Reviews for Sissi Delmas and the Wonderful World of Lyoko
aleksamagicka chapter 4 . 5/27/2017
Nice. Good start.
mehr03 chapter 4 . 12/22/2015
amazing fic...u write so well.. hoping for more Ulrich/Sissy moments 3 please update soon...thanks and good luck
1001sandrew chapter 4 . 12/10/2015
Hi there! I just watched the entire Code Lyoko series and I can honestly say that out of all the fanfiction for the show this is my favorite. I was sad that Sissi didn't have more of a part with the Lyoko Warriors. They way you made her interact with Aeilita is pure genius. I see that you haven't updated this story in a while. Please try and get into the mood to do just that and know you have a faithful reader just waiting to find out what happens next!
sarista wow chapter 4 . 8/8/2015
Awesome chapter, nice character interaction, scene building and the tension rises ever higher like a good mystery and that ending, oh my things are going to get crazy soon!

Best of luck with all your future work.
sarista wow chapter 3 . 8/7/2015
Ooh a fantastically written chapter, you've really made me identify with and like Sissi as a character without white washing her flaws or altering her too much which is also creating some interesting hurdles for her and Aelita. Great descriptions of the monsters, tone and wow that last scene with Sissi was depressing from so many angles. Nice work on building the suspense with the final segment and demonstrating the difficulties of the situation with the Einstein thing.
sarista wow chapter 2 . 5/14/2015
Wow, Ulrich and Odd are kind of jerks, granted Sissi's not exactly the nicest person ever either and this idea does seem to be making for a good balance between her less kindly traits and also making her a sympathetic and engaging protagonist.

Very nice ominous ending there.
sarista wow chapter 1 . 5/13/2015
This is a very intriguing divergence and Sissi, for the most part seemed quite in character, the descriptions, tone and her feelings were very well handled and conveyed.
X59 chapter 4 . 4/15/2015
This is interesting.
Superherofan721 chapter 4 . 7/17/2014
Tbh, I thought you discontinued this fanfic but I'm happy to finally read that you haven't. Anyway, I hope Sissi will finally realize that she needs more people in her little group if she ever wants to beat XANA. Ahem, cough cough. Jeremie!
JanessaVR chapter 4 . 7/16/2014
Hey! Happy to see an update here. I feared this one one was long dead.
E.K chapter 4 . 7/16/2014
Why did that post?

Any way Herve having a better role than being a recurring side kick is nice. Also he could e a far more potent threat with how smart he is. Possibly put things together even with the Returns.

'Hervé turned to the solemn face of Nicholas, who he'd almost forgotten was there.'

Alas, most everyone forgets Nicholas was there.

'"Boredom, I guess," he said.'

Well there is a chance that will be alleviated.

'The good news threatened to burst from Sissi, held back just long enough for her to contemplate whether she still had reservations about pouring her heart and soul into Aelita. She realised, pleased with herself, that she didn't.'

Well she realizes deep down she does indeed have a best friend.

'"What does it mean, to be in love?" Aelita asked.'

Development of the cognitive continues, glorious.

'She tried to convey the importance of it, how deeply unsettling the entire thing had been, but one look at the exasperation strewn across Jim's face told her she had failed.'

The first of many. One cannot envy her descent into peril coming from any quarter.

'So much for keeping secrets. At this rate, she was going to blab to the whole school, and she still hadn't told anyone who mattered. It was a silly fear holding her back, she realised, the desire not to tell Ulrich out of a sense of rejection, the inevitable bonding between him and Aelita. Maybe if he didn't bring Della Robbia long, if it was just the two of them... She considered briefly introducing Odd and Aelita, romantically, before she remembered the impracticalities of double-dating when one of the parties was an artifical intelligence; not too mention she would be doing a terrible disservice as a friend by putting Aelita in a situation where she had to put up with Odd.'

Now isn't that interesting? First of all some self awareness on her own fear. That fear will seem less silly when she realizes the situation would call on the authorities to pull Aelita's plug. And even matchmaking for her friend.

And again with Jeremie. Fate seems to be pulling them towards an alliance. He would get a nice kiss from Sissi for getting Aelita access to Sissi's room via the computer.

'"I thought I heard your voice! Haven't seen you in a single gym class all week, and I'm not about to let you get away with it a minute longer! Except, uh... I just need to take a look at this, and I'll be out in a minute. But don't go wandering off, you hear?"'

Classic Jim there.

'Up close, Sissi could see his eyes had little flecks of darker brown in them.'

Oh ho.

'She took it gratefully, pushed it back into place so that her hair was smoothed back once more from her forehead. The soft look to her face lessened slightly, the light bringing more attention to her darkly outlined eyes.

"Thanks. I did wonder where that had gone." She gave the kind of pause one does when they're hesitating to add something else and then decide the better of it. Ulrich couldn't guess; at the least he would never have guessed, "Aelita said it was a nice change, having my hair down like that."'

Seems he kind of regrets returning it. Likes her better without it. And Sissi is considering Aelita's opinion quite heavily.

'He couldn't breach the topic without sounding vain, there was no way around it, but she had seemed less and less occupied with him lately. It was a relief, a weight lifted, but it did give him cause to wonder. Maybe she liked someone else? Odd?'

Smart lad. I do like the idea of her paired with Odd myself.

And the books show she is trying to better understand her new life and friend. And reveal yet more the change is experiencing. That Ulrich can see it, with all his preconceived notions says a lot. i wonder when her father will catch on. A bit awkward if she lets slip and he wants to meet this new friend that has apparently helped his daughter grow.

'He had the sense that maybe he was; that this strange new reading material, the preoccupied thoughts, were slowly edging out the Sissi Delmas that he knew and gently ushering in a new and undeniably intriguing girl in her place. This was a thought that stayed with him, long after time became concentrated, narrowed and shaped into an evening of study.'

Hmm, hmm. As is often the case the dogged pursuit fails and the natural flow might take you were yo wanted to go through a different route than expected. With Aelita she is no longer socially starving, therefore her actions and self presentation have become less quietly desperate. It may no even be a change so much as the deeper self buried by that desperation emerging.

And Aelita now we cone to the girl in the machine.

Her connection to Lyoko is presented intriguingly. Her compulsion strikes me as almost like Lyoko's immune system. Able to rest content in the towers (glands) but when Xana infect Lyoko she is compelled to act as the antigen.

That Aelita has a project is nice. And how the different areas affect her emotional stare is fascinating.

'Since the very beginning, Aelita could not articulate this to Sissi. It was too abstract; trying to describe it was akin to trying to catch water through spread fingers. Lyoko called out to her, the same way she had clasped her hands and fallen to her knees and begged it for help – in return it ached to be explored, cried out for Aelita's soft touch on its ledges of rock and its mossy trees. Alone for such long spells of time, she began to feel antsy and impatient, her senses straining to satisfy this wordless desire for contact. She suspected on some level, given her origins, a programme played on a loop – felt more though, that there was something instinctive about the whole thing.'

Lyoko years for its inhabitant to experience it. After all Dr. Hopper created it as a world for her to live in.

As much as breaking her promise to Sissi may hurt her, it is good that she is independent despite her need for Sissi in socializing at this point. She doe have a purpose.

And the red shrouded tower, the first of many raised as a banner of war and disaster.

Honestly I was disappointed at the end. As good as this chapter was we seem to come right to the brink of the plunge. This seems the end of the intro arc and the next one begins the war with Xana in earnest. Seeing Sissi's Lyoko form for instance. Hmm, I know guess her form with have her hair down.

But yearning for more aside I am happy to have this. From experience I know sometimes a chapter has a natural ending and trying to push it is no good for anyone. So I say good work, and I hope to see more from you in the future.
wingofpain chapter 4 . 7/16/2014
Even though nothing of interest truly was still great.
The character development truly is great, I can only wonder what will happen next and what you plan to do with the characters.
But at last, they will suffer...err, I mean the action will begin soon
I do wonder if the pairing will be sissi/jeremie...(few chance that it happened but that would be an interesting pairing...probably).
Until next time and glad that this fic continue
Eduard Kassel chapter 4 . 7/16/2014
Patience is rewarded. Welcome back.

Now where to begin?

As I have come to expect you do great job weaving the world even in mundane moments. The lethargy in the class even the teacher is palpable. Frankly I am a bit envious. The small details are what bring these stories truly to life.

'Ulrich's nose crinkled as he was hit with a waft of sweet, but slightly overbearing, perfume. When she smiled and tucked her hair coyly behind her ear, he couldn't quite resist the urge to roll his eyes.'

The sensory data and the small level of interaction as this bit shows well. Scent is one of the intimate senses I have been told. Perhaps in this case showing ho Ulrich does not deny her sweetness but her overzealousness keep her from being appealing to him? Just seeing a possible metaphor there.

It was also a relief when Ulrich went on the Study date, at least he is not pitting his dislike before academics.

Note I am not a fan of these two as a couple but a real relationship could benefit them both immensely, at least resolve what can exist between them. But if you do go that direction, you strike me as someone that could pull it off.

Honestly I expected Sissi to miss the study date for a Lyoko emergency. But there is time enough for that I suppose.

It stood out to me that Sissi dismissed the pink skirt in the name of comfort despite the perceived sex appeal it would provide. Shows a value for herself.

And then of course her fantasy of Aelita in her room helping her et ready for a date. It strikes me how non egocentric these fantasies are. Aelita talking on a phone, distracting herself with tossing a pillow, and Sissi even thinking up a human origin for her. Her desire for a friend is not just personal, she seems to want Aelita to have a life of her own too. She is has more depth than she herself appreciates.

'It was the last of the nice days, though no one knew it yet.'

Well tat is rather menacing. And most of them ill not even realize what dark times they are living in. Always struck me that waging a secret war would wear on them more than the show indicated.

'She had forgotten her headband. Ulrich spotted it as his eyes fell to the desk; he hesitated over it, then reached down and put it in his pocket.'

The loss of the headband is interesting. The fact she looks better and more her age without it. Perhaps it is symbolc of her not trying to be something, but instead 'just being'? Ulrich takes it but does not return it. He likes her better without it. Perhaps it is his desire to see who she is without all the ruffles and flourishes she tries to wrap herself up in?

'"Well, it seemed kind of far-fetched at first, and I still don't really know if I got it right, what I thought it did. Now though, I'm thinking, what if you took it to Mrs Hertz? Or, even..." His face flushed with excitement, "We could even try and send it to some theoretical physics expert! We could get famous! Imagine it, 'the Pichon Law of Time Reversion'. Or, 'Pichon-Delmas Law', I guess."'

Well tht is some definite additional motive along with Sissi and curiosity.
wingofpain chapter 3 . 5/26/2014
Interesting to use Sissi Delmas in a what if story. She is well in her character, so I wonder what could happen now.
Rinshi chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
please continue this now
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