Reviews for Uchiha Heiress Remix
arata7kasuga chapter 67 . 6/19
Bigger boobs does not equate to being sexier. Some of the most attractive females I have seen or been with have been below C cups. Like TenTen, she is damn cute! That said, you sometimes refer to males as female. Like TenTens father refering to Tenten as her daughter. Kin and Lee tiring Gai out his absolutely hilarious. One handed seals are possible, like with Haku, so couldn't Ino still use jutsus?
doorcf chapter 67 . 5/5
Still in the middle of reading this but one thing I like despite the fact the sakura bashing is that ... sakura is still intelligent and has good chakra control, like in canon, she answered the questions in the chuninn exam which were suppossed to be so hard that the only solution was to cheat, she mastered healing jutsu and tsunade's seal and strength taijutsu and would've been at minimum a decent genjutsu user. Yeah she has her rough edges and its not complete bullshit like naruto or sasuke but she has her strengths and the fanfic keeps that through all of it.
Krieger Techpreist chapter 47 . 5/1
Satski being a relaive or ncestoe of Alison, or better known as Agent Texs is funny to me... also explains all the balls threats
Lea RosenWulf chapter 1 . 4/29
Just started reading, took a glance ahead to see if you kept having naruto s dattebayo at the nd of most his sentences, as it is super distracting to me (though wether that is the adhd speaking or not I am not sure).

Anyway, still plan on reading this, as lemons aren't that big a deal to me (they actually kinda through me off as when Im reading I am not in horni mode, and its a very sudden gear shift for me), but learning that you cut them out still saddens me. This is mainly cause I am SUPER anti-censorship. There are certainly worse fics on site, and the fact that you felt you had to remove a portion of the fic, not because you didn't like it or felt it didn't fit, but because you didn't want some assclown getting it taken down, agitates the hell out of me.

Obviously I am not blaming you for that fear, it is a realistic on, especially nowadays. I plan to read this and hope for alot of romantic fluff that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
Ero Hebi Sensei chapter 13 . 4/5
Only at chapter 13 so far and just loving this masterpiece. The 'Sasuke' vs Sakura fight had me dying of laughter
kingpj999 chapter 30 . 4/3
I had a hunch that Itachi will be a hard siscon and I was right LMAO
kingpj999 chapter 28 . 4/3
Hoh, I wasn't expecting Hiruzen entering Sage Mode of monkeys, nice.
kingpj999 chapter 18 . 4/2
For those who complain that lemons were removed let me tell you that I remember reading this fic before and those lemons were pretty bad. This fic is better without them
john.darrah47 chapter 38 . 4/2
It gets confusing some times with the protective level of naruto. Naruto let Tusnade bother his girls during an intimate moment? The girls let Tusnade hurt naruto and dont flip out at her? Seeming inconsistent with how the girls react to stuff as well as Naruto’s reaction. Anyone else feeling that way?
SilverLineWriter chapter 24 . 3/28
Wow, that was pretty funny for Gaara not understanding feelings of affection for a girl. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
IgneelNatsu chapter 67 . 3/13
It's been months. Will this ever get an update?
SilverLineWriter chapter 23 . 3/10
Amazing chapter and I can’t wait to read more
Kitten Arina chapter 1 . 3/7
Don’t Like don’t read OK! I don’t like it because I am not a fan of people trying to get Naruto to Bed with any Ucchia in the first place. Then you go and disrespect people by demanding that they don’t read if they don’t like it!

Fine then I won’t read it and I refuse to be a part of the echo chamber that you want praising your brilliance even though you are not being brilliant at all. You are coping so many others even if you never read there stories. Because it’s all been done before. Even if it reads that this for the first chapter. I didn’t make it past the summary because you chose to be so disrespectful with that one statement!
SilverLineWriter chapter 22 . 2/25
Amazing chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
PaleFeed chapter 3 . 2/22
The grammar is atrocious.
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