Reviews for Prince Consort
Natsuyuuki chapter 51 . 9/27
please, please, please... update?
Cereleannoson chapter 51 . 9/16
Oh no! Please update I really hope this hasn't been abandoned pretty please
Guest chapter 51 . 9/11
Continua por favor continua
excessivelyperky chapter 51 . 8/5
Do vampires eat popcorn? If not, I'll have their share. With butter.

This meeting is going to be *fun*.
excessivelyperky chapter 50 . 8/5
"Twinkle twinkle little bat
How I wonder what you're at.
Up above the world so high
Like a tea tray in the sky.
Twinkle twinkle (ad infinitum)."

Seriously, I would have done the first run of shopping in the vault (like the Smithsonian warehouses in DC). Ok, I would have tripped over the Lost Ark...

Also, babies don't stay in newborn size for long. Like two days...
excessivelyperky chapter 49 . 8/3
Ah, Council meetings!

"The Council of Trent/
It came and it went/
And nothing was done/
At the Council of Trent".

Fortunately, Remus is being a sweetheart, while Harry and Severus have Better Things To Do.
anne.prossi15 chapter 51 . 7/30
please update
L.Laufeson chapter 51 . 6/16
dudeee we need update from this fic it's getting intense scene by scene. I love iiiiittttt
excessivelyperky chapter 48 . 5/29
Yay for Harry, for looking for the laws that need to be followed, instead of just replacing them all.

And double yay for Severus, for backing Harry up.
LizRosario chapter 51 . 5/23
SHIT! I want to read moreee pleaseeee

I'm in love with this fanfic
Cereleannoson chapter 1 . 5/7
I'm so worried this story is being abandoned. :*(
arwahart04 chapter 51 . 4/25
I have seen this book on your page for so long but I was hesitant to read it, I thought it was a harry x professor snap who's somehow a vampire and didn't know that harry was his mate or something, but I have to say it's much better than what I had expected, it's really strictly amazing,I can't wait for the next chapter
excessivelyperky chapter 47 . 4/21
Even if the chapter is small, it's a nice one; and after a battle chapter, one like this is welcome.
innerelf7 chapter 51 . 4/21
Great fic so far I can’t wait for the next chapter .
excessivelyperky chapter 46 . 4/19

Voldie's gone, his followers are corpses, life is good.

And you know Harry isn't really going to throw Severus out.
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