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Axcel chapter 5 . 3/2
By the way, I think Sunna, the norse goddess of the sun, has red hair and gold eyes in a fic I read. Hey, Gryffindor colors, too.
Axcel chapter 5 . 3/2
I think the aversion to Ginny comes from how she and Harry got together in canon. There was no romance, confession etc. It basically just was opening the next chapter and reading that her head was in his lap and an "oh yeah, we've been dating off screen for a couple months" sort of thing. It completely came out of nowhere.
Reichenfaust chapter 63 . 3h ago
Wow, using the Nevernever just to hop across the ocean? Isn't that a little dangerous? And I love your explanation of M, and her position, especially regarding how long she has been in the game, and where Fury was years ago.

IT'S ALIVE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! That was hilarious! A combat capable sentient refrigerator! What is it going to be called, "The Frigeratorminator"?

Tony offering Arthur a job at Stark is certainly a great idea, and a much better use of his abilities than where he currently is. For sure he could go far.

I can understand why Mrs. Weasley is just a little agitated with Wanda about Harry, but she is not able to see things from the perspective of where Wanda is coming from. Case in point with her not being able to understand Coulson, and his side of things, even though she is from a "Light" family.

Interesting. More experiments from Zola, and more commentary and plotting from Lucius Malfoy. Intriguing, especially the bit where you have Zola mention the underneath of New York... If anyone knows the X-Men, and has clued in to who taught Zola, then you shood know exactly who Zola is talking about in regards to experiments. Seems the Griffin will be introduced soon. Cool...

I wonder, if Cap saw Hammond, would he recognize him? Jim Hammond, the Original Human Torch, was one of the Invaders. Wouldn't that be a blast from the past.

Interesting bit about Wisdom, and the Ministry. It is high time the Ministry is reminded that they are just a single section of Her Majesty's Government. Although Wisdom going after some of the secrets, and weapons of the Unspeakables is a little disturbing, especially once you mention just what might be down there.

Cap with one of the 4 swords... Reminds me of the Age of Apocalypse-What If? Where, somehow both Magneto and Xavier were killed, and Cap ended up wielding Thor's hammer. He could wield technically any mystical weapon that considers him worthy... And with a sword, well, he would just be that much more intimidating. Plus with his skills and abilities, I don't doubt that he could come up with a style that he use to face regular criminals and only cut them enough to disable them...

That was a very cool, and interesting explanation regarding The Veil. Especially the Authors note. If this was a TV, or movie series-I mean canon-then you could really understand why Thanos wants Earth, besides the Infinity Gauntlet. With that power, wielded throught any dimension, any time, he could kill everyone that ever existed. Just like Owlman tried to do in "Justice League:Crisis On Two Earths". And being Thanos, he would definitely have a goal like that.
AlphaLycan2001 chapter 63 . 3/3
I'm not sure whether you've noticed but in chapter 8 you stated that 'Steve had previously expressed an interest in the James Bond movies' suggesting Bond is a fictional character in the CoS verse. Yet in chapter 16 he apparently makes a brief cameo and in chapter 62 the agent the Winter Soldier killed is confirmed to be Bond.
xXFrostKittenXx chapter 12 . 3/2
Well, I was going to read all the way through before I commented, but then you gave me the saddest, most heartbreaking line in existence. "Look, I'm sure you're a perfectly nice hallucination, but I don't have time to be insane. I'm busy looking for my godson." That was just heartrending.
Prince Chrom chapter 62 . 3/1
At what point in the Dresden Files is this.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 63 . 2/28
Waz chapter 63 . 2/25
Almost 600k words and... YAWN. Kill off Harry Potter, maybe things will get more interesting. He's pretty much been useless so far.
Elwaith chapter 39 . 2/27
I wonder how the Warriors Three and Loki and Thor met at first...
Jennixst chapter 38 . 2/27
Damn you like expanding the cast
regularhp chapter 63 . 2/27
Good chapter.
I really liked Harry's somewhat disappointed attitude after seeing the bifrost. Arthur coming to work for Tony would be a lot of fun. The conversation between Lucius and Zola was good and appropriately foreboding for the future.

Arthur concern's to Thor about the magical world and Thor's apathetic attitude towards it seemed to be somewhat contrary to his character. He spent 20 yrs as James Potter and was raised in the magical world as a pureblood. Before the war with Voldemort would have started he would have experienced the good parts of the magical way of life, so I just can't see him being that causal about something that could actually change it drastically and not necessarily for the better. While it is inevitable that the magical world will be revealed, it's not necessary that they should be under the thumbs of people like Fury or Wisdom. Because, no matter how well meaning they are Fury sees any thing with power as a threat first and foremost, necessary for his position and understandable due to his history but not good for the magical world. As Thor said he wants to close the gap between the mundane and the magical and how he would go about it may not be in the best interests of the wizarding world, especially with his grudge against the wand wizards. The White Council has a group of very powerful wizards to look after their interests but the magical one has only Dumbledore for now and perhaps Harry later. I just hope they don't get put under the bus for the good of all mankind.

I would really like to see where you are going with the Veil angle. Harry's powers seem to be growing at a goodly pace and I am waiting for the moment when he gets them under his control and uses them well. Perfection would take a lot of time, decades even but with the amount of power he has even marginal improvements in control would put him beyond the reach of most people. I just can't wait for the time when he starts to give as good as he gets.
Elwaith chapter 1 . 2/27
Can you do a fic showing the time Loki is redeemed (I know you said it was offscreen but it sounds interesting).
Miles Militis of Justicia chapter 63 . 2/27
Will Aldrif Odinsdottir make an appearance at any point?
FlamyAngelwings chapter 60 . 2/27
Dang it! I was really hoping that Steve and Bucky'd be reunited by the time I'd caught up to where the story is.
Also; just found this fic, it's great!
Jennixst chapter 28 . 2/27
Sneaky dresden ref in there, ancient language of ghouls
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