Reviews for Fossil fighters: Road to new battles
Buttermander chapter 1 . 7/8/2016
Sorry autocorrect its blaze the trex
Buttermander chapter 2 . 7/2/2016
Sarah's vivid airs names are blaze the tree dash the v raptor and Gale for ptera
Buttermander chapter 1 . 7/2/2016
Can you add my oc Sarah age 12 gender female appearance white skin brown hair brown eyes wears a pink t shirt with a tree on it and blue shorts and sneakers she lives in the same fossil park as the main character started with a v raptor full team v raptor tree sue revives after Sarah recovers the fossil and a ptera personality is a adventurous tomboy and bio is on her tenth birthday she received v raptor and she has a crush on a boy named logan
Zombieboy411 chapter 1 . 7/4/2013
Great story! By the way I gots OCs :3

Name: Kyouya (Key-oh-yah)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Apperance ( can have other outfits): Long Black Hair, Blue eyes, fairly tanned skin, slightly muscular. Wears black t-shirt, faded jeans, brown boots, belt.

Lives: Okanawa, Japan

Vivosaur started with: Aeros

Full team (If your vivosaur super revives, tell me how that happened): Aeros, Tricera, Pelto, Lambeo, Brachio

Personality: Calm, cool, smart, tough

Bio: Raised in a poor family with his mother and youngest of 3 brothers, Kyouya grew up as a tough, no nonsense fighter, who grew interested in vivosaurs at the age of 5. After his father passed away from a stab wound, Kyouya vowed to make him proud by carrying on his legacy as a fossil fighter. He has a small crush on his former classmate Miyuki.

Love interest (can be a OC or another character): OC Miyuki, a fellow fighter from Osaka

Name: Miyuki (Me-you-key)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Apperance ( can have other outfits): long pink hair, green eyes, bright/slightly tanned skin, skinny. Wears orange tank top, white shorts, yellow hiking boots, and a heart necklace Kyouya gave her for her 10th birthday (friendship sign)

Lives: Okinawa, Japan

Vivosaur started with: F-Raptor

Full team (If your vivosaur super revives, tell me how that happened): Dimetro, Elasmo, Apato, Spinax, F-Raptor

Personality: kind, sweet, loving, cute, shy

Bio: One of the prettiest faces of her family, Miyuki can be adorable, yet deadly. Miyuki was raised in the richest loving family in Okinawa. She promised to bring honor to her family by training her vivosaurs to the strongest level they could be. She has a mega crush on her former classmate Kyouya, who cannot tell she has feelings for him.

Love interest (can be a OC or another character): Kyouya

I hope you're still accepting OCs :)
thesecretkeeper11 chapter 2 . 3/11/2013
This seems interesting... Are you still accepting OCs?
WinterGirl chapter 2 . 1/26/2013
Well! This is pretty good! And I have ANOTHER OC!

Name: Nimaru

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Apperance ( can have other outfits): She wears long sleeve green shirt that starts two inches down of her shoulders, she uses a red bra under it, a red skirt with a green belt, and white knee high brown hair with bangs on the left side, white bandages on her forehead that ends in half of her nose, and she is skinny.

Lives: Silver Moon Island

Vivosaur started with: Anato

Full team (If your vivosaur super revives, tell me how that happened): Papygon( Light, female, level 20). Anato Super Revived when Nimaru's parents gave her a miraculous fossil rock, so she can use it on Anato.

Personality: Very kind, carefull, smart and not to shy.

Bio: She loves to visit forests. But one day, a visit turned into nightmare of horror for her. A creture attacked her, making her uconcious, and taked her eyes off of her face. When she woke up, she noticed that her where gone. But she somehoe still can see somethings, even if doesn't have her eyes. She covered her eyes with bandages, which she have to change everyday. If she makes a friend, she has to reveal her eyes that are gone by taking her bandages off.

Love Interest: Kent

Well, for me, this OC is sad for me. But can you use this scene?

'The helicopter arrives on Ribular Island, a girl stands out, but with bandages on her eyes. She have a suitcase on her hand. "Do you need any help?" A staff asked her. "No, it's fine." The girl says. Lyra looked at her, half confused and half worried. "Why does she have bandages on her eyes?" Lyra asked her self. After that, Apple Maple and Sonya ran up to the girl,"Oh, dear goodness! Glad you are OK sugarcube!" Maple said, worried. "Let's take you to our room! You are going to sleep with us, Nimaru!" Sonya said, worried too. Sonya taked her arm and run to the Ribular Center. "Huh? Well then, I think I should go after them." Lyra said, then run after the trio.'

Please use this scene, it makes a good entry for Nimaru, please?
Anon Dude chapter 2 . 1/23/2013
I just want to add in something, I forgot the bio so hear it is:
Lance didn't really have an easy childhood but with the few friends he had he was protective and didn't go down easy he was strong and fast and always had some sort of weapon on him so people didn't go near him, he's really good friends with Raptin ( yes the raptin from game one and briefly game to if you got the event) and he has a crush on Duna.
Anon Dude chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
Name: Lance Reaver

Age: 18
Clothing: he wears red and black camo pants a white belt with a gold zigzag pattern on it, a white undershirt, a black and red camo jacket he wears dog tags, sunglasses, and a black fadora.

Vivos: I'm noting a team of 5 trex lord, mapo king, o-rapter fiend, giga allo, and teffla

Appearance: he carries around a 200 pound great sword on his back a p99 on each side, he has red eyes, a spiky black hair with red streaks in it.

Personality: brave, kind, tough as hell, tooks intimidating.
DunalN2 chapter 2 . 1/23/2013
I have a few if you want them. One is a Dinaurian if thats okay.
Name: Azizacan Verdect, ArkAziare(Call him Arky) Vertect, Zurteska Verdect, and Dunal Nichs.
Age: Azizacan is 14, Arky is 13, Zurteska is 12, and Dunal is 3.
Gender: Azizacan and Arky are boys. Knowing that, Zurteska and Dunal are self-explanitory.
Apperance (can have other outfits): Azizacan wears grey and black. FF Hero Style clothing. Arky wears the same style, only with black, red, and orange. Zurteska is my Dina, so she waers the same clothing. The 3 Verdects are half Dinaurian and share these things: Yellow eyes, claw-shaped fingernails, pionted ears, fangs, and doubled speed, endurance,and intelligence. Dunal is 3/4 the size of a Siesmo in Battle form, whitch she is constantly in. She has a large horn on her nose, finned ears and tial, wings made of magma and fire, and bright yellow eyes. Her body is black with lava- colored 'streams'. She has torn orange cloth over her chest and between her legs and tial.
Lives: Arky, Azizacan, and Zurteska live with their parents on Vivosaur Island. All three convinced them to go to the Caliosteo Islands. Dunal lives in Mt. Lavaflow or Mt. Krakanak, surprising bypassers by jumping out of the lava.
Vivosaur started with: azizacan had Zebulon, a V-Raptor. Arky: Trexdaz, the scared T-Rex. Zurteska: Feline, the smart Smilo. Dunal fights with a Guan named Zeal, a T-Rex Lord named Fury, and a Dimorph Ace named Pheonix.
Full team (If your vivosaur super revives, tell me how that happened): Azizacan: Zebulon(V-Raptor), Chizer(Tro), Nyroc(Nychus), Zotak(Delta) ,Brecra(Compso). Arky: Trexdaz(T-Rex), Spixare(Spinax), Elecbra(Alectro), Vinia(Venetor), Megalon(Megalo). Zurteska: Feline(Smilo), Tryme(Tryma), Hopper(Hopter), John(Jara), Pigface(Metri). Dunal: a Guan named Zeal, a T-Rex Lord named Fury, and a Dimorph Ace named Pheonix.
Personality: Azizacan: Upbeat, hyper, serious(when he wants to be), calm, funny. Arky: Strong, loyal, caring, serious. Zurteska: cheerful, forgiving, has personality changes at random
Bio: Verdects have had a rough time with school. Dunal is called a freak of nature.
Love interest (can be a OC or another character): Azizacan: Duna. Arky: Rosie. Zurteska: Rupert. Dunal doesnt like anyone.
Please add them. I like your story as well. But I do have one preferance: please discribe thing a little more. It will make chapters longer and helps the reader to aviod getting lost in conversations.
Thank you, DunalN2
Red Brachydios chapter 1 . 1/17/2013
Best story so far.
Be waiting for more.
WinterGirl chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
OC time! And more would be very soon!

Name: Apple Maple

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Apperance ( can have other outfits): Wears a red sleeveless zipper free jacket, lime green short sleeve shirt under it, lime green elbow high gloves, red skirt, knee high lime green pants and knee high yellow pants with a red stripe. Long red velvet hair with silver bangs and braidings. Red ruby eyes. Skinny. Freckels on her cheeks.

Lives: Manhattan (she got there from a trip and take care of herself, also, she build an Apple Farm there)

Vivosaur started with: Tsintao

Full team (If your vivosaur super revives, tell me how that happened): Tsintao(Lulu, female, level 20), Papygon(Sweet Apple, female, level 16) and Carchar(Crusher, male, level 12). Papygon was given to her on her #14 birthday.

Personality: Strong, protective, very kind, smart and calm

Bio: She's the first one to be born, though, she has two siblings. Rupert and Ruto. So she's the oldest one. She's the first daughter of the FossilDigCEO. Everyone in her past school run away from her! She beat up the meanest bully in her school! Why? Because when her brother entered the school, the bully messed up with her brother, Rupert. Rupert was 5 when he entered, and Apple Maple was 7. How strong she is!

Love interest (can be a OC or another character): Terry

And thats it!
WinterGirl chapter 1 . 1/12/2013
Yay! A new one! So, before anything, I have to say this: If I like story of yours, and if you accept OC's, I'll always send some of them, and THATS a promise. Now an OC of mine, hope you like her!

Name: Sonya Murarsaky

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Apperance ( can have other outfits): She wears a poison purple top that looks like a bra, only that covers her breast, purple soldier pants, black heel shoes and black fingerless gloves. She has long red velvet hair that goes down to her knees and silver eyes. Skinny.

Lives: Silver Moon Island (an undiscovered island that now Lacunae rules in there).

Vivosaur started with: Andrarch

Full team (If your vivosaur super revives, tell me how that happened): Andrarch (Silver Luck, female, level 16), Epidex (Wind Tornado, female, level 11) and Carno (Earth Destruct, male, level 14).

Personality: Very smart, kicks a lot of evil butts, and a little kind

Bio: She's an orphan, due to a Helicopter accident. When she was alone, she became very protective. Everyone fun of her in the past, now her enemies run away from her. She discovered Silver Moon Island with Lacunae, and they lived in the island together in a secret. She'll send anywho in the hospital when they offend her.

Love interest (can be a OC or another character): Leo Camori (another OC of mine.)

Good luck! And rush out there! And I'll help you if someone offend you around here! Trust me!