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ThunderClaw03 chapter 29 . 8/1
No one hurts a mother/grandmothers baby and gets away with it unscarred
monktastic chapter 67 . 7/31
Amazing story so far. You should get a bloody medal for your effort in this story. Could you tell me how many books are going to be in this series? And also an estimate on how many chapters left till 4th year arrives? Thanks
Guest chapter 23 . 7/29
Mathus T. Quill chapter 67 . 7/30
Amazing story. Can't wait for intro of Kent. I am awaiting the reveal if Hairy Or Klark end up as the Dark to the light of the other. I am guessing Kent due to hydra will be the dark facet. Love it & can't wait for next .
Firecadet chapter 67 . 7/29
I've really enjoyed reading Child of the Storm, and I suspect that I am going to make a few points here out of sheer pedantry.

MI6: The may be very capable, but if there was gunfire, they were detected by those inside. My suspicion is that the results of this, knowing what I do about Six, would have probably involved motion sensors, large numbers of Claymore mines, and a choke point somewhere in the building, probably covered by a small army with assault rifles.

As for the messages from the future, I'm doing my best to decode those: Tony becoming a father is something that has been hinted at several times.
Gloria Maximoff chapter 24 . 7/27
Wanda Maximoff's Daughter is Hermione Granger
Wanderer No.96 chapter 41 . 7/28
You've captured Dresden's character impeccably!
Knight Wolf chapter 67 . 7/26
Fantastic chapter. Fanastic story in fact. I've read it over the past week and I can honestly say I've never read a better fanfiction.

I have one problem though: Extremis. While I understand that at it's current stage Extremis is only a few steps beyond what it was when Tony first took it in the comics, considering the sheer length of your story which by your author notes will extend at least until Harry turns twenty five, which means that in a few years, Zola will eventually be able to perfect Extremis to at least the same degree as Superior Iron Man's Extremis 3.0 (which has so far proven to be as effective as 616 Super Soldier Serum) and even beyond it? Taking all this into account don't you think it's too big an advantage to give the villains? Please understand that I'm not questioning your reasoning here, just trying to understand it.
War Wraith chapter 27 . 7/26
Judging by this story, i think you would love the iron druid chronicles
ssj3gohan007 chapter 67 . 7/25
Wonderful job this chapter! Truly first-rate work! I am assuming Betsy found the Horcrux? I am already looking forward to the next chapter! :)
mapom2 chapter 1 . 7/23
I just started reading this story, and have already left my guts out, as well as have been very intimidated by how long it is. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy all near 700,000 words of it. You should be a professional author.
burnable chapter 67 . 7/23
Good chapter! I hate you for the cliffie though... Please tell me you were struck by inspiration or insomnia or something, because I MUST HAS MOAR!
CassandraNight chapter 67 . 7/22
I absolutely love your story. The intricacies in your plot is amazing and never fail to keep me enthralled . Never give it up. I was wondering how you said that Hermione will have a mutation, do you have any idea when that will come up? When will John find out about her? When will she find out about her birth parents? Does she even know she's adopted? Also will she end up with Ron as in the books or will there be a unique pairing? I think that would be amazing. Sorry by the way if my questions are bothersome, they are just some things I really wanted to know. Happy Writing! :-)
Guest chapter 50 . 7/22
Ah youth soccer leagues good times good times! parents are kind of rabid wolves though and if I see another orange wedge ever again EVER again I'm gonna lose it...

Also just because I was on a team called the Fighting Irish doesn't mean I was Irish cuz I look it! I'M SCOTTISH/ENGLISH DAMN IT! AND I DO MIND IF YOU CALL ME A F**KING LEPRECHAUN GIRL VERY MUCH SO!

Queen Morgana Le Day Of Avalon
(I'm to lazy to log in)

Also Fuck american football its dumb...but hockey? I luvs it!
Guest chapter 67 . 7/21
This is an absolutely fantastic fic! I love it. I have a few questions though:

On the What Could Have Been page of TV Tropes (incidentally the place where I found this fic) it said that you have several spinoffs, prequels and AUs planned. Can we expect to see any of these soon? And in the case of spinoffs are we talking stories about characters who appear in CoS but also have important stories of their own outside of the lives of the Harry and his friends and enemies or spinoffs in the sense that a different decision was made by a character or something happened different which altered the course of events in the spinoff?

In the case of AUs are they in the style of my second description for spinoffs or are they AUs in the same sense that CoS is an AU from canon even prior to the beginning of the story (although of course depending on your decision the scale of how different the AU is from CoS might be lesser of greater than the different between CoS and canon but you get my point).

On a side note, it's a pity you discarded the Harry/Sif pairing but I can see how impractical it would have been to write and how ridiculous it would have come off as considering Harry's parentage and age (since Harry would have met Sif before he was an adult, unlike Thor and Jane in which case the age is irrelevant).
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