Reviews for Strength in Weakness
tanithlipsky chapter 48 . 5/21
very good
wolfish-willow chapter 17 . 5/17
Idk why Snape is still so surprised when Harry keeps something to himself or can't keep calm. It's not like he's trying to make any of this easier on the poor kid. Harry needs, like, all the hugs and someone to treat him like a person. Hopefully that'll start happening between them in the future.
thepurplewriter333 chapter 2 . 5/16
Oooh! This looks interesting!
spiffy2143 chapter 48 . 5/15
Awesome chapter! I am really enjoying this story. Love to see Harry and Snape kick old voldies butt! Looking forward to more.
EmberPhoenixx chapter 48 . 5/14
Wow I literally just spent the last 5 hours reading this whole story! I don't read much fanfiction anymore, this is an old account, but I saw this story's description and decided to read it. It was fantastic! The character's personalities are perfect! I love how you made a story out of the reletionship between Snape and Harry. During the series there was so much potential for a connection between them, that I've just been searching for the perfect story to show that. Finally I've found a beautifully written accurate story! You're a phenominal writer. Thank you so much! :D
liz.onia chapter 48 . 5/9
AWESOME! Literally every chapter of this story is so intense. And I agree, that one was very climatic! Excited to read what happens next. Please keep writing because this is one of my favorite HP stories I'm following!
DoctorSWHolmes chapter 48 . 5/9
I love it and it's great ! :D

*follows and favourites story*
Tina chapter 48 . 5/9
I like it. Keep going and update please. I wonder who's banging on the door...
Tra8erse chapter 48 . 5/7
It looks like Harry and Snape will need to have a little talk about 'Snape's worst memory'. I am glad this came up in this chapter because, as I read, I could not help thinking about the enormous elephant in the room - namely, that Snape is a victim of abuse himself, and not from his parents (about whom we can only speculate as there is little in canon to say one way or the other), but from Harry's father, godfather and favourite teacher. I feel this has never been addressed adequately in canon with Harry feeling a bit uncomfortable about the bullying and then going on as if nothing happened, and with Sirius and Remus not even acknowledging it properly. I would like to see Harry finally confronting them about it for real - I liked that bit where he told Sirius not to insult Snape, but more is needed. I also liked how he stood up for Snape here.

What I am saying is that this introduces another dimension into their relationship and explains a lot about Snape. In your story I like him most when he remains himself - brusque, rather emotionally stunted - but trying to help regardless, despite how uncomfortable the situation makes him feel. I am less convinced by the parts where he suddenly develops emotional intelligence, and I think: 'What have you done with Snape and where's the body?' :)
HeartsGlow chapter 6 . 5/5
Someone would have had to poison him while he was sleeping (a dormmate?) or while in detention (Umbridge). He is always around others the rest of the time, so others would have been exposed to the poison too.
HeartsGlow chapter 2 . 5/3
I would have guessed poison right away just because of the story description.
DutchGirl01 chapter 48 . 5/3
Excellent chapter, really enoyed it.
dicasaci507 chapter 48 . 5/3
Great chapter! I liv\ke so much your stories please do not let us waiting too long for the next chapter! :)
Comrade'sRoza chapter 48 . 5/3
Definitely worth the wait! The mind battle was amazing!
Saggyherman chapter 48 . 5/3
WOW fab chapter ;)
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