Reviews for Uchiha Heiress Remix
FangLord1234X chapter 7 . 5/8
... the 2 demon brothers are retards
dltorres chapter 7 . 4/18
ive really fallen for this fic, i dont think ill be reading anything else other than fic, even then id probably read it several times over. yea there are some bumps here and there but easily forgivable considering the overall quality of it. i hope the ssh0l3 comments dont bother you too much, there will always be people like that just to be anal over something they cant even do themselves. too much free time in their case, if they really didnt like the fic they could just stop and read something else. well i said my peace, i hope this fic would continue to completion, ill be patiently waiting :).
dltorres chapter 2 . 4/18
this fic... I EFFN LOVE IT!
god of all chapter 63 . 4/13
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Pyrogaming chapter 3 . 4/6
Damn bro, I know that Sakura is useless and stupid as much as the next Naruto fan, but you laid it on kinda thick there
Jordin Tucker chapter 11 . 4/5
Okay to those that put up really nasty reviews “F*CK YOU” I almost didn’t read this cause of you this story is surprisingly pretty original and very well fleshed out with detail and depth. I honestly am saying I truly love this story.

My only issue is the grammar solid 7/10 while great 90% of the time but when it f’s it f’s up bad
Rinzin4 chapter 14 . 4/1
There's seven other tailed beast
FledditFliveflind chapter 3 . 3/28
How about instead of sumgly stating "Don't like, don't read", you actually write something that isn't trash. Idiot.
suryamgangwal63 chapter 63 . 3/23
Will u be continuing this fanfic or have u left it?
FledditFliveflind chapter 1 . 3/23
Learn how to fuck spell, and stick to one tense, instead of being a smug dumbass
panjangya chapter 63 . 3/19
Too much yuri for my taste and story dev is too slow
Good luck with your story /future readers
Hellwyrm chapter 6 . 3/8
I have to say, I hope your editing passes get better as the story progresses. You are missing and making a *lot* of grammatical errors, as well as spelling errors. Still, I'm intrigued, despite feeling you're progressing the relationships *way* too quickly. I'll keep reading for now however.
FangLord1234X chapter 4 . 3/6
damn this kurama is the combination of jiraiya,Issei hyoudou,master roshi and all the perverted anime characters
FangLord1234X chapter 2 . 3/6
kurama basically a jiraiya and satsuki a combo of jiraiya and hinata
Re Lovely Lover chapter 5 . 3/5
This was a great chapter though at the end I was scratching my head.

People as far as the stories I've read have had written all 3 always running off on their own in different directions even when they know it's about teamwork instead of together on the same.

(Obviously ignoring those where Naruto or Sasuke stay behind. Referring to those when they know.)

So all 3 got it yet ran off.

Then Naruto instead of sending out clones and seeking them himself. It seems he just stuck around and sent 1 clone to each of them rather than speeding it up and going himself.

Lastly the bit that was the head scratcher is Hinata wondering around "blindly" (pun intended) looking for them even though she has the fricken Byakugan before Narutos clone runs into her surprising her.
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