E.J. Dulore chapter 1 . 1/17/2013
Oh my god! I love the Great Gatsby! My favorite book of all time. And the story you wrote is just lovely. I especially love that you remade all the main characters, sans Gatsby, into children. Nick is adorable and his love for the printing press just ups his cuteness by 1000. Although I don't really like any characters other than Nick and Gatsby, Jordan is a close third, mostly because of her slightly more badass personality. I like that in a woman (in this case, a girl).
Also, flappers. I love them! I've always want to be one for Halloween. Someday I will. Someday. When I can actually get my hands on a flapper dress. I've already got the shoes for it. I just need a dress and a headband with a feather and some beads and probably a wig. So many things... _
Anyway, beautiful story. And the use of the green light was very well done. I like how it's in Gatsby's house now.