Reviews for The 18th: Standing in their Graves
MyrtleFalls chapter 26 . 9/24/2013
First of all, before I review this chapter, I would like to tell you that your story is so good that it gave me nightmares. Quite literally. Basically, it was the Hunger Games in your arena here, but instead of just books it was also movies, and instead of the Cornucopia in the center, it was a movie theater. I remember that there was a LoTR room (basically the same as here, except with a lot more evil Gollums and they were giants) a Monsters Inc room (where you found Boo and Sully first, and they were all nice, but then Randall came and said you had to give mutt-Boo to him, but if you didn't, Randall would kill you and if you did Sully would kill you) a random movie that doesn't exist but was about Asian businessmen bees (I don't even know where this came from, but if you made a wrong business move they would sting you to death) Moby Dick (here, the Careers were on a boat that was suspended in midair and they were trying not to let it fall to the waves. Also Captain Ahab's ship was infested with ghosts) and then there was one with the new Oz movie. Anyway, in my dream I was just watching all the tributes in all these different arenas and then it was scary because the various mutts started coming out of their arenas and into the movie theater area which was an ACTUAL movie theater in the Capitol where the Capitolians watched live footage of the Games but then the mutts started coming out of the TV screens too and it was really freaky overall.

Ahem. Okay, I'll review your story now.

Sawyer and Andras' POV: I'm grouping them together because they both follow similar events. First of all, these are some WEAK Careers if they can't hold their own four on three. I know they're injured and that Damien wasn't really a Career, but still, I found that a tad unrealistic. Taking Kalen "hostage" was an interesting strategy, but Phi's and Andras' blunt uncaringness was a little shocking. I mean, he made it clear from the start that he was building this alliance off of power, not friendship, but still. And Phi stealing Andras' pack was just like, "Whoa, low blow bro." (try saying that five times fast)

Inez: Even though she's my favorite, I really didn't want her to kill Knox. Knox was so sweet and awesome and the death scene was really realistic because Inez just wanted to survive. The boy mutts are scary. :/ Still. Luffles Inez. (Whoa I haven't said luffles in forever. That's right, Inez is so awesome I broke out the luffles. You better not kill her off, Chaos. *warning look*)

Shiloh: Shiloh! My goodness! Grab those supplies yo! Also, I don't know where he is right now. Is he in the Great Hall now? I think so, but I'm not sure...*confused*

Who do I want to die? Well, not Inez. But besides that, I want Rhain, Alyx, or Desire to die (although Desire's actually grown on me, surprisingly). Alyx or Rhain is definitely going to die next chapter because neither of them were featured this chapter, so they're sure to have a POV next chapter and so someone's gonna die. Also, their alliance actually hasn't done much, so the Capitol'd be getting bored and will probably send some dementors in. *evil expression*

Anyway! Can't wait for next chapter!

TheHolyAdraChurch chapter 26 . 9/24/2013
Peace and Love be with you miss Chaos in her Wake. I trust you will make the right choice and convert to Holy Adra Churchism.
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 26 . 9/24/2013
Hey, Chaos!
Okay so another mad chapter! Okay three deaths, things are getting more intense and the deaths just keep coming :/ this makes me anxious but also excited yep I’m morbid, you should know and be able to relate :P

I will start by saying that I definitely do not feel that Inez’s actions felt odd? Okay maybe it was slightly irrational to run to someone’s side during a dangerous situation and especially after you killed them but this Inez we are talking about she is a good person who is moral and has lived her life doing what is right and being there for people and also she did share a nice bond with Knox for a while so of course she would go to him when he is in pain and crying out for her... the scene didn’t need to be overly detailed it was short, abrupt and therefore more poignant and made the emotion of it feel very raw and it heightened the feeling in the scene, at least to me.

I knew that they’d likely have to fight and of course Inez could overpower Knox. It was a well written scene as we could practically sense Inez’s objection to this and she really did have to reason with herself and even force herself to do it and Knox clearly got afraid and reacted and took the first swing so Inez’s instincts kicked in and she did it...
Ugh, she is going to literally hate herself for this and I sense even more development for Inez now, it’s just a shame she had to kill one of the most lovable tributes. I will miss Knox but at least he didn’t die alone in such a place and so afraid, like he was there to comfort Lydia, Inez was there for him. UGH CHAOS WHY YOU LOVE CRUSHING MY HEART.
I saw these deaths coming- Kalen and Damien. I don’t have too much to say but what Kalen said as ‘his last words’ were very fitting and in character for him.
Sawyer is cray, she seemed a lot more ruthless here like the ‘career leader’ in her took over and she really wanted it this time and to get one over on Andras and his group. I love Sawyer’s calculating nature and snarkiness but sometimes she feels too ... robotic to me idek.

Okay this was a short and messed up review, I’m literally so tired from college today but you know I am as keen and obsessed as ever


Okay... eh I don’t know who I WANT TO DIE NEXT- I’ve a feeling it’s between the two girls alliance or Shiloh seeing as he has arrived in their part of the arena...
I guess the character I’m least interested right now is Desire or the Jett.

Guest chapter 26 . 9/23/2013
It was hard for me to read Inez and knox's fight scene... That's all I'll say about it.

I do not like sawyer at all. I've always hated the characters that kill for the hell of it and do it happily. I don't like district one either. I don't like andras as much as i use to sheerly because he didn't care at all when his ally died, he was even satasfied. phi.. eh he's not one of my favorites but he's an interesting dude. I do like Shiloh. he's a crybaby and really emotional but at least he has a heart. who's left? idk i can't remember, whoever they are, they don't stand out enough to remember.
Tear That Cherry Out chapter 26 . 9/23/2013
Go Inez, go Inez! So. Many. Deaths.
But one step closer to victory for Rhain, Desire and Inez, right?

That chapter was interesting, and I am surprised Alyx and Rhain are in such... alive conditions. I thought you were going to give me heart failure or something.

Sawyer- I don't know why, but I don't think of Sawyer as a leader. She just feels too weak and agile to be the Career leader. But she is a skilful, I'll tell you that much. She has to kill Phi. Please!Or Andras! That alliance isn't my favourite, to be honest. I just don't understand. Kalen and Damien dead'; the weaklings. I ho[e Desire and Ainsley split from the Careers, Ainsley will protect Desire, hopefully. I think Ainsley won't last too long though. He doesn't rally build on the plot, in my opinion. Like it matters anyways.

Andras- Get mutations to stab the both of them in the neck. 'Nuff said.

Inez- OOOOH, my sweet Inez. How arth thou doeth in thou arena? I am terrible in poetry. I lack emotion. I wonder why... Inez, she eventually killed Knox. Who would blame her? He striked first. She didn't plan on killing him. But my Inez is still going. INEZ! INEZ! INEZ!

Shiloh- I don't understand him. He isn't understandable. He just isn't He is kind and sweet, but not victor's potential.

I think Alyx may be the next to go. Sorry, I love you Alyx!
JabberjayHeart chapter 26 . 9/22/2013
Hello there Chaos.
I see you have updated. You cannot fathom how excited I was when I saw this.

Once again, you capture her personality despite the situation. She truly is my favourite of her pack, particularly compared to Ainsley and Desire. Oh, and Damien... the fight was great, particularly with Phi and Andras grouping on Damien more than Sawyer. Despite their rivalry, they were aiming for the weakest of the bunch i.e. Damien.

"Well, maybe not hostage. I have no intention of letting him go free." This was a great line from Sawyer. Really captured her no holds barred attitude xD
And of course, Kalen doesn't survive, we know that.

Oh, and ugh. Damien's death was gruesome. I admit, I liked him in the reaping but then I grew tired of him. But his last few moments made me appreciate his situation, as well as his character. He was truly interesting, and probably the most adept with the arena, considering his bookish background. I won't miss him; but I appreciated his character in his final stages.
I doubt anyone will miss him... poor guy. I actually feel bad for him :/

His last words are admitting the shocking truth to Phi. Then, Phi's colours shine red as he allows Kalen to die at the mercy of Sawyer. I have to admit, it makes Phi looking shockingly naïve the fact that he has only realised that Clementine used him. I mean, I thought he was smart? Even if he felt he liked/loved/whatever her, the truth should've been there in the shadows... but he seemed surprised. Phi, you're kinda stupid. But it was humane and showed his character in a less dehumanized way.
Then he allowed Kalen to die and that went away xD
I won't miss Kalen. I felt his time in the arena was, well, it never existed. It should've been his time a long time ago; but the pure twist behind it all was great. Poor Kalen, easily betrayed. He must've known it would happen, considering Andras and Phi's personalities/backgrounds.
I looooooved Kalen's death though! It was a really intense feeling of betrayal.

Her emotions are truly the best in this story. I mean, alongside the likes of Rhain, Shiloh and even Alyx, her melancholy and inner struggle is where you shine. You really design these characters well, and then the bitter, cynical or sarcasm with Sawyer, Andras and Phi xD
But yeah. The chant really got to her.
Knox was sweet as always. For that last second, his mind broke - he went from being mature throughout the entire time and surviving longer than older tributes, to a mere child that is scared of death.
He was a real character. Memorable, realistic and beautifully designed. Knox was one of my favourites, but I was rotting for Inez admittedly.
His final moments will forever be with me ;_;
I, personally, thought that Inez's emotions were keen and poignant. It didn't disappoint; it felt like Inez through and through, the hardened, tough girl that finally broke. She wouldn't just outright collapse- it'll be a painful, slow, tiresome discovery of emotions.

And then my baby ends it. Oh Shiloh ;_;
You actually make me feel bad for creating you. I put you through all of this I'm sorry!
I don't know whether Shiloh is in for an even bigger meltdown or some newfound strength. It's a fine line between the two for such a depressive, lost person as my baby.
If you write a suicide scene I just might lose it...

We have nine tributes. Eight places. Riiiiiight:
Personally, I want Ainsley or Alyx. I feel like their time has reached the end, though I admit that Ainsley could have more potential plots alongside Desire... though he relies too heavily on her for it. Alyx, well, Rhain and Alyx are becoming a little trite seeing as they haven't moved nor faced anything really (apart from Dementors and the tidbits on their lives...) and, compared to Rhain, Alyx doesn't have much more to give? At least I think so. Ainsley could at least provide a look into the Careers and life with Desire. I think we've covered a lot about Rhain and Alyx's relationship/alliance/backgrounds etc.
Frankly, I think the Gamemakers should intervene and push Rhain and Alyx from their comfort zone. They've been too idle.

Think, however, is a different matter. I think it'll be a toss up between Alyx, Shiloh and Ainsley, maybe even Desire. Sawyer, Phi and Andras are safe. They'll make it easily with their strength, personalities, popularity and plots. They have a whole package to carry them.
Rhain and Inez have popularity. Inez also has some strength, and even action. Rhain has been stagnant for a long time but, as I said, she's popular and has a lot of potential for more development and plots.
Desire and Ainsley rely on each other... but I think Ainsley's time has reached the end.
So yeah. I think Ainsley... though Alyx and Shiloh are just as obvious if not reasonable.
Of course I'd love for Shiloh to survive xD but that's besides the point.

I'll miss Knox the most. I might even miss Damien because, in the end, I understood his character.
Kalen... eh. Can't say I will, but at least his death has brought the promise of a Phi/Andras fight which I've been dreaming of since they first became allies xD

Happy writing! (for you, I will always do this)
Anla'shok chapter 26 . 9/22/2013
I preferred Andras' narration to Sawyers because it had more character in it. Sawyer was more descriptive. Nevertheless it was a great, very clear, battle scene and I liked how they in turn turned the tables on each other and how it's obvious the Careers keep a cooler head in a crisis than the others (when you compare Andras to Phi, it's pretty glaring.)
Poor Kalen got outmatched, I liked that in the end what mattered to him was the truth (warning Phi) and saying that it was work that mattered. Most people would have cursed or begged at that point.
Did Phi run off with Andras' supplies then?

Inez's reaction to have murdered Knox fell a little flat. There was a great buildup, but then she kills him, she's upset but it comes through as odd. She stays with him despite the danger and that's pretty huge (and quite irrational) but it didn't come through as powerfully as I'm sure it's intended. You've done better in terms of characterising grief, you could expand that scene a bit. It feels like the end is rushed.

Wow Shiloh was depressing. He's could be about to do something stupid or maybe he's really pulled himself together. I'm not so sure.

I think that Rhain and Alyx will go down when they're attacked. I also think Phi will do something stupid (and I'd like a POV from him to see what he's thinking right now ;D) but that, save for the Careers, the others lack the reflexes to kill him if he comes charging.

Who do I want to die? Sawyer is getting a little stale, I'd like Ainsley and Desire a bit more on the forefront. Anyway, everyone is getting depressing because they're definitely not having fun. It's more about what you want to do with the remaining tributes than who actually dies. I'd like to avoid loner tributes having anguished monologues (not that Shiloh's POV was bad, just that I wouldn't want ten like that xD).
jakey121 chapter 26 . 9/22/2013

Sawyer- She's definitely my favourite career of the group. Usually I don't like the typical-ish careers, but there's something about her I just really enjoy reading about and I'm glad she survived this fight. When Sawyer was surrounded it was good to see her panicking but remaining strong and still going on and fighting her way out. Maybe it's that strength in her I really like, she's such a better leader than that... girl from D2 :)... although she obviously doesn't exactly care for her allies because she didn't seem sad or anything when Damien died.
Which by the way was written really well. It was gory and also it was quite shocking because even though I was happy to see he had died, it was really sudden so it really captured what the Games are like and how in a big fight anything can happen.

Andras- What makes Andras feel even more real is that he's so against the careers and wanting to kill them all, but he still is at heart one of them, he doesn't really see that in himself but it's clear that he's just as much of a killer, just as cold (usually) and will do all he can to win. I'm glad he didn't try to save Kalen because a) it meant he died which I'm happy about and b) it would have been out of character for him to feel something for the boy from Six.
At least Kalen did show some spirit and fight in him up until the very end. That last moment was probably my favourite moment of his just because I'm glad he didn't cry and beg for mercy. Now that Phi and Andras have split I bet soon enough they'll meet again and one will die. I'm hoping that it will be Phi, Phi is a great character but I want to see Andras make it really far!

Inez- Yep. Okay. Somehow even though I never really connected with Knox you still made me get all emotional over his death. Inez was perfect in this POV, she's slowly turning into victor material because the survivalist inside of her took control and she attacked him, but then that crumbled down and she held him in her arms.
I'm glad in a sense he died because that means Inez can now escape (I'm guessing) but then Knox was just a young kid who like you said at the bottom was one of those rare young kids who have a sense of maturity to them. I didn't like him all that much but he's probably the best young tribute I've seen in a story. Well, one of them. I wonder how Inez will cope now, I'm hoping that she doesn't cast this aside and forget about it, but I don't want it to eat her up and ruin her chances of making it far. I do really want to see her at least make it to the top five. GO INEZ!

Shiloh- 'I make my way to a long table and sink down onto the bench.'
Did he just go into the Harry Potter part of the Arena?... Alyx and Rhain are there right, or since there were those people who went to the Cornucopia area the same time he did, maybe it was them and now they've gone somewhere else. Oh great, imagine if the dementors attacked again... Shiloh... yeah that won't go so well for him.
Anyway I really felt his sadness and hopelessness in this POV. Aedan was everything he'd always wanted and to have him taken from him, knowing that just going down another tunnel could have saved him, yeah poor Shiloh :'(
I'm glad you brought up his backstory and mixed it in with everything. The bit about the knife was very real, and I am really glad that he didn't do it because of Aedan. Shiloh's not my favourite but he's definitely a great tribute. Broken, but awesome.

Who do you THINK will die and who do you WANT to die in order to make top eight?:

Think- I think it honestly could be any one of the remaining tributes. If I had to pick someone it would be between Ainsley (because I don't think he brings anything to the story anymore), Alyx (because I see something happening to Rhain and Alyx and if it had to be between those two, sadly I see Alyx falling) and Shiloh (simply because he's probably the weakest tribute now left and if he meets someone else I don't see how he could survive that).

Want- I want it to be either Ainsley, Phi or Shiloh. I dislike Ainsley so that's why, I do like Phi but I just want Andras to kill him xD And Shiloh is so adorable but I honestly haven't connected with him as much as others have.

I saw what Corey did in his last review and I wanna do it :) So this is the list of tributes from favourite to least favourite (I won't include Alyx, usually I'm biased but for today I aint gonna be)


There ya go :D

Great chapter Chaos! Can't wait for the next!
PenMagic chapter 26 . 9/22/2013
That is two very different questions. Great chapter by the way, really liked how you did it.
Think: Inez or Alyx
Want: Desire or Phi...
I got the Les Mis reference in the chapter title, great job!
Thomas J. Flynn chapter 26 . 9/21/2013
Thankyou for bringing my tribute to life and for portraying his as you say "different" morals. Other than that this was a great chapter, action packed and filled with lots of excitement.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 25 . 9/20/2013
Only day 3! So much has happened already and surely there is only more to come! I'm excited XD.

Kalen has lost me long ago to be honest. He is sort of just there. He is very sulky and immature in ways. He's lost his mischievous kind of streak and his snark and now he realizes he never truly had Phi on his side and Phi could as easily side with Andras and take Kalen down.
His thoughts on being the weak one now that Marlee is dead were annoying. How insensitive and selfish, like no, don't think about your ally sadly losing her life in such a brutal way, just pitying yourself now because you are the weak link now.

Alyx and Rhain are trying so hard to keep it together. I am sad that they are starting to lose the spark they used to have and the strong friendship. Now they just seem so dull to everything which is portrayed through the trite conversations and the repetitive questions and so forth.
The arena and everything that has been going on has seemed to have taken a toll on both girl's spirits. It's nice to see the realistic development on tribute's spirits and mindsets because often authors just seem to keep going and the tributes are still overly happy and friendly but that can't happen in a situation like this.
The ending just summed it all up, Rhain halfheartedly wishing them luck and then going back to sleep. It feels like they've given up but I hope not, I know these girls are tough in their own way and can keep going.

Knox is such an interesting little kid. In ways he feels so young but in other ways he seems so much older than 13. Your characterization is always so consistent, it's like these people are actually alive through your words. Knox's voice is so authentic I can almost here this kind of nerdy, nasally kid's voice when I read his povs XD I'm so weird.
But every little detail you put into the povs just seems so fitting for these characters- everything always checks out.
I don't know much about The Lord of the Flies so I really wonder what these boys are going to do next... could the 'beast' be the other tributes for this situation... I can't believe the game makers have blocked off the way out for Inez and Knox... very sneaky.
Either they want both or one of them dead- it's probably a sign that they want Inez and Knox to fight because they've been stagnant and just hiding around the island.

Ainsley's pov was mainly just all high running tensions and nerves and the build up to the coming big fight.
I have a feeling D1 will find the group first and if Sawyer's theory about the tunnels connecting is wrong then they are kind of screwed.
Is desire using Ainsley? Or is she just indifferent to the fact he seems to have taken it upon himself to look after her?
The beginning was a good scene because it reminds us of Desire's eating disorder, and leave it to Ainsley to notice!
My thoughts are all disorganized here, I really don't have much to say for Ainsley.

I am not thrilled about the wait, Chaos, you tease! HAHA. Just kidding, I can wait -_-
But update soon, yes? Yeah? yes.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/19/2013
I'm bored of Alex and rain :/
Foxface5 chapter 25 . 9/18/2013
Hey, an other great chapter!
No more chapters without deaths! I can definitely tell it's coming to that time, the tension is really closing in on these tributes and the games are getting very tense.

Kalen: Haha he seems like a jealous kid who has just realized his 'bff' is spending more time with some other kid and leaving him out XD haha, it's funny to read about.
He's so boring to me, Kalen is. I only enjoy his pov for the insight they give to the alliance as a whole and the dysfunctional relationship of Phi and Andras.

Alyx: She's still awesome as is Rhain but I kind of want things to change up between them, but that could mean a close call for them and possibly a death for them.
Her reaction to her well lack of reaction to Aedan's death was really well done. Alyx was once the girl who was compassionate and feeling toward all people, like her street friends in 7 and now she's been through so much that she's almost numb towards anyone but herself and Rhain of course. So I enjoyed that scene even if it felt very bitter and sad.

Knox: Hey baby! You make him perfect each and every time as you did with Bay, your strong point, well one of your many strong points is definitely characterization.
Knox's thoughts on the strange boys was great. He's curious of course but for now smart enough to stay away, he's not a naive person but his curiosity could win over and make him want to communicate with them.
And he runs into Inez again! XD I like there little friendship well... it's more they run into each other and talk but I could see them protecting or at least helping each other in a fight.
THE ISLAND IS SEALED OFF! I didn't see that coming.

Of course he'd notice what Desire is doing. Firstly, he is an observant and silent type of person and secondly he has seemed to have gained a slight obsession with her or at least with looking out for her and thirdly they are district partners so they have that bond and he would tend to notice her more than others would.
The only thing that warms Ainsley to me is his strange little friendship with Desire and he does interest me, he's kind of peculiar and self contradictory at times.
And the careers are splitting off and we know a fight is coming... EEK. UPDATE SOON.

DA Member Hogwarts chapter 25 . 9/18/2013
Kalen: Yeah, not much to say. He felt weaker here and more human that he ever has, usually he just seems like some devious little munchkin or something... no, gremlin.
I really liked Kalen's thoughts on Phi there and it was clever on your part to show this quality in Phi- he doesn't ever have friends, he doesn't like people, he has mere allies and he tolerates whoever is giving him what he wants or needs at a given time. He has zero loyalty or morals.
I definitely feel foreboding and see some fore-shadowing for Kalen here. I am almost certain he will die.

Alyx and Rhain have been stationary for too long! They've only encountered brief mutt attacks and gone through minor illness/injuries and haven't had to fight or even run into any other tributes.
I don't care much about that though as they're personalities keeps them engaging and raises them above other tributes who are doing more and every time one of the girls are presented they are always consistent and brilliantly characterised and each of them as their own inner struggles and battles and they've both grown so much and have a genuine and authentic friendship- they keep each other going and care for each other but it isn't an over the top and sugar coated cheesy thing.

Knox: PLOT TWIST. YES. It's not quite as mad as the discovery of the bomb in RRD but it was unexpected and really shocking when the twist was delivered to us. You always have those brilliant moments when something unexpected is unveiled and it literally makes me gasp- you really no how to weave exciting and unpredictable plots.
I see people are sick of Knox or don't think he deserves to last any longer but I do disagree. He is the first tribute who has been a young child who has actually intrigued me because of how real he is. I hate when people make 12 and 13 year old tributes so babyish and hopeless or else well psychos...
Knox can be quite whimsical and sometimes even philosophical also he is mature but still afraid and unsure.
INEZ! An other favorite of mine... please don't make these two have to try and kill each other.
I like how they never officially ally as that does suit Inez's character but they do seem to care for the other.
I think those boys will attack... maybe one will die trying to help the other and then the other can escape when the barrier lifts.




An other great chapter, gurl! Keep em comin'
JabberjayHeart chapter 25 . 9/17/2013
So, without Marlee around, Kalen feels that he's the weakest link? Cause despite being experienced, Phi is just as average as most people. Sure, he killed before entering, but that doesn't change anything; Phi is on the same level as Kalen, except Phi is an absolute psychopath as well. Andras is the only one with REAL training/combat experience.
Despite his development, Kalen lacks character and personality. I mean, I get that he now feels like he must step up to meet the level that Phi and Andras have set, but that's about it... and it took him a hella long time to get here.
I'm connected to him the least.
However, Chaos, it was a nice set-up! You showed Phi's flaky side really well, where he just switches with the higher bet. Something tells me that it'll backfire against him, though.

Alyx, Alyx, Alyx.
The girls have been far too stagnant. Something bad is around the corner, I can just tell. If it does, sadly, I'm going to have to say that Alyx should die. I like her, but she's not near the highest on my list, whereas Rhain is very high.
Their conversation was bitter sweet. You can tell how much the changes have affected Rhain already.
And, the fact that she wished it wasn't Knox, was great. It shows her compassion for children.
So Alyx is suddenly being faced with reality... it's ironic, considering her background! She wants to cry for Aedan but can't. I wouldn't be surprised; she didn't know him, so crying for someone you don't know is very, very hard. She's growing numb... lololol. I just find it ironic considering her double-life!

I still want Inez to say no, just because it's in-character... but I love Knox too!
So no-one can leave the island until Inez or Knox are dead...
I'm going with Knox. He's the likely candidate, and Inez has plenty of room for development.
But then... the boys might attack Inez, for being a girl! I don't know how Lord of the Flies worked, okay.
Inez was laying in the mud lmfao :')
And Knox almost stamped on her face.

Ainsley wants power. He also cares remotely for Desire, despite her incompetence, uselessness... I'm going off-track. I think he has a whole "save the damsel in distress" syndrome, so he's latched onto Desire because she's weak.
Sawyer's reign is growing tyrannical :o
Kalen vs Damien - I'd prefer Damien to win.
Ainsley/Desire vs Phi - kinda want Phi to kick their ass.
But yeah. Desire is now always sticking with Ainsley. She could be manipulating him!? She's blonde, she's the devil in disguise. Nah I kid. Well, maybe...

"I raise my sword and slam it open" - you show that fire, Ainsley xD

I'm just going to share my current standings on favourites, you know:
Shiloh (biased, biased, biased don't judge me)

Yeah. I thought I'd do a Teddy and spread my worldly thoughts. This is the order they must die, Chaos. Do it, or face the consequences mwahaha. Naw, I kid, I'm gammy like Megan, you see.
Write more ;D

Happy writing! (see what I did there?)
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