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Kudou Shinichi chapter 40 . 7/11
Great new chapter. I had it started in my email, but forgot some stuff, re read a few previous chapters, and finally finished. I hope Tiawit does not kill anyone like he did, however briefly, in canon. Although, it was ultimately a good thing because Kenichi grew a ton afterwards.
BlackJoker013 chapter 40 . 7/11
Just waiting for Naruto and Kaname/ Freya to bite into that lemon together if you know what I mean.
merendinoemiliano chapter 38 . 7/4
See you soon
merendinoemiliano chapter 40 . 7/4
Flame Kitsune 15 chapter 40 . 6/28
This story is... Diego Quality. The story in itself is impeccable the heart and soul that you put into the paired fandom as well as your knowledge of the martial arts. whether it's from the manga or not, makes the story quite entertaining added on to the fact that you have a way with incorporating the justu in the Naruto-verse by making it super feasible to be pulled off in real life, with the exception of the Rasengan, further tells of your skill in story telling as well as merging existing universes that normally should have no business being together. I look forward to your work and am still waiting for the next chapter of your Naruto/Street fighter crossover.
ayleid chapter 40 . 6/28
I must say, this is probably my favorite story of you (all it needs is more Hinata). Not only have you seamlessly adapted the Naruto characters to HSDK physics, all of them just mesh so well. Glad to see you taking a lick at it again, much appreciated.
James chapter 39 . 6/27
Great job man
Guest chapter 40 . 6/25
Another great chapter! I'm really loving how you managed to fuse the two universes together, and i'm curious as to how you're gonna put the sharingan in there. Also, i've been wondering if akatsuki and might guy are gonna make an appearance?
Drew86419 chapter 39 . 6/19
All of his friend are so belligerent it's kinda unfunny. I mean really why even start a fight here this feels like they came with him just to be assholes. He came here trying not to get caught and he probably could have done reasonably well. I mean it's kinda funny in a your friends are all inconsiderate dickheads way, but I feel like bringing shikamaru and tenten out would have been better for this chapter. Like purposely ruining your friends plan just seems rude and impudent, where as his ninja friends could have actually helped with what he had in mind. Just food for thought though this is your story and you make it how you want too.
Drew86419 chapter 35 . 6/18
Im really enjoying the story but there has been almost zero progression in how these fights are going. I feel like I'm reading a UFC fight constantly if it's not one of the masters fighting. All these techniques show is headbutting and really basic stuff I feel. Please try to add a little more oomph to your characters because sometimes they just feel like I'm reading about normal people. At least the unarmed ones, I like the way the weapon fights have gone down. Keep up the good work!
Levolutioner chapter 40 . 6/18
Definitely the best Kenichi fic. I'm glad to see it updated and hope for more!
jivablab chapter 40 . 6/14
Please keep the updates coming. Been waiting ages for updates for this.
Tomon chapter 40 . 6/12
Excellent to see this update once more. And now onto the High Seas! Hint hint :-D
Nah man, it's awesome that you still keep updating all these years and while life managed to slow you down a little you still keeping up really good pace and the quality is worth all the waiting.
I'm still astonished how well you managed to merge Konoha and ninjas into the Kenichi universe and change their abilities accordingly.
Still it's crazy to see how, what some could see, as teenagers hideout getting blow up and nobody of authority doing anything.
Heh it could be fun if some of the master of Katsujinken nature to beat up Sasuke just for endangering the future generation of martial artist :) After all they're all about protecting life and went on similar mission, right? :-D And while there is the things about master not fighting disciples it's a little different for ninja who decided to use explosives in such fashion.

I also root for Naruto chances with Freya, honestly she is pretty much the most matured and thoughtful of his generation females and could truly help him finally accept himself or start on this patch, just by managing to get through his head and convince him how worthy she sees him.
And while I understand both Thor and Kisara being pissed off about him lying to them just to get them to leave him there alone, and other also not being happy with such decision... What exactly could he have done? Lead them to their death instead? Even with three of them at their best there is no chance to beat or even escape grandmaster class fighter. And he was the only one of the three present, who could have lived through because it didn't seem like the One Shadow was inclined to kill him. There was zero guarantee it would apply to the others as well. Especially if the One Shadow was not exactly who it seems he was, heh. That's gonna be truly interesting situation with Naruto added into the mix.
Anyway it's really nothing that he should be overly grilled about in my opinion. On the other hand they have rights to tell him off just to show him they care and got his back no matter what :)

Also a lot of progress in other categories as well and I love it all.
So excellent job and I'm looking forward to any of your stories getting updated again :)
Captain Wallace chapter 40 . 6/11
I think the integration of ninja elements you've done here is extremely well-constructed, and your choices for how to make it vary the canon are very interesting so far. The actual nature of the crossover seems only inspirational for me since it seems more like "Kenichi but with ninjas too" than it is "Kenichi but with Naruto." Even the main character himself has only a passing resemblance to the material he comes from. "Kenichi but with ninjas too" is still a story I'm enjoying either way, though. Well done.
KenshinGoku chapter 40 . 6/11
Happy to see another chapter; I honestly thought you abandon this story (; I know you're busy hopefully we get a few more real soon. Love this chapter!
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