Reviews for Harry Potter and the Deus Ex Machina
csheila chapter 1 . 2/10
Looks fun;let’s go
Sindas chapter 2 . 1/30
man i don't care, this is literally the best example of why telling the audience everything is something you should never do. because this is the first chapter, and nobody, and i mean nobody is invested enough yet to bother reading any of this garbage, you could have summarised all of this to a single paragraph and then your regulus hoohah wouldn't be skimmed over, but no, you instead decided to write about "blah blah omniscient blah blah, miasma blah astral plane blah blah, similar castle blah blah, yap yap yappity yap". please if any aspiring writers read this, PLEASE, please read through your draft and ask yourself the purpose of everything in it. literally the most surface level examination will help you cut out irrelevant paragraphs and pointless dialogue. don't be like karmic acumen, nobody wants read something that's 99% yapping and 0.001% actual story
Verdauga chapter 20 . 1/5
Good stuff.
Verdauga chapter 19 . 1/4
Verdauga chapter 16 . 1/4
It's all coming together.
Verdauga chapter 14 . 1/4
Oh it didn't send my other reviews, shoot. Well, I'll then say here it's very satisfying.
Verdauga chapter 14 . 1/4
Verdauga chapter 4 . 1/3
Very cool.
Verdauga chapter 3 . 1/2
Kazuki King chapter 2 . 12/6/2023
5th paragraph in and I was going to blow up like a volcano when I misread rapped as raped. Those specific fics are absolute mental.
dragonheart117 chapter 3 . 11/21/2023
The wizard vs mundane war would be far different. The notice me not is fanon. The muggle repelling charm could be ignored, you mentioned special agents well they could be trained to, idk, not stop a mission to turn the stove off at home XD.
Also the main flaw in the war is spies. Most of the wizards advantages are moot when you have a few disgruntled muggleborns on your side. Hell I wouldn't doubt they have a amanda waller situation going on where they have their own school and or magical division.
A few wizards would be highly dangerous, but most of them seem utterly incompetent so I doubt they would be winning any wars. The real question is weather muggle leadership can use their magicals or technology like keeping inside a constantly flying air force one under fedelus to keep themselves safe. The only victory condition for the magicals is to go after leadership. And again, a competent gov (good luck on that) would make it less once sided. Also I doubt they would keep the statute of secrecy if they were fighting the magicals.
Mastersgtjames chapter 10 . 10/21/2023
Feel like Regulluus was more deserving of becoming Lord Black...
Mastersgtjames chapter 5 . 10/21/2023
I'd think a better threat would be to inform the Wizarding Government or the ICW on them and have the entire British Government searched, legillimensed, and then obliviated of any knowledge they should not possess...
jara1 chapter 4 . 9/30/2023
since when can the killing curse be blocked by an Aegis Fortis or any other field? the story is good but that's defo incorrect
l30rusty chapter 10 . 8/16/2023
Story's great but what was the need to repeat the last few chapters
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