Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
THE WORLD chapter 11 . 11/28/2013
some of the names are really hard to tell the gender of. if you write future stories, it would be a little easier to understand if the names were more gender-specific.
someone chapter 8 . 11/28/2013
why are all the tributes so far rather rich?
there hasn't been a single poor one yet. btw, nice writing, you've made me not be able to stop reading, but I've noticed a few spelling/grammar mistakes. in the previous chapter you spelled "how I" as "ShowI"
Thomas J. Flynn chapter 34 . 11/27/2013
You really managed to capture the mealoncolly feeling of becoming a victor, while also giving a great recap, very deep chapter.
Reader chapter 34 . 11/26/2013
This story was so amazing, and Inez was one of my top picks from the beginning. (Although admittedly Eris and Alyx were up there too.) This chapter was heart breaking to me and I just feel so terrible about everything that girl went through. Great job and I can't wait for the last chapter.
Cashmere67 chapter 30 . 11/24/2013
I never reviewed this?
Thought I did.. I always review my character's death chapters, eh.

Clearly I know who wins?
So can I just go over the deaths and not the POVs? Since anything I say will be in vain and won't mean anything.

Ever since the Reaping I liked what you were doing. With my D1 females, it's either a hit or miss; and you hit it ( lolllololol get it like hit it ok it's a joke) anyway!
You really brought out her internal and external character. The way she felt on the outside and inside were not the same, and I'm glad you gave her a death POV. It was really emotional and it shows how deluded she was. I felt bad for her, seeing her be so useless without anyone to help and how on her own she could do nothing. Literally. The ending of her line was amazing, really, since she had no idea what she was doing, and all she wanted to do after a while was go home. Gah, the last few lines collectively were amazing. You brought all of the different sides to her, since she seemed like a typical D1 female, but she really wasn't.. and once Sawyer came into play, I knew she was dead. She only lasted long because of her allies and on her own she could nothing. Then when Shiloh wanted to help her and do something was just so emotional because it said a lot about his character and even hers? Yeah. Blah, all bias aside, you portrayed her really well and really took the form to heart and expanded on it.
I think I'm done?

Phi ahahaha.
I never particularly liked him.. The only thing I did like was how he acted as foil. He brought out the sides to other characters, and I liked his insight and opinions on people. They were different than usual and he isn't your normal character. He was interesting, for what he was, but I never liked him. I was waiting for him to die, and for some reason, I like that Desire and him died on the same day?
Is that weird?
Characters that are so different and never really were a thing should die on the same day; I just like it. It works in my mind. You probably didn't do that on purpose, but yeah, little things like that.

Once again you have the victor so my opinions and answers for the questions are kind of dumb
but the people I wanted to be victor were either
Inez or Sawyer, really.
Cashmere67 chapter 34 . 11/24/2013
Can I say something? lol of course I can.
This was definitely my favorite chapter of the whole story.
Throughout the story, I wasn't sure how I felt about your writing (as in the writing itself, characterization, portrayal, etc.) but this definitely got me.
So yeah, this was the best chapter of the whole story. It really drew me in from the beginning and ended on a great note. The emotion and feelings flowed through it constantly and never went on a tangent and it was very concise and stuck to the point and Inez was in 'character' (post-Games, obviously. She isn't the same as she was).

The opening was just great. It was emotional, and descriptive enough that it didn't become cumbersome or anything. The whole nightmare idea was great and it fit Inez's character completely because she is weak mentally and she interpreted the Games differently than everyone else. The whole perspective shift was interesting as well, since it shows her outlook on everything.

The Games Recaps :')
I love these. She learns thing she didn't see before, how people died, and it brought out more emotion in her. You could tell what tributes she really had emotion and a connection, since she put more of an emphasis on them and whatnot. The interview was a nice touch as well, it didn't drag on and it covered all points necessary to further her character and to really bring her out and to show how the Games have affected her.

Then her familyyyy.
Isadora has been a big part in Inez's life, both before, during, and after the Games. Their relationship has clearly changed a lot and it definitely is evident. I loved their conversation, for some reason it seems that Inez speaks differently, and that Isadora can see it. Her reflection and feelings about District Ten now that she won are interesting as well, since that had changed as well. The last line was alright, I think it was emotional, but I wish it had more something.. not really sure, maybe something else. I don't know what I wanted it to be, but I felt like that was kind of random and that she never thought that way before so it was kind out of nowhere, but whatever.
That section was still amazing!

Well yeah
jakey121 chapter 34 . 11/24/2013
A fitting chapter title, really... this epilogue just blew me away.

With most Victors you always hear about them having nightmares, but in those nightmares they see themselves killing whoever they killed in the Arena. And here you twisted it so she was watching from the person she killed's perspective. That's awful but original. I can't imagine how bad that must be to see that, especially someone like Inez who only ever killed before she had time to think about what was happening.

RECAPS! I love reading Games recaps, even though we've seen the entirety of the Games, I like to see the victor's opinions on everything that happened. Inez's reactions as expected were tragic and fit in so well with this new Inez that's come out of the Games, but also the Inez that went into the Arena.
It made sense for her to focus more on other tributes as she had some sort of connection with them. Shiloh, Aedan, Knox, Rhain and Andras... the main tributes that she encountered and will probably stay with her forever.
Great interviewer but poor Inez having to go through all his questions, they really don't know when to stop, I guess it's all part of the torture... don't act sympathetic, just ask them questions about how killing felt.

And another bit I love. Meeting her family.
Isadora, she's been such an influence in how Inez tried to make herself into the Arena so I've been looking forward to seeing the two of them meet up. Their conversation later that night really summed up everything, she tried to be like Isadora but that part, and even Inez... they all died in that Arena and now she has to try and find out who she is.
I hope somehow Inez can piece back together her life and at least find something, she has Isadora but when Isadora isn't around she has to be able to stay strong. Plus, being the only victor for Ten is even more added pressure, if you do do another SYOT it'll be interesting to see Inez as a mentor.

Without actual POV's to review sometimes I find it difficult so I apologise if this review isn't as great as past reviews, but just know I loved this chapter and I cannot wait for the obituaries! Maybe update tonight? I'd like that :)
MyrtleFalls chapter 34 . 11/23/2013
Oh dear,'ve left me stunned again. Everything's just so human...Inez's reactions, Octavius' throwaway remarks that cut so deep, her hate for herself and her love for her sister. It's really just beautiful.

I'm afraid I can't review more because this chapter was just so good. A little contradictive, yes, but nonetheless...
Spartan Army chapter 34 . 11/23/2013
Aw I love Inez and Isadora so much! I wanted to cry when she went through the recaps. Great story, can't wait to see the last chapter!
Thomas J. Flynn chapter 33 . 11/17/2013
Well that was certainly an unexpected ending to the games
LexisZ-10 chapter 33 . 11/14/2013
I cannot believe it! I've never had a winning tribute before, ever :)
Even though I've been away from reviewing for periods of the story, I promise it wasn't anything related to me not enjoying the story, we've discussed the reasons anyway so enough of that :)

Your portrayal of Inez was so solid from her reaping until her victory, you managed to present challenges to her character and introduce deep development while keeping the basic character always there underlying everything else and it's been an amazing journey for me to follow.

Each and every character added something to the story :) Even ones like Kyra and Eris who were ordinary and forgettable in ways- they showed that not everybody has a big story to tell but are ordinary people who may end up in tragic situations, Phi may have been crazy and his morals were questionable but he certainly made his the story interesting and Sawyer and Andras were both amazing as they both had the potential to be antagonistic and heartless typical careers but they challenged this stereotype in many ways.

The ending was so poignant and sudden, I could just picture it all playing out and my heart broke for all three characters involved, Andras's death was cleverly planned as Inez never would have been able to truly kill him, the guilt that will result in this will be crushing for her.

I will go back and review everything I've missed because you deserve it!
Thanks so much for writing my character so beautifully and for entertaining me so much with your amazing writing :)
Anla'shok chapter 33 . 11/14/2013
Wow, that was a nice end. Bringing them together was a safe move from the Gamemakers, especially if they brought Andras last (otherwise he could have killed the first person there and waited for the second). I just got a bit confused by the fire pit thing because I had completely forgotten about it before Inez mentioned it again.
I found that Inez fought pretty well, although Andras was wounded and somewhat conflicted and I pretty happy with the outtcome.
Shiloh's POV was the most loaded but they were all intense in their way. A fitting end to a great tale.
MyrtleFalls chapter 33 . 11/10/2013
Chaos, when Inez was saying that she was going to die, I was thinking, "Chaos, don't do it! I swear you do this just to mess with me...every time, the person I'm rooting for makes it to the top two and then they die."

But she didn't! So I'm very glad. I am sad that Andras died, though...he was a really great character. That's the the time you get to the end, you've only got the good characters left.

Am I happy with the victor? Judging by my pleas to let Inez live throughout the story...I'd say yes!

And the fight did meet my was just like any other end of your SYOT. The tributes are pushed together, and tragically, only one remains. The only thing I didn't like was the way Andras died...I didn't expect Inez to be able to kill him, but just stumbling into a fire was sort of...deus ex machina, almost. Not quite. Almost. I don't think that even describes it correctly (it doesn't) but it's the best description I can think of.

I don't want to think of where Inez'll go. Since she killed Knox, she's been very protective of all the tributes, and I think it will hurt her badly to see that she's failed.
JabberjayHeart chapter 33 . 11/10/2013
Shiloh's POV was a nice set-up for what was about to happen.
You can tell that he never had a chance, just from his segment. He's weakened and dull in emotions. It has taken the toll the Hunger Games desired for the tributes.
And he followed the Boys!?


Andras killing him showed a tender side to the boy. He has determination, but not to the point where he wants to draw out pain or suffering. He sees that Shiloh wants to kill him, and makes sure that he does it swiftly.
And of course, I'm not that gutted by Shiloh's death. As I've mentioned time and time again, I never made my baby to win! I'm surprised he's even made it this far!
Thank you for writing him so well. You managed to make a vague idea into something to smile and look at fondly. I've never, ever grown so attached to a tribute of mine before (Remy comes in closely).

Inez is too perfect. Too perfect for words.
I knew she would win. Is that bad too? I've known for a couple of chapters now that she had it in the bag. The popularity was behind, a changing Hunger Games that stomped over many other stories, and a golden heart and compass. There was no way she could NOT win.

So she burned Andras? I think I understand it. She pushed him back, and he fell win.
Once again, Inez didn't make the direct kill. It's like the exact way Rhain died... Inez pushed out twice, Rhain got knocked on the head and died, and Andras landed in a fire. She never specifically laid a finger on them to end their life...
...oh... she stabbed Andras to put him out of his misery. Okay, but you understand the comparison!

I'm looking forward to Inez's epilogue! It's bound to be emotional, and tiring, and exceptionally poignant.

Well done, Karen. You've made this story into gold!
I'm so, so glad you invited me to make a tribute on that first day. Look where we are now because of it! :')
JabberjayHeart chapter 32 . 11/10/2013

These might be short because of that reason. Sorry in advance, but I don't want to fall behind at this stage in the game (quite literally!)

Sawyer and Andras' fight was intense. Despite everything, Sawyer went down fighting, not that I expected anything less. She was a tough cookie from the very beginning.
I knew that Andras would win... I hope that doesn't sound bad. I just knew it. After everything he's been through, there was no way that he could lose to Sawyer, whose had the least amount of development of the remaining tributes.
And then Andras is sorely weakened. That makes a big disadvantage.

Inez abandoning Shiloh was, yet again, a tragic show of her personality.
No matter how much she changes... she stays rooted to her original personality.
That's impressive, Karen, you should be proud.

Yeah. I'm off to the next chapter!
Well done, you ;D
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