Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
Anime'sPrincess chapter 14 . 4/17/2013
I enjoyed the opening events of the Capitol, you did a great deal of development and putting personalities across and incorporated first impressions and the opening ceremony events as well as recaps and train rides which all made it a very eventful and enjoyable chapter.
I think I have voted on the poll but I'll double check! Thanks to anyone who voted for Rhain, I understand she is a tricky character and some may not like her but it's nice that a few do and I am also glad to see every tribute got at least one vote.

I adore Knox and his focus on wanting to be like a hero from his grandma's story, it makes him such an authetnic and lovable character.
Also, good job on the character of Avia! It is so obvious that she is on the tribute's sides and will do anything for them but as someone else put it, she does not sugar coat anything and is straight with them. And good job on Rhain here, now that she is over the shock of being reaped to an extent she is being her blunt and sombre self which I am glad to see.
I really enjoyed the relationship between Avia and the tributes and also how she seems to undermine Roxana a lot was fun to read.

I am very pleased to see the re-caps included as many people seem to skip them over but they are always interesting to read about. I think Barke has the better idea about things and he is taking the experience much more seriously than Alyx who is quite naive about it all and seems to think that all she needs are a few allies who she feels look nice and things will be okay. I like Alyx as a character a lot more than Barke and her optimism and sarcasm as a way of dealing with it all are nice to read about but thinking about it realistically I think Barke is probably being smarter about things.
I think it suits his character to not want to be judgemental but I am glad that you showed that to an extent he still is judging as that truly is human nature. I enjoyed his view on the tributes.

I myself wasn't too keen on Kyra and I do have to admit that her section did seem to be more of a filler and nothing happened but it was sensible as not every tribute can stand out a lot and the reality seems that Kyra is just an ordinary girl who is trying to be hopeful but the fear sets in and takes over. The only thing I took from her section is that she is trying to be positive and she is quite kind as shown in her interactions with Eris and I would like to see them allying as their relationship thus far is quite cute.

It was a smart move to have Desire show-cased during the remake and meeting of the stylist as it did strengthen her character and further develop her shallow mindset and possible disorders. I am not too keen on her personally but at the same time she is one of those characters whom you cannot help wanting to see more of because her way of thinking is so different (at least to me) and it's quite refreshing as she does think in such a set way that is rather fascinating.

Calder's section was the more memorable to me. Not only because he is so different in comparison to his partner and the other careers but because of the career interaction, I always enjoy the formation of the career pack and getting a first impression of them and how they will interact. It is clear that even from the beginning many of them are vying for dominance and it is clear that Andras, Sawyer and Desire would like to be the leader so I wonder who it will be. I also wonder what Ainsley role will be as he did pretty much stay quiet. It was rather funny to see Desire put in her place by Sawyer so I sense a rivalry there.
I do question Calder's reasoning for wanting to be with the careers when he is so unlike them.

Visca's little escape was very effective and showed a lot about her again. We always knew she was desperate and paranoid and felt so over-whelmed but of course it would get even worse for her in this situation. Things don't look good for Visca already and even though we know she wasn't trying to cause trouble, the Capitol surely will interpert it in that way. Visca's emotions were very palpable in this section and you really did a good job with her. Tributes like her aren't my favorite as I do find her a little too histronic but in her circumstances I can't really blame her. And I liked the descriptions of each district's outfits put in here too as I agree it is nice to hear but it's good that it didn't take up the whole chapter like how some authors do.

As for any last predictions, I am not too sure and I'll stand by most of my earlier predictions but I can see Alyx with Visca but anything could happen and I look forward to finding out!
MyrtleFalls chapter 14 . 4/16/2013
Okay, just gotta put this out there: I LOVE Avia. She's such a great character with lots of depth to her. When Eris was telling her that he didn't want the Games to change him, I wanted to cry, but obviously I didn't because my heart is a rock.

Barke seems a lot...gentler, I suppose, this chapter. He pseudo-turned down Alyx's alliance, though, which leaves room for my prediction that he'll join the Careers.

Kyra, though, fell flat in her POV. She didn't really DO anything or make you FEEL anything for her, apart from those last few lines.
Thgfan9 chapter 14 . 4/16/2013
I have no sure ideas about alliances which just makes it that bit more exciting.
I think Alyx will try and ally with some of the people she has picked out, I can see her with Visca and Rhain but I'm not sure about Kyra as I think she and Eris already have a forming friendship together. I can't wait for training now.

I think Knox became more developed as a character now and I know more about him. He seems to be hopeful yet not naive and he wants to prove himself, he doesn't like being seen as a kid and the theme of being a hero has recurred here and that's why I agree I could maybe see him allying with Damien.

Barke's decision to be open-minded and not judge on apperance sounds good yes but once you see people in a decision like this automatically you will form opinions and start to decide who to avoid though I don't think it is wise to count people out even if they aren't serious like Aedan or seem harmless like Lydia. Alyx is very enthusiastic about finding allies but Barke is more hesitant, I did expect him to turn her down.

Kyra and Eris are very well suited as allies and already seem friendly so I can see them sticking together. I liked how she realized how afraid she was at the end because of the enthusiasm of the Capitol people, that was well done how she realized they are cheering for their deaths essentially and how uneasy she felt was evident. I did find her's to be the milder section but it is good to have more ordinary people even if she doesn't stand out.

Desire interacted with her stylist and team and viewed the Chariot rides just as I'd expect from her- a chance to look good and gain admiration. Her mindset is very much set, she feels she is loved already and it is all about appearance and then when she met the other careers she developed further and it seems she is not comfortable not being in control and not being the best which relates back to her disorder and obsession with looks, she probably feels like she wants to control everything and uses her looks as her way to feel secure.

I really liked how Calder reacted to everything like the elevator and his entrance to the stables, it was very in character for him and it is clear he is just trying to enjoy his time in the Capitol and he's not taking it seriously.
He also seems very caught up in how pretty his allies are and having a good time and doesn't realize that it may not be the best position for him in the careers as they'll likely view him as the most expendable ally.

Poor Visca freaking out like that, she hasn't made a good impression so far. It was clear that the chariot rides were too much for someone who is so concious of themselves and their looks. She is a little pitying for my liking but I do understand why her thoughts are so centred around her but truly not everyone would be looking at her with so many others there. And good job on the costumes described here, I liked the sound of 3 and 9 and some like 10 and 5 sounded ridicolous haha!

Awesome chapter, I look forward to seeing the rest of the tributes now!
LexisZ-10 chapter 14 . 4/16/2013
I liked that you included the train rides, preparation for the opening ceremony and the chariot rides in one chapter as I mean it all covers arrival and first night and might as well have the Capitol chapters moving on at a steady pace XD I liked this chapter, it was great for the first Capitol one which at times is boring but you had a lot going on and plenty tribute first impressions and interactions.

I liked Knox but he's a little mild in comparison to Rhain who I just found more interesting.
I love the d9 mentor! You've created an awesome character in Avia!
I really wonder how things will go for Knox in the games and I hope he could do well. I'd love to see him with Damien as Knox is also quite into stories and he has the whole idealistic view when it comes to heroes and I liked the words from his grandma being included here.

I don't really feel much from Barke. It seems the whole male-prostitute angle is what makes up the most of his character and so he is just a bit bland in personality and very naive and contradictory and just a bit self-pitying.
I loved the reaping videos being shown and I did agree with most of Barke's opinions but I feel that Alyx shone most here and I truly wonder if she will get the allies she has her eye on XD An all girl alliance could be strong and quite interesting.

Kyra's pov was mostly just visual and her looking out at the passing country and arriving in the Capitol and her very realistic fear and confliction. I did like her feelings, especially toward the end but for me, Kyra is the dullest tribute of the story. I do love normal people but you can be normal and still interesting but Kyra is bland. Her and Eris are lovely as friends and partners and that was endearing to read about.

Desire seems very typical here. I thought she might be different than the typical district 1 girl but here she seemed typically self obsessed and arrogant and just a bit dim. It can't all be about how you look, Desire.
She was interesting with her overly obessive thoughts toward eating and her body so that makes her stand out more and while I hate arrogant and rude careers it is intriguing to read such cocky thoughts and I did like how she interacted with the prep team and her thoughts on them.

Calder is rather irratating but lovable. It's hard to know if I hate to love him or love to hate him. How could anyone be so delusional? I know he didn't volunteer but he should be at least trying to do something to save his life, he's treating it all as just some experience and a joke.
But I do love his refreshing attitude with his allies and the games, he'll be a real contrast if he joins the careers. I do think he is being a bit too naive and it's getting rather dull, no one can be that chilled all of the time, Calder.

And then finally I really liked the inner thought processes you showed within Visca. Her fear was keenly felt and her paranoia, she is so self-concious and anyone would be if the whole country was watching them but it is even more intensly felt from Visca as she has her issues about her disfigured face.
I loved the subtle thrown in descriptions of the outfits! They are fun to hear about but it could be monotonous if you went into too much detail like some people do.

I enjoyed Knox's, Desire's and Visca's pov the most but overall it was a brialliant start to the Capitol events and I'm so excited for more.

Hmm, last prediction is that I see Knox and Damien and that Calder might change his mind and not be with the careers!
Lupus Overkill chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
Well, it feels good to have finally caught up on reviews and reached the first pre-Games chapter for this story; hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with this story. By the way, this definitely made for a fairly good first pre-Games chapter; I was looking forward to watching what happens during training moreso than this part, but this was still quite enjoyable to read. The plots, actions, and characterization of the tributes in this chapter were definitely something I enjoyed reading.

Knox (Train Rides Part 1): I have to say, Knox's part in this chapter was probably one of my favorites; I loved reading about the interactions between him and the mentor. Not only that, but his grandma's warning about allies stood out to me. I'm still not sure how to feel about Rhain at this point, though. I hope Knox manages to make it far despite his age, but that could change; I'll have to wait and see how he develops...

Barke (Train Rides Part 2 AKA Reaping Recaps): Barke's part in this chapter was dull compared to the rest of the chapter, but it summed up the reapings nicely. Not only that, but it explored his character a bit (how he wanted to not judge people on appearances; there's not much else for him to judge someone with other than that at this point). The interactions between Barke and Alyx were another good thing about this section and I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops. Overall, Barke's part recapped the reapings well and managed to further develop District Seven's tributes, but it was a little dull alongside the chapter's later sections.

Kyra (Train Rides Part 3): Kyra's part in this chapter seemed like more of a filler than anything else, but it served to further develop District Twelve's tributes and their relationship. All in all, it was a nice little sequence, but the interactions between her and Eris pale alongside some of the other things that have occurred in this chapter.

Desire (Chariot Preparation): I'll admit, Desire's chariot preparation wasn't the high point of this chapter, but it certainly helped establish her character further. Her obsession with beauty and possible eating disorder have been reintroduced. Her feelings throughout the remake session were interesting as well; it almost felt as if she considered it a tedious chore she had done several times before, which she probably has, considering her past habits.

Calder (Chariot Wait): I'll admit, Calder is one of the characters who doesn't have much appeal for me; he's a bit interesting and makes for some nice comic relief, but I'm not sure I like him that much yet. However, what I did like in this part was watching the dynamics emerging between the Careers; it's interesting how Melody stood back as Andras, Desire, and Sawyer competed for dominance. I can't help wonder what Ainsley's planning to do in the pack as well.

Visca (Chariot Rides): Well, Visca's part of the chapter was definitely an interesting sequence of events; you not only provided description for the chariot outfits, but you also made it memorable through Visca's short, attempted escape at the end. Overall, the fear she felt throughout her part was quite apparent and interesting to read about; her closing line is probably one of my favorites so far.

Well, I don't think I have any new predictions for pre-Games alliances at this point in time, so I'll think I'll leave my predictions from my review for last chapter as is...

Well, that's all I've got to say for now; I'll be eagerly anticipating the training chapter coming up. I'm looking forward to seeing how the alliance situation turns out for all of these tributes, as well as seeing their later performances in the Capitol and in the Games...
Lupus Overkill chapter 13 . 4/15/2013
Well, I've finally gotten to the last reaping chapter, and then it's time to go on to the pre-Games chapters. All of these chapters have introduced the characters quite well, in my opinion, and I'm curious about how they'll develop during their time in the Games. You've done well with this chapter as well, Chaos; I liked most of them, though, so that's nothing new. As for my thoughts on District Eleven's tributes this year...

Damien: Damien seems interesting enough; I certainly liked the Lord of the Rings cameo you inserted in his party. I can't help but wonder how such a book managed to survive so long, especially in a place like Panem. But to continue, his wish for adventures similar to those in the books he reads makes for an interesting character; he's probably in for a harsh reality check at some point in the Games, though. Even so, he certainly doesn't seem like a weak tribute and I should keep an eye for out him. I look forward to seeing how utilize him in this story.

Lydia: I'll admit that Lydia isn't one of my favorite tributes, but I've never liked the kind tributes that much, to be honest. She seem's quite calm and idealistic, and although she isn't my favorite character, I can't help but wonder how she will be impacted by the games. To be honest, I really don't have much to say about her yet other than what I've already stated; she's an interesting tribute, but she's overshadowed by some of the other tributes...

Now that we're coming up on the Capitol chapters, what alliances do you think will be made? Any rivalries?

Well, in terms of alliances, the Career alliance will probably consist of the the tributes from Districts One, Two, and Four, although Calder's position may not be that secure. Not only that, but I think the alliance will be unstable and fraught with rivalry as a whole.

However, the alliances outside the Career pack are a lot harder for me to predict. I can see Phi and Elmo going it alone, and I'm not entirely sure about what Barke will end up doing either. An alliances between District Eight's tributes seems likely as well. As for Cathodra, I'm not entirely sure; Marlee seems like an obvious choice, but there's plenty of other options she could choose from. Another possible alliance I could see occurring is one including Eris and Aedan. For now, those are my predictions for alliances that could form in training.

As for rivalries, there are a few potential ones asides from those within the Career pack. I could see a rivalry between Noalee and Alyx; I think Alyx may envy the life Noalee was able to have. Another one I see happening is one between Phi and Desire, although that may be more of a vehement dislike than an actual rivalry. Other than that, I can't foresee any other rivalries, although there probably will be more than the ones I've predicted.

And now, I've finished reviewing all of the reapings; I'll definitely enjoy the pre-Games chapters. I look forward to seeing what alliances and rivalries will be forming between these tributes as time passes. Once this review is finished, I'll be going on to look at the first pre-Games chapter.
Lupus Overkill chapter 12 . 4/15/2013
Okay, this is the second to last reaping chapter I have to review, and then I can go on to the first pre-Games chapter...

Well, like the chapters before it, this reaping has come out quite nicely; you seem to have portrayed these two tributes well. District Nine's tributes definitely seem quite different from each other this year, but they still seem like they could have an amiable (albeit interesting) relationship.

As for my feelings on these two characters...

Knox: I have to admit, out of these two tributes, I definitely prefer Knox; I like a lot about him as a character and he seems like a good person as well. Although I don't consider him a favorite of mine (yet), I still really enjoyed reading his part; his family relationships were depicted well and he's certainly not the stereotypical younger tribute. The relationship he had with his grandma and the stories she told were an especially memorable part of his reaping. He does seem typical in a sense, but he's still quite unique; I like him.

Rhain: Although I'm not entirely sure I like Rhain as a character yet, the flashbacks you inserted into her part made for a memorable reaping. Still, her background seems a bit cliche, although she isn't a character I vehemently dislike. I don't have much else to say about her besides that, but I look forward to how you develop her character.

Although these two aren't my favorites, they still seem interesting and I look forward to seeing how you develop them (I'm repeating myself a bit there, but that's fine...). As soon as I send in this review, I'll get started on the review for the last reaping chapter so I can finally give my thoughts on all of the tributes now that I've seen them all...
Lupus Overkill chapter 11 . 4/15/2013
And now, to start another review for a reaping. The main comment I have here is that I liked the tribute cameos in this chapter; it helped add an interesting aspect to the reaping. Other than that, I don't have much else to say about the chapter as a whole; the characterization for these two characters was done well and I look forward to seeing how they develop as the plot progresses...

Desire: Although Desire has plenty of stereotypical traits of a District One female (ex. vanity), she's still got plenty of things to set her apart from all of the other District One tribute I've encountered. Although her focus on appearances is nothing new, the way she's taken it to such an extreme (it seems many, including me, suspect she has some kind of eating disorder). She seems arrogant to an extreme as well; I'm not entirely sure of her intelligence (she seems a bit shallow and vain, but she seems to display fairly good reasoning in her planning). Her goodbye with Heliotrope was interesting as well; I wonder if Heliotrope's wish will come true. Overall, she seems like she could develop into a fairly interesting character and I look forward to seeing more of her.

Ainsley: Ainsley definitely seems like one of the more level-headed tributes in this years' games; he's clearly more than a fighter. He set himself apart from other Careers with how he chose to read rather than actually fight at the training center during the morning of the Reaping. Although reaped tributes from Career districts aren't usually of preference to me, you've pulled it off with both Andras and Ainsley; the reasons no one volunteered were fairly realistic, although I wonder why no one challenged Ainsley's request for no volunteers. Even so, I think Ainsley could be a Career to watch out for, and like the rest of these tributes, I look forward to seeing more of him.

District One definitely has an interesting pair of tributes this year, although I'm not entirely sure about their competence as Careers yet. Other than that, I don't have much else to say to them besides that I look forward to seeing these two develop (that's probably true for the majority, if not all of these tributes). And now, I'll be going on to review District Nine's Reapings...
JabberjayHeart chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
I think I like Knox? I don't know, I still enjoy his character like I did last time, but I can't pinpoint as to why I like him or what his personality is like. He's still very much enjoyable and I'd love to see him pass the bloodbath, though I find it unlikely at his age... still. I haven't got much to say on Knox, but I don't hate, I just don't love love him. He's more middle for me.

Barke has kinda lost it with me. I mean, the angle was brilliant - never done before as far as I could tell - but it wears thin at times. It's cute, his conversation with Alyx and how positive she's acting, but District Seven rarely does it for me and Barke has slightly slipped. I did find his POV enlightening, though, because like others I really enjoy seeing a tribute reflect about the others!

Kyra is... um. Yeah. I don't have an opinion on Kyra too much but average isn't all that bad. Sometimes, a little average can balance out a lot of overwhelming personalities and backgrounds. It's true, Kyra doesn't stand out much here or before, but I guess that gives her an advantage - being forgettable means no-one is placing a direct target on your back! I like her, but for now, I can't see her doing well without an alliance... luckily Alyx wants her!

So Teddy-like. Desire is pretty and deadly ;o I enjoy her a lot, actually, and for me she's probably the most interesting of all the female Careers (Melody is a little too... psychopathic and stereotypical for my taste, whilst Sawyer is very much in my face, haha), but Sawyer isn't far behind. I like them both really, just not Melody. Desire is very much egotistical and overwhelming. I can't wait to see her subplots since, frankly, I think she'll be one of the hardest to undergo serious development and changes, but might also be the one that literally breaks apart when said incident may or may not happen! D; I have faith in you, Chaos!

Calder was legit my favourite part of this chapter. His attitude and personality still makes me smile shamelessly :') The Career gathering was another reason as to why this is my favourite chapter. I knew that they would just argue - and I even betted on Sawyer, Melody and Desire being at each others throats, minus Melody currently, the little sociopath - but it was more entertaining than serious! This is where I loved Sawyer and Andras' comment on the train and then Sawyer's follow-up :') Desire is seriously going to be overwhelmed, and soon. Where was Ainsley? Poor guy, just standing there. I have a feeling I'm going to love the Career alliance in the arena xD

And to top it off, Visca. I've never liked Visca too much, to be perfectly honest, but it's nice to see her terror and fear. The nose thing really makes me wonder, though... I can't wrap my head around it. But yeah. Leaping off the chariot and running, though, that doesn't sound like a great idea! Shiloh my baby you hold on you hold on.

Okay, done! Well done Chaos, I've been waiting for this for a very long time now ;o don't make me wait longer!
Lupus Overkill chapter 10 . 4/15/2013
I'm sorry I haven't caught up on my reviews for this story sooner; hopefully, I'll have caught up on all of the reviews for these chapters by the times you have the next pre-games chapter up. As for the chapter itself, I basically have little to say that hasn't already been said by myself or others; the characters seem interesting, and the plot and characterization for them is well-done as well.

Here's my thoughts on District Six's tributes and what happened during their POVs...

Noalee: Overall, Noalee seems quite interesting as a character, although I do question how she manages to get away with what she does; I'd imagine a mayor's daughter would've been kept on a tighter lease, but it does add an interesting aspect to her character. Overall, she seems somewhat similar to Alyx in how she acts poor and seems a bit tomboyish as well (actually, that's probably an understatement, seeing what she's done in this chapter; she seems quite tough). Even so, she's quite a unique and memorable character, and I like her a lot.

Kalen: As for Kalen, he stood out, although different things stood out for him than what stood out from Noalee. His thoughts on morality were interesting; he's certainly an unorthodox character in that regard, as he respects the hardworking and looks down on anyone who doesn't help themselves. The fact his dad worked for the Capitol while Kalen loathed it was another aspect of him that stood out to me. The thoughts he had when he was reaped were also interesting. His goodbyes weren't that interesting to me, to be honest, but they still helped develop Kalen as a character. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for him.

Well, that's all I'll say on these two for now; they seem like an interesting pair, to say the least. The story seems to be doing well so far, and I look forward to the rest of this story. And now, I'm continuing on to the next chapter to catch up on the four reviews I should leave on this story.
Even when musics gone chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
I really liked this chapter and seeing the tributes in a deeper way as all we seen was them when they were reaped so we get more insight now and I can't wait for the rest :-)

I liked Knox and Cal the most as they were the more realistic characters and Cal is funny and light-hearted and Knox is adorable and authentic.

I liked the career alliance interaction and the recaps and Visca's descriptions of the chariots!

Great work :)
amr97 chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
Although I liked this chapter, I have my reservations about the six-POV, four-chapter format for the Capitol. It seems like we may not get to see each of the characters very often-but then again, most stories only give us one or two anyways, just less per chapter, so I'll hold judgement until the Games start.

That being said, I still liked this chapter. The pace didn't seem forced, which was my biggest fear. And we got enough of the character's thoughts as to be able to identify them better. The good news is that I can name every tribute off the top of my head, along with their personality, which is awesome.

I liked Rhain much more in this chapter than I did during the Reapings, because this is really the first glance at her personality: detachment as the underlying theme. Knox is right about himself being in a story (things just got metaphysical), and the internal debate about whether he was the hero was interesting, considering there are twenty-three other potential "heroes". Besides that, not much happened in this section; Avia is a good, interesting character as a mentor, and resignation after winning the Games radiates off of her.

Barke's section felt like a throwaway part for a fairly uninteresting character: it served to give us the tributes' general perception of their peers. His and Alyx's interplay was enjoyable, because if not for the circumstances, I could see them being friends. If I read it right he mentioned potential threats, besides the careers, as being: Elmo, Phi, and the pair from Six? If that's the case for everybody, they'll either be left completely alone or be popular candidates for alliances. Probably more so alliance-wise for the Sixes.

Kyra and Eris make a cute pair, although they're not too interesting. While I completely endorse having commonplace people in the Games, nothing at all stands out about Kyra. Not to say she's a bad character, but she fades into the background. I don't think its because of all the "bigger" personality tributes, but just because she's more of a supporting type. Maybe she'll grow on me during the Games-assuming she makes it past the bloodbath.

Desire still feels rather bland to me. I get it, she's smarter than the average District One ditz but shares personality traits with them. Also, she ostensibly has anorexia or some other eating disorder. Nothing stood out about her section, and to be honest I got kind of bored with it. There wasn't enough original personality.

Calder, on the other hand, had what was probably my favorite section of the chapter. I had him pegged as pure comic relief, but he has a kinder and broader personality than I imagined. It was hilarious to see the dialogue with the careers (I totally called that they would be fighting, by the way). I'm a bit surprised that they just let Calder in without seeing him in training first, but perhaps they'll betray him early.

Visca's part was at least nice because you didn't just tell us about the outfits; rather, you interspersed action was descriptive sentences. Visca and Shiloh make quite the timid pair. I can imagine the Capitol's cheering decrease when they enter, because they would almost certainly regard Visca's nose as a hideous imperfection.

On a side note, I'm glad people some people liked Elmo in the poll. I don't think I even voted for him. Or maybe I did. But either way, at least three other people like him.
truces chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
I liked this chapter a lot. Good work. :3
jakey121 chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
Yay the first Capitol Chapter! I've been looking forward to this and it's finally here :D

Knox- He's still a very likeable tribute in my opinion and is still focused on the whole hero thing, but I must say I definitely loved the conversations going on in this. Rhain seems definitely upset and pretty blunt with Knox and him defending himself as not being a child seems a very typical thing for someone his age to do so I thought that was sweet. Their mentor is also a brilliant character, she cares for them but doesn't sugarcoat anything. She's realistic about their chances and I think that really might help Knox and Rhain.

Barke- Yes, I saw on the other two reviews about how he was contradictory and I completely agree. But realistically you say you don't want to judge on appearances, which makes sense given Barke's background, but to form opinions on tributes in just the re-caps the appearance is really all you've got going. That and their reaction to being reaped. I liked Alyx during this, she has a much more lighter personality than Barke and was laughing and being sarcastic to try and lighten the mood.

Kyra- These two characters aren't bad, I'll give you that much. Every story really does need its classic average kids who have been plucked from their lives and forced to the Hunger Games. And I do like Kyra and Eris because they have such a cute friendship and a great reaction to everything going on around them. But, compared to nearly all the other tributes because everyone else has such big personalities or something different about them, they are in the background unfortunately.

Desire- Oh I love Desire. Her arrogance is just a classic District One thing and the way she centres everything around appearances is just hilarious. The prep team and their reaction to how she already looked after herself was a great touch and that seemed to make Desire even more arrogant. I did love the fact you included Tigris in this, that subtle hint was really well done on your part!

Calder- Along with Desire and Andras, he's my favourite career. He's chilled and laid back compared to everyone in the alliance and although this may make him stand out and actually hated by the others he doesn't seem to care and only wants a good time. Desire trying to take control only to have Sawyer especially knock her down at each attempt was funny, I wonder who will become the leader of the careers.

Visca- I liked her insight into every single chariot outfit, personally I don't like chariot rides in syot's because the entire POV is about a paragraph on each outfit and nothing else. You didn't do this and I'm glad, you only gave a little sentence for some of the districts so good job! Visca's reactions were very in character although I'm sure her little escape won't help her chances. I know she didn't do it to try to be rebellious but little things like that never stand too well with the Capitol.

Great chapter!
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 14 . 4/15/2013
YAY! THE CAPITOL HAS ARRIVED! I like how you are doing six povs in each chapter :D that just makes me excited because we get to meet a lot of tributes in each chapter and see varrying perspectives and views, seriously this was brilliant and the characters are already becoming so life-like and I'm learning more about them already ;D

I love Knox! And District Nine in general. Avia is such a good mentor character, I loved her from last year. She really does care about the tributes but she's bitter and isn't too hopeful and she's still hurt from her time in the Games, that much is so clear and the whole emphasis on Victors changing and loosing themselves was a good touch.
I really liked Knox here, he's kind of awkward and gawky and not overly innocent which is refreshing for a 13 year old XD I liked how he was trying to show he wasn't just a kid and Avia and Rhain laughed.
I liked Rhain a lot more here than the reaping. She seems sullen and blunt and not altogether there- she seems pretty numbed and out of it which she would if she is suffering from depression.
SO yes I love District 9 okay :D

Barke is so contradictory. He doesn't want to judge on looks and first impressions as he doesn't like it happening to him yet he ends up doing it! Although that is very realistic as most people would do that and of course watching recaps you would form opinions but he may be too hasty, you can't tell who is a big threat and who to rule out just by a recap... he must be very intutitive if he's able to already suss that he shouldn't trust Melody ... I wasn't too bothered by Barke, he's alright and all of his opinions and reactions did match up to how he was in the reaping, I'm much more interested by Alyx than Barke. But great job with the recaps!

Kyra's pov was more bland in comparison to the others, 12 is so dull this year but they are quite likable and come on we do need a pair of nice, normal kids caught up in the madness as most of the other tributes are very powerful personalities or at least more memorable. I liked the descriptions of the surroundings outside of the train... it just makes me sad for some reason as the only reason they are getting to see all of this is because they have been taking from home to likely die.
I liked the friendship with Kyra and Barke and also the ending of the pov was effective- it was pretty emotional and made me feel sympathy for Kyra which was the first thing I felt toward her at all.

Desire was typical to how I thought she'd be acting XD God that girl is brainwashed by her obsession with her appearance, it is almost pitiful. I don't think she is as strong or threatening as Barke thought during the recaps, she just seems unstable and delusional but actually that could be deadly in the arena and she could end up freaking out in there.
I liked her interactions with her prep team and stylist as she acted just how she should have and I loved the subtle comment thrown in about Tigress loosing her touch as that is what supposedly happened to her, isn't it? She was fired as a stylist because she wasn't as good anymore?

Calder XD I love him so much, why can't all careers be funny and chilled like you?
I am conflicted... I don't know if I want him in the careers or not. It'd be hilarious and he would be the comedic relief of the alliance and I can see them all getting worked up and annoyed as his laid back attitude but he really doesn't seem to fit in with them at all? He could get his own allies who match his personality better and who would be less likely to sabotage him.
I liked the comment about Aedan laughing at Calder's joking attitude :P trust him to do that.
But LOL a cow costume... *facepalms*
I liked the interaction with the careers. Desire seems to be trying hard to be serious and take control and it was kind of funny seeing Sawyer completly undermine her... even if Sawyer is annoying and too arrogant. Andras and Ainsley will probably get on well as they are both quite serious and intimidating and it looks like Melody has them all fooled for now.

And Visca... I liked her pov because of the descriptions of all the other tributes and the chariots and outfits. I don't really give much thought on clothes eh whatever they just make you not naked? But I do like to hear about the Chariot rides and costumes but not in excessive detail so you handled it perfectly by showing it in one pov as an over-view. I liked it as it fit in with Visca to use looking at the costumes as a distraction to her nerves and paranoia.
I didn't like Visca that much, I just don't warm too her and she's one of those characters that kind of seem like they really want pity and it just annoys me but I did like her reaction, especially at the end. She would feel like everyone was watching her.

Knox and Calder were my favorites here, I really loved them but Desire was really interesting too and Barke's section was good because of the recaps and I liked the detail in Visca's but Kyra... she's really dead-weight on the story ALREADY... sorry Kyra!
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