favorite at the moment.
Congratulations on 300 reviews! (Well it will be 300 when I post this)

Damien: Damien seems a lot more hate-filled and arrogant in this chapter than he did at the reaping and I didn't expect him to be like this so I take it this is more of his personality coming across. I do like to see a character develop further but I don't really like this change in Damien. I liked his interaction with Alyx in the elevator as he was so hostile but she was being so chirpy and trying so hard.
I am shocked that the careers recruited him but I can see their reasoning as they've lost Andras. That part was so quick and almost felt random but it made sense as it is Sawyer and she wouldn't be one for introductions or a lot of words!

Eris: He's still a nice character but nothing much has changed with him since the reaping and I don't think there is much more he could give. The best part of the chapter was the interaction with Aedan, Noalee and Shiloh and I liked how Eris and Kyra explained their friendship/ District partnership and why they don't want to be allies. And I did like the desperation and confusion at the end of his pov.

Marlee: So she pushed all of the elevator buttons? haha. I don't like Marlee very much. She is supposed to be rebellious? But it feels forced and doesn't fit in with who she is. All I ever remember from her reaping is that she has a wildly behaved sister, a missing brother and a sexually promiscous friend. I don't remember any personality from Marlee except she was quite average and so the whole rebellious thing just feels thrown into her character. I am not blaming you and I still liked all of the interactions in this chapter and you can only work with the tributes you have, I just don't like Marlee as a character.
I am becoming very interested in Kalen. I like his quite sarcastic and non-chalant nature but Marlee still described him as Shifty so he probably can't be trusted. And he got a 1 in training? That is certainly interesting and I wonder why? Did he do that so he wouldn't be a threat? As a act of rebellion? Or did he just fail with whatever he tried?

Noalee: One of my favorite female tributes. Unlike with Marlee, everything with her personality seems to fit as it works with her backstory and her family history and all of her thoughts and attitudes seem to mesh well together to make a fully fleshed out character. I like how even though she is the youngest she is the one keeping the alliance together and she does seem quite tough yet she still has flaws and is still average in her own way. She is insecure as shown by how she wished to have Desire's confidence but she is still quite fiesty as shown with her outburst at Aedan. I wonder how long Noalee can keep her temper steady when around these two? I sense a lot of arguments in this alliance though they do all genuinely seem to get on well. I also liked her and Aedan's reactions to Shiloh's cuts being revealed- both in character reactions.

Rhain: I love how you are writing her, this section was perfect for her and I loved the ending how she was so determined to do it for Hope. She got angry and started to really give it her all and used Drusus for inspiration and then it all fell apart for her and she became an emotional mess as she realized to really come back to her daughter she has to kill another woman's child. That was excellently portrayed and really fitted Rhain as a person and her emotionally unstable nature. Well done with this pov, I am really happy with it and I think her Alyx are really good for each other as allies.

It was clever, very clever to slip in a pov from the Game makers as it showed a lot about how they create the scores. It makes sense that it is not all just about what the tributes do, it is also about what the scores will say about the person and what vibe it will create and how they can use the scores to their advantage and make sure they have an interesting Games! I was shocked that Elmo had an 8! (I checked the scores before reading) but now it makes perfect sense why they would give him that.

Ainsley: Some of the scores truly shocked me! Like Kalen getting a 1- I really wonder why? Aedan with a 6? I didn't think he was that capable and now I am thinking he must have some sort of skill and hopefully it will help him do well. Phi only recieved a six? I thought with the way he went on about his skills he'd recieve about a 9?
All of the careers and Andra's group (minus Kalen) got what I expected they would get.
I liked Ainsley's thoughts on Desire here and the ominous ending of his pov.

Brilliant chapter here and I look forward to more!
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