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Irina chapter 6 . 11h
Yori/Lily is Belle/Angel/Susan's daughter! And she has a 'trouble d'anxiété de performance' as we say in french, wich cause her some psycho-somatic symptoms and panic attacks, plus, she's being manipulated by someone (Saena?) to break Kyoko.
Well that's what I think after reading it twice!
SHAJRIN chapter 6 . 8/31
Hi Kate,
I just finished reading all 6 chapters and must say it's awesome. I love it so much!
Yori is so weird! I think she's dying and because she has had a grudge against Kyoko since childhood, the moment she heard about her condition she made the decision of making her life miserable. Or not!?
It's just something about showbiz!? Yori and Kyoko are definitly related. Maybe siblings. So if their father who had been in showbiz and somehow had lost everything there found out kyoko was getting involved in the same mess asked Yori to protect and save her it would make sense! Would it?!

Ahhhhhhhh I don't know! This last chapter (6) was really hard to read. I just love Kyoko so much I can't stand seeing her get hurt. Please don't hurt her. Pleeeease
Huggles chapter 6 . 8/30
I'm really loving this! The Ren and Kyoko phone call was amazing. It seems just like Ren to get her out of her shell in that way and get her to perform. Kyoko's also starting to put two and toe together with Ren/Kuon/Corn can't wait to finally see it happen. Also really curious about Yuri. Something is not right with her state of mind but I really want to see Kyoko prove her wrong and beat her in the modelling industry. Anyways! Thanks for writing and I hope to see more :)
Krimson chapter 2 . 8/22
It seems a little weird. I think Ren is a better actor than that. As in. Not showing any anger or what he's feeling at all. Cause the only people who knows Rens real expression is people who knows him very well. And that's a very tight circle. Cause even the best actress and actors get fooled by his fake smile.
Sure this Yuri?( Sorry can't remember her name,) seems to be observant, but able to provoke him? Doesn't seem like it.
Or if she is that good at telling his expression. He wouldn't let it provoke him or give her his mind on it. He would rather speak to Lori since then he can use his real self more and not get exposed.
This part of the story kinda ruin my image of Ren haha.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/19
Omg this is so fun and aeesome to read! Absolutely love it!xD cant wait to read more!
Love your reader
Julia G.
LevyXGajeelForever chapter 6 . 8/18
New theory, Yori is Kyoko's aunt and was always jealous of Seana (Kyoko's mom) so she's taking it out on Kyoko?
Guest chapter 6 . 8/16
BB's 7 here Well locked out can't remember password to get back in so with that said Glad your finally back yori what a snake kyoko can't have love, success, friends, happiness or anything like it not with this witch around her it doesn't seem to me she even liked her when they were growing up either from the way she spoke after the photo shoot went well she was only happy when she was failing because she's better than she is n seeing others feel the same you know how people become annyoed being compared to someone n jealousy sets in seems likely to be the case her if not all some what of it is well just guessing n rens a very smart fellow as is yashiro she's not to be trusted n if I'm guessing right lory kno2s as well, well you've done a great job as always ,but I'm anxious for more I could go for more right now hum yeah I really could oh n congrats on the book be looking for it now don't make us wait to long for updates especially not as long as this one ok n thnx excited post asap hop Ren takes the plung n kisses her n kyoko reacts as she did while doing the photo shoot who all's with me say whrora
Data Seeker chapter 6 . 8/16

Nice chapter. Some things are hard to read, but I get the gist.

The characters interaction and characterizations are largely good. The plot continues to unfold, Ren doesn’t know how to approach Kyoko, Kyoko has develops her career, Yori plotting to destroy Kyoko.

This is what I think of the wholesome standards.

Except for some vulgar words, the language is clean.

Granted, some of the content is very vague, but I am still concerned.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless

Data Seeker
Kumioko chapter 6 . 8/16
I really like this story! Hope you're going to continue soon! The Yori character is really interesting. In 2 first chapter she seemed like she really cared about Kyoko. And the reason why she wanted to get her out of showbizness was because probably of her parents/Kyoko's mum. I hope she's not going to succeed in seperating Kyoko and Ren. I mean I wait for so long in manga to see them together so at least don't do this here haha Beside Kyoko got too strong to break down now. Especially that she realized her feeling for Ren. Is Jullien from the photo shoot Kuu's wife? If yes then shouldn't Kyoko know this? Can't wait to see what will happen in Ren's apartment. Hope they'll at least kiss and Kyoko won't run away from it lol it really takes forever for them to get together... PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
NadieLee chapter 6 . 8/16
Oh! al fin un nuevo capitulo gracias. Me gustaria poder leer tu libro.
FutureMageOtaku99 chapter 6 . 8/15
Oh my gosh! I was so excited when I saw your chapter was up! And then I saw you responded to me and I felt so special! Thanks for that! And oh man! This is exciting! I'm quite worried about Rent or Kyoko slipping up (more Ten because Kyoko is like noooo way) because I feel like Yori would turn that into a bad thing. But that's just my thoughts! Keep it up! Its fantastic!
Guest chapter 6 . 8/15
Since Yori seems to dislike Tsuruga'a and Kyoko's closeness, it's possible that she likes Tsuruga. And she wants Kyoko out of the entertainment industry, so she must hold some sort of grudge against her. Since Yori hung out with Sho and Kyoko when they were younger, maybe Yori had a crush on Sho. And she told Kyoko about it. But maybe she found Sho kissing Kyoko somewhere where the three of them usually hung out. So she pushed Kyoko or something and Kyoko hit her head on a rock and lost her memory. And maybe whenever (if) Yori helped out at the ryokan, the Fuwa's showed that they liked Kyoko more than her and Kyoko was loved by all the adults. And maybe Kyoko always beat her in school in when Kyoko tried to please her mother.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/15
Why does Yori hate her eyes and want their to fail?
Guest chapter 2 . 8/15
Is she lesbian?
JeremyVD chapter 6 . 8/15
It's weird but Yori's real personality reminds me of Kyoko's Mom Saena from the manga, the only difference being that so far her mother isn't trying to force her to leave show business. I guess in your story it is possible she was hired by Kyoko's mom to find a way to remove her from show business but considering how Saena acted like she didn't have a child in the chapter where she was interviewed on tv I am starting to doubt that she is involved with this plan of Yori's. One thing that has been made clear to me about Yori is that she is jealous of Kyoko's success not only in show business but in the fact that the #1 most desireable man is in love with her. For whatever reason she wants Kyoko to suffer for something she believes she did to her or something that she blames her for. Obviously is has to be something that happened between them in the past possibly something she wants Kyoko to remember or maybe something she was never aware of. Also if she thinks that Ren is just going to let her ruin Kyoko's life she better be prepared for a major disappointment. Keep it up.
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