Reviews for A Shot in the Dark
pattypopper1 chapter 1 . 9/15
Seems like a great story!
Sable07 chapter 50 . 8/18
Oh my god. This story was perfect. Author, are you human? Because this story is out of the world. Thank you so much for writing this, because it has brought me SO MUCH happiness and love and joy and glee and laughter. Thank you, and I meant that with utmost sincerity.
Loved this chapter to bits, by the way, and to mordor.
Sable07 chapter 48 . 8/18
The BONDS between the found family and friends and their blood and kinsmen is just so strong and so amazing. It's... beautiful.
Sable07 chapter 46 . 8/18
aw YES
Sable07 chapter 41 . 8/17
im pretty sure that tolkien would applaud you for this piece of work.
Sable07 chapter 31 . 8/17
I love it when they say "I love you too, Bilbo". So sweet.
Sable07 chapter 30 . 8/17
this fic makes me so happy
thank you. thank you so much.
Sable07 chapter 27 . 8/17
He won their respect in his first life, and their love in his second.
Sable07 chapter 25 . 8/17
my dude, u r GOOD at writing fight scenes.
like, scary good.
Sable07 chapter 24 . 8/17
im running out of words, but please know that you
and your story
are absolutely ridiculously lovely and amazing and astounding and breath taking and awe inspiring and wheeze inducing and joy bringing!
youve brought so much happiness to my, and for that, i thank you. i haven't been in a great state lately, likely better than others i reckon though, so not much room to complain and bother, but this really pulled me out of there and gave me a breath of full of life. thank you. from the bottomest deeptest pits of my thawed heart.
Sable07 chapter 21 . 8/17
You are an amazing person, Author. I just thought you should know that.
Sable07 chapter 19 . 8/17
lovely, amazing, and all the synonyms
Sable07 chapter 15 . 8/17
I fall in love with the characters and each of them hold a place in my heart.
It's so easy when you read lovelies like this to see why book lovers don't care much for the real world.
I haven't experienced so much pure joy in anything but reading like this :)))
thank you honestly for making this, you've brought me happiness.
Sable07 chapter 14 . 8/17
And - great i'm crying - THIS is why i love reading.
When you can't rely on realiity, you can rely on books and words and english.
Sable07 chapter 13 . 8/17
Its so goddammed CUTE
and let it be known that i have NEVER freaking reviewed this much!
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