Reviews for Fifty Shades of Grey: After the Boathouse Proposal
Bookworm1404 chapter 55 . 7/29
Love Elliots toat! Swooooooooon!
Bookworm1404 chapter 54 . 7/29
Guest chapter 53 . 7/29
This was without a doubt the sweetest and most tear jerking wedding I have read...way better than E. L. James wedding in the original book touching...the words of Christian about Ana made me swoon...and Ana's words about Christian about the World not knowing My Christian...he is everything good and kind and is my everything...swoon also...every thing Christian needed to hear! These are the Hands that Gramps spoke also tear a tear jerker...Also loved the reflections of Gail and Andrea and Taylor...about Christian and Ana...these two people truly love each other deeply and are truly loved by many many many people...Ana has truly facilitated a deep growth of character to come forth from Christian...I believe it was always within him, Ana just reached in and truly made Christian's heart truly beat like he her. WAY TO GO LILLY...LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!
Guest chapter 58 . 5/13
SAFETY BELTS IN THE BED? IS THIS FOR REAL? Do they really have them in the bed on private jets or is another funny thing you are adding to the story? I truly love your writing? I think your story is way better than the original Fifty Shades books by E. L. James. Although I loved those books and the story your story with the added humor was waaaaaaaaaaaay better...Love love loved Christian and Elliot's relationship. Sometimes I thought Ana was a bit mean to Christian ...some people didn't like Christian, but I just loved heart just broke for him at times because of all of his trauma as a child and that BITCH ELENA LINCOLN...i WISH SOMEONE WOULD HIRE A HIT MAN TO OFF THE BITCH! I know you give you her just desserts in the next chapter story with the cancer ...I wish you would make her suffer more ...she is truly a EVIL EVIL EVIL CREATURE...NOT HUMAN for what she did to Christian and a teenager and the other young boys she victimized...but that's what Pedophiles do...They grooom the families as well as their young victims... i TRULY BELIEVE GOD HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL RESERVED SUCH AWFUL CREATURES (they are not human...they a evil creatures!)
Guest chapter 54 . 5/13
RELOAD! so funny coming from Gail!
jerrie1121 chapter 53 . 5/4
Nicely done!
Misssee chapter 53 . 2/21
A fantastic wedding story. One of the best ones I have read in this huge trilogy of storytelling on Fan fiction about Fifty Shades of Grey. Awesome chapter. Still relevant since January 12 2013.
Misssee chapter 1 . 2/21
A fantastic wedding story. One of the best ones I have read in this huge trilogy of storytelling on Fan fiction about Fifty Shades of Grey. Awesome chapter. Still relevant since January 12 2013.
Misssee chapter 27 . 2/18
I rely, really love this Christian. He is something special. Well written characterization of our main Man, Fifty.
Kimberly972 chapter 51 . 1/27
Why Ana didn't put Jose in his place? Why didn't she explain she felt nothing for him romantically?
Kimberly972 chapter 32 . 1/26
Flyn is no doctor. Who will recommend a patient that especially after that same patient said he had his most fulfilling sex in his bed and it wasn't BDSM. Why continue doing something a pedophile taught him? As a professional when Christian divulged his past with Elena he should've reported her to the authorities. These people never stop at one victim and always starts somewhere. I love your story it's wonderful you're a great writer there is no denying that but Flyn is worst than Elena if he didn't report and if he recommends his patient to go in a room where he fucked 15 women before. Who will want to do that? And no matter the woman he married she would always come in the relationship with nothing. Even though they came from wealth, they would depend on him so for me it's just jealousy.
Kimberly972 chapter 28 . 1/26
Christian shouldn't have to pay for the photographer, Elliott was defending himself. It's call self defense.
vickiel2r chapter 58 . 12/30/2022
As promised by Christian two days of just in their hotel room making love to Ana with every position he can do with her. How they spent the first two days of their honeymoon. Well done Lillian. Thank you for sharing the story to us readers.
vickiel2r chapter 57 . 12/30/2022
Well Christian’s fault and he would know that Elena would follow him when he goes inside a bar near her place. He just gave her an opening to keep her hopes alive.
vickiel2r chapter 56 . 12/30/2022
Best wedding story part of a Christian and Ana novella. Thank you very much Lillian.
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