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Pie and the Winchesters chapter 15 . 5/1
I'm dying at how you managed to somehow break the fourth wall even more than they did in the show this is so funny and clever
fuckimgay chapter 22 . 4/14
I have read so many fanfics and seen so many kisses shared and described in every possible way, but this one? This one is probably my favorite.
Pie and the Winchesters chapter 5 . 2/22
Being as late to this story as I am, I wasn't planning on reviewing until I'd read a lot more of it. But I can't help myself there's just so much I wanna say!

First of all, I'm so impressed with how in character Dean and Sam are. Even when Sam is being a little shithead, he's doing it in a way that's believable for his character at this time. The dialogue is so believably them in all the little moments, and this moment where Alex goes "loveyoutoo" and hangs up is so cute and realistic.

Also I love Alex already. By the second chapter I already felt like she was a three dimensional person, and that's no small feat, especially when you're writing her next to characters that we already know all the way around from the show. But she's great! Imperfect but likeable, with fears and hopes and habits.

The relationships are so good too. Her and Bobby and are making me gush, it's so cute. I like that her relationship w Sam is so complicated but that under all of it there's love. And then obviously her and Dean, I mean, duh.

I'm so excited for when the original plots start to come out in this story because I just know they're gonna be fantastic.

Anyway I'm not sure if you're still active, but I just had to leave a review, because I'm blown away already and I'm only on chapter five. I'm so frickin happy that I've got so much story ahead of me! Thank you for writing and sharing this
lilypad09 chapter 152 . 2/14
Literally unbelievable! It is canon now. Thank u so much for coming back and finishing this story! I love Alex so much, the show will never be the show without her for me ever again.
RoseCentury chapter 38 . 1/21
RoseCentury chapter 37 . 1/21
YAYYYY! ADAM IS ALIVE! YAYYYYY! Now I just pray for Adamandriel
RoseCentury chapter 14 . 1/21
It was only at the end of this chapter that I realized/remembered Misha COLLINS plays Castiel
deangirl1996 chapter 156 . 1/1
I've reviewed from the app for this story for all three of these comments. For some reason I count 153-154 chapters though they really aren't. I wonder why that is. Anyway you have a way of breathing life into these OC's and your writing is Superb (notice how I capitalized the S in Superb)! Everything in this story came together so flawlessly you'd think it's not fanfiction though it is and I liked how you based your characters off of real people but with a storyline and background all their own. That's something I wouldn't have been able to pull off and I wish I was as good a writer like so many of all you talented authors on here and those in real life! I'm sorry to hear all of what happened to you years ago but I hope all is well now so far. Take care!
deangirl1996 chapter 156 . 1/1
Happy New Year! I'm so happy you filled in chapters 150-154 instead of them being place holders! I was thinking about this story alot since finishing it and decided to come back and see if it was completed and well it is so thanks though I wonder how you did that without updating the story again from what was the last time you updated.
deangirl1996 chapter 149 . 12/24/2021
Talk about intense. This story was the most intense I've read ever on this website and that's saying something! Loved all the chapters especially chapter 20. Without giving away any spoilers to those who read review or skip to the chapter guide, it brought me to tears at times. Alex grief on multiple occasions was so realistic not that I expect anything less. Totally not a Mary Sue either which I was very surprised by since so many others who have retold the Winchester story with an original character whether it be Dean/OC, Sam/OC, and or Castiel/OC haven't really done much with their OC except give them dialogue of their own or not enough background information on them. She seems so real with the way the many people that interacted with her says something even with your other OC's and her brothers Sam and Dean and love interest Castiel like she was meant to be their amongst everything that was to happen. I also immensely enjoyed all the original scenes. This feels finished somewhat but I need more Calex. I don't care how long the chapters are. This was incredible! Need I say more. I'm done rambling now. Just trying to get all of what I'm thinking since I didn't review the other chapters since this was so interesting to even think about stopping anytime soon plus I was determined to finish this before the year ended.
yesitsmesam chapter 149 . 12/13/2021
an absolutely soothing beautifully always!
yesitsmesam chapter 149 . 12/13/2021
an absolutely soothing it as always
Karla Correia chapter 153 . 11/23/2021
Wow, WOw WOw. Here I was, thinking that I read everything, including the summaries, which, btw, I was utterly satisfied, cause well, At least I knew the end. But WOW! I'll finally see alex pregnancy *_* I'M SO F. HAPPY!
Thank you river!
BrianaNeggie chapter 149 . 11/21/2021
So, I am not one to review fics, which is terrible considering how many I have read in my day, but I felt like I really need to review this one. Like lots of people I read SRS years ago when I was still really deep in the SPN fandom and it had remained one of my favorite stories for a long time. I fell out of the fandom in the last few years, but after a rough few months I started rewatching. I started feeling like something was missing while watching and then I remembered SRS, this story was so deep in my head I had forgotten parts of canon in favor of SRS. So I then started rereading SRS, (dreading the fact that I knew it was somewhat incomplete) I revisited your Tumblr and was overjoyed to see that you had come back and were finishing it! Since you came back I feel like you deserved me coming back for a review even if it is just one in a sea of many. So, thank you so much for such an amazing story. The characterization is always on point, even the frustrating parts. Every payoff, every heartbreak, and every squeal inducing moment is masterfully crafted. Thank you for giving us this masterpiece for free and for never giving up on it. This fic has gotten me through so much, and I know it has done the same for many others.
Wishfulhamadryad chapter 150 . 11/5/2021
AAAAHH! IM SO EXCITED! lol! I haven't been on to check any updates recently so I had no idea you were fully writing & finishing this! its still one of my favorite fics of all time! welcome back & thank you so much for continuing/completing this story!
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