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MysteriousFoxGirl chapter 1 . 3/15/2009
Amen T.T point well made! i hate those too.
Potato Salad chapter 1 . 6/6/2007
Hello. It's been a while, but I thought I might as well revisit this. I've been through a trip down memory lane, and checked on and found this in the archives. Interesting.

Let me be on the level here. I am... or was known as "Potato Salad" (can't believe this login still exists) and I believe I was the first on to create Ask fics, with "Ask Sonic (and other assorted characters)". That fanfic is gone now as part of the crackdown, I believe. Lost to time, and I don't think I have any copies of those old fics anymore. It doesn't matter since they're outdated now anyways, heh.

Now some of you may think that I am reviewing this and making an old scathing attack and GR and all that because of the crackdown. But nope. I did not really think about it at the time, but as my series of "Ask Sonic" came to a close, I just started to notice the few Ask Fics popping up. Oddly enough, a few people were kind enough to ask (har har) me if they could use the similar concept. I agreed, thought it was harmless fun.

My series ended, and I was exhausted then, so I stopped writing altogether. It was then I realized the amount of Ask Fics on the site. On the one hand, I was flattered that such a concept garnered so much attention and success. But then, on the other hand, I was treated to some really sub-par fanfics and fanboy/girl-biased bashing fics poorly hiding behind the concept. It was saddening to see both that and the clutter it soon created.

More history behind my series and why I think it went well and where others failed. I believe if you look at this 'review'/history, you (the person who's reading this now, several years later after this mess) might understand what happened.

I did my best to keep in character for all the characters (even "The Voice" who was just a voice) and avoided simple character bashing. For instance, I hated the "Sonic vs. Shadow" questions asked of me so I just tried to avoid it while keeping the 'show' going. Of course I kept their rivalry on the show going because it was in character, but I didn't want to simply bash one character over the other. I mean, I could've called Shadow a little emo through the whole thing (even before his game came out!) and mock him so, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to present the characters doing silly things, because basically it was that, just silliness.

I did have a story, or least a lot of mini-stories in the series. It wasn't simply shippiness or asking characters out, I had little stories that the characters did for each episode. I had a cook-off on one episode, than a Dreamcast send-off on the other, and near the end I had a big story arc with the Sonic amnesia angle. I wanted things to happen, while the 'questions' were being answered. I also urged people not to send in duplicate or 'similar' questions, to avoid that stupidness.

In the end, I think the other fics failed in doing just that. I thought I did quite well with that series and people enjoyed it, because characterization was first and foremost on my mind. This kind of fanfic NEEDED characterization. Otherwise it's just some person answering random questions. Of course, having sub-par fanfics with horrible grammar and spelling probably didn't help matters.

So, as a result of the bad clutter, cracked down. I personally do not blame them for doing so, although I was saddened to see my fanfics gone, but that's over with now. I'm several years older now and am not likely going back to writing fanfics anytime soon. I'll live. I would, however, like to make an apology... I am sorry to those who have been through the endless clutter that occurred in the aftermath of "Ask Sonic". I did not expect such success to be twisted around into a mess that would make looking through Sonic fanfiction that bad. (Although in honesty, not all the Sonic fanfiction is great, but that's true for all genres.) I know it's late in coming, but hopefully several years has matured everyone who did suffer through it and well... hope you can take that in stride.

Now as for this story... rant... whatever... well, I can't really argue with ANGER~! and the language that came with it, but I can understand his frustration at the time. No offense intended to you, of course. So hence, I'm saving this as a "Favorite Story" for historical purposes.

Let THIS be a lesson to anyone who reads this fic and reviews... do your best, but please, PLEASE for crying out loud, don't assume that success for one author necessarily means it will work for you. Do your own thing, goshdarnit! Also, get a spell checker, okay? It will save us all.

Oh, and know your characters. Or at least, make good characters. I think my version of Charmy was better than the annoying kid one that Sega did in Sonic Heroes and after, but ah well.

Okay, I'm done. Blah blah blah, I rant too much.
Broodstar1337 chapter 1 . 3/12/2007
This is pretty much a problem all over Rather than come up with good ideas for stories, people latch onto the same crap that gets blind recognition all across the board. Anything that fetches a sizeable number of reviews is all fair game to these people, and the end result is this place being murdered by hack stories written by hack authors and supported by hack reviewers.

There's some kind of small resistance building up in the Sonic community at least...
Cytrus chapter 1 . 12/15/2003
I hope that cussing at everyone and anything doesn't help a point to come across. Anyway, gives every writer the right to write whatever he wants (ok, there are some limitations but whatever), and the writers use their rights to their advantage. Just leave them be, they will get tired after a while, there is a limit of fics of certain type that you can read before going to the toilet ne? Some things are invicible, like Mary Sues etc. but its not really a reason to kill yourself...
Panku Tasuku chapter 1 . 11/29/2003, I'm impressed with what you've done with this story. I wasn't around this part of FF.N when those 'ask sonic' stories were around, but in many other places around FF.N, the same thing was going on.
Yes, I am probably considered as one of those 'rabid fan girls', but if I was here when those type of stories were going on, I would have agreed with you.
As I had said before, I am impressed with this story, nice job.
Zebo chapter 1 . 4/9/2003
YES! Finally someone agrees with me! And how about the other nonsensical crap, like "Sonic Goes to Pre-School", "Shadow Gets a Tutu", and et cetera? All of these rabid fangirls need to be exiled to Siberia!
et2brute chapter 1 . 4/5/2003
XD Wow! I'm impressed! Even when you're pissed, your writing is *still* tasteful! I can't think of anyone else who could use examples of fangirl chatter "(THE STARS OF SONIC ADVENTURE 2: B ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!1 I NEED 5 REVIEWS FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! _)" and get away with it! I love your writing style :D hehehe.

Your #1, #2, and #3 fan,

Ryu Gunslinger chapter 1 . 2/10/2003
obveously, of all the crap i have seen, this is something that to me, for history, is crap.

nuff said
Penfreak chapter 1 . 8/31/2002

And you rated THIS PG-13? It should be R at least! I certainly wouldn't allow it on my site, with all that violence and first ask fic I saw was cool. But then it got out of hand, and EVERYONE started doing it.

It would be impossible to say that you are wrong to write this, if you know what I mean. All that graphic detail should be enough to drive that point into their feeble little minds.

Unfortunatly, you forgot one thing - most of the authors have minds too feeble to even understand a word of what you said.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/15/2002
Sigh... I suppose you're right. The Ask Fics are disproportionate in number to the others. One Ask Fic written by a talented author who would treat the characters fairly, MAYBE with one variation attempting a different aproach (comedic instead of serious or vice versa), would probably be a good idea. Because that is all you need. One of a single type. More than that creates unnecessary repetition. But they won't do this because no one could agree on talent...

All of the untalented Ask Fic writers, however, should burn in heck. Especially the Amy and Omochao bashers.

Although there are a small number that I've bothered to read that were good... Dr. Nick. But that could be attributed to the fact that it was the first one I read... Novelty always makes something seem good.
Ardil the Traveller chapter 1 . 8/6/2002
Yes, stop the ask fics! Stop the stupidity (multiply repeated ask fics and any other blasted no-brainers) and let's get some good stories in! I hardly ever check the Sonic section any more, I was here before the blasted rubbish was and then it was fun! Now I have to trawl carefully and that takes time! And then if I find a decent story it gets lost before I can continue reading the updates!

Though you might get more readers if you take out the f***ing. Normally I stop reading early on in a story if there's too much swearing. But I made up my mind I'd read this one, and review too, so I did.
Slykitty chapter 1 . 8/5/2002
FINALLY! I've practically been waiting for this fic forever! This is one of you're best fics by far, david. (Although The Final Step is always gonna be my fav...) I've been waiting for you to write another fic for awhile, whether u know it or not (not most likely) and this is well worth the wait! I usually only go for fics that actually have some depth to them, not just a bunch of crazyness and typos and characters talking to the authors and crap, but this was a good idea, and I love you're writing, so keep up with the good work!
The Saxophonist chapter 1 . 8/4/2002
Okay. Lets get one thing straight: some ask fic authors could use a few spelling/grammar lessons. That, and the fact that some reviewers keep puting up the same question. Most of the bad ask fics should either be edited or removed altogether.

Oh yeah! There should also be a limit to how many times a "question" should be asked. It annoys me whenever I see the same thing 100,000 times, especially when it's horribly misspelled.
The Tears of a Madman chapter 1 . 8/4/2002

All this makes me giggly like a little school girl!

...or not.

Muhahaha! you make so much sense, SZ!

*All of a sudden TTOAMM's mind is raped by satan*

wuz wrng wit yu i lik ask fiks11 your no fun go ask-fis!

*Satan leaves his body*


Not even JESUS can save you all now! MUHAHAHAHA!

David Macintyre chapter 1 . 8/4/2002
Hey, black echidna?

You are, fact known, one of the biggest customers of ask fics on the whole site. You have written one, if I remember, and you also appear to ask retarded questions on nearly all of them. Your pro-askfic opinion doesn't count!
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