Reviews for Me and the Devil
Kattheamazing chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
Whoa, time for more fic stalking *cough* reviewing!

This was just such a cool little piece I had to stop by and leave a note. At the start, I had the feeling this might be about an inner, rather than an outer battle. And the beauty of inner battles is that they aren't nearly as epic, and about ten times more lonely, than the battles traditional heroes normally face. So in that respect, your choice to use a traditional hero character to portray an inner battle is fascinating, as it both fleshes him out and makes him more sympathetic.

Ah, battling with words: "He reasons, argues, explains, excuses and convinces". To think that talking could bring such devastation to somebody's world, be the weapons with which that person's sense of safety and stability is destroyed. It's ironic how much we tend to underestimate the devastating power of our inner devils. Because if they're powerful enough, they will destroy everything we've built, our inner defenses and the way we live our lives.

I like your portrayal of both sides of the battle though. Just as Dark Link fights, so does Link, with his, " reassurances of truth, peace." This isn't a story, or a battle, without hope, and the metaphors that depict Link's inner struggle do well to portray its intensity. Just as on a real battlefield, there are traps, there is fighting, battle scars, losses and victories. And of course, the fear of the impending attack, and the outcome it will bring, the threat that it might tear down everything the last battle won for us. But even though the attacks are limitless, even though the fear never ends, Link keeps fighting, and keeps getting better.

So yeah, a very nice depiction of a very real issue. I know you'll keep fighting that battle, because that's just the person you are :)

P.S. It's dangerous to go alone. Take this! *offers metaphorical sword*

Let there be much kicking of metaphorical behinds!
SparkDreams chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
We've got an M. Night Shyamalan over here!

Just kidding, if he had written it, it would not be even half as excellent as this! I adore these types of stories, fighting battles that no one but the bearer can see. The confusion, the frustration, I can feel it all here. And it just stabs me straight in the heart. (But in a good way, if that's possible ;])
Lady Paprika chapter 1 . 1/12/2013
Ha! You're A/N actually made me smirk a little, because I was kind of thinking the same thing. I think this piece, even though it's meant as Link talking about Dark Link (And maybe, it could quite possibly be the other way around if you REALLY thought about it?) could easily be applied to anyone whose ever been at odds internally. I am pretty sure that we've all been there at some point - internal struggles abound. I guess that's what I like about this - It doesn't necessarily have to apply to Link struggling with his darker side because we all do have our "dark" side. Link's I suppose is just... separate from him?

The first sentence kind of strikes off this drabble [is it a drabble?] and sets the tone. I'm not sure why, but the sentence alone makes me think of two sides of one coin - and I think that applies to the character involved as well. After all Dark Link and Link are both so similar except one is of the shadows and one is of pure heart.

Just one tiny error, and I'm not sure if it even is that:

"Every time I fight him, for his words are all lies, and the consequences of them all only bring pain and suffering."

I'm not entirely sure if the "for" is needed in the sentence... Or maybe, I don't know. Something just seems off about it. I'm too stupid (read: lazy) to figure it out.

Kind of like how it ends as it does in the beginning, with the theme that they're walking along side by side, only you add one more sentence that captures what you're trying to say.

Yup, and that's it for now!