Reviews for Prince Consort
Angel Rose Potter chapter 30 . 12/11
I would like to read more about the treaty. This a good story to read. I enjoying it. Can't wait to read more. P.S. can we have more romance between Harry and Snape.
Sarahamanda Klaine chapter 30 . 12/10
I like this chapter. It is a good chapter. Please update soon.
HoneyBear84 chapter 30 . 12/10
Loved it as always and seriously looking forward to the next update
Mar91 chapter 30 . 12/7
A very good chapter
hellkiss chapter 30 . 12/6
Love it
But will Dumbledore have a lawyer to defend him?
And what about Minerva?
Did they search for any potions?
twilightreaderaddict chapter 30 . 12/4
I love the little quiet times that Harry has with Severus. It’s sad that Harry has so very little memory of his parents and that Remus is still so devastated by their loss. Hopefully they can all heal now that they’re actively trying to make a better life for themselves.

~~ Meechy
CharitinaX chapter 16 . 12/4
SoulMore chapter 30 . 12/4
scarletkiss18 chapter 30 . 12/4
great chapter as always! this is such an interesting story!
staar chapter 30 . 12/4
that sounds good to yank him from the cell before the trial. thanks so much for the update !
yukino76 chapter 30 . 12/3
Scaranpannoir chapter 30 . 12/3
I don't understand why I'm getting emotional over this chapter but I am..Anyways, I'd like to see Dumble's trial first before the treaty, you know, give Harry some sort of peace first before settling other businesses... Anyways, great to see you updating again!
daithi4377 chapter 30 . 12/3
Dumbledore does have this thing about theft doesn’t he. He could have protected Godric Hollow against people taking souvenirs but it was left to the Goblins almost to late to be effective by the looks of it then you have what he had stolen from Harry and then Dung stealing from Grimmauld lol. I guess in his mind the only important stuff to Dumbledore us what is in Dumbledores possession irregardless if who’s it actually is lol. Lol rant done. In a way I’m glad that Sev is making Harry stay behind just in case it is a trap this way they just need to protect Severus and not Severus and Harry.
My Alternate Reality chapter 30 . 12/3
Glad to see the story back up and running ;) personally, I would like to see Dumbledore next.
Yana5 chapter 30 . 12/3
Thank you for the update
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