Reviews for History's Strongest Shinobi
MonkeyDGabry chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Welp see you next year for the next chapter! xD
Arch-Daishou00 chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Amazingly done!
carl9390 chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
It's back! Now I just need your metal gear story to update and I'm set.
Guest chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
naruto that dumbass. lol
Calen chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Still just as good as I remember. More soon!
Guest chapter 40 . 3/5/2019
It's cool bruh, every time we get another awesome chapter, I go back 2 or 3 and read from there.
We know what's going on.

i want to see more of that naruto/pokemon story too if you're still into it.
The Richmaster chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Great chapter; I liked the way Takeda handled the challenge and the interaction between Chikage and Naruto was brilliant
Sakura and Tenten becoming friends does seem like it could lead to interesting things

Lona's presence is also a sign of chaotic events happening soon

But oddly enough, I am most looking forward to seeing more of Happosai's training methods
Gundam Meister Uzumaki chapter 1 . 3/5/2019
could you do a story where naruto is paired with caulifla and Kale?
velmir9 chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
when we will see berserker naruto?, show us the power of project jinchuriki! love the update
Eternity456 chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Awesome I’m glad you updated this I kinda forgot about it for a while so it was interesting and fun to read a new chapter from this. I can’t wait until the next one I love how naruto told kenichi to do a double standarderd and jiraiya getting a job to take out Silcardo. I wonder will naruto & co go to Tidat.
Anyways I await the next chapter
FateBurn chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Good chapter
wolpe chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Thank you for the chapter :D
DPSS chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
Huh, been a while since this was updated. I had almost forgotten what the plot was. You seriously have too many stories for your update speed. I mean, no offense, but you have stories that haven't been updated since 2017 and even one that hasn't been updated since 2014.
Honestly, not much happening this chapter. I mean, transitory chapters are necessary and I usually have no problems with them but it's somewhat hard to wait for so long only to get this.
Anyway, sorry if it feels like I'm griping but I really needed to get that off my chest.
Akashic Vinyl chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
I kinda want him and Lona to start something. Always liked her. Her and Kisara are my favorite characters.
Inuyonas chapter 41 . 3/5/2019
I'm still your fan after 10 fucking years lol. Can I get a reply back? I fucking love this and damn near all of your stories
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