Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
Tear That Cherry Out chapter 31 . 10/30/2013
I don't agree. Not at all. I cried during this chapter. I don't think you deserve a review. I loved her last line though. So beautiful. Shiloh, the bitch. I don't care if was Inez. Shiloh is to be blamed. Rhain died. She didn't deserve to die. Who knew reading stories could get you so attached? Can I join your next SYOT?

Can I? Really? Because your writing is flawless, unfortunately. Jealousy is a bitch.
Anla'shok chapter 31 . 10/30/2013
Andras is the most level headed of them but even he is rattled by the arena, it's just less obvious since less focused Andras is still pretty focused. I like how he stays ruthless but not cruel. He's likable without being a good person.*

I really loved the untrained tributes parts because it screams unexperienced and the general craziness and stress really show through. Considering how normal people flip out when they're lost and in the dark, it's nice to see tributes really reacting to the arena.
Rhain's death was well done, it was a mix of intentional and unintentional and having it weaponless was a bonus. i wonder if Shiloh will attack Inez. It looks like his thoughts are steering that way, at least he sounds like he wants to leave.

I also appreciated you keeping track of the strain they're all putting on their bodies.
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 31 . 10/29/2013
I don't want to fall behind on you again so I'm reviewing in between sweating and puking lmfao.

I'm really excited for the reveal of the top 3 now, especially because I was convinced that Rhain was going to be there- I really had my mind set on her with Andras and Inez but now I'm not so sure. Seeing as Andras has found Sawyer I am convinced one of them is the next death so that'll mean whoever survives goes into the finale along with Shiloh and Inez which is something I never expected. As much as I love your spoilers, I'm happy to actually go into something with surprises for once.

Inez- I think the way she was glad to see she was doing better than Shiloh was pretty realistic but the fact she feels guilty over it is so Inez-ish.
Is she kind of losing her mind or is the arena actually playing tricks- I mean the way she looked and saw blood coming from Shiloh's mouth, yeah probably just a trick of the eye due to mental exhaustion and all that yay! LOL.
It's good to see she is still hung up on Knox, well not good for her but good because it is realistic for that to effect her so much.

Rhain- She finally lost it and I think it was a long time coming because there were cracks present in her sanity from the first day but she managed to hold out for so long but it makes sense that the death of her friend and ally would push her over the edge. She was actually wild here, I don't think she was being Rhain at all or thinking properly but that is what the Games does to people.
The fight was really chaotic and their inexperience and reluctance was clear but then the adrenaline took over and they sort of got more into it. And Inez is a lot stronger than I expected! Good, I hope she can survive the approaching fights in the finale :D

Shiloh- I really did like Rhain more than most of the others remaining but I do have to go with your reasoning, her time was up, she had to go and it was a good opportunity for one more really emotional death. The death of Rhain was always going to be more powerful than her victory which is kind of twisted and wrong but hey that is the nature of these type of stories, don't judge me :L
And I like the way you handled the actual death because I don't think Shiloh or Inez could ever have truly hurt someone like Rhain.
The reactions of Inez and Shiloh were pretty tragic... okay stop I don't want to think too much into this and like die or something LOL

Andras- WOOO ANDRAS HELLO. I love him even more every time I read about him. He is ruthless but only because he wants to survive and has a lot to come home to and he wants to prove a point and its clear he is only doing it for him and his life not for glory and to please the capitol which makes him an interesting career in my eyes (even though he wasn't ever with the careers he still basically is one)
THAT WAS EASY LOL. Okay he's found Sawyer! I think I know the outcome of this scene but I'm going to keep it to myself.

PenMagic chapter 31 . 10/28/2013
This was so cool! I really liked how you did this and the descriptions were fantastic. I liked the fight, how wild the three tributes seemed and what happened as a result. The last POV was very interesting, I liked how you did it and I'm intrigued as to what will happen next. Two more Games chapters? That is crazy!
I've finished by the way, I posted the last chapter yesterday!
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 30 . 10/28/2013
Andras: He's always so calm about everything and casual and it makes me laugh LOL even when he got thrown out of the window he was sort of like eh and just got back up and then crazed Phi ends up impaling himself and still moaning about being lied to. This was the best possible death for Phi, it makes the most sense that he would die while going on the rampage, he never was fully sane and of course his luck was going to run out.
Andras's thought on returning home to Grant make me die and want to hate you because ugh :( we know he might not do it and hearing him always thinking about it is just ugh.

Sawyer: She confuses me so much, we she actually acts humane it's in a twisted way but to Sawyer, leaving Desire there and not finishing it herself probably does seem kindest even though it's not. She wouldn't really grasp the fact that it'd be better to just put her out of her misery :/ which is kind of sick. I guess she didn't really want to feel guilt personally for someone she was a friend of? well sort of friends.
Ugh this means Sawyer got to kill the whole of District one.
All Sawyer ever thinks about his joining the family business, it's clear that that has been drilled into her for her whole life.

Desire: UGH DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE HER A DYING POV, NO. I felt so bad for her here, she probably was the most deluded and probably weakest person in the story and she only realised now that it was such a bad decision to put herself into this, I guess that happens a lot of people but Desire should have realised this ugh she could be in district one like modeling or putting on make up right now lol
It was good in a way that she had to suffer before she died as it helped her understand and forgive Ainsley for making her kill him.

Shiloh: He wanted to help Desire aw :/ Shame it was too late I suppose, he could have killed her if he found her earlier and stopped the suffering.
He does focus A LOT on killing Alyx but it makes sense, it is a big thing especially for a normal kid like him. I like how he finds comfort in Inez and likes the little bond they share over Aedan, that's nice among all the terrible things.
I think Shiloh will maybe die next.
OH and clever idea! I like how he reflected upon when the dementor attack took him over and he thought maybe he was thinking about a time that he harmed himself, that actually makes so much sense.

I'm going to miss Phi :(
Andras, Rhain and Inez for the top 3 please and if not Rhain then Shiloh. Basically anyone but Sawyer please.
Okay I'm going to try and stay awake for you to update :D
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 29 . 10/28/2013
LATE AGAIN. But it's a good time now huh?

I thought the emotions here were really well portrayed in her. I know people are bored of Rhain in a way but I'm not I think her ongoing struggle has been interesting to read and it has been ongoing and steadily declining not like an instant change. I feel like you are one of the only authors who really go in depth into the thoughts of the tributes, in a lot of stories all you get is like thoughts focused on the arena and the Games but you really show who they are supposed to be as a person and I like that.
How she was finding it so hard to walk away from Alyx, that was really in character for Rhain, I feel like that she finds it hard to let go of things and to move on. She always feels very conflicted like she wants to do things but she finds it hard to gather up the strength- I like that internal struggle.

Ainsley: The demise of the Jett, finally! I wasn't sure how it would happen, he seemed so indestructible and like he'd be hard to defeat but it happened just like that and it reminded the reader of how they are all only children after all and that death can come so easily, it almost made me feel sad, and yeah I've never been an Ainsley fan at all.
Desire's reaction here and in the next chapter were good for her character- I think this needed to happen to open her eyes up as she was so oblivious before this.
Sawyer leaving Desire there was different, I thought that with Ainsley basically dying she'd take the opportunity to wipe Desire out but hmmm no it was different reaction than I expected for Sawyer which I liked.

Inez: I never thought I'd see her with an ally, I thought she'd stay alone to the end but it goes along with the fact that she is slowly changing and learning new things and she is starting to realise she can't always just push people away so that's good growth. Her and Shiloh have a bond, it's a bond over one of the worse possible things but still a bond. Inez's guilt seems more acute than Shiloh's, Shiloh is all over the place and confused but Inez is really getting down over the fact she has killed someone.
I think her character has been on the best and most whirlwind emotion journeys.

I won't make any predictions since it isn't fair as uh I already know and I'm just a stupid and slow reviewer.

OKAY ONE REVIEW DOWN. in the hopes you will update :') I need something to do! and read! and I have a feeling next chapter takes us to the final 3? AND I WANT TO KNOW.
Spartan Army chapter 30 . 10/26/2013
I think top 3 will be Inez, Sawyer, and Rhain. And I hope the victor will be Inez or Rhain. Great story! Update soon!
Thomas J. Flynn chapter 30 . 10/24/2013
I finally tore myself away from Pokemon X and writing my own story to give this story the attention it deserves. I have to say that two scenes in this chapter particularly stuck out to me as impressive, the fight between Phi and Andras was your best fight yet and Desire's death was particularly moving.
Spartan Army chapter 20 . 10/22/2013
Awesome, awesome! Applause! I loved Noalee too, she was a nice character. I also really like Knox Blade and Rhain Miller. Your an awesome author, and thanks for keeping us happy with the quick updates! Your awesome! And also, can you check out my story, Before the Rebellion: The 71st Annual Hunger Games?

JabberjayHeart chapter 30 . 10/21/2013

Firstly, let's talk about the final five and why I totally, 100% agree:
Sawyer is playing the antagonist. She has no heart, biting sarcasm, and her fight scenes are the most memorable of all the tributes (bar Andras vs Phi). We need someone who will kill without remorse or a heart. Sawyer fits that perfectly.
Andras is a pseudo-antagonist in my eyes, because whilst he'll kill without a second thought and is generally obnoxious sometimes (ilu bby), he has a heart, feelings, and a lot of love by a lot of reviewers.
Shiloh has had an emotional rollercoaster from the get-go. Aedan and Noalee died whilst he was there. He killed Alyx, and is now with Inez. His actions and golden heart make a tragic entrance into the final five.
Rhain has captured the hearts of everyone with a fragile, mama side. She's a true testament to why the Hunger Games - and Panem, for that matter - are cruel people.
And then Inez has gone to hell and back, burnt her morals out and tried to recapture them, all because she wants to win more than anything. She has a fighter's spirit, with the heart of a child. She's realistic and poignant pretty much all the time.


Like no, Phi, you did it xD He completed his life mission to throw someone outta window! You go, my ugly boy!
The fight was tense. But, I knew the outcome. Phi was feral, like a wild Pokemon. He just appeared outta nowhere and striked, hoping to win. Andras had more training and skills. By this point, Phi had lost the plot.

Not surprised. You killed Desire Blanchard!
Naw, I saw it coming. I actually truly, truly pitied Desire in this chapter. You brought her out of her shell, and made her humane. I loved that. I was actually hoping Desire could kill Sawyer in this chapter... out of them two, I never know who to like more.
And then Desire died... ;_;

Shiloh helping Desire was sweet, all things considering.
A classic sign of a nice boy. You done a good thing with the show not tell, there, so props. Inez's hesitation was even more poignant because it shows she's still in character, not rushing into things without being shunted.
As Anla mentioned, they are two people who kill out of accident and force, not want or desire.
They were forced - and they found each other, which is quite a bitter sweet thing to think about.


In this order, I would like Inez, Andras, Rhain and then Sawyer (not including Shi, ofc).
Admittedly, Rhain is my least favourite of the bunch, but probably still one of my top ten favourites out of all the characters, ngl. It's just this last bunch happen to be my few favourites really. That's why I wholeheartedly agree with your choices.

Personally, for final three, I want: Andras, Shiloh, and Inez.
Think, though, is: Andras, Inez, and Rhain.

For me, Rhain is at the perfect moment to make THE most memorable death in this entire story, with emotions and feelings and coming to terms with things and everything.
In fact, Shiloh is the same, too, and Inez, but Inez should go further. Shiloh would also have the perfect death right about now too.
But alas, Andras and Sawyer will fight eventually to counter their one in the bloodbath that lost Marlee's fingers, so I suspect that Sawyer will kick the bucket without a doubt.
Sawyer isn't there. Not at all. With the other four, well, it's anyone's game!

Gammy Writing!
Anla'shok chapter 30 . 10/21/2013
Poor Phi. Ugly manipulated Phi, impaled himself in rage.

No alright, I'm laughing my head off, but poor Phi still. You managed to instill a glimmer of potential humanity there when I gave you this bitter and aggressive canvas to work with and managed not to turn him into a caricature.

Andras keeps his head in a crisis without being unawares of the danger, and that's what makes him such a good Career. He's not over the top but his training is very apparent and he cares just enough to be sympathetic.

The window scene, actually the whole scene deserves an illustration. Unfortunately I can't draw worth a damn.

Sawyer's brand of respect is to leave Desire wounded there... why? To spare herself the guilt of killing? In case a sponsor parachute comes down to help her. Anyway Sawyer's never been a leading personality to me but she's never completely faded out. Not everuone can have a greater-than-life personality and Sawyer's desire to win and Career mindset are pretty clear.
I did like her thoughts about being alone. The way they were phrased made me smile.

Aww, Desire. The normal (well screwed up but rather normal) girl who thought she was a Career. I liked her because she hadn't been changed too much by training. She had the mindset of someone her age instead of the crystal focus Careers like Andras or Sawyer. She wasn't weak but she never let go of her humanity enough to become a great contestant. She was an original trained tribute.

Shiloh is obsessed by the fact he murdered someone but since he paired up with Inez it's been a more reasonable obsession. He's thinking about it without going hysterical and he seems much more in control now. The way he helped Desire without freaking out at the blood was sweet.
I like the alliance dynamics because they are a vivid reminder that in the end it's everyone for himself but there's still a place for decency.

Top Three:
Andras and Sawyer will be pushed together and the gamemakers will separate Shiloh and Inez. Rhain is alone so if she's lucky, she may have a bit of respite.

I'd like a final two between two people who don't want to kill. Or at least see at some point two people, in cold blood (not some rush of panic), who don't want to kill, having to face off. Inez vs Rhain could be fascinating (yes, I'm cruel) because I'm not sure Inez could bring herself to kill a mother if she's given the time to think about it and Rhain is weaker. Anyway, it would be interesting.

Sawyer is the character that interests me the least here. Shiloh has had one of the greatest emotional roller-coaster arcs I have ever read. He may panic completely at the thought of having to kill again. I don't think he's solid enough to win unless he gets lucky.
Andras... I wouldn't mind him winning at all, it's just that he erases the potential for true conflict by being a remorseless murderer who can overpower every left.

Anyway, it's been a great story with a wonderful pace and characters you fleshed out beautifully. I doubt you'll fail us with the ending.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 30 . 10/20/2013

Andras's pov was all seriousness and determination and all of a sudden a wild Phi appears and he is screaming about being lied too. I love who Andras was just like annoyed at him like 'who lied to you, boy.' he didn't even freak out or anything like I would if a wild Phi ran at me while screaming XD. Andras was so casual about it LOL
I loved getting a deeper insight into Andras's reasoning for volunteering- it's clear that mainly it was for Grant and for their life together and also to gain the respect that Andras really seems to crave. I love how Andras has emotions when it comes to Grant but he doesn't for much else.
Phi's death wasn't particularly emotional and he was still screaming about the lies LOL but I will miss him so much, he was crazy and wild and brought something special to the story.

Sawyer makes me cringe for some reason. On the outside and to other people she seems so mean and cool and snarky but her internal thoughts are often very childish and simplistic like 'I want to get home to my daddy and family business' I do not know why but that makes me feel cringed. LOL
I didn't particularly enjoy her thoughts here at all up until she met Desire, then it got interesting.
Ironic indeed that she cut her almost in the same place that ended up causing Ainsley to die- well beg for death from Desire.

Desire's death and thoughts about it were so fitting- how she realized why Ainsley did what he did and why she wanted to die so much at that moment because of the fear and pain.
I never was a big fan of her but she was always interesting and a dynamic character and I agree with Jake- after reading about her mother, I am sad she had to die but I do think it was her time.

I am really happy with this top 5!
For top three I'd love Andras, Rhain and Inez but I have a feeling it'll be Sawyer, Shiloh and Inez.

I am so excited for the next chapter.

MyrtleFalls chapter 30 . 10/20/2013
This chapter was so good, Chaos! Everything was so well-written. Phi and Andras' fight was definitely the highlight of this chapter, I think, or possibly Inez and Shiloh's talking, because that was really sweet. I'm surprisingly sad that Desire died...but just that is some big kudos to you. Desire was really stupid in the beginning but you developed her so well that she became one of my favorites.

Top three? I'm thinking that Andras and Sawyer will have their duel before the top three, so one of them will be gone. I also think that Rhain will probably die from...something.

Victor? Inez (hopefully!)

Great, great chapter Chaos!

Tear That Cherry Out chapter 30 . 10/20/2013
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Want: Rhain, Inez and whoknowswho.
Rhain is such a great character. I loved her from the start to finish. You have written her portrayals so wonderful, and she is amazing.
Inez was one of the tributes I started to love in the latter stages. She was such an amazing role-model to Knox, and then she killed him. Hilarious.

Think: Sawyer, Inez, Rhain.
Sawyer is the scariest bitch going. She is also so strong, but she is still a bitch.
Inez is too good to let go.
Rhain is too nice to let go.
jakey121 chapter 30 . 10/20/2013
Andras- I'm still rooting for his character to not die simply because of poor Grant ;_; By himself though he's still an interesting person to read about, I mean he's got a good reason to want to win and go home. It's not about glory and fame (in the usual sense), he just wants to be accepted, people like him- and I find that honourable. He's still quite arrogant though and got a lot of the typical career aspects into his character, but he is more than just an ordinary career so I'm really hoping he can make it to the finale! I feel a career needs to be there, and out of those you have it should be Andras :D
The fight with Phi... HE WAS PUSHED OUT OF A WINDOW LOL! I'M SO HAPPY YOU DID THAT XD Phi was either going to become so out of control that he'd have overwhelmed Andras and killed him, or what you did and I'm glad it was this way. Phi's mental stability had completely gone because of Clementine, I actually pity Phi now- Clementine got what she wanted :( But still, they had their showdown and I'm happy with the result. Phi must have been completely crazy to just walk into the broken staff without even noticing it, but it makes a lot of sense. I won't necessarily miss his character but he added something no one else did so I'll miss him in that sense. Yeah goodbye Phi :D

Sawyer- Oh Sawyer, I honestly don't know whether to like you or hate you. Compared to the entire career pack you were my favourite but now I think you're just becoming a little bit... I don't know, maybe dull. Like I want her around for the fight with Andras but for him to win that showdown as well :D I like that Sawyer's still remaining strong physically but mentally she's becoming quite fatigued and just less energetic and arrogant than she has been before.
So she was in the Harry Potter bit, I know it probably won't happen but it would be cool if there was actually a way into the forest, just to see a tribute in that bit and what could be in there! I was anticipating this fight as well, after being the reason Ainsley died it was only natural for Desire to become angry and want to get her revenge. But despite having that reason to kill Sawyer, compared to Sawyer she really didn't have the skills so it's obvious that Desire would never have managed to deal a fatal blow or anything. But it was good to see some morality in Sawyer, I never expected her to show mercy but she did so maybe I can start liking her character a lot more now!

Desire- Despite going off her in the previous couple of chapters I really felt bad for her here, and actually wanted her to pull through and make it further :( We see a lot of quick deaths and you don't obviously get to hear from the person dying what it's like, but with Desire it was drawn out as the cut wasn't too deep that she'd have died straight away. The thoughts of pain and death...ugh they were brilliantly written but really sad to read. Now that I've seen her final eight interview I was imagining her mum watching this... UGH poor her :'(
However it did feel right for her to die. Without any allies her character would have started to fade and become dull as her own thoughts only went so far, she needed Ainsley especially to stand out so it was good to at least want to have revenge on Sawyer and cause her any form of harm, but then fail. As sad as it is, you did make the right decision and I wonder what her death will do to Sawyer. If she'll accept it easily and move on, or actually feel guilty and let it effect her in a future fight or something.

Shiloh- Ugh why now of all times do I suddenly have to start becoming connected with him -.- He's probably going to die as I can't exactly see him winning and then I'll actually probably be really upset when it happens. I preferred it when he didn't mean that much to me XD
Anyway this POV was probably my favourite as I was wondering with the last chapter how Inez and Shiloh would get along, as Inez has never had an ally and the allies Shiloh had all died. It's sad that the one thing they share is the fact they've both killed and what makes it even worse is that Shiloh genuinely feels terrible for killing Alyx. I'm not even mad at him for that, it irritates me to no end when a submitter suddenly hates the tribute that killed theirs. I'm not like that, and I really feel bad for Shiloh. He didn't mean to, it's his terrible past that led him to lashing out and unfortunately Alyx was too close and ended up getting killed.
It was really touching what he did for Desire. I mean she was dead but it was great he didn't want to just leave her lying in a pool of her own blood. No one deserves death, but it's nice that he thought she didn't deserve that either. Inez seems, not wary of Shiloh, but reluctant. I wonder now that they're back in this beach/forest bit what's going to happen. I doubt the Gamemakers will use the same trick and cause the two of them to fight so only one can leave, I'm actually hoping that maybe Rhain finds them.
I want to see what Rhain is like around Shiloh. If she can forgive him or if she'll try to kill him. Despite being connected I want Shiloh to die because I have my preferred top three and he isn't in it :( But I'll still be upset when (if) he dies, so I'm not looking forward to it happening XD

Any predictions for Top Three? Victor?:

Okay, this is actually difficult because I can see you having any of these remaining five in the top three!
I would like to see a finale between: Andras, Rhain and Inez. I feel there has to be a career, and I'd prefer Andras over Sawyer. Shiloh is a great tribute but he's too weak really to add much to the finale. Rhain and Inez because I've always been connected with them and I think it would be great to see how they react when fighting each other and Andras.
I can't decide on who I think you'll decide on...honestly it could be anyone at this point- if I have to say one person I don't think will make it... hmmm... Shiloh. I just don't see it happening.
As for victor, like with above probably anyone but Shiloh. I'd love to see it being Rhain, she's my top choice. Second would be Inez, and third Andras. But honestly I'd be happy seeing Sawyer as well, and Shiloh if I'm completely wrong and he is in the final three!

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