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SavannahX chapter 34 . 9/2/2007
Hey good chapter, I just wish you would update more! I constantly find myself doubling back to see what happened in the last chapter! BUt it was still very good and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.
Prizz chapter 33 . 8/30/2007
Gosh! Well, let me tell you first. Ive been looking for stories that is worth reading for two days now and I cant find any. My brain is rotting from reading fluffy and senseless fics. And I decided to check my favorites list.

Do you know how it's like reading from a brain-not-needed fic to a brain-wrecking fic? Ahehe. Enough of my babbling.

First, I like the pacing of the story. Eliminates the tend to drag. Second, I can feel the emotions of the actors while I read. And lastly, the flow of the story. Sorry I couldnt elaborate and express well what I feel right after reading this chapter. Ahehe.

I hope you update sooner this time. _ V,,
Kandida chapter 34 . 8/19/2007
The story was very somber, yet intriguing.

I spent whole day reading from chapter 1 to 34.

You did a very good job and I am looking forward to the reunion of the two lovers and hope Squall can cope with his alcohol abuse.
angels0ul chapter 34 . 8/18/2007
Lovely chapter as per usual. Cannot wait for the next one!
Hassun chapter 34 . 8/17/2007
Not much to do except acknowledge that I still find this story highly intriguing and show my gratitude and support to both of you for keep going at it.

Maybe a tiny spelling boob:

"Destiny has a way of reveling itself only through time,” reassured Edea."

That "reveling" should probably be "revealing"
chrisVIII chapter 34 . 8/17/2007
oh waouh ! this chapter is amazing... But oh, it's so frustrating to reach the end...

It definitly is the last part, everything is coming closer to the end. It's moving faster... edea's revelations are promising. Confrontation is coming and I'm burning with anticipation !

thanks !
pencilpusher1924 chapter 34 . 8/16/2007

Rinny's going bak to Deling! ...I hope she dun get into trouble D: it'll b horrible T-T

poor rinny...she's suffering T-T and squally's suffering... noo's! STAY TOGETHER D:

That was a sad chapter between Rinoa and Squall's thoughts. I really hope you guys update soon. :D I wanna kno wat happens next!
peggy chapter 34 . 8/16/2007
OMG! It's only been a few months! I freaked when I saw that you had updated, which is what usually happens.

Absolutely beautiful, I almost found myself crying... almost, then they mentioned Elise xD

Oh I love it so much, I'm so excited to see how it ends, and I really hope(I'm sure most people do) that Rinoa and Squall end up together.
sayuri21 chapter 34 . 8/16/2007
OMG! I have Just read this story from chpt1-34! o.0 it has taken me a day and a half lol! and in that time I neglected my house work lol any who I really can't for the life of me see why I hand't read it sooner it's so good! I like the chapter when you made subtle hints of both your stories you made. I also like maude and lucky the chocobo I can just imagin the pair together lol (and the camio apperences you poped in there of you both lol) Squall is so different in this story it's weird I can't describe how though. but a good weird lol keep up the good work guys I can't wait to read more I would like to say more about the story but I can't put into words. either way it's a really good story .

best wishes guys :)

sayuri21 x
r chapter 34 . 8/15/2007
Great chapter, looking forward to more
missylm chapter 34 . 8/15/2007
oh stop the angst. I cant take it... LOL excellent ladies like always
fgshdasfadssdfsghjkk chapter 34 . 8/15/2007

*gasp* I couldn't believe it when I saw it...but YES! You guys did update. *happy happy happy*

Poor Squall...he can't live with Rinoa or Elise, but he can't live without either of them.

No Rinoa don't leave... *sniff sniff*

anyway...this was a nice chapter. While it wasn't nearly as eventful as other chapters, it was still nice, perhaps because it WASN'T all that busy...just kind of a filler. But yes, this is a wonderful storty and I think it really captures everyone's thoughts, feelings, happinesses, and disappintments, particularly Squall's. He's quite the complex character, and there aren't a lot of people who could pull everything about him together and make it really work. So both of you should feel special :)

Awesome work :D Keep it up!

../Nikki 2 :D

Save the Onions!
Momoko17 chapter 34 . 8/15/2007
The story just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait to see what happens next. Great setup with Rinoa. This story is one of my favorites by far, I'm already looking forward to the next chapter! *_*
snowecat chapter 34 . 8/15/2007
Poor Squall, he really needs to pull himself together. Elise just can't compete with the bond he has with Rinoa. When is everyone going to realize that? There's so much angst right now you could cut it with a rubber-coated baby spoon. Hopefully there will be a ray of light soon. chapter 33 . 8/13/2007
this is a great story.. just finished playing FF8(i won yaay :) ) and this fic caught my eye.. i just finished reading it(took me several hours) and i just have to say that this is well-written, beautifull, marvelous, has a great storyline and is just generally awsome. cant wait for the next chapter. you really keep me wanting more, and that doesnt happen often when im reading fics.

keep up the excellent work

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