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Guest chapter 24 . 5/24
This drama thickens!
NothingWithEverything chapter 1 . 5/15
I've only started reading this, and I already know it's going to be good. Thank you for sharing your work, I hope you will complete this.
Avihmed Enhanced chapter 25 . 5/6
Alright...are you gonna update this anytime soon? pretty please?
mrwendel chapter 25 . 4/26
this is a very interesting take on Corvo
Guest chapter 25 . 4/4
Please write mooooar! This story is so beautifully written and I can't get enough!
Marcus Nightshade chapter 25 . 3/15
I find myself deeply enjoying this story, and eagerly awaiting another update.
Chades chapter 25 . 3/10
Oh my Goodness, I just read this in one go (who needs sleep?) and now I am groaning in dismay because WHAT IS SHE DOING?! No, no, no. Your writing has been fantastic and I'll be looking forward to an update ;)
(I loved the idea of mute!Corvo and I have to say you pulled it off perfectly. I love,sometimes completely silent, conversations)
The Excited One chapter 25 . 3/8
Guest chapter 25 . 3/7
I truly hope you're going to update this soon! I found the story today and read it all in one sitting. Very captivating.
Leslie chapter 25 . 2/21
Love how this is going so far! Can't wait to see how the story goes :P
Guest chapter 1 . 1/27
Ive seen most of your fanfiction are not complete except one... Pls pls pls complete Diplomatic Gestures its my fav fanfiction and Im starting to think it will be forever in progress¡ Thats just SAD¡
I mean you said you wantd to write 'til the beginning of the game (which means Emily is around) but we are at chapter 25 AND theres still nothing going on between Corvo and Jessamine
Pls KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and complete DG...
Serkonan chapter 25 . 1/24
OMG¡ I read this entire fanfiction this afternoon and it is the best Dishonored fanfic out there IMHO D Keep up the good work!
SomebodyLost chapter 16 . 1/15
Very awesome fanfic. The small details and the nuances of every character, from main characters to OCs - hurrah! Well done!

Corvo as a mute is a very splendid idea. It adds another layer of challenge to how he touches other characters' lives. Not to mention that it was very apt, since he was voiceless in the game. What if he really was mute there, huh?

What really is perplexing is his apparent readiness to defend Jessamine at the start of the story. WHY? It sounds as if the Duke of Serkonos got along well with Corvo; wouldn't Corvo be reluctant? Or maybe his honor to obey the Duke reared its head?

I dunno, it just seems... weird that Corvo would want to protect Jessamine with a passion so ready when they haven't even met before... or did they?

I think that a trip to Corvo's head is warranted...

Jessamine - kind, somewhat proud, but willing to learn. She's a very fine Empress because of her empathy towards her people, but her easy trust towards people that have been around almost all her life kinda makes her naive, sometimes. It doesn't help that most of her court are corrupt.

The others are also well-written. From the SpyMaster (is he bald still at this point?) and the Captain (whose adventures are worth reading and anticipating) to the Physician, well - let's just say that I can't articulate the wrods well enough. The world! The streets! The political intrigue! The romance! ARRRGH-

Anyhoo, since you said that this will end around the start of Dishonored, I would like to say that I'm not looking forward to Jessamine's death. I grew fond of her. So! I implore you to make some sort of AU where she lives - the same court-savvy Empress and all. Ehe, jst a reuqest, but your take on Jessamine... it's such a waste to kill her... D:

Also, I'm crossing my fingers, but Emily may be a child born out of Jessamine and the Count, not Corvo. Jessamine is pushing herself from Corvo anyway, and she may end up doing something she would regret later. Not to mention, Burrows disapproves of Emily's birth-circumstances.

Huh. Anyway, just speculating! It's just marvelous to analyze works of fiction, and that includes fanfics. ;D

Thanks for writing!

And your costumes are fantastic. :D
DefaultCustom chapter 25 . 1/11
This is really, really good! But you see I had already read chapter 25 on December 9th three days after it came out and and the time of posting this I checked for updates( there weren't any) and I mistook the December 6 for December 26 and got all excited then I realized my mistake and got sad please update Diplomatic Gestures
Guests are cool chapter 25 . 12/22/2014
I... Don't know what to say... I honestly wasn't expecting another update to this, I thought you'd gotten bored with it. But I am Extatic that you haven't :) Two great chapters. What's Corvo gonna think of all this courtship? I think I can see some awkward dates where Corvo is present in the near future. Update soon! ;)
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