Reviews for A Shot in the Dark
lindir's gaze chapter 3 . 8/12
3 chapters in and this fic is already fuckin me up oh lord
cinderellas-bollywood-princess chapter 1 . 8/5
I would just like to say this is honestly one of the best things I've ever EVER. This is possibly one of the best FFs I have ever read!
Guess chapter 50 . 8/2
This has definitely been one of the best stories I have ever read! It has brought me to tears; caused me to laugh out loud; and made people question why I had a big, idiotic grin on my face! Congratulations on a very well-written and enthralling story! You have a gift for writing!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/27
Ok I dont even know if you are going to read this but I just needed to get this of my chest! This was seriously the best fanfiction I have ever read in all my life! I am so thankful that you wrote this. I spent two whole days reading this only stopping to eat, sleep and talk to my family! I kept talking about this for days and annoying my cousin about this! Girl.. Boy.. I dont even know but this was anazing! The way you presented every character. You captured their personalitys perfectly even beyond the book and movies and I am obssesed with both of those things so I know what I am talking about! Those little paragraphs in the beginning of some chapters in the perspective of those character where we got to learn more about them, and I dont even know if those are facts or if you made them up but that was amazing holy shit. Honestly this could have been from our master and my personal saviour J.R.R Tolkien himself! And I mean this. It was just... Fuck man I dont even know what to say. I am so blown away by this fanfiction... And OH MY GOD! Bilbo and Thorin? My bagginshield heart couldnt take all the feels this gave me. When they finally kissed I sat in my room for five minutes straight making weird dying animal noises and screaming "YES YES YES MOTHERFUCKING YES!" The Epilogue gave me so many feels as well. And how Bilbo was with all the other dwarfs. Talking to them, getting to know them better and all that shit? I cant even about this. OH AND KILI, FILI AND THORIN? GASH MY LINE OF DURIN FEELS! There was seriously not one, not one single thing I would have changed about this.. Maybe that Tauriel, Bard and Beorn where hurt but thats more because I love those characters so much but from a writers point of view it was perfect! You may notice that I love this fanfiction a little. Oh man I wrote a lot But I write stories myself and I know how much it means to you when you get a review. Girl/Boy this was amazing! Thank you... Thank you so much! I mean this in the purest way possible. This was incredible to read and I wish I could delete this from my brain so I will have the joy of reading this again! So thank you that you wrote it! I love it and you so much for this!
Pyrane chapter 50 . 7/6
Thanks for the story !
I'm not sure I red it 'till the end the first time, 'cause I have no recollection of it '
Now I do :D

Random number generator chapter 2 . 7/4
Oh fuck, preserving timeline detected..
AppleSpongeCake chapter 21 . 6/20
I feel like curling up in a ball and dying.
While I've nver been a fan of slash (excepting Sherlock stories that are Johnlock but not completely bassed on the romance between them) you have written the PERFECT Thilbo Bagginshield story.
I am realy in love w/ this story, every word I read is perfect.
So sorry for my last review, use the flames to roast marshmallows. :)
AppleSpongeCake chapter 18 . 6/20
Oh no. This is wrong. The story is gone, you ruins it. You ruins it. We are very angry with the hobbitses that ruins the story. Nasty little hobbitses, we hates it forever.
Sol chapter 17 . 6/20
I really want to know what Thorin said to Bofur.
Sol chapter 15 . 6/18
Bilbo is freaking funny. I love how you write him.
Sol chapter 11 . 6/16
You know I've always found the passage about Bilbo calling Merry and Pippin by another set of names extremely powerful. It has always grabbed my attention, those little flash backs from another time. I adore your writing style!
Sue Clover chapter 50 . 6/16
Wow. It's over. I'm... well, I could say sad but I can't honestly say disappointed. I'm sad it's the end, but the entire thing was just so satisfying and the ending made me so happy that I'm not even all that sad, you know? I'm just so... happy. Kind of like Bilbo. It's a shame he won't get to raise Frodo, but it's good if Frodo's parents don't die on him. I hope they don't. Bilbo and Thorin will have enough on their hands with Aragorn. Ooh, can you do a sequel just so I know how that turns out? Aragorn as a man who was raised half by elves and half by dwarves and a hobbit, now that's something I want to see! Please, please, please? That would be beautiful.
Sue Clover chapter 48 . 6/16
Bilbo, objecting to the term Ghivashel is hypocritical of you. Weren't you the one who said Thorin was your treasure, back in the battle? Yup, it was.
Did he mention that Sauron did the soul-stealing thing way back when he died the first time and they went back in time? They all seem to think it happened when he was captured. I don't know if that's relevant or not, but I am curious as to how Gandalf and the others are going to fix this.
And it's weird that I'm almost to the end of this story. It feels like you're wrapping up loose ends, a bit, but it also feels like there should be a lot more. Is there a sequel? Ah, well, I guess I'll find out.
Sue Clover chapter 47 . 6/16
There's also the fact that Fili and Kili started calling Bilbo 'Uncle' before they even got to Erebor. It's so cute. Am I right that all the Dwarves knew ever since Thorin yelled something in Khuzdul in Laketown and they all stared at him? That's about when it started to seem like they all knew. Gah, all of this is making me so happy.
And oh, my. Bilbo's little Fellowship didn't fare very well, did it? A rather doomed little venture, they're lucky they didn't all get killed. So, were all these wounds from the Ringwraiths? If so, then I'm surprised they've lived this long. Or were there Orcs as well? Maybe they were given that Kingleaf stuff? Yeah, that. But I understand how they're not all bouncing around and full of energy at the moment.
Sue Clover chapter 46 . 6/16
Thank you so much! I was waiting for that. The kiss was a nice touch, too. But that conversation was a long time coming. It was very satisfactory. I'm happy now.
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