Reviews for Discontinued Negima X-Overs
Biblio388 chapter 13 . 11/11
I would love to have seen this continue, if only to see what kind of interactions would occur in the future. Seeing those three interact with the various crazies from Negima would be awesome and/or hilarious. Raken and Shirou in a sword fight? Epic.
Biblio388 chapter 12 . 11/11
Ouch, hadn't really considered that side of the problem before now. Can see how you came to this conclusion though.
Biblio388 chapter 11 . 11/11
I had to chuckle when I started reading this. Typical Chamo is typical. Was intrigued about how far her relationship would develop and how it would do so, if only because I haven't read any stories with Louise getting along with another girl that well.
Biblio388 chapter 8 . 11/9
Definitely bizarre. And epic.
Biblio388 chapter 7 . 11/9
Some more crazy. Think I may have found more in this one collection than in my last ten stories read.
Biblio388 chapter 6 . 11/8
Nice surprise to see how you portrayed Shirou here. Not often I find an author willing to admit that he isn't tough enough to hang with the major leagues. Much better to see it addressed and worked within.
Biblio388 chapter 5 . 11/8
All of them are great but I almost hurt laughing at the last one. That was certainly the wrong choice for her.
Biblio388 chapter 4 . 11/8
The label makes a terrifying amount of sense. I can see them being locked away rather than hiding away much more easily. Would be hilarious to see the original idea of accidentally seducing all the girls carried out when he was trying very hard not to.
Biblio388 chapter 3 . 11/8
Fun trip down the rabbit hole. Hadn't connected the dots until you mentioned it in the ending note. Kind of oblivious like that.
Biblio388 chapter 2 . 11/8
Ow, my head hurts as well. Crazy train, express route.
Biblio388 chapter 1 . 11/8
Wow, this one hit hard but was impossible to stop reading. I think this may be the most complete Naruto story I have seen with this type of phobia. Says something when it is only one chapter and still the best of it's type.
The Richmaster chapter 13 . 10/30
This was just amazing; I loved the interactions and Asuna's view on this different kind of logic were fun fun to see.
I'd be interested in seeing another, even if it didn't cover any major events; the shenanigans alone are fun enough to read about
MrPremise chapter 13 . 10/26
Even if you didn't get to use your backstory, what you wrote was very cute and it cheered me up. I hope that's decent consolation.
secretwhovianpony chapter 13 . 10/24
You come up with some of the best stuff!
MissGardenia chapter 13 . 10/24
That was cute. It'd totally be fine to watch as a Carnival Phantasm type thing too, even.
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