Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
Guest chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
Tbh I totally forgot about rain and alyx since they were so inactive throughout the games... Hey shil
MyrtleFalls chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
My first thoughts on this chapter: Dementor's Kiss? IT'S RHAIN I KNOW IT!

Reading Alyx's POV: Oh. Hmm. The dementors don't act how I expected them to. Personally, I thought that they would basically do what they do in HP and bring back your worst memories and your fear 'n' stuff and then you would go insane, so I thought it'd be Rhain 'cause she has more bad memories. But this way, the dementors force the tributes to kill one another instead of doing the dirty work themselves...hmmm. Clever Capitol.

I wish I could miss Alyx more because she seems like a nice person, but I never really connected with her. :(

Okay, backtracking:

Phi: OMTL HE'S IN THE LORD OF THE FLIES ARENA AAAAAAAH INEZ RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIIIFE! Phi's gonna kill her! Noooo! Not Inez! *sobs* Chaos, spare her, I beg!

*clears throat* Ahem. Anyway. Phi knows Clementine betrayed him...oooh. Honestly, what I don't get is the fact that the tributes know that they're in the spotlight nearly 24-7, so why don't they talk to their family and stuff? So if I were him, I'd start screaming at her, telling her that he knew. So that she'd feel bad, yknow? Although I suppose that would ruin his plan 'cause then she'd relocate to another District...well, okay. But still. In general, why don't they acknowledge the fact that their family's watching?

Desire: Ahhhhhh...Ainsley's not going to back you up THAT much, Desire. Don't get too reliant on him to save you. That is all.

Who do I want to make top five? INEZ, Sawyer, Andras, Shiloh, and Desire, I suppose, because at least I'm sympathetic to her cause, whereas Ainsley's just like...a brick. (I should have said Inez, Shiloh, Rhain, Desire, and uhhh...*tries to figure out which of the remaining tributes would be easiest to beat in a fight* that Inez has a better chance of surviving!)

Who do I think will make top five? Andras, Phi, Ainsley, Shiloh, Inez (*crosses fingers*)

The chapter wasn't that bad, Chaos. Don't get down on yourself. It was short, yeah, but Phi's POV was really good, you captured the internal struggle awesomely. Desire's confusion/wariness/whatever was portrayed well as well, and the chaos (hahahahahahaha nevermind that wasn't even funny) in Alyx's POV had some good imagery too. I think it just feels off to you because all the POVs were fairly short.

Anyway! Can't wait for the next chapter!
JabberjayHeart chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
Hi Chaos. Very serious review coming your way.
Naw I'm kidding, I highly doubt that. We'll see.

Just going to put this out there: best title for a chapter ever. Sanity is soooo yesterday gurl *snaps ma fingers in the zee formation*

Firstly, though, a rant. A rant over those "people" that make comments about things and always say "other readers as well" as if we're grouped together. I understand that people might not agree with something, but don't go and say that other people might think the same. If they did, they'd say. Grouping people together is a shitty thing to do. Just because you're in the minority, doesn't mean you can call upon imaginary people that you possibly think might possibly think the same as you possibly do. Stupid people in this world.
And for the record... switching POVs is a fun way to show different sides to a similar story. Frankly, Katniss bored me too much in the first book, with her loner, hunter type. I like seeing different thoughts and different characters. As you can, I'm not on of your "other readers" that you highly recommend follow you like a leader.

Phi's POV was a nice breakdown of his thoughts.
Naw, Phi, she was manipulating you from the beginning. You're so stupid but it's realistic that you're somewhat human, even though it's in a small dose. I just think that a mighty attitude shouldn't be so oblivious to the most obvious situation.
But it was good. You kept Phi in character, whilst development. It was long overdue and I'm thankful it's arrived after Kalen has died.
Aw, Phi thinks he's ugly. But he is? And he wants to kill Clementine. Good, that bitch deserves some death after what she done to you. You're still stupid, Phi, but I appreciate you more. You got bumped up, woo!

This was a very tense chapter with Alyx. I'll admit: Alyx ran her course a while for me personally - and was leaning heavily on Rhain - but it's nice to see a change to that. Alyx stood out for herself, not for Rhain's company.
Their reaction to a fair fight with Shiloh was beautifully done. It shows the humanity in all three of them.
My baby made a kill!? At least Alyx forgave him, and Shiloh didn't mean to. Even Rhain charging him was poignant because it showed the care she had for the younger tribute. Rhain will go far with or without Alyx, and it's ironic, because Rhain ruined the mood before Alyx got killed. Ouch.
I'll miss Alyx, I must admit, but I didn't feel for her as much as others. I never felt truly connected to her as Rhain. But it's sad that the likes of Ainsley outlasted her -_-

Desire's bit was nice. A little new, but nice. She regrets volunteering. Well good; girl, you're absolutely useless. Elmo almost killed you. Elmo. Elmo. The little pyromaniac, years younger than you, almost killed you. Remember that.
Ainsley can only protect her for so long. She's bumped down a little, just because she's leaning a lot on Ainsley and I dislike him as it is.
But she's using him. Of course she was - such a vixen. She has no skills beside beauty and, apparently, manipulation. I think Ainsley will find out before she acts though. I can see him killing her. I'd rather it was the other way around, but doubt Desire could take such a big competitor down.


Think: Inez. I think this one should be the most obvious, with her popularity and development. I also believe that Andras has a great chance, due to the fact that I'm assuming an Andras/Phi fight is near, and Phi will die before the final five arrives. Rhain, well, due to development, yes. Strength, well, no. But I think she'll be there. Sawyer will probably make it, as will Ainsley, who I believe will turn on Desire.
So yeah: Ainsley, Andras, Sawyer, Rhain and Inez.

Want: TOUGH OKAY. I, without a doubt, want Inez and Andras. I not only think it, but I want it. I also want... Sawyer, because she's been my favourite Career since the beginning, but at the same time, I'm happy to trade her in for another tribute... maybe. Um. Of course, I want my baby to make it :') anddddd... Rhain. I'd be happy to see Rhain there, for Alyx and Hope's sake :)
So yeah: Inez, Andras, Rhain, Shiloh and Sawyer (though I don't mind Desire in replacement of Sawyer).

I really, really, really, really don't want Ainsley or Phi there. Ainsley, well, I want him dead, and I want Desire to be the one to stick the knife into him frankly, though I don't think it'll happen this way. Phi... I want an Andras/Phi fight, and Phi to be the loser. Desire, well, as I said, I'm gammy and I don't mind losing Sawyer in mind for her. I only want one original Career (Andras doesn't count in my mind) to make the final five, for the sake of fairness. Heh.

Happy Writing, Mistress Chaos of the Darkened Despair.
Foxface5 chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
I've fallen behind slightly! I read the last chapter too but I'd been so busy and kept forgetting but I want to thank you so much for accepting Knox to the story as you did with Bay and bringing my creation beautifully to life. Your writing brightens up my day even if sometimes it's soul crushing XD. You always put so much grace and care into this story and it is so apparent that you put so much time and effort into making this enjoyable for us readers.
I'll miss reading about Knox, he reminded me so much of myself as a child and I was always blown away at how you always captured every little detail of him and made him so fully developed and fleshed out.
I actually really enjoyed the scene, it was so raw and realistic and my heart was thumping when the boys circled them and they began to fight. Inez reacted also as I expected her to and it was very touching how she held and comforted him as he died.

Anyway, Phi is getting creepier and creepier. He may be one of the most annoying and least humane tributes but he is really entertaining to read about. It's hard to feel attached to such a bitter and non feeling person but he's refreshing in a lot of ways.
His thought processes here were chilling and his vow for revenge at the end!
One thing about Phi is that he definitely isn't so intelligent and that's really shown in the way he thinks at the beginning and how he tried to convince himself.

THIS SCENE WAS SO INTENSE. I CAN'T GET OVER IT. One moment the girls are sharing a heart to heart, the next Rhain gets serious and vows that they have to fight as hard as they can and then they find Shiloh, then the dementors do their thing and it all goes crazy and Shiloh panics and kills Alyx! It was so face paced, unexpected and intense. The end was touching with the girls together for one last time :( And Alyx's last lines were captivating and tragic. You really are an expert at handling deaths.

This is your top eight! Ainsley, Desire, Andras, Phi, Sawyer, Shiloh, Rhain, and Inez.

Who do you want to/ who do you think will make the top five?
I can do who I THINK first as it's easier because I'm too torn on who I want. I think It'll be Sawyer and Andras for sure. Then maybe one from D1 and then Inez and Phi.

I think I WANT- Andras, Desire, Shiloh, Rhain and Inez ... I THINK. IT'S SO HARD AT THIS STAGE.

INTERVIEWS NEXT! I loved how you did them in RRD so I am excited.
Good luck and all the best with everything :)
nb1998 chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
I'm really sorry that I haven't reviewed in a while but I have been reading as I've just caught up and this has really turned out to be a great story and you have managed to develop the tributes really well. I thought I'd review this chapter and then get back on track reviewing after this.

Phi: Phi has been one of the stand out tributes for me in this story and it's weird because he's always been so clever and then he's been tricked by Clementine but this is definitely going to spur him on to do win these games even more and I definitely think he has a chance. His pov's contain little feelings which I like because that's just the type of guy that he is. Sometimes it's like he does care about his ugliness but he tries to push it back so it isn't noticed. I loved the alliance with all four and now only two of them left.. definitely the strongest. It seems that maybe Kalen did have slight feelings for Phi if he was to tell him about the Clementine thing. I'd like to see Phi and Andras in a fight but instead I see them going out by the hands of a career.. possibly Sawyer or Ainsley.

Alyx: I had a feeling that something was going to happen with these two this chapter because to be honest they have been getting a bit of an easy ride compared to characters like the careers, Inez, being forced to kill Knox.. Phi, Andras - they have really got off quite lightly compared to everyone else apart from their encounter with the dementors. This chapter went from one emotion to the other - they were all happy and then it ends in Alyx's death. I'm surprised that Shiloh did it but I guess that he is spiralling out of control. I really liked Alyx and I would have loved to see her family's reaction to her revelation of what she does but oh well, she was a great character while she lasted.

Desire: Hmm what has happened to Desire, to me she seems different this chapter - a different that I don't really like if I'm being honest but I'm not giving up on her yet and I'm sure i'll like her next pov.. that's if she even has one. I like the relationship with Ainsley, it seems to be getting more strained since there is less tributes about and Desire is definitely going to use Ainsley as much as she can.

Who do you want to/ who do you think will make the top five?

Want: Desire, Shiloh, Phi, Rhain and Sawyer.
Think: Sawyer, Phi, Andras, Rhian and Inez.
QuietConspiracy chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
I just have one word ofr this story up until now: Wow.

It's amazing, beautifully written, and I feel like I know each character personally.

RIP Alyx; she was one of my favorites from the beginning.

And my top five...

Want: Desire, Andras, Sawyer. Rhain, Inez
Think: Desire, Andras, Phi, Sawyer, Shiloh

Guest chapter 16 . 9/29/2013
I don't think it's good to switch povs to much it made me and I'm guessing other readers very confused
Guest chapter 3 . 9/29/2013
Do you seriously have to tell every reaping -_-
Tear That Cherry Out chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
I cried in that chapter. I RARELY cry. You actually made me cry, Chaos.

I don't really have much to say. I am so unhappy with Shiloh. Ithought nothing of him, but now I hate him, witha burning passion.

Top Five; Rhain, Inez, Desire, Ainsley and Sawyer.

Po out.
jakey121 chapter 27 . 9/29/2013
Phi- The realisation of how he's been used was done is such a good way. I'm happy that he wasn't totally sure straight away and it took some fighting with himself to truly understand what Clementine did to him. Phi's anger might be a benefit to his chances now and get him to the finale at least, or in a fight it could overpower him and he'll die. His need for the fight, especially the stronger opponents, is twisted but for someone like Phi I'm not surprised he wants that thrill of an epic battle. I hope he gets it with Andras and then Andras kills him, I mean I've always kind of been in the position of hating the fact I actually love Phi. I mean I can't stand him but I also love reading about him, does that make sense? XD
Anyway this was a good POV to start with because after the fight last chapter it was great to sort of start in a relaxed way (well, relaxed as in no fighting, when reading about Phi his thoughts are never exactly comforting) ;D

Alyx- Ma gurl :'( See, some of my tributes when they die I don't cry, some tributes when they die I laugh (lol Maggie), and then some tributes when they die I do cry... ALYX! I cried not because I'm annoyed she's gone, I cried because this was handled really beautifully and the fact it was Shiloh (even though I'm not a fan), and the fact Rhain held her, and then the final words about the others not knowing ;_; It was too much for me to handle.
What started off as a cheery POV with them feeling all happy and ready to go turned into a fight with both Shiloh and the dementors attacking. They must have gotten to Shiloh so much because I doubt he would have attacked Alyx had he been in his right state of mind. Poor Rhain now having to deal with this all alone ;_; I hope she can cope and win this thing, to be honest I'm only really rooting for her and Inez, although I'd prefer it to be Rhain.
LOL! My tribute died and all I can now think about is that seeing her top eight interview would have been awesome, didn't she like reveal some part of her double life when she wasn't really in a good state of mind? That would have been cool to see a reaction of from home, but it's okay I'll think it up in my head xD

Desire- And she's gone way down in my list. I don't even know why but for some reason I didn't like anything she was thinking or saying. Maybe it's the after effects of crying over ma baby's death but still, she's irritating. She doesn't exactly have any real strength, she's relied on everyone else around her which in a sense is an intelligent idea if you know how to use people when you know you don't have the strength to back yourself up with. But then again, she shouldn't fool herself that she can actually make it far if she can't fight. It's getting closer and closer to the finale. In the space of one POV my list of tributes has kind of changed, Ainsley's gone up a spot and Desire has taken my least favourite position :) Well done gurl I don't like you :')
This plan with Ainsley might help her but to be honest I think he'll catch on eventually and either kill her, let her die, or unfortunately because he seems to actually care for her he might somehow get himself killed just to protect her.

Don't worry Chaos, thank you so much for bringing her to life in such an incredible way. I loved every single second of what you did with her and I understand what you mean when it's time for a tribute to go. And yay she was your first form! :')

Who do you want to/who do you think will make the top five?-

Want- Andras, Sawyer, Shiloh, Rhain and Inez
Think- Desire, Andras, Phi, Rhain and Inez

PenMagic chapter 27 . 9/28/2013
Great chapter, I love the way you did this and I'm sad to see Alyx go but you were right, this was the right time for her to go.
Want to be in the top 5: Ainsley, Sawyer, Rhian, Inez, Shiloh
Think: Ainsley, Desire, Andras, Sawyer, Inez
ageofthedumort chapter 26 . 9/28/2013
Aw...Why Knox?!
NateDaMartian chapter 26 . 9/27/2013
Hey, it's been awhile since I've reviewed. I shouldn't be surprised that this story is still going on at a steady pace. I'm pleased to see consistency in both updates and writing quality. Which is why I feel horrible that I haven't been reading lately-I think it has to do with the fear of seeing my precious little character die a horrible death. Assuming this has already occurred, and I know it has from the A/N, I will say this was a fantastic chapter nonetheless.

Well, I may need a refresher of these characters. I do fondly remember Phi, and I did like his backstory. So I don't want him to die. At random, I'm just going to say I want Andras out of there. No hard feelings, though. I like all of the characters in the final 9, so it's difficult to choose.

Good stuff. Again I apologize for my lack of reviews, I'll be sure to re-read everything and get back on track as necessary. Will you be doing a sequel or will this be it for your delving in the Panem universe? I'm interested to see where this will go.
Finch Caraway chapter 26 . 9/25/2013
Hey I don't even know if I should be here but seeing as my fellow tribute reviewed I thought I would too.
Look, Adra man, you can't go around forcing Holy Churchism on people...

Okay, good day, Miss Chaos in Her wake.

P.S Andras Fey, if you make it out you should send me a message ;)
Anime'sPrincess chapter 26 . 9/25/2013
I saw that good old Adra had reviewed and it reminded me that I had yet to :) Since I haven't bothered going to school this week at all I should have had it done sooner buy hey here I am now.

Sawyer- I love how it really comes across that she couldn't be bothered with Damien, the whole classic career arrogance against an outer district 'career', just little things helped me pick up on that like how she scoffed due to the fact he was panting and already sounded out of breath.
Sawyer's povs always come across as very literal, she's always thinking clearly and about the next step she has to take and is always so focused in the moment. I enjoy her sarcasm and snappiness with other characters via interactions but her thought processes are never anything memorable to me seeing as she is also so together and focused- that's just her character and you put it across well.
Damien's death was very sudden but that's not a bad thing, it's a heat of the moment type of thing- four strong people are engaged in battle and Sawyer is clearly too focused on trying to stay alive to think much on Damien's demise.
Am I a sick person for enjoying and laughing at them sorta taking Kalen hostage?

Andras's pov pretty much just picked up where Sawyer's left so I don't have much to say with him here either seeing as most of this was commenting on the fighting and everything.
I knew Andras and Kalen didn't have much loyalty to their allies but I was a little taken aback and just how nonchalant Andras felt and how he even wanted to stand by and watch what Sawyer would do to Kalen. But hey that'a career for you.
Ah and Phi left and stole the supplies, good one Phi. He makes me laugh so hard and I can't even explain it. PRETTY BOY WILL WANT HIS REVENGE XD AGHHHH

And meanwhile Inez and Knox are surrounded by savage-boy mutts and encouraged to kill each other with sharpened sticks as the boys stand by and chant :) LOVELY! LOL.
I thought this was a powerful scene and I enjoyed it because Inez is one of the more feeling characters and she has always got conflict going on internally and emotional and moral turmoil.
It was heartbreaking reading this- I didn't expect Knox to fight first but I bet he was just so afraid and it was his first reaction to try and protect himself and to Inez's credit she still remained her caring self after making the transition to a murdered- that scene really caught my attention, you're playing with my emotions :(. I think it was a powerful scene, it was gritty and fast and too the point and said a lot about Inez herself and the concept of the games in children and children like Knox dying- I don't think it needed to be elaborated on! It could have been drained of emotional and became long winded if you went into too much details.

And finally, hmmm Shiloh. I've never been a big fan of his though I really liked his allies, especially Aedan and I do appreciate what Shiloh brings to the story and I admire his character as he is quite 3-dimensional and a very real and authentic character but I just don't warm to him the way I do with others and to me he hasn't done much either but have the same conflict through-out of trying to remain strong or giving into the temptation to hurt himself and allow himself to start thinking negatively again. I am torn as I do like the character and how he is presented but I'm just not so emotionally invested but I can't wait for the next scene and to see how it turns out because as many people have said he has entered Alyx and Rhain's part of the arena!

Who do you THINK will die and who do you WANT to die in order to make top eight?
I'll get to the point!
Think: either Shiloh or I don't know why but I've a feeling about Ainsley.
Want: Shiloh or Desire.
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