Reviews for Diplomatic Gestures
Deaf Never Die chapter 7 . 6/27
Very good! i see you are able to use sign langauge. is it British Sign Lanaguge or American
Guest chapter 25 . 6/27
Please continue this beautiful story. It has been a long time that this world you created had come to a halt. Please, let this prequel be brought back to life, further exploring the developing bonds of love between Corvo and Jessamine.
Someone who thoroughly loved every minute of reading your story.
Le Cinnamon Tea chapter 25 . 6/22
Dear Lord I /implore/ you to continue writing! Beautiful, amazing prose that builds an equally amazing story.
yarani chapter 25 . 6/21
This is the best fanfiction I have ever read so I'll wait patiently for the next chapter. You have a lot of fans, please don't give up on this fic! We love you!
ShyKino chapter 25 . 6/20
This is my favourite fanfic ever. Your characters are great and I adore your writing. I really hope you update soon, I miss this fic and I'm anxious to see where it goes! 3
Draxagon chapter 25 . 6/19
Hey, this is honestly the best fanfic I have ever read - your xharacters are fleshed out and believable, and your langhjage is as captivating as it is carefully chosen. I've never wanted a fanfic finished more - and with the announcement of Dishonored 2 a few days ago, we'll be needing our Dishonored fixes more than ever. Please, please - I beg of you, update.
HeyItsMJ chapter 25 . 6/18
alright. okay. I just want to tell you, Most Wonderful Author, that I have not used my account in about 5 years, but when someone linked me to this fic I reset my password and everything in order to be able to log in and follow this story like a dog on the hunt because this fic. is. amazing. this fic is AMAZING. the characters, the world, the plot, everything is written so richly it's like the entirety of the Dishonored universe was created by you alone. I am in awe. I am in love. I understand that life may get in the way but if you ever do update this again, please know that it will bring unbelievable joy into my life like these 25 chapters have
Silent Soviet chapter 25 . 6/10
Aww, come on. They need to kiss already. Good story btw. If you are continuing this, will Corvo be jealous at all?
PaleRiderArtorias chapter 25 . 6/8
Such amazing story, please update. I can't wait!
Guest chapter 24 . 5/24
This drama thickens!
NothingWithEverything chapter 1 . 5/15
I've only started reading this, and I already know it's going to be good. Thank you for sharing your work, I hope you will complete this.
Avihmed Enhanced chapter 25 . 5/6
Alright...are you gonna update this anytime soon? pretty please?
mrwendel chapter 25 . 4/26
this is a very interesting take on Corvo
Guest chapter 25 . 4/4
Please write mooooar! This story is so beautifully written and I can't get enough!
Marcus Nightshade chapter 25 . 3/15
I find myself deeply enjoying this story, and eagerly awaiting another update.
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