Reviews for History's Strongest Shinobi
Alzeno chapter 26 . 2/3
good chapter
DewPoint Pen chapter 39 . 2/1
Sorry, couldn't help reread this entire fanfic after following it since the beginning. Two of my favorite series and it honestly remains one of the best crossover fanfics in terms of integrating the shinobi-verse into the world of Kenichi.

I dunno your future schedule or the future plans for this story but it honestly has always been a treat reading your Naruto crossovers and I honestly hope this and your other stories continue to get love. Looking forward to your next update(s), whenever they may be!
alaikiyasdr chapter 1 . 1/24
Great story! You have blended the two story elements really well. It's a pity that you don't work on this one as often as your other stories. Would really love to read more of this.
kenich chapter 1 . 1/4
Nice name
The Elemental King of Hell chapter 39 . 1/1
So I'm rereading the manga for kenichi right. And I get to laughing fists tournament. And I just got to say; the elder is complete bull shot.
Saying two different sentences at the same time. Dividing his nose in have two fight both mui and kenichi at the same time. Wtfh?!
Robthekiwi121 chapter 35 . 11/19/2017
I loved the part where you used The Rock's promo on Billy (Gunn?) For the Naruto/Berserker fight... Pure awesome there!
Robthekiwi121 chapter 17 . 11/18/2017
Would be interesting to see a reading of this story, Jiraiya, Minato, Kushina, Tsunade, all the Ryouzanpaku masters too... would make for an interesting read if done well! I would offer but I'm really too lazy to get a whole story done, even if it is shorter than the rest of your stories, I just couldn't get it done :D

Either way, this is a good story :) Think it's my third time reading this one
Kingofclubs8129 chapter 39 . 10/3/2017
To address the comment you made in chapter 33 yeah wrestling is more useful than alot of people give it credit for. My dad has this great story about how this huge football player tried to mess him up in high school and he put the guy in a double grapevine and held him there for like an hour until the guy stopped struggling and gave up. This is my third or forth time reading this story and it's still a favorite, hope to see more of it soon.
Yeah baby chapter 13 . 9/4/2017
Jiraiya! About fucking time!
DuNamarSundavar chapter 1 . 9/2/2017
You devious bastard. Minato and Kushina were killed trying to infiltrate Ryozanpaku, weren't they?
The Snake Pirate chapter 39 . 8/11/2017
Man ... this is the best crossover of Naruto x Kenichi, and also one of the best Naruto stories. The fights are awesome, but the plot, the plot is the best I've read, the only one that is compared is the plot of Better Left Unsaid.
Your narrative is addictive, really addictive, I literally read the 39 chapters in less than a week. I love this story so much, that I'm really worried, it's been almost a year since the last update, in addition to that the crossover with Street Fighters has become more popular than this, I fear you can leave the story, when there are many things that I would like to see;
Hinata already kissed Naruto, Kaname also did it, I think it's Renka's turn, and speaking of the same thing, I can not wait to read the moment when Renka and Kaname get to know each other. And if we talk about girls, I expect to see more interaction between Naruto and Chikage, their personalities would make them a fun duet.
Naruto vs Sasuke, I have no words to describe the eagerness I have to see this showdown, obviously I can not wait to see Sasuke's team.
In addition to everything that awaits us from Yomi and Yami, a Berseker full of hatred and trained, Odin with more eagerness than ever, Sho's tremendous hatred towards Naruto, the confrontation between Naruto and Hyogo, not to mention everything that is Can expect from Yomi vs. Shade Alliance.
I hope that you do not abandon the story, since usually you usually take a long time to update, but in reward for that wait we receive great and long chapters. I will be waiting for the update of this great story.
See you soon and keep up the great work in all your stories, and sorry for bad english.
merendinoemiliano chapter 39 . 8/11/2017
Hello, nice story. Keep up the good work and see you later.
Googlemo chapter 39 . 7/27/2017
This was unexpectedly not that good... THis is a decent crossover but thats it, its far from being great and isn't even good enough for me to fav it. I liked how you tried to merge 2 universes together, but you failed HARD doing that... And the biggest flaw of this fic was keeping Kenichi in the story and trying to make him into second protagonist, that fcked this fic SO HARD it eventually ruined it.

And I see that this story won't end now too, because Kenchi abandoned it year ago, good riddance, Street Fighter fic is leaps ahead of this story(and not because you kept chakra and Kyuubi, thats actually a minus, but because that fic has a great romance and harem at that, cool enemies, clear plot and goals, definied universe, this fic lacks ALL of those things!).

Still, I guess thx for trying, but I read a much better HSDK fics than this one.
Nightwolfs chapter 39 . 7/25/2017
this story dead :(
UnsanMusho chapter 39 . 7/18/2017
Man I hope Sieg will be alright, though I wished that his fight with Sasuke showcased more of his skills.
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