Reviews for Child of the Storm
DerekB74 chapter 49 . 9/24
I came across this fic while ago and threw it on my follow list with the intention to come back to it later and finally got the itch to read it.
DerekB74 chapter 44 . 9/23
That was well worth the build up to it and was original. You have no idea how hard it is to find good Harry Potter Avengers/Marvel crossovers that are good and/or original. Take a bow good man. You've earned it.
DerekB74 chapter 38 . 9/22
I thought you were fixing Harry's eyes while he was in Asgard?
DerekB74 chapter 13 . 9/20
Merlin I love Sirius. Looking forward to more of him. Don't you dare kill him off!
sms17762000 chapter 4 . 9/19
rereading this section after Queen Elizabeth II Died is kinda sad.
terrahsims chapter 44 . 9/13
high pitched squel at finding out who Peter Wisdom is
stillfreeleader chapter 64 . 9/4
I got thrown for a bit here because during the Weasley dinner in the last chapter you had Thor almost slip up and tell Arthur who Wisdom was and then in this chapter Thor seems genuinely surprised to find out who Wisdom is.
stillfreeleader chapter 47 . 9/1
So typically when a fic is finished I wait until I finish to review. But hot damn that twist with Hermione! Like a slap in the face in a good way. Can't wait to finish this story now
Deana Gem chapter 77 . 8/27
No clue why you didn't get/ were uncomfortable with with the last comment.
I wasn't even nasty/flamish!
As a pro-reader. I get my pleasures where I can get em'!
stop watching sitcoms they rot your brain, and give Sam a better spot is all I asked really.
Deana Gem chapter 76 . 8/26
You gave Sam a bit role? with Meredith no less! If I was there and blonde I would slap you! I couldn't comment last chapter. Since I'm more auburn and a Libra I'll be very irked with you from now on for that!
Oh and the whole Harry with sticking his head in the door, and quite a few scenes following, is a clear sign you had been Way to many sitcoms at the time!
A quote:
Ever realize how fucking surreal reading a book is? You stare at marked slices of tree for hours on end, hallucinating vividly! Katie Oldham
Finally a bow! Good chapter!
SelenetheNerd chapter 47 . 8/26
Hedwig flying into Thor’s face was the funniest thing in the entire story so far. I actually almost threw up laughing, it was so good. Now, Nat putting Severus in his place… oh, that was pure Asgardian gold. Perfection.
Deana Gem chapter 60 . 8/13
Just thinking(I'm on COTS 60,I don't know if you get a notice of story & chapter)
Harry got stuck with the whole BWL garbage. But Carol got nothing from her experience.
I mean how many people have been saved by the winter soldier...1.
As name goes thought
...Is a mouthful
She probably gets enough attention as is, right?
Still looking for that letter and now Sam. Hints would be appreciated.
Keep writing
Bosmer1701 chapter 75 . 8/11
Adding DC characters is degrading this story. Don't get me wrong. love the DC universe more than Marvel but it's creating an absolute mess of a story. You remind me of a little child playing with all their toys trying to create a story that to any mature person would be absolute nonsense. This is not creative, this not storytelling.
Bosmer1701 chapter 62 . 8/10
Whatever you're doing with Malfoy is so FKING stupid.
Bosmer1701 chapter 45 . 8/10
This story is over encumbered with too many characters and too many plot points. Then you bring DC universe characters along with the Harry Potter world where the Potters were connected to too many big names in the Marvel Universe. Want to know what this recipe is called? It's called a "Shit Sandwich". A shit sandwich is when you have too many non connecting ingredients that by themselves are very good but combined taste like shit. Take, peanut butter, pesto, sardines and Jelly. How do you think that would taste? That is what this story has turned into.
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