Reviews for An Older Time
controlled climb chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
Not gonna lie. I'm fully ship DumbledoreGrindelward but UNF this fic is wonderful. I loved how subtle everything was in this and the whole laksdjfldkfj it's just brilliant and to see such a soft side to Dumbledore (and to think it was ol' Sluggy he revealed it to!) is marvellous omg. I do love how you added in that little snippet about the London Underground scar, hehe. That was great. Loved this. :D
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
OMM, Dumbleslug XD All I can think of is the fanart for them and I'm so excited to read this! XD

OOo, I like the idea of Dumbledore being the person who started giving Slughorn the crystallized pineapple!

Hehe, whenever I see Grindelwald mentioned now I think of him as the "skinny bitch," as Slughorn put it in that fanart XD

"But, other than that and a very impressive mustache, Horace felt there wasn't anything remarkable to his own name."

HAHAHAHAAHAH, OMM, the mustache part XD I like how his Slytherinness shows in this part, too, though. He seems a bit jealous of all that Dumbledore has accomplished and I like that. It's understandable, really.


"Not a single time had Albus smiled like that and Horace refused him."

Hehehe, things could go from fluffy to HAWT (err in a Dumbleslug way) right about there XD

OH, wow the resemblance drawn between Albus and Tom! That's such a good point! I never looked at them that way or being similar at all really. I like how Slughorn noticed it, though!

OMM, I just love how it got a bit angsty! The way Dumbledore being unsure of himself bothered Slughorn was interesting and I could really see it because Dumbledore seems like one of those people who should just always be okay and know the right thing to do, you know? I love how Horace comforted him and THEY HELD HANDS!

"Of course. Goodnight, my dear friend."

MY DEAR FRIEND MY FOOT! WE all know they're slashy (I almost typed salsa-y lol) for each other!

Gah, this pairing repulsed me so much at first, like I found them funny but never would have thought I would find them kyoot BUT I DO NOW! They just seem to work and they're perfect the way you write them and perfectly in character, of course, which isn't easy because they both are rather difficult characters! YOU SHOULD WRITE YOUR OTHER IDEAS FOR THEM!


I would apologize, but I'm not sorry ;P

Your bratty twin DID definitely enjoy this a whole lot and would like to offer her sincerest thanks! It was completely perfect and it's a bit scary how your writing can make me ship pretty much anyone! XD Thanks again!


*favorites, of course!*

autumn midnights chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
Ah, so this is the infamous Dumbleslug... :PPPPP

I really liked it, though. I definitely can imagine Albus being a bit worried about Tom after he leaves school, and about what he should have done differently. The comparison of Albus to Tom was perfect, also - now that you mention it, they do actually have certain similarities, and it was really cool how you slipped that in here. I love how you're able to write a pairing like this and make it completely serious, and not cracky! That's very impressive -w- And I definitely would agree that Horace and Albus attended Hogwarts at similar times, that makes a lot of sense to me. I would also say that both of them are very in-character, and I loved the dialogue, especially Albus's. I like Horace reassuring Albus about Grindelwald as well. Overall, great work :3
Oriondruid chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
I always thought of Horace as being gay, not aggressively 'camp', just a very civilized and gentle man and it's nice to think he had a good friend in Albus, who was likewise oriented according to JKR.
This was well written and shows a vulnerable side to Dumbledore, not knowing for certain, but feeling uneasy about Tom Riddle and what he might become.
Many Blessings.
Oriondruid, (John).